Subject: Farhad part 5 Farhad part 5 The one nice thing about having a father who was a corporate executive with a major hotel chain is that his family members received a “VIP” card which allowed us full and free access to any of their hotel facilities, swimming pools, gym, fitness centers etc.. Farhad was due for his usual Saturday visit today and I had a big surprise for him. His mother dropped him off right on time and once inside my apartment, we did our usual long and playful hug. I could just never get enough of hugging him, feeling his small rounded butt in his jeans and burying my face into the nape of his neck and giving it a long kiss or quick lick. After doing this a little longer and a little more passionately each time we got together, he seems to be expecting it and seemed to enjoy being touched and loved my me. As I was feeling his butt and kissing his neck, I told him how much I had missed him during the week and was so happy to see him again. I told him he was so special to me and I really loved our time together. He said it was the best day of his week when we got together and always loved being with me. I told him I had a big surprise for him. His face lit up and he asked what it was. I told him that today I was going to take him to go swimming at the big luxury hotel that was a short bus ride away from my apartment. At first he looked really excited but then a worried look came over his face. I don’t know how to swim, he said. I told him not to worry that I’d teach him and that it’s easy to learn. It’s something all boys should know how to do. He then said that he didn’t bring a swimming suit. I told him we can buy them at the hotel’s gift shop and that I needed a new one too as mine was getting too old and worn out. With that, we left my apartment, caught the bus and rode the 15 minutes to the hotel. We walked in to the lobby and headed to the gift shop. There wasn’t a huge selection of swimwear to choose from but what they did have was exactly what I had in mind for him and for myself, Speedos. Funny enough, he picked out a light blue one in boy’s size S that looked surprisingly similar to those old worn out bikini undies he threw away at my apartment that I’d been using every night as my jizz rag. Fine by me. I picked a dark blue men’s M size for myself. We paid the cashier and headed for the pool. At this hotel, they had a complete health and fitness facility complete with huge indoor pool, weight room, sauna and steam. We entered the men’s locker room and were met by an attendant who gave us keys to 2 lockers attached to those phone cord wristband bracelets. We went and found our lockers and unlocked them. I told him to put that bracelet on and not to lose it, otherwise he’d be going home wearing just his new speedo. We both started to undress. I put my coat, in the locker, followed by by shirt, undershirt, shoes and socks. I undid my jeans and took them off and into the locker. Farhad was slow to undress as he seemed shy to change in front of the other men in locker room. There were 4-5 men in the locker room with us aged from 20-50 and all in various states of undress. I told him to hurry up. He got down to his underwear, still wearing the new white ones I had bought for him, and then turned around facing away from me before pulling them down and pulling on his new light blue speedo. I caught a few seconds of his perfect little bare bottom and my cock started to swell. I was hoping that the pool water was going to be cold enough to keep my cock down to a reasonable size. I waited until he turned around before pulling off my underwear so he could have a look at my naked cock for the first time. He stared at it intensely. I’m not huge mind you, perfectly average at about 6.5 inches fully hard. Knowing he was starring at my naked cock didn’t help to keep it down and it did start to swell a little. I turned around and pulled on my new speedo and put my underwear into the locker and locked it up. We walked towards the pool. I’m glad it wasn’t too busy and in fact, we had the shallow end all to ourselves. I stuck my toe in to test the water. It was cold enough so I didn’t need to worry about a raging boner and hopefully he’d want to stay close to me for body warmth. I jumped in and swam around the shallow end a bit and motioned for him to come in. He just stood there at the edge of the pool looking a bit scared. I told him to jump and I’d catch him. konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort After some repeated requests, he finally jumped into my arms. He quickly bear hugged me with his arms tightly wrapped around my neck and my left hand went right for his little speedo covered butt, squeezing his buns and probing my fingers slightly into his crack. My other arm I used to balance us both. He didn’t seem to want to let go, which was fine by me but I did need to at least give him a little swimming lesson. I told him the first lesson is to learn how to float. I untangled his arms from my neck and he stood up in the pool. The water came right up to his shoulders and he flapped his arms around, splashing water everywhere. I grabbed him under the arms and laid him out face up so he was floating on his back. I was holding his head up with my right hand and my left hand was at the small of his back. I told him to arch his back and then said I was going to let go of him. He said ok and as soon as I let go, he sank. I quickly grabbed him and hugged him close to me; he was coughing as he had swallowed some pool water on the way down. He didn’t seem too happy at this moment. I told him I was sorry and gave him a kiss on the cheek and said let’s try again and this time I told him to relax his muscles and just float like you’re going to sleep. I laid him out again on the water, face up, with my hands supporting his head and his lower back. This time, instead of letting go, I started to walk around slowly, moving him along like some toy boat. He smiled when I did this so I just moved in a circular motion, gradually taking my hands away and then putting them back. Each time I would place my right hand under his head but my left hand I moved lower to his little butt and would hold him there while walking him around in a circle. He finally loosened up and I could feel his little body relaxing. After a few minutes of this, I told him we were going to try face down and to take a breath and hold it. He did and I flipped him over. I moved my right hand to support his chest and my left to support his thighs. I told him to put his arms out to his sides and to turn his head up and take a breath and do this over again as I pulled him around the pool in a circle. As we walked along, I kept moving my left hand higher and higher on his thighs until I had my fingers on his little bulge. I just kept my fingers there, walking him around the pool and telling him to take a breath. I grazed my left hand right up the front of his speedos, feeling all of his goodies on the way to his stomach. We did this for a few more minutes and he stood up and said he was cold and wanted to get out of the pool. I suggested that we go into the sauna to warm up. He liked that idea. We got out of the pool and grabbed a couple of towels and dried off. We walked into the locker room and went to our lockers and opened them. I quickly pulled off my speedo and wrapped my towel around my waist. I told him to do the same as we are only allowed into the sauna with a towel and nothing else. He seemed a bit shy to do this but again turned his back towards me, lowered his speedos and quickly wrapped his towel around his waist. We both put our speedos into our lockers and locked them up and headed for the sauna. Inside the sauna, there were 3 young looking men in their 20s sitting on the benches. One of them said hello to Farhad and he said hello back to him. We found our spots on the benches across from the other guys. I sat on the upper bench and Farhad sat on the lower one. As we sat there warming up, I realized that at his angle he could probably look right up the towels the other guys had on and if they opened their legs at all, he’d get a full view of their “stuff” I’m not sure if he knew that or not. We stayed in the sauna about 10 mins and I had enough as I felt like I was cooking and wanted to get out. Farhad and I left, went back to the lockers and changed into our street clothes, put our wet speedos in the shopping bag and started walking out. On the way out, he spotted the massage rooms. One wasn’t being used so the door was open and he saw the empty massage table with the ring on the end where one would place their head. He asked what that table was for and I told him it was a massage table. I don’t think he was completely sure what a massage was. I konyaaltı otele gelen escort said one person would lie down while another would rub their body usually with oil or lotion. It feels really good and is very relaxing. He asked if we could go in there and I told him that they were not allowed to massage anyone under 18. He seemed disappointed and we left the locker room. We caught the bus back to my apartment. I made us some sandwiches and soup for our dinner and while we were eating, he asked about the massage again and asked if I had ever had one. I said sure, in fact right at that same place where we were. He said he wished he could try one. OH BOY, my cock sprang to full attention. I looked at him with my best attempt to hide my sudden horniness and asked him if he remembered last week when his mother called and couldn’t pick him up and he had to spend the night, and how I made him promise that he wouldn’t tell anyone that I let him sleep in my bed with me, he said yes he remembered, well, I said, it’s the same thing now. If he promises not to tell anyone again, I’d show him about massage. He promised and I made him shake hands again. It was almost 7pm and his mother usually came to pick him between 9:30-10pm so we still had a couple of hours. We finished up our dinner and I told him to get 2 towels out of the closet in the bathroom, a big towel and a medium sized one and bring them out to the living room. I also told him to get the big bottle of lotion that was on the sink. I told him I needed to change my clothes first. I went into my bedroom and shut the door as my horny mind concocted a plan. I knew I would need to wear something that would conceal my raging boner but yet be accessible enough so when the time was right, I could get it out. I decided on an old jockstrap I had from my high school gym days that was tight enough that it would hold my hard cock straight up and a pair of lose fitting gym shorts and a white tee-shirt. I returned to the living room and he was sitting on the sofa with the towels and lotion that I had asked for. I motioned for him to help me move the coffee table out of the way and told him to spread the big towel out on the floor. Then I told him to strip down to his underwear. Watching my beautiful 10 year old Iranian boy strip to his white underwear was one of those most erotic things I’d ever seen. I think I could have blown my load right there but I had to control myself as better things were on their way soon. He took off his shirt, shoes and socks but before he took off his jeans, he asked if we could turn off the lights. Good idea, I thought, we’ll shut off the lights but put the TV on just so I can see a little bit to do the massage. Ok he said and once the lights were off and the TV was on, he removed his jeans. Now in just his white underwear, I told him to lay face up on the towel. I took the smaller towel and covered his crotch area. The towel was just big enough to cover basically from the waist band of his undies to just mid thigh. Perfect. I wanted to start on the front side as I wanted to “finish” on the back. Since he was wide awake, I didn’t dare go after his little boy cock as I had the last time when he was sound asleep, so this time it was going to be that pretty little bottom of his that was to be the center of my attention. I got down on the floor next to him and grabbed the lotion bottle, squeezed some out on his right and then left leg and began to work. I rubbed the lotion up and down one leg at a time from his ankles to right below the towel on his mid thigh. His legs were as smooth as silk and I was growing a painful boner already. I could feel it popping out of the top of my old jockstrap but with the baggy shorts I had on, nothing showed. I continued to rub his sweet legs for a few minutes and then did his arms and fingers. I could see his face was relaxing and I asked him if he felt good. He said very good. I put some lotion on his chest and rubbed that around from his shoulders over his little boy nipples down to his stomach and stopping just at the top of the towel. I pushed the towel down just a bit so I could see the waistband of his underwear. I always found the waistband of a boy’s underwear so sexy. I kept massaging his chest and stomach, touching the waistband on his undies each time. It was time to flip him over. I lifted up the konyaaltı rus escort small towel covering his mid section and told him to flip over onto his stomach. His bulge looked tasty, maybe not a total erection but certainly half. He quickly flipped over and I replaced the towel after taking in a healthy stare at his buns in those white undies. I grabbed the lotion and rubbed some on his legs, starting at the ankles again and going all the way up to the towel. I did this a few times, each time going just a little bit higher, under the towel and touching the bottom of his undies. I stopped and said to him that I think we’d better take off his underwear as we didn’t want to get lotion on them. I said it would be ok as the towel will cover him and I reached under the towel, grabbed the waistband and slowly started to pull them down. He pushed his hips up and down they came. I took them off his ankles and laid them out next to him. Something about having his undies in close view while massaging this now naked boy was a huge turn on. I resumed massaging up and down his legs going a little higher each time and pushing the towel up more and more until just I could just see the base of his little butt crack. After doing this for some minutes, it was time to do his back. I straddled his hips, and poured a generous amount of lotion on his back. I started to massage his back, up and down while glancing over at his little white undies on the floor next to me. I picked them up and gave them a good sniff, god that boy scent is so erotic. That sent an electric charge right to my now leaking cock. I put the undies down and worked my aching hard cock out of my jock and the leg opening of my gym shorts, so as my cock and balls were free, all the while rubbing his back with my left hand. After I freed my cock and balls, I returned both of my hands to his back rubbing up and down as smoothly and as sensually as I could. I slowly straightened my legs a bit and gradually lowered my hips so my balls were lightly rubbing again the bottom of his butt crack. I kept rubbing more intensely on his back so hopefully he wouldn’t notice other things rubbing on his butt crack. He didn’t move and by his breathing, I could tell he was very relaxed and drifting off. I went back to rubbing his back with my right hand only and with my left began stoking my hard, leaking cock. My balls were now rubbing against the base of his crack and I was about to explode. I stopped rubbing his back for a moment, grabbed the lotion bottle and opened the top. I aimed it towards his back and squeezed. The lotion squired out at the exact same time as my cock exploded all over his back. I dropped the bottle and while still pumping my cock with my left hand, started rubbing the lotion and my cum together all over his little back. Once my cock stopped shooting, I put both of my hands on his back and kept rubbing the lotion and my cum until it was all just a gooey mess on his back. I quickly stuffed my still hard cock back into my jockstrap and pulled the leg of my gym shorts down. I rubbed his back for a few more minutes and then got off of him, took the towel off his back and proceed to wipe all the lotion and “other stuff” off of his back and legs. My boy was totally naked and I was in heaven rubbing the towel and my hand too all over him, grazing his butt crack with a finger and way up between his legs with the towel brushing his scrotum and taint, all the while asking him how that felt and if he liked his massage. He said he was almost falling asleep and he never felt so relaxed. I said I was glad and that was why so many people love getting a massage. I told him to get up and go shower and wash off the lotion on his body and get dressed as his mother would be arriving soon. He got up and I caught a glimpse of his fully hard boy boner as he quickly grabbed his undies and went for the bathroom and shut the door. I picked up the towels and went into my bedroom. I threw the towels in the laundry hamper and stripped off my shorts and jock which the pouch was soaked with cum as my cock was still dripping. I hurried and got dressed and went back to the living room and turned on the lights. Farhad came out of the bathroom wearing only his white undies and looking so sexy. He got dressed and I asked him if he had a good time today. He gave me an excited yes and I reached for him to give him his good bye hug. I got down on my knee and pulled him close, putting one hand on his butt, right in the spot where my balls had been just a few minutes before. I gave his little butt a couple of squeezes while kissing him on the neck and cheek. He kept his arms wrapped tight around my shoulders, and then totally spoiling the moment, the front buzzer rang. Remember what I said about our secrets, I know he said as he smiled at me.

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