Forbidden FruitForbidden Fruit

Teen (18+)

I was nervous the entire trip, my stomach rolling and my hands sweating the whole time I drove. The excitement was brewing inside my center, my mind all of it. He had consumed so many fantasies over the years, I should take a moment and start at the beginning.

We had met online in a chat room, got to know each other a little at a time. Basically we were friends. A year went by and still we kept it strictly friendship until the day you came to me as someone new and unknown.

At first I was a little cold towards him but I warmed up pretty easily. Why I didn’t know really, but the tingling was there. He showed me some nude pictures of himself, his face hidden, but the sights were astounding. I was for the first time online turned on.

It wasn’t just his pictures it was the whole thing. His personality, his easy-going manner, and even his slightly offbeat humor. He turned me on, plain and simple.

We talked for awhile and I began to notice he knew a lot about me and I knew nothing of him. Or so I thought anyway. He asked me if I had any idea who he was? That nagging little voice inside my head told me, Doug.

I had guessed right, but why would a long time friend change his identity and flirt with me? Because the attraction was always there and I chose to ignore it.

And now I was going to meet him for the first time since we met two years ago. My heart thumped loudly in my breast, I was overly excited and unsure how to approach this and him as well? I had never met anyone from online, this would be the first time.

He had given me directions to a hotel in the area and told me which room he would be staying in. It was all set up and all I had to do was show up. He promised to be a gentleman and behave himself if that was what I truly wanted from him.

So with all those things in mind, I pulled into the hotel parking lot and sat staring at the brick and glass building. It was now or never, I had come this far, I should go the rest of the way.

Taking my things in with me, I didn’t stop at the main desk, I took the elevator instead. I could find the room and hopefully get over my nervousness by then. Standing in the elevator alone, my mind went over all the flirting, the barely contained lust that brewed between us for so long.

I couldn’t help myself, I reached down and ran a finger over the center seam of my shorts. I was throbbing and I knew also I was wet and more than ready. But when push came to shove, could I? I never asked myself the question of right or wrong, I just went to him when the opportunity presented its self to me.

He was married, I was married as well. Forbidden thoughts, actions, even coming here was wrong in morality views. And yet, it did not stop me, I wanted him. I wanted this. The doors opened and I stepped out onto the third floor. Looking left and right, I sought out the room numbers.

Glancing down at the card in my hand, I knew I needed to find three-oh-four. Turning I began walking, slowly and quietly as possible. The door was only a little ways down the hall, I was close. Could I do it? How could I not do it? No strings attached, just fulfilling the desires we both had for the other. The forbiddeness of this situation was enthralling and intoxicating me.

I reached up and knocked on the door, waiting with my breath held. Would he want me? Would I want him? Was this wrong of us? Could we live with it? All of these questions went through my mind and all the possible out comes as well.

The door opened and there he stood. Smiling, his eyes lit up with something between desire and happiness. We had seen each other many times on web cam, we knew what the other looked like in all states of dress and undress. I smiled and spoke, “Hi there Doug.”

Instead of just saying hi to me, he bent down and hugged me to him. “I am glad you came, I was worried you wouldn’t.” His soft voice spoke in my ear as I let his presence seep into me. Calming, I felt safe surprisingly enough. I trusted Doug, I always have.

He stepped back and moved aside so I could enter the room. The silence a little unnerving but still I felt comfortable. Setting my suitcase down inside the door, I turned to face him. Flushed red from nervousness and the heightened sexual tensions, I didn’t know what to say at this point.

“Come on in and have a seat, I don’t bite Sarah.” He chuckled at my nervous behavior, I knew he would find it amusing. So self-assured me was actually nervous, an uncommon thing. I could tell by how he moved and glanced around, he was as nervous as I was. Neither of us had done this sort of thing before, but both couldn’t deny what we wanted.

I sat on the edge of the bed and he took a chair across from me. His eyes took me in from my head down to my toes, he smiled at me.

“How was your trip?” I smiled a little and felt some of the nervousness evaporate from my body.
“It was alright.” I did not know what else to say here, we were here for one reason and one reason only. To end the torment we both isveçbahis felt whenever we spoke.
“Come here.” He asked me quietly.
Standing, I stood before him, my eyes questioning him.
“Closer.” Was all he said.

I stepped closer to him until I was standing between his spread legs. My heart hammered louder in my breast, the ringing in my ears was making me light headed.
“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, you know that, don’t you?”
I nodded my head, my eyes holding his.
“You trust me don’t you Sarah?”

Again I nodded my head, I did trust him. With all my secrets, with all of my woes and any other feeling I had ever had before.
“Relax for me, here. Come lay on the bed and relax.” He stood up, taking my hand in his and pulling me towards the bed. My eyes were wide, shining deep blue as I watched him. I bumped into the bed and giggled a little, I was acting so silly!

“Alright, lay on the bed huh?” I half joked, relaxing more and more.
Instead of lying down I stood face to face with him, our eyes searching each other’s faces. Reading each other’s eyes and trying to see our thoughts.

I heard him groan as he came closer to me, his face lowering down to mine. I gave an answering moan of my own as my hands reached for him and his for me. My hands rested against his upper arms as he reached around me and pulled me to him. Our lips met, fleetingly. Soft and tenderly he pressed his mouth to mine. Heat which could only be described as molten lava flowed through me and out every nerve ending in my body.

Gasping, this gave him the perfect opportunity to deepen the kiss. His tongue snaked into my mouth and wrestled with mine. My fingers clutching him, pulled him closer as he bent his head and began to make sweet love to my mouth.

So many things went through my body, passion, lust, and even trepidation. And so many things felt right. I was on fire, and he was the water I needed to douse it. No longer timid or afraid my hands tore at his clothes and he rid me of mine in record time. Both moaning and panting for air, the kiss seemed to never end.

He tore his lips from mine as his eyes ran down my bared body. The look in his eyes was enough, he wasn’t disappointed in what he saw. He ran his hands up and down my back, caressing and teasing with his fingertips. My eyes closed partially as I moaned it felt heavenly to be caressed this way. It had been so long since the last time I was touched like this.

“Sit.” He pleaded with me, that tone of voice giving me goose bumps all over. Shaking a little, I nodded and sat down on the bed. And as I sat he moved to his knees before me.

“You always asked me to kneel for you, now I am going to do what I typed so many times.”

I felt the room lurch and spin before my eyes as they widened and stared at him. No protest came from my lips, I couldn’t form the words. His hands pressed against my stomach, forcing me backward on the bed. My legs hung over as I rested on my back, the flush creeping over me once again. He was staring at my shaven mound, I felt like covering up and also felt like pushing him into my wet pussy as well.

“My god! You are.. Stunning..” Whispered past his lips, his breath wafting across the heated wet folds. I trembled and gulped the nervous lump in my throat, all I could do was moan his name in response. He was torturing me and he hadn’t even touched me yet.

I felt his hands caress up and down both inner thighs, his heated body pressing against my knees as his fingers tightened and pulled. “Open for me?” He demanded more than asked this time. Butterflies went nuts in my stomach as I slowly pulled my legs apart for him.
“Place them over my shoulders Sarah.” I opened my eyes and looked down at him, his gaze on my face.

Lifting up, I braced my feet on the bed and spread myself even further for him. His moved forward, his lips coming down. I cried out as the first hot lap of his tongue went around my belly button. His strong fingers gripped my thighs and slid down to my ankles. Lifting my legs, I helped him place them over his shoulders, letting them rest on his back.

This was very different, not that I hadn’t had this done to me before, it’s just that no one other than my husband had seen me in years. Those thoughts forgotten, I arched a little as his lips traveled down my body.

“Yessssssss! D-don’t stop Doug!” I pleaded with him, the urgency slowly taking hold. I had been in a state of arousal for months now around him, always craving this moment. I wanted to cum all over his face, he promised me so many times he could make me cum again and again just on his face, I wanted to feel it for myself. I wanted to give him that cum bath he always said he wanted from me.

Lifting up, I pressed towards his mouth as his tongue slid along the crease of my thigh. First one side and then across my ass to the other, and up. I squirmed a little, wanting to get closer to his mouth and that wicked tongue of his. His hand across my abdomen held me in place, isveçbahis giriş I couldn’t pull away nor push up. Biting my lower lip, I moaned again, his tongue was flicking here and there across my bare mound and over to my inner thigh. My body jerked with each flicker of his tongue, soliciting more cries and more juices from me. I heard his own moan of pleasure answering mine, the depth of his voice making me wetter. I always had a thing for a deep sexy voice, and Doug had one.

His tongue swirled and dipped, plunged and wiggled all around my pussy, thrusting as if it were a miniature cock. Whimpering, I thrust up into his face, seeking more of that. My inner walls pulsing with a life of their own, trying to contain and hold that pleasure he was giving me.

“Please! Fuck Doug!” I cried out, rotating my hips and grinding the wet folds of my pussy on his face and lips. He lapped and suckled, his tongue pressing on my clit before he would retreat and suckle the hood into his warm mouth. Sharp stabbing pricks of desire invaded my being all I wanted now was to cum.

He knew what he was doing, he knew all my buttons, I had told him so many times all of my fantasies. His finger probed my pussy, barely thrusting In and out of me. My thighs tightened around his neck, gripping him tightly as I began to dance on his face.

“Ohhh God! Ooooooh fuck meeeee!” I cried out, loudly echoing off of the room walls. I began to buck, rock and grind harder up and down and side to side. I felt like I was on fire and that I would die before this was done. Everything was hot and tense, my hands reached out and one grabbed a hand full of his hair. Shoving him into my crotch, I thrust up and down harder. Riding his chin, his mouth and even his nose.

His hands tightened on my thighs, pressing them further apart as he chewed at my pussy like a mad man. His eyes watched my face as I writhed on his tongue, he pulled back, his thick fingertips going to my clit and furiously rubbing back and forth.

“CUM Sarah! Cum for me baby.. Give it to me! Fuck you are so hot!” He knew words effected me, I gasped out, “I’m trying!” Bucking like crazy I felt my ass heat up and my pussy clench tightly onto his thrusting fingertip still inside me.

“God I love your pussy, so sweet.. So fuckin’ hot!” I whimpered, tensing up to nearly sitting up on the bed. My shaking and thrusting becoming jerkish in movement, hardly able to thrust with the tensing of my pussy. I was cumming!

“OOOOOOOOOOH FUCK!!!! DOUG!” I cooed, my head thrashing side to side on the bed, “Oh god! Oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwd!” I bucked, hot spurts of pussy juice shooting out of my pussy and coating his chin, my thighs and saturating the bed under my ass. He moved back down, his mouth fastening on my hard tortured button and suckling as best as he could.

He had two fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy now, fucking me deeply as I rode out the waves. My legs tight around his back pulled and held him to me, I was floating high above the bed.

“Get up here!” I demanded my voice thick with lust. I wanted him, I wanted to feel him fucking me, banging me senseless until I couldn’t walk no more.

I dropped my twitching legs from around his neck and reached for him, he came up to me, my mouth hungrily taking his. I could taste the tangy saltiness of my pussy on his lips and tongue.
Our lips fused, my tongue tangling with his in my mad rush for fulfillment. I pulled back, panting raggedly, “Fuck me Doug, please? God, I need you inside me!”

His eyes were so dark with desire, he didn’t respond, just gripped my legs in his hands and shoved them apart. Grinding and rolling my hips, I purred like a bitch in heat.

“Yessssss! Give it to me!”

He growled in answer and gripped his cock in his hand.

“You want it?” He questioned


“How badly?”

“Badly! I want you NOW!”

“You got it!” He moved and shoved, ramming home in a single movement, filling me up with his thick hard cock. Spiraling up higher and higher, I cried out from the filling pleasure of his cock entering me. Clutching him to me, I kept on kissing him as he began to plummet in and out.

Eyes locked to each other’s, he groaned out my name, his mouth falling to my neck to nibble as he rocked his hips up and down. Hands gripping into the flesh of his back, my walls tightened around his cock and tried to pull him in.

He reared up, coming away from me, his hands gripping my hips and yanking me to the edge of the bed. His eyes watching his cock thrust, his thumb found my clit and began to rub. Clawing at the sheets, I tried to shove back into him, his touch tormenting me, making me come close to orgasming again.

The veins stood out on my forehead as I grunted in reaction. Harder and quicker he thrust madly in and out, taking me higher and higher. The steady slapping of our skin hitting, the rocking of the bed, the fact that this was so wrong, made it all feel so damned good. His balls steadily slapped against my ass, isveçbahis yeni giriş my thighs tightened as did my whole body. I was going to cum again!?

It had been so long since I knew this pleasure, I was beyond words now. Sweaty and breathing heavily, all I could do was utter moans of pleasure. He groaned out, his face turning serious as that far away look came into his eyes. He was going to cum from the tightness of my pussy around him.

His movements became stiff and jerky as he gripped me tighter, his mouth came open and his cock erupted into my wet waiting passage. Crying out from the heat of his cum, I shattered as well.

“I’m Cummmmmminngggg!” he shouted, his sweaty body slamming harder and deeper into my own.

“Yessssssss!” I hissed out as I came. He collapsed on top of me, panting for air, his cock twitching inside my depths. My own walls spasming consistently with his movements, Both of us shocked by what had happened and yet pleased as well. The awkwardness was finally gone. We had broken through that barrier of uncertainty and moved onto what we both craved.

Lust. Passion. Sex.

All of it and so much more, laying here neither of us wanted to move yet and deal with what happened. Or perhaps we still craved more? I know I did, I wanted to do so much more to him, with him, and for him. I had dreamt of this many times, and all those thoughts entered my mind while I lay there trying to collect my thoughts.

“Wow!” He managed to whisper.
“Mmmhmmm” I agreed wholeheartedly, I just could not form the words to say so.
“I’ve been thinking of us for awhile now, it was more than I expected.” He grinned, looking into my eyes before kissing me softly. Contented, I smiled in return. I wanted this as well.

“It ain’t over yet, I just got started.” I began to adulate under him, grinding myself on his rapidly hardening cock. “Roll over for me Doug?” I asked.

He didn’t hesitate, he moved quickly to his back and lay with his hands behind his head, grinning like a Cheshire cat. I moved over him, taking his cock in my hand and stroking him up and down the entire length. Bending over him, I lapped the head of his cock, twirling my tongue around the mushroom shaped head and down the shaft. My mouth opening widely, as I gently suckled his shaved balls into my mouth.

I wanted to make him shiver with pleasure and cry out my name. Make him feel all the pleasures I felt from him giving to me. Flicking my tongue I let the warm saliva in my mouth wash over his balls, heating them. His balls shifted on their own inside my warm cavern, his cock lengthened even further. Stroking him, I moved back up and suckled the side of his cock. Moving my mouth up and down the side, my tongue tasting our mixed juices.

I felt my walls clamp down a little, craving this beautiful piece of meat, wanting it back inside me. I would wait for it though, for now I was content on sucking his cock dry of all cum. His hands came from behind his head, one began to stroke my back as I feasted on him. His eyes fell closed as his hips began to rock up and down. His velvety cock sliding in my gripping fist, my mouth moved over the head and surrounded him once more.

Slowly I worked him in and out of my mouth, sucking harder as I pulled off of him. Laving him generously with my tongue as I moved down. I wanted to try for the first time ever, deep throating him. I hadn’t ever been able to do it before, but I was going to try with him. Inhaling deeply I let it out slowly and opened as wide as possible. The head butted against the back of my throat, making me gag a little at first, but with his thrusting hips aiding me I felt the head pop into my throat. It was different but somehow very hot and sexy! I was doing it! I was deep throating most of his cock.

I wanted it all, his entire shaft in there, I began to move up and down. Little by little getting used to it, further and further I sank on him until my nose was buried against his groin. Smoothly shaved all over the area, there was no hair to tickle my nose. Groaning in pleasure, the vibrations of the sound making him gasp and thrust hard against me.

I heard him moan, “My god! Sarah!”

His hands found their way into my hair and he began to fuck my face vigorously. Nipples hard and pussy swollen with excitement, I went to down. Sucking and swallowing every drop of juice I got. My hand stroked with my mouth, his cock totally encased in my grip. Nothing was more erotic than the feel of his cock throbbing in my mouth, the head growing to an enormous size as he thrust in and out.

“OH FUCK!” His breathing and words began to sound hissed, I couldn’t smile but I wanted to.

Pulling off I jerked his cock off and hurriedly whispered, “Cum for me baby!”

My mouth went back over the head and began to move quicker and stronger. My cheeks concaved in as I sucked his girth.

“Oh shit! I’m going to cum in your mouth Sarah! S-stop!” he knew I didn’t like to swallow, he was respecting my wishes, but I was going for broke here. I wanted it, no! I needed it! I ignored his words, he forgot his complaint and gripped my head tightly in his hands. I kept my mouth open and my throat relaxed, suckling as he jabbed up and down in my mouth.

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