Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 02Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 02


After Janis fulfilled my later in life fantasy by having a steamy fuck and suck secession with business associate, Ted, things settled down. She was definitely more liberated as evidenced by her new and more aggressive love making. We had the desire and drive of 20 year olds and the experience of 50+! Good combination but for how long?

I soon found out. We discovered we both liked variety as long as our love and sexual attraction for each other did not diminish. Over a period of time we soon began to fall back into a not boring but also not exciting love making routine. Ultimately, the one thing that really turned me on was the quick glances other men gave my woman. Janis was over 50 but still very appealing to a lot of men. Her long blond hair, sultry eyes, 36Cs and full moist lips was to say the least- alluring to any man with balls. After three kids, she was a pleasingly plump and her full ripe melons, with small but pronounced nipples, were beginning to sag a little but believe me- that only added to her allure.

We talked about our current lover making situation. Janis wouldn’t mind finding another “Ted” but that was next to impossible. Finding someone desirable to her but also very discrete and most important-CLEAN is next to impossible! We do not like artificiality of condoms so health issues are most important. What to do.

“You are sensuous women who at this time of your life need to experience the full outside sex world while your still able and willing plus you would still be my lifetime partner in all respects.”

“I know and agree but there just aren’t a whole lot of Ted’s available,” Janis stated in a subdued voice.

I began brainstorming. ” How about another women?”

Janis was shocked! “Did you say what I thought you said?”

“Can you tell me you never thought of another women and besides it would be a threesome?”

“Another woman is not what I need and besides, the same rules would apply for them. Discretion and health would still be extremely important,” Janis responded

So much for some good steamy female lovemaking.

“Well the only other thing I can come up with is a little voyeurism.”

Janis looked puzzled. “What do you mean? Peeping? I don’t follow where your going with this.”

I explained, “wonder if a stranger would watch us fucking away?”

Janis interrupted, “Someone in our room taking it all in- no way!”

“No, no he would be outside peeping in and we could give him a real show. He wouldn’t you were in on it. Think of all the possibilities? You could really turn him on just preparing for our sexcapade. Then together we’d give him Bayan Escort Gaziantep a show he’d never forget not to mention what we would experience! His sex appeal and cleanliness would be non factors plus I would find someone who is a complete stranger and therefore discreetness would also be a non factor.”

Janis blurted out, “but where would you find this guy?”

“Good question. I already have at a local adult book store and he’s really into ‘watching’. His name is Brett, he’s a young, horny but shy stud.”

“Oh baby, I want to please you and experience some more forbidden sex too but you must understand, if this extra curricular sex ever got out, I would lose my job and our reputations would be ruined.”

“Believe me I am aware of that. This will work and will raise our sexual experiences to another level. Want to go for it?”

“This might be interesting,” Janis giggled. “I am already thinking of the show I’m going to put on. Should be a lot of fun and a real turn on.”

“By the way he’ll be here just after it turns dark, my sexy cock sucking exhibitionist! I already knew you would go for this.”

“What! That’s in two hours! I barely have time to get ready… then purred, but I will.”

Being into home video recordings I had already set up a hidden camera in our bedroom. I really don’t know which was more exciting- planning or doing. We would soon find out.

Right on time Brett arrived with knowledge of our fenced back yard. From there he could observe our living room and bedroom. We left the windows slightly open so he could also hear all.

I reminded Janis not to look towards the windows suggestively as we want him to think she’s not in on this. We were having a glass of wine on the living room sofa when I saw Brett through the window. Slowly my hand fell over Janiss’soft firm unencumbered tit and squeezed gently. She turned and passionately French kissed me long and deep.

“I’m in the mood for some serious fucking” she stated in a voice I’m sure our horny watcher could hear. “Give me 10 minutes to get into something comfortable.” She softly grabbed my crotch then disappeared into our bedroom.

Now the fun started. I quickly activated our closed circuit camera and eagerly watched the monitor waiting for my honey wife to perform a real show for the young stud.

At this point I carefully snuck over to a side window and observed our peeper. His pants were down and his hand was pumping his huge cock slowly while he intently watched Janis’s every move.

Janis unzipped her tight fitting jeans and slowly stepped out exposing her black string bikini panties and her pleasingly plump overflowing ass checks. Facing the window she slowly began unbuttoning her patterned blouse. Off came the blouse. Janis was the now a picture of sexual womanhood in her alluring bra and damp panties.

She turned and slowly examined her body in the full length mirror. My god, a women can looks so sexy just checking herself out especially when you view it through a mirror! This had to be even more of a turn on for Brett.

Janis now reached behind her back and unhooked her over worked bra that tried to contain those beautiful, huge twin peaks of pleasure. She cupped each and began to slowly swiveling her hips. She then sucked each nipple to erection. Even watching on the video screen was very erotic.

Now one hand moved down to her Mound of Venus while the other continued cupping a breast. She slowly rubbed her dampening panties, then began fingering herself. Janis now moaned and gyrated even more until a little gasp escaped her lips, she shuttered, convulsed, and obviously climaxed.

My obviously into it, sexy wife now slowly removed her panties revealing that luscious blond cunt I so craved.

She then got “our” favorite blue thigh length sexy silk robe and slipped it on while facing the window. She turned and slowly bent over picking up her jeans revealing those soft puffy pussy lips already swollen with desire. Yes! She was really putting on a show. My ex-ultra conservative wife and mother of our children has changed…

After applying some “Passion” to the right places, she did a final hair and makeup check. This was my queue to enter.

Wearing only a pair of silk black jockey type shorts that had suddenly become to small, I was obviously ready for a good fucking session.

Our eyes devoured each other in anticipation of what was about to “cum.”

“Oh Janis, I need to stick my meat up your cunt and fuck you till my cum floods your sex tunnel. Then I want to devour your well fucked pussy”.

“Yes, Yes do it. I want to suck your cum covered cock and savor the taste of our love juices. Then share the cumtail with you. Oh yes I want you now,” Janis begged.

I sat down in an armless chair inviting my personal sex object to join me. Facing me, she straddled my lap, took hold of my hardened, throbbing, pre come covered cock and slowly lowered herself onto it.

“Oh baby girl, you feel soooo good.” I undid robe tie, first giving her mouth to mouth, then working my way down to her luscious hot tits and began sucking her small, hardened nipples. The scent of her “Passion” perfume was overpowering.

Her hands were giving my head some help and her impaled cunt began to gyrate and grind against my hardened body.

Now she began moving up and down on my 7 inches. The sensation was like no other and knowing there was a stranger watching and hearing our every move and sound…

Our lips collided and tongues entwined, then it was back to those luscious melons. Faster and faster she pumped. Her hands were now resting on my shoulders for balance.

This seem to go on for an eternity when suddenly I could feel her love canal tightening, her head fell back, she moaned then said “oh keep that big cock of yours buried in my pussy while I climax!”

“Yes you raunchy love doll, my meat loves his surroundings and is ready to prove it by bathing your cunt with hot cum.”

Janis let out a cry of passion as she gasped and climaxed. I also could hold back no longer. A quick look out the window indicated Brett was obviously also ejaculating his load. My cock spewed forth cum juice deep in her hot hole.

She continued pumping up and down and I was raising up to meet her until we both sighed, stopped, and just held and kissed each other. Janis then slowly stood up with her slit close enough for me to visually devour. Her cunt lips were puffy, pink, and glistening with my cum that had escaped when I pulled out.

Normally after I climax my desire and hardness leaves very quickly, especially in these later years but this time was different. I had incentives to continue on.

Janis now laid down on her back on the bed (exposed to the window of course) wantonly open her legs to reveal her just fucked slit. I can imagine what our voyeur was doing now…

“Janis, I so want to taste the fruits of our love feast. Do you want me?”

“Oh yes Denny, clean up my hungry cunt.”

I lowered my face to an inch or two from her luscious, foamy sex lips and inhaled deeply the intoxicating aroma of our just completed sex.

In deliberate fashion I first licked and kissed her inner thighs working my way slowly to the promised land .

I sucked her frothy pussy taking in as much as I could. Janis was watching, moaning, and urging me on. Now my tongue found a home in her pussy canal. “Don’t stop baby, your tongue is driving me over the edge again! Oh, please, more, oh yes, that’s it, right there!”

Janis convulsed for one final climax as I greedily gobbled up her additional love juices.

Moving up, our lips crushed against each other, our tongues entwined, and both savored the beautiful cumtail we made together.

In conclusion, I wonder how long this newest sex experience will keep us flying high? The video I took will certainly help.

Stay tuned for the answer. My wife is beginning to enjoy naughty sex as much as me.

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