Father’s Gift (Part 2)Father’s Gift (Part 2)


Part Two

“Grant?…. You good?”

I shake my head. Shit… I was zoning out. I had been lost in thought about the events of the past week. I received the remote, and met my father amongst other things. It’s been a few days since I first fucked Riley, and I’ve been kinda busy. I’ve been mainly trying to get a better understanding of the remotes effects and of course boning any stranger I happen to run into sexy enough to pique my interest. It seems that, even though time is frozen, the body will still react to stimulation. For example, if I touch a girl while time is stopped, she will still get wet. Also sensations that would result from any touch while time is stopped is stored. For example, if I were too punch a guy in the jaw three times while time is stopped, he would feel all of it at once when time started.

My work friend, Ivan, snaps his fingers in front of my face. It’s lunch time and apparently I’ve been staring into the corner for the past twenty minutes.

“Bro, you’re doing it again… You good homie?”

“Yeah I’m cool man, just thinking about some stuff.”

He runs hands over his shaven head, confused but doesn’t question me anymore.

“Alright foo, whatever you say. Time to head back though.”

We get back to work and continue the day.

After a couple more hours, we finish up our work and start heading home. I make it too the truck when I’m stopped by a familiar face. It’s the mystery girl that gave me the remote.

“You again? What’s up?”

“I have news. It’s about your father.”

“He kicked the bucket didn’t he?”

She nods at me and leans up against the door of my truck. I check her out a bit more and she catches me looking at her butt. She runs a hand through her short, blue hair and winks at me.

“Anyway, he wanted you to know that his dying wish is for you to meet and form a healthy relationship with your other siblings.”

“I fully intend to do that, I’ve just been testing out the powers of the remote.”

“I get it, and I can help you out a bit with that.”

She hold out her hand, and I hand her the remote.

“To start, the remote has been registered to you and can only be use by you.”

She clicks pause but nothing happens.

“This applies until you pass on the remote, like your father did, or you die. If you do die, the next person to come into contact with it will be the newly register owner.”

“Good to know it can’t be abused if I misplace it.”

“Another thing, you CANT misplace it. It won’t let you. It will appear in your pocket if it goes missing, or you try to leave it at home. It’s power is too great to be lost.”

“Well that’s convenient.”

“Lastly, you can keep people from freezing with you. Simply make physical contact with the person or persons you wish to keep unfrozen.”

“You mean like this??”

I grab her wrist and quickly hit the pause button. Everything freezes around us but, unlike the many other times before, I’m not the only one still moving. She seems surprised at my suddenness but isn’t upset.

“Yes, Karabağlar Escort just like that.”

“So we’re basically alone?”

“Well yes…”

I lean up against the truck, hand next to her head and lean in real close to her.

“Let’s have some fun then…”

She nods and I kiss her neck. She moans softly and places a hand on my chest as I kiss a trail to her collarbone. I move away and she takes her shirt off and drops in in the best of the truck, I quickly start sucking her puffy nipples, swirling my tongue around each one while my hand massages and pinches the other. She groans a bit and I feel her hand rubbing the front of my pants as my cock starts to stiffen and throb. I take off my shirt and toss it into the bed of the truck as well. While I do that she drops to her knees and unbuttons my pants, pulling out my already hard member. She runs her tongue from my balls, up my shaft, all the way to the tip before popping the tip in her mouth and giving it a suck. Her tongues twirls around the the head and I let out a long sigh. She flicks her tongue at the underside of the head and I moan. While she’s doing this her hand is working up and down my shaft, until she lets go and sinks the rest of my cock into her mouth, her tongue whipping the underside of the entire length of my cock.


My cock fits snuggly in the back of her throat and her tongue licks my balls. I groan loudly, feeling myself getting closer. I can fell her throat contracting around my invading member. She pulls off me and strokes it while she catches her breath. The feeling of cumming starts to go away. I can’t take it anymore, I grab her and pull her up. She unbuttons her tight jeans and pulls them off as quickly as she can. I grab one of her legs by the back of the knees and pull it up, leaning her against the truck. I push my cock into her already wet tunnel and begin thrusting as she moans and wraps her arms tightly around me. I pound her pussy as hard as I possibly can, grunting while I do. She moans for me to fuck her harder and I’m happy to oblige. I pick her up by her hips and she wraps both legs around me as I fuck her against the truck. I let go with one hand, certain I wouldn’t drop her, and starts rubbing her clit as I stroke in and out of her. Her moaning gets louder as I feel her pussy starting to clamp down on my cock, and I fuck her harder. She’s cumming. I can feel my orgasm building as she squeezes me.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!”

She bites her lip and groans as I begin spurting rope after rope into her tight hole, her pussy milking my cock. I pull out and my cum leaks out of her. She looks me in the eyes, still holding on to me, and giggles.

“Well that was an experience.”

I set her down gently and we get dressed and straighten ourselves out before hitting the play button. The world around us resumes its movement unaware of the things that just occurred. She smiles at me.

“We should do that again sometime.”

“I’d definitely like that.”

She takes my hand and writes a phone number Karşıyaka Escort down.

“Text me ok?”

“I will, for sure.”

I smile then I realize something.

“I don’t think you ever told me your name.”

“It’s Laura. I’ll see you later Grant.”

She winks at me as she walks off. I get in my truck and start it up. I sit for a moment and think about Laura. She is cute. I like a bit more curves on a woman but I could get used to it. I then think about my father, he didn’t seem like a bad person. I wish he’d been around more but I guess, under the circumstances of my birth, that would have been difficult. I put the truck in reverse and head for home.

When I get home my sisters sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal, watching a video on her phone, milk running down her chin.

“Yo, sis. You got a lil something on your chin”

She looks up from her phone and wipes her chin with her sleeve and swallows the mouth full of cereal she has. I give her a thumbs up.

“Where’s mom?”

“She’s up in her room, got back from work an hour ago.”

I nod and head up stairs. I get to my mothers room and knock.

“Come in!”

I walk in and she’s sitting in bed watching her TV. She smiles.

“Hey baby, you’re finally home.”

“Yeah, work was long today. Hey mom, I have a question.”

She raises an eyebrow at me as if to say ‘oh yeah?’ and I continue.

“Did you know someone named Grant Velazquez?”

“Yeah, old high school crush. Why?”

“I heard he died today… I don’t know what if but I guess he’s been sick for awhile now.”

Her face fell and tears began to flow down her cheeks. She spoke, to me but stared down at her comforter.

“I see…. You were named after him ya know? Besides Moriah’s father, he was the only other person I’d ever been in love with. It’s funny, you look so much like him.

I walk over too my mother and give her a tight hug to comfort her. She runs my back.

“You’ve always been such a sweet boy.”

She kisses my cheek.

“Now go, let an aging woman reminisce about old times.”

She waves me off and I head to my room, closing the door behind me. I sit down at my desk and pull the addresses out of the small drawer and look at them. They’re mostly in California, except one and one is even in town. I suppose I should start there. I shower and dress sort of nicely, and prepare myself to head over to the address. I ask my mom to borrow the truck again and head out.

I arrive at the address to find a pretty nice house. Nothing special but definitely nice. I look at the paper. I’m looking for a girl around my age named Lilith, and her mother is named Haley, the Bridgman family. I work up the nerve to get out of the truck and I walk to the door. I knock and wait for a response, my hands are shaking. The door opens and the woman standing there says ‘Hello’, but I say nothing. I’m taken aback. She’s beautiful, porcelain skin, easily E cup breasts in a low cut shirt, I giant ass, and a gorgeous face with hazel eyes Kemalpaşa Escort just staring into my soul. She speaks to me with a slight southern accent.

“Ya need something, doll?”

I shake my head, snapping myself back to reality.

“Uh Yeah, are you Lilith?”

She snorts a little and laughs, turning a little pink.

“No no, that’s my youngest daughter. She’s at work for another hour or so. I’m Haley. You’re more than welcome to come in and wait if you’d like sweetheart.”

I nod and follow her in, unable to tear my eyes away from her body. I watch her ass as she walks and I have hard time making eye contact when she speaks to me. She sits me down at the table we start chatting. She notices me starting at her and leans forward a bit to let me see better down her shirt.

“You remind me of someone, ya know that darlin’? Ex boyfriend.”

“Do I? That a good thing?”

“Yeah… he was real frisky… named Grant too.”

Before I know it she’s walking over to me, taking her shirt and bra off. She drops down to her knees in front of my chair and starts unbuttoning my pants. She fishes my cock out and sinks it all the way into her throat and I throw my head back. ‘Fuck!’ She has a lot of experience, I place a hand on the back of her head as she bobs up and down on my cock. She stops for a second.

“Be rough with me, I love it rough.”

She goes back to sucking and I grab a fist full her hair and force her all the way down. I buck my hips and start fucking her face, as she makes gagging wet, sloppy noises. My cock only gets stiffer and I can feel her sticking her tongue out to lick my balls with every one of my thrusts. I pull her off, I don’t want to cum too fast, then slam my cock back into her waiting throat. I see her hand move to her crotch and hear her moan around my cock. She’s touching herself while I fuck her throat like toy. I can’t stand it, i need to fuck her. I let go of her hair and tell her to bend over the table. She smiles at me.

“Mmm, yes sir…”

She gets up and drops her pants, she’s not wearing underwear. I bury my face in her dripping wet pussy and inhale her scent. She moans as I start to assault her pussy with my tongue, hungrily licking sucking every part of it, paying special attention to her clit. After a bit she moans that she wants my cock, and I’m more than happy to do so. I stand up and line up with her waiting hole. I push all the way in and she groans, I smack her ass.

“Fuck yes, just like that.”

I smack her ass once more and grab a fist full of her hair as I start to pump my cock in and out of her. She moans loudly, and it only makes me want to fuck her harder. After awhile she wants to switch positions.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. Fuck my ass now.”

I pull out and she turns around and hops onto the table. She spreads her legs and I slam my cock into her asshole. I finger her pussy as I start pounding her, I’m not gonna last much longer. I feel my body begin to tense and then I dump my load into her ass as she cums, almost shouting, biting her lip.

“Fuck, when was the last time I fucked on a table? Now hurry, let’s get dress before my daughter gets home.”

She smiles at me and we throw our clothes back on. Not what I was expecting when I came here, but I hope the rest of these visits go this well.

To Be Continued…

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