Shootout At Big SpringShootout At Big Spring

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I’m not sure what to think. If someone had told me three years ago that I’d be doing this, I’d have told them they were crazy, but here I was, actually doing it. I kissed my wife goodbye two hours earlier and I had just left Sacramento International Airport on a Boeing 737 headed for Houston. I’d be changing planes there, for a puddle-jumper to Midland, TX where my new friends, TK and Kitty would be picking me up to drive me to their place an hour away in Big Spring, Texas

There was a pretty young teenage girl sitting on my left working on a word search puzzle—God, I hate those things—they are so boring. Joe Cool was sitting on my right. He was a young Asian-American man that I guessed to be between 19 and 23. He was the epitome of California stylin’, with his baseball cap, Hawaiian shirt, Oakley wrap-around shades, and bright yellow Walkman headphones. My knee was hurting from the cramped conditions, and my ears were popping from the climbing. I hoped we’d level out pretty soon. I realized that I was so tired I really should have closed up this damn laptop and tried to get some sleep, but other than these minor annoyances, I was in a fine mood. I was embarking on a most unusual adventure.

The tension of meeting had been building in her and I for close to three months, ever since we’d begun discussing actually getting together and meeting, among other things. We’d become close online in an adult chat-room about six months ago, usually preferring to talk to each other (“cybering” included) rather than other members of the opposite sex. Well, at least I did, and she seemed to act the same way.

Not that it was like a cyber “affair”, really, as we’re both totally devoted to our respective spouses in the real world, but I guess there was a degree of genuine attraction there. Our cyber relationship was not exclusive either, like a lot of them are. I mean, how can one get possessive and jealous over an electronic impulse?

Anyway, a couple of months later we’d progressed to emailing each other frequently and exchanging photos via email, some of them pretty spicy. A couple of times we’d met online and just wanted a little more, so I’d called her and we’d had phone sex. That’s when I discovered what that Texas drawl did to me. Man, oh man.

But then, back in early May, Kitty had mentioned something about wanting to try a threesome with another man and her husband, and that her husband had a fantasy about watching her with another man, specifically, a larger man. I told her I had been considering a cross country motorcycle trip on old Route 66 this summer, which would take me to within two or three hundred miles of her. We began to discuss the possibility of actually getting together and fulfilling all three of our fantasies: mine of being with a sexy younger woman in a threesome outside my marriage, hers of being with another man in a threesome, and TK’s of watching his wife with another man. Also, one time on the phone, I asked her about the “larger man” part of TK’s fantasy, as I had since learned that I was only an inch and a half taller than he, and maybe thirty pounds heavier. She had giggled and replied with “We weren’t talking about overall size, silly, just that part of you that your pictures show as bigger.” I don’t generally say much about that that, as it would seem to many to be just another case of the typical, false, male braggadocio. Quite a nice little ego boost there.

My wife and I have been together for 19 years, but have recently developed into an open relationship. We have enjoyed threesomes now and again, but neither of us had yet taken the next step to actually being with someone else without both of us involved in it. Anyway, I somewhat pensively discussed the idea with my wife. It’s a big step to go 1800 miles from home to engage in a wild weekend with relative strangers. My wife convinced me, though, with a statement to the effect of, “Oh my God, Babe, I’ve seen Kitty’s pictures! You’re crazy if you don’t go!” So what could I say? I decided to take the trip, and she decided to have company of her own for the weekend while I was gone. Tony was a tall attractive bartender at our local pub that she had been heavily flirting with for weeks. I counted him as a friend and trusted him not to harm her in any way. Anyway, I didn’t have time for the motorcycle trip, so I decided to fly out to Texas.

After thirty minutes circling in a holding pattern and waiting an extra two hours in Houston International due to a severe, but fortunately short thunderstorm, followed by a one hour flight to Midland, I finally arrived at the Midland airport. Glancing around, I spotted them. TK and Kitty. Here was the man who wanted me to help him give his wife, the deliciously sexy, tiny, blonde Kitty, a weekend she’d never forget.

I’d never met either one of them in person, but considered them friends; especially Kitty, as I’ve already explained. As I approached them, I was pleased. Kitty looked so much better in real life than she did in the pictures she’s sent etiler escort me. I mean, her pictures show her to be pretty, petite (I love tiny women), and sexy as hell, but in person, well, all that was still there, but added to it was a youthful freshness and cuteness. In fact, I found her to be downright adorable. After giving her a quick hug and shaking hands with TK, we headed off to their house out in the country. I still had to scratch my head in wonder though, as to why she had chosen me for this adventure; she was so attractive, 29 years old and looked little past 19 or 20, and myself, well, people tell me I’m handsome and look young for my age, but I’m still 48 years old. An interesting coincidence though—my wife is 43, but both Kitty and Tony the bartender were 29 years old… we were almost cradle robbers!

Thursday night, after their two children went to bed, the three of us sat at their counter, drinking, joking, talking, and just generally getting acquainted. Kitty has a mind as sharp as a tack, a quick wit, and great verbal skills, while I, being an English teacher, do not lack in verbosity. TK is rather quiet, preferring to listen and laugh at the constant barrage if sexual innuendoes Kitty and I assaulted each other with. In fact, his laughter was almost as constant as her and my innuendoes. The bottom line was, all three of us thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

TK was detectably nervous, though, so I kept things on that same level for quite some time. Also, I didn’t really know exactly what was or was not going to happen. Kitty and I had talked on online about their getting an all night babysitter, but that hadn’t worked out for tonight, so I assumed nothing would happen. That was fine with me, though, I was enjoying the flirting and knew that putting things more off for one more night would just heighten the whole experience. Anticipation is a great aphrodisiac. However, I was very much intrigued and stimulated by Kitty. Her wit, looks, and sexual attitude would have been enough, but adding to it were her flirtatious glances at me, sometimes alternating with a seductive gaze that seemed to almost dare me to start something.

So I did. When TK rose and strolled down the hall to the bathroom, I slowly, tentatively placed a hand gently on her cheek and guided her face towards mine, watching her expression for any negative reaction. She returned my gaze without hesitation or wavering. It was clear. Our lips touched so slightly, neither of us wanting to plunge right in voraciously, but wanting to give it some degree of tenderness, softness, and sensuality. Her mouth parted and so did mine, as we gingerly brushed our lips across each other’s. Her teeth nibbled my lower lip. We both played a sort of anticipation game, not even having to talk about it, but both wanting the same thing. It was as though we actually did know each other. Almost all of the times we’d cybered in the past, we’d both been like that; soft, gentle, exploring, always saving the thrusting and screaming sort of thing for later. Now we were actually playing it out. And it was sweet.

We kissed, lips stroking, tongues lightly entwining, teeth nibbling, until I softly kissed my way down her cheek, barely touching it, to her neck. It was so slender, soft and sultry in appearance. I simply had to taste it, kiss it, softly lick it, nibble it. I slid my lips and moustache so lightly down to the base of her neck and kissed and flicked my tongue lightly across that silken sweetness, tasting the lightly discernible saltiness, the humidity of the west Texas air, mixed with the taste of her. It drove me nuts, and I knew I had to have more. Apparently, she felt the same, as she suddenly drew her breath in sharply, a gasp, followed by a heavy sigh. I pulled my face up and we returned to the pre-kiss gaze.

Her smile told it all, as I’m sure mine did to her. Then she giggled, shook her head, said “wow”, and fanned her face. You can believe that made me feel appreciated. Footsteps down the hall. Reluctantly, we pulled apart, but I now knew that I was “Smitten with the Kitten”.

We ended up talking, drinking, laughing, and flirting ’till we finally walked outside and watched the West Texas sunrise, then they finally went to their bedroom and I collapsed on the hide-a-bed in the guest room. I slept with the door propped open about a foot or so to allow the cool air into the room from the air conditioner in the adjacent living room.

I awoke the next morning to the sound of someone clinking around in the kitchen. Leaning over to where I could see over the bar and into the kitchen, I saw Kitty making coffee. “Hey”, I said, and beckoned with one finger for her to come into the guest room. She did, stopping just inside the door, insisting that I beckon with two fingers. I did, and she entered the room.

“I just didn’t want you to think you could make me come with only one finger” he joked and climbed up onto the bed. We kissed and caressed each other’s lips and faces for a minute or two. Then eve gelen escort I slid my arm around her neck and she nestled against my side. She was on top of the sheet that covered me to the waist. I took her hand and placed it on the part of me that was showing a very strong reaction to these activities. She squeezed me in her hand and said, “Oh my God!” Boy did that make me feel good.

The rest day went well. We all relaxed, sat around, and got to know each other even better. In the afternoon TK arranged for the two kids to spend the night at his mother’s house, so I had to assume that he was comfortable with me. After a two or three hour horse ride on their land, we returned home, ate dinner and then dropped into the easy conversation, flirting, and innuendo throwing as we’d done the night before. Finally, TK loaded the kids up in the car and left to drop them off at his mother’s house four or five miles down the road.

As soon as the car was out of the driveway, I gathered Kitty up in my arms and kissed her passionately. She responded with equal passion and we started the same kissing and nuzzling as we’d done the previous night. We had about ten minutes at most, but we made the best of them with kissing, snuggling, and some mild explorations of each other’s bodies with our hands, all on top of the clothes though. More heightening of the anticipation. I sure as hell didn’t want the first time to be a quickie, and I also didn’t want to blow TK’s trust by starting without him. Then Kitty and I shared a good laugh together about the story she’d told TK’s mother to justify the presence of a strange man in the house in case she dropped by. It seems that Kitty and I were cousins that had not seen each other for 15 year and I had come out to Texas from California for a job interview at Texas Tech in Lubbock, a couple hundred miles north. No one in TK’s family knew anything about Kitty’s family, except that she had an elderly uncle somewhere in California. It worked… we both had light hair, light skin, and green eyes. TK’s mother actually did drop by one afternoon a couple of days later and didn’t bat an eye.

When TK returned, we fell into the same routine we’d established the last night, sitting on those three kitchen barstools, Kitty seated in the middle of course. We flirted, tossed around more innuendoes, talked, and drank. TK was, if anything, more nervous than the night before, and we all drank quite a lot for quite a long time. And of course, every time he made a trip down the hall, Kitty and I were instantly at each other. The difference now was that she didn’t break off immediately whenever we heard his approach down the hall, but only when he actually entered the kitchen. It was as though she wanted him to see it.

Things began to change, proving out my thoughts about her wanting him to see us together. She began to swivel back and forth on her stool, alternating her kisses and pets, and strokes between me and TK. When he was kissing her, I was stroking her thighs, her hair, neck and shoulders, or her sweet, tight, little ass. After a few minutes, she’d swivel around toward me and then TK and I would switch tasks, so to speak. TK was grinning like the Cheshire Cat, and this little Kitty was starting to purr. I couldn’t hear it except through her gasps and sighs, but I didn’t have to. I could see it in her eyes, taste it on her neck, feel it through her skin when my fingernails brushed against her, smell it in the air, and feel it in her heat.

TK made another bathroom trip, and I spun Kitty around to face me.

“Is it time to move the party into the bedroom?”, I asked.

Kitty sighed heavily.

“I want to, but I’m not sure he’s quite ready yet.”

“No problem. I’ll give you two a few minutes.”

TK returned and not wanting to appear obvious, I waited a few minutes before spinning Kitty around in her chair and kissing her as sensually and as sexually as I could. I didn’t want to pressure anyone, but I wanted her to want me as bad as I did her. She responded like she did. Then I released her, rose, squeezed TK around the shoulder, and started toward the door.

“I’m going out for a breath of air. I love the night air.”

I smoked a cigarette on the porch, reveling in the Texas night air. The humidity and the chirpings of the locusts in the trees reminded me of my childhood back in Tennessee. I love California, but there’s just something about the air of a southern night that the dry climate of California can’t touch. Something sultry, sensual, and almost tangible. It was total Déjà vu, and I was loving it, but there was something that might be waiting for me inside the house that I knew I would love more. I returned to the kitchen just in time to see Kitty and TK break off a whispering session. I sat on my stool. TK was grinning again, and Kitty stared into my eyes with a deliciously sultry expression, pulled my face down to hers and kissed me with intense passion. Then she turned around, did the same thing to TK, hopped off her fatih escort barstool without a word and walked toward the hallway. Stopping at the entrance to the hall, she looked over her shoulder at us, tossed her long golden hair, threw us the most delightful “come hither” look, and continued down the dark hallway.

I looked at TK. The big grin was still there. Obviously, the final decision had been made.

“I think our presence is required in the bedroom, TK.”

I got off my stool and started toward the hallway with TK following. Suddenly, I remembered something. Returning to the counter, I retrieved my digital camera. TK turned around and headed back into the kitchen, where he plopped back down on his barstool and poured himself another shot of rum.

“Tell ya what, Teach. why you two take about ten minutes or so to… you know… get acquainted. I’ll join you in a few.”

In the bedroom, Kitty was lying on the bed, clad in those incredibly short, incredibly sexy cut-offs that she called her Daisy Dukes, and the snug little black, spaghetti-strap Onyx Club tank top I’d bought for her at my favorite pub back home. It was a stirring sight, looking down at that petite but well formed figure; that long luscious blonde hair spread out around her like a halo of gold. But her facial expression oozed anything but an angelic look, let me tell you. I lowered myself onto the bed alongside her.

Lying on our sides, Kitty and I immediately began intensely kissing and exploring each other with our hands. I didn’t want to rush things, I was enjoying what we were doing far too much. Also, I wanted to make the weekend a time she’d never forget. In short, I wanted her boiling before we progressed to culmination. She kept glancing at the bedroom door.

“Where’s TK?”

“He gave us ten minutes alone.”

Oh my God! Come here!”

She rolled me onto my back, straddled me with a look of absolute delight, and almost ripped my cutoffs open. Pulling them down to my knees, she leaned down and took my cock into here mouth. She was wasting no time. After a minute or two of her wonderful cocksucking, licking, nibbling and biting, I had to stop her. I didn’t want to come yet. I drew up my cutoffs and rezipped them, and then pulled her up to me. We kissed, eyes wide open and and locked… vivid green locked on vivid green.

As we kissed, our tongues exploring every cranny of each other’s mouths, my hands did a slow dance all over her. They slid softly and lightly across her breasts, covered only by the thin material of the tank top. My fingernails danced on her pert little nipples, tickled her neck, and my lips brushed lightly up and down the side of her neck, occasionally pausing to bite gently with my lips and teeth. The light saltiness combined with the heat of her skin was driving me crazy. I slid my fingertips beneath the edge of those tantalizing Daisy Dukes, tickling the burning skin along the elastic of her panties, which, coupled with my lip action on her neck, elicited gasps and moans from her.

She wasn’t altogether idle during this. She explored every inch of my body from the knees up. Squeezing my nipples, biting my neck, stroking my thighs with slow sinuous hands, and kissing me frequently and feverishly. Sometimes she grasped the heart of me and squeezed it through my cutoffs. She was amazing. We fit well together, both seeming to like the same kind of slow, affectionate sensuality as did the other, just as we had meshed in both our senses of humor and our kissing styles. Suddenly I was distracted by the flash of the camera. TK had arrived and we had been so involved we hadn[t even noticed it, but I didn’t mind… I knew I’d later love looking at the pictures TK was shooting.

I raised up a bit and pulled her tank top up just barely enough to expose her breasts. They were small but firm. My absolute favorite. I’ve never cared for large bouncy breasts, always preferring small and solid, and Kitty’s were no disappointment. She had the sweetest pink nipples, too. Small, solid, and responsive as hell. Most women have brownish nipples, which are nice, too, but hers were the most delicious shade of pink. After cupping one of her breasts and reveling in the warmth and texture of it I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue. It was wonderful to hear her moan when I did that. She had a way of making a man feel like he was doing all the right things.

My hand slid between her legs and cupped her sweet, tight ass, almost covering it completely. That was incredibly sweet, too, as tiny women turn me on immensely. Looking up at TK, I saw that he was still grinning and was stroking himself though his jeans. I couldn’t hardly have left him watching me just kiss and fondle her much longer, although I wanted to do just that like all night long, so I figured it was time to move on.

Rising up on my knees, I reached down and unfastened the snap on her Daisy Dukes, then slowly, teasingly, slid the zipper down. She stared into my eyes with a look of total lust and appreciation as I did it. Pulling off her cutoffs and panties in one motion and tossing them on the floor, I stared down at her mound. Shaved. I was in heaven. I lowered my face and inhaled her essence. It was musky, sweet, and enticing. It was just there, wonderfully noticeable, not too strong, but so sweet and hot. There’s nothing that can match the smell of a woman’s musk.

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