Extended TeaseExtended Tease


I enjoy the times when my girlfriend, Shelly, ties me up and teases me. She’s a lovely tall petite woman with long straight red hair. She has small rounded breasts with very large sensitive nipples. In return, I give her what she desires most, oral sex. She gets aroused when I suck on, lick, and nibble on her nipples. Sometimes the sensations through her nipples are enough to bring her to orgasm.

When Shelly decides she wants to tease me, she dresses in her old Catholic high school outfit, a white blouse with a blue plaid, plated skirt, white socks, and black and white saddle oxford shoes. She comes into the living room to distract me from whatever television program I’m watching. I take her hand and follow her to the bedroom. She waits at the foot of the bed and watches me undress. I lie down on the bed with my legs hanging off. She binds my ankles with my leather belt and handcuffs my wrists to the brass headboard. Bound like this, she can choose to lie by my side, to sit straddling my legs or by my side, or to kneel over my face, straddling it with her pussy. I glance up at the clock on the wall. I like knowing how long she teases me. Usually, she’ll tease me for 60 to 90 minutes.

Shelly stands by the side of the bed and slowly removes her blouse and skirt. She stands there in her bra and panties and watches me. My cock stands erect in anticipation of what’s to come. She waits until my cock softens before she removes her bra and panties. She lets her hair down. She walks over to the dresser and picks up some things I can’t see. She puts them down on the end table, and walks back around the bed.

Shelly lies down on the bed beside me. She pushes her right nipple into my mouth. “Suck on it,” she demands.

I greedily suck on Shelly’s nipple.

Shelly moans softly as her nipples harden. I stop sucking long enough to catch my breath. Before I can start again, she slaps my cock hard. “Keep sucking until I tell you to stop.”

I wince. While I suck, Shelly reaches over me for something on the end table. As she moves I’m careful to keep sucking. I don’t want her to slap my cock again. She settles down and I concentrate on sucking. Escort Kız I’m surprised when she blows smoke in my face. I glance up to see her smoking a cigarette. Just seeing a topless or naked woman smoke arouses me. But sucking on the nipple of a smoking woman arouses me even more.

Shelly doesn’t smoke, so I really appreciate when she smokes for me in bed. The smoke causes me to cough. Before I could finish coughing, she slaps my cock hard and squeezes my balls. “Keep sucking, you worm, until I tell you to stop.”

Shelly blows smoke in my face while I suck on her nipple. After she puts out her second cigarette, she puts her hand on the back of my neck and holds me against her chest. I keep sucking on her nipple until she whispers, “You can stop now.”

My jaw is sore, and as Shelly moves the cigarettes, lighter, and ashtray back to the end table, I glance at the clock. I had been sucking on her nipple for just over an hour.

Shelly looks at me and coos, “All that sucking on my nipple got me really horny.”

Shelly’s pussy is open and wet from the sucking and I don’t feel her mount my cock. She gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She stops rocking when orgasm after orgasm ripples through her body. After the third orgasm she collapses on my chest, my cock still buried in her pussy. She rests for a few minutes before she gets up. She turns around and straddles my face with her pussy. She holds her dripping pussy above my face just out of the reach of my tongue, for what seems like forever. Her scent stiffens my cock. Finally, she lowers her pussy on my mouth. “Eat me!” she cries. “I want three more orgasms.”

I lick up the juices from her overflowing pussy. I concentrate on licking and sucking her clit. The first orgasm comes quickly. I focus on sucking her clit. After a while, she trembles through her second orgasm. I lick around and around, stopping every so often to lightly suck on her clit. My mouth and tongue are tired and a little sore when her body quivers through her third orgasm. She slides forward and rests. I glance up at the clock, and see that I’ve been pleasuring her for an hour and a half. She lies on my chest for a long while. The aroma wafting from her pussy keeps my cock rigid.

Slowly Shelly lifts herself up from my chest and sits on the side of the bed. She looks over at me. “You’ve been such a good lover. Would you like me to play with your cock?”

My mouth is tired and my voice croaks when I try to answer Shelly. I nod yes.

Shelly smiles and picks up the bottle of baby oil and a towel from the end table. She places the towel on my stomach, and straddles my legs. I feel the warmth radiating from her pussy on my cock and balls. She puts baby oil on her right palm, and strokes my cock. The strokes are slow and light. The pressure is just enough to arouse and harden my cock. She strokes for a long time before I’m close to an orgasm. Just before I come, she stops. She whispers, “Darn. My hand is sticking. I need more baby oil.”

I wiggle my hips and twist under her while she stretches her fingers. She applies more baby oil to her right palm, and strokes my cock, slowly and lightly. She brings me near orgasm. Just before I come, she stops and whispers; “I’m thirsty. I’m going to get some water.”

Shelly gets off the bed and goes into the bathroom. I hear water running. She comes into the bedroom with a cup of water in her hand. “Would you like some water?”

I nod yes, and she holds my head and gives me a couple of sips of water.

Shelly drinks the rest and throws the cup away.

I glance at the clock, and see that I’ve been bound to the bed for a little less than three hours. I was thrilled, and I wondered how much longer Shelly would tease me. I was no closer to orgasm than when I first lay down, although my cock was throbbing from all the attention.

Shelly climbs on me and straddles my face with her pussy. She complains, “I’m tired of playing with you. Now you eat me. I want two more orgasms from you.”

I lubricate her pussy with my tongue. I zero in on her clit. After a while, Shelly has an orgasm. I lap her juices and lick all around before sucking her clit. Her hips bounce around on my face. I concentrate on licking and sucking her clit. At last, she has her second orgasm. She slides forward and rests. I glance up at the clock, and see that it’s been three and half-hours.

Shelly lifts herself up from my chest and sits on the side of the bed. She picks up the bottle of baby oil and straddles my legs. She puts baby oil on her right palm, and strokes my cock slowly and lightly, just enough to arouse me. After a while, I’m close to an orgasm again. Just before I come, she stops. She tickles my cock with her fingernails.

I want to come, and wiggle my hips.

Shelly laughs at my discomfort. Her tickling keeps me hard. After a while she stops, and applies more baby oil to her right palm. She strokes my cock, slowly and lightly. Soon, I’m close to an orgasm. Mercifully, she didn’t stop this time. I shoot my cum at least two feet into the air on my chest and face. I gasp for breath and glance at the clock. She’d teased me for over four hours.

Shelly wipes her hands on the towel, gets up from the bed, and walks over to the end table. She picks up the cigarettes and lighter and sits on the side of the bed. She lights a cigarette, and takes a puff. The sight of Shelly sitting on the bed naked and smoking causes my cock to try and get hard again, even after that huge orgasm. She turns to me and asks, “Did you like my teasing, lover?”

“Yes”, I croak hoarsely.

Shelly smiles. “I’m glad. I really enjoyed your licking and sucking.” She shivers. “You are very vigorous with your mouth and tongue when you’re bound.”

I enjoy watching her smoke. “I really appreciate the extensive teasing, and your smoking for me. But why? What’s the special occasion?”

Shelly takes a puff. “I want to please you. I’ve known you wanted me to tease you for an extended time. I don’t always feel comfortable teasing you. I’m not confident I’m doing what you want me to. I can’t tease you this long every time, but I’ll try once in a while.”

My arms and legs are stiff. I know my muscles are ready to scream as soon as Shelly unlocks me. I look over at her. “I love what you do. I appreciate you teasing me.”

Shelly smiles, and puts out the cigarette. She pours some baby oil in her right palm. She sits next to me and strokes my cock. “Let’s see how long it takes to tease you to another orgasm!”

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