Dowdy Mother in Law Ch. 11Dowdy Mother in Law Ch. 11


Muriel had said to me, “Viv has explained that this is a one time thing, pity, I could do this every week. I just need to try and and educate Sam.”

“Yes you do.” I replied.

Viv was in the hall ordering a taxi to take Muriel home. Then the pair of them sat in the front room so they could see when it arrived. I went upstairs to get showered and dressed.

I heard the sound of the taxi’s horn, then Viv and Muriel saying their goodbye. I was coming down the stairs. Viv watched her until the taxi pulled away then she closed the door.

I stood behind her, I encircled her in my arms, the weight of her breasts on my forearm, the feel of them through the silk was so sensual.

She tilted her head back, “Well, that gives me hope that I can still enjoy sex when I’m eighty.”

“I’m sure we will.” I said, my lips brushing against her neck. She shivered.

“Oooh, the tingles that gives me… not Muriel’s sort of tingles though!”

We both laughed, she turned around. We kissed tenderly, the kiss was the same as our first lover’s kiss, the one that set everything in motion.

“I’ll get dressed, can’t stay like this all day.”

“You can for me.”

She smiled as she climbed the stairs.

We stayed at home the rest of the day, Viv cooked the meal, we watched TV and went to bed. Over the days that followed we settled into a normal routine. We shared the cooking, I found it quite relaxing to cook and my culinary skills were improving. We shared keeping the house straight and cleaning it. Viv took take of our laundry, she didn’t want me anywhere near her clothes with an iron!

Our next door neighbour Mark, approached me one evening as I was taking the rubbish out.

“Hello Dave, is everything OK?” he looked genuinely concerned, he wasn’t being nosy for the sake of it.

“I’m OK Mark, I guess you’ve noticed Yvonne isn’t around then?”

“Yeah, that’s why I asked.” he leaned forward conspiratorially, “Who’s the hot piece of stuff living with you? I haven’t seen her before.”

“Yeah you have, it’s Viv, Yvonne’s mum.”

“Nah, she’s a frum…”

“Frumpy old woman?” I interjected.

“Yeah…, but what…, really?”

“Yvonne and I are getting divorced, it hasn’t worked out between us. There’s no ill feeling. She’ll come and say goodbye properly to you both and the other neighbours, when the time comes.”

“I’m sorry to hear that mate, but how come her mum’s living here?”

“Her mum and dad are splitting up as well and the atmosphere at hers is a bit, well… hostile? Not quite that, but not great. So Viv’s living here to get away from Phillip. To be honest it’s really good having her around.”

“I’ll bet, she could come and stay with us if you like?”

I smiled and shook my head.

He went on, “One look at her though and Mary would have none of it. What changed with her?”

“She was in a rut and had let herself go, she had no pride in herself, total lack of self-esteem. Then she woke up and did something about it.”

“So are you two… you know?”

He didn’t tap his nose but he reminded me of Eric Idle’s Monty Python sketches, “Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean? Know what I mean? Say no more!”

“You’ll have to wonder about that and imagine whatever you like. Tell Mary what’s happened though, that will save me having to have this conversation with the other neighbours.”

“I know what you mean.” he said, laughing, (I was right about Eric Idle), “She’ll be on the phone straight away.”

My parting words were, “And stick to the facts, don’t embellish them!”

We each went inside, I related the conversation to Viv.

“I’m glad you told him the truth, well most of the truth. What I mean is, I’m glad you didn’t lie.”

“I wouldn’t. Let’s see what happens now.”

To be honest, over the next week or so nothing much did, well it did, but not in the way we thought. Viv bumped into a few neighbours when she was out shopping. They were sympathetic, kind words to say about me. Janice across the road came round and they had a coffee and chatted, not in a prying way, just supportive and welcoming.

Viv told me all about the various encounters she’d had.

She concluded with, “I don’t feel uncomfortable living here, if you’re OK with it and aren’t haunted by the fact you were here with Yvonne, we could stay here. What do think?”

“I’d be OK with staying put. I like it here. There’s not a lot of equity because we haven’t lived here long, but… I still don’t have the money to buy Yvonne out. So it’ll have to be sold.”

“What did you pay for it?”

“£6,495.” I said, “The estate agent said to try it on the market at £7,250.”

“If I remember you both took out a twenty-five year mortgage so this first year you’ll have mostly been paying interest not reducing capital. So why don’t I give you £500 and you give that to Yvonne to buy her out? By the time you’ve paid estate agent and legal fees that’s far more than 50% of what would be left over.”

“Er, yes, thank you. I was also putting it on the market because I didn’t want you to have to tolerate genç gaziantep escort gossip and such like. But if you don’t see that as a problem?”

“I don’t. I’ll write you a cheque then that’s sorted. You’ll still have to get the mortgage in your name only and sort the deeds out but that can wait.”

“Did you see any of the neighbours as a likely candidate for seduction?”

“Janice would be, I got the feeling she would be adventurous, but I don’t want to, not living across the road.”

She was pensive for a moment then continued, “To be honest, after Muriel I think I’ve pretty much got other women out of my system. It will always turn me on but I’m not going out of my way to make it happen any more. If it does it does, if not I’m fine. I’m happy with our sex life as it is. There’s making a baby with Cathy on the horizon remember? Also, I’ve kept in touch with Amanda and she recently asked if she could come round and talk to the both of us.”

“What about, what did you say?”

(I was starting to get hard, Amanda was hot.)

“She said she’d tell me when we’re all together, I said I’d talk to you and get back to her. I think she wants to have a threesome but I don’t want that until Cathy is pregnant.”

We changed the subject.

As it turned out we had a call from Cathy the next day, she asked if she could come round that evening. Viv said yes because I was on the early shift and would be home. I got home around 2:30 and Viv gave me the news.

“Where will we do it?”

“I’ve prepared the bedroom, she’ll be here around six. You go and shower, I’ve washed your bathrobe, please don’t touch anything in the room.”

I went to get showered and changed. I had a shave so my face was as smooth as it could be. I didn’t think Cathy would appreciate feeling my stubble on her inner thighs, if that’s the way things went. I was semi-hard the whole time.

The laundry basket was in the bedroom, I went in to put my dirty clothes in the basket and put my jeans away ready for wearing the next day. The bedroom had a delicate floral scent, nothing heavy. There were various unlit candles set up around the room, I sniffed one, they were scented. The bed had a white throw over it with some scatter cushions I hadn’t seen before. The dressing table chair had a similar throw over it.

As requested, I didn’t touch anything and went downstairs.

Viv started to go upstairs to get showered and changed, “I’ve opened a bottle of sauvignon blanc, have a glass of that if you want a drink, rather than lager. You don’t want to have beery breath.”

“Cathy won’t mind, she drinks pints.”

“Does she? Oh, well, she might not be drinking, better to have white wine.”

I felt quite nervous, not sure why. The expectation of me succeeding I suppose. The pressure was on me to perform. I poured a glass of wine and went to relax until Viv came down.

She came downstairs looking radiant in her kimono, she poured herself a glass and came to sit next to me. She leant into me and lifted her legs onto the sofa.

“I’ve prepared some nibbles, canapes and such, they’re in the fridge, I’ll get them out onto the table nearer the time. How are you feeling?”

“Nervous.” I replied.

“Aw, there’s no need to be. Just relax, it’ll all come naturally, just forget Cathy is in a lesbian relationship. She’s selected you, so she obviously wants to make love with you. For a very special purpose as well, just treat her like any other woman.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“You’ll be doing it all again the next couple of evenings as well, you do realise that?”

“Am I? No, I didn’t realise.”

“Yes, to guarantee the best possible chance. Don’t drink too much either, as that can affect your sperm I believe.”

“Sperm get pissed as well?” she knew I was joking and I understood what she meant.

We kissed, then it turned into a make out session that would have lead to the inevitable any other time, but not this time. As we stopped kissing she just held my erection in her hand, her thumb stroking the tip of my cock gently. I looked at the clock.

“They’ll be here soon, you best let me subside a bit. Although, at least I know feeling nervous isn’t stopping me functioning.”

About twenty minutes later they arrived, I went to answer the door, Cathy’s red mini parked on the street. Yvonne was still in her work clothes, Cathy was dressed in light blue, flared jeans and a light blue blouse, but no bra. I could clearly see the outline of her nipples on the thin fabric of the blouse. Now that I could see the outline of her breasts and bum, she was a stunner. I’m not an expert in estimating breast sizes, but I thought she was a B cup size, so a bit smaller than average. She didn’t need a bra, they supported themselves quite nicely without.

“Hello, how are you both?”

“Hi Hun, I’m knackered, I could do with a drink.” said Yvonne, taking off her shoes.

“Hi David, I’m OK, I’ve taken this week off,” said Cathy, “but I could do with a drink as well.” She gave me a nervous gaziantep genç escort smile.

I said, “Apparently we’re not supposed to be drinking you and I, but there’s a bottle of wine open. You look about as nervous as I did earlier.”

“I know, it’s a bit intimidating isn’t it?” she replied, “But we’ll be fine I’m sure.” she gave me a peck on the cheek.

Cathy and I went through to the living room. Viv had put the food on the table and was pouring a refill for us both and a glass for Yvonne and Cathy.

“I’m going to drink this then take a shower.” said Yvonne.

“I showered before we set off so I’m fine.” said Cathy.

We chatted and also explained that we weren’t intending to put the house up for sale and what was proposed instead and Yvonne was fine with everything.

Cathy had a two bedroom house about two miles away. The front door was straight off the street and there was just a yard at the back, rather than a garden. It would be fine for a couple of years for them but then they wanted somewhere with a garden.

Yvonne took a pink sarong with a floral pattern from her work bag, popped another vol-au-vent into her mouth and went up for her shower. Cathy wanted to know what the neighbours actually said. Viv recounted some of the conversations.

I added, “When I told Mark next door I just said that our marriage hadn’t worked out, I didn’t go into the details why. I didn’t say Viv and I were in a relationship but I think that’s starting to become obvious. I didn’t tell Mark that Yvonne was in a relationship with you either. Over time that too will become obvious.”

“Well at least nobody has been nasty or judgmental, that’s the main thing.” said Cathy.

Viv said, “I’ll go and close the curtains and get the bedroom ready, you two come up when you’re ready.”

I went to sit next to Cathy on the sofa. Her hands were in her lap, I took one of her hands in mine.

“Are you still feeling nervous?” I asked.

“Not so much, I don’t know how to start though. I’m usually quite dominant but I feel out of my depth. Would you take the lead please?” she looked at me, biting her lower lip.

“Of course,” I said, “is there anything I shouldn’t do, or do you want to tell me what you are comfortable with?”

“Well, you can kiss me, you can touch me… anywhere.” she gestured with her other hand, indicating her whole body. “You can use your mouth on me anywhere too. I only want you to penetrate my pussy though.”

“I know, I took that as read, we’re trying to make a baby together, not push boundaries.” I kissed her hand, not in a theatrical or cheesy way, but tenderly, to reassure her.

“Above all David, please, take your time, don’t rush, you’ll know when I’m ready. I really want this to be beautiful and special.”

She kissed me on the lips, her mouth slightly open. I moved my lips against hers, she responded.

“Mmmm, that was nice.” she said, softly.

“Are you ready to go up?” I asked.

She nodded, and finished her wine in one gulp. I led her by the hand to the stairs, then let her go up first. As she ascended, her long limbs moved gracefully. I felt myself responding.

Yvonne was waiting on the landing at the bedroom door, the sarong tied around her waist, her breasts were bare.

“Are you OK?” she whispered to Cathy.

Cathy nodded, they kissed tenderly and Cathy went into the bedroom. I followed. Viv was sat on the edge of the bed in her kimono. The candles were lit, throwing their soft, flickering light. Viv had put on a tape playing very relaxing music at a very low volume.

Cathy and I stood face to face. Yvonne was standing behind Cathy, Viv got up and stood behind me. One by one, I opened the buttons on Cathy’s light blue cotton blouse. Her head was bowed, watching me, her arms by her side.

I opened the button of her jeans and lowered the zip a little, so I could untuck the blouse. I then released the last button on the blouse and opened the blouse from the bottom. It caught on her pert, braless breasts, keeping them covered.

I could just see the lacy waistband of a pair of black panties. She was so fit, her flat stomach had the soft outline of a six-pack beneath a slight covering of fat, with a cute, innie belly button.

Cathy looked up at me, she did not have to look up far, she was so tall. She had an expectant expression on her face, her mouth slightly open, her pale blue Scandinavian eyes twinkling.

I held the lapels of her blouse and slowly moved the lapels towards her shoulders. Yvonne took over. The fabric slid away from her breasts, like a new sculpture being unveiled in an art gallery.

Her breasts were a work of art. Perfectly formed and natural, despite being thirty-something they were the breasts of a teenager. Her areolas were about three-quarters of an inch in diameter, her nipples were erect and the size of pencil erasers.

I placed the fingertips of my right hand on her collarbone, I traced them slowly down towards her breast. Yvonne slid the sleeves of Cathy’s gaziantep genç escort bayan blouse down and off. My fingertips reached the swell of her breast, I rotated my wrist so my fingers were on the soft skin at the side of her breast and I brushed my thumb over her nipple.

Cathy’s breathing became quick and shallow. I lifted my eyes from her breast and looked at her face. She was already looking at me, a slight smile on her lips, her eyes were telling me to carry on.

I smiled back at her and, without breaking eye contact, I slowly lowered the zip of her jeans. When it was as far down as I could get it my thumb was in contact with her pussy, over the lacy fabric of her black knickers. It felt so soft and warm. I pressed my thumb against her with a circular motion. Cathy caught her breath.

Leaving Cathy’s panties in place, Yvonne slid Cathy’s jeans down her long, lithe, sculpted legs. Yvonne raised each of Cathy’s legs in turn to take off her jeans and socks.

Cathy’s arms were still by her side, I took her hands in mine and put them on the knot of the belt on my bathrobe. With unbroken eye contact she undid the knot. She did the same with my bathrobe as I did with her blouse, she slid the lapels to my shoulders. Viv then took it down my arms and off.

I was then naked in front of Cathy. I was very erect. She placed the fingertips of each of her hands on my collarbones. Her hands were trembling. Still keeping eye contact, she moved her fingertips down my chest. As she reached my nipples she moved her hands around to the side of my ribs. Then she continued downwards, it tickled like crazy! I jerked and clamped my arms on her hands, trapping them, totally spoiling what had been a wonderful moment.

“Sorry!” I said releasing her.

She just smiled and kept eye contact. She lifted her hands and placed them about six inches lower down, then continued moving them downward. She stopped when she reached my hips. I put my thumbs in the waistband of her panties and started to pull them down.

Yvonne took over and drew them down Cathy’s legs. Cathy stepped out of them and leant into me, skin on skin. She slid her hands onto my buns and pulled me towards her, trapping my erection between us. I put my arms around her, my hands on her shoulder blades. I hugged her gently to me.

I whispered in her ear, “Mother to be of my child.”

At those words she pressed herself more firmly to me. We held that hug for some time. Those words crystallised the connection between us. If successful and our child was born, we would share a unique, lifelong bond. We were trying to create that bond now.

I placed my hands on Cathy’s wrists and gently, but firmly, moved her hands to my cock. With one hand she encircled my hard cock, with the other she cupped my balls. I put a hand over her pussy, her pubic hair tickling my palm. I drew my middle finger between her labia, she was warm and moist, but she wasn’t yet wet enough for me to enter her.

I moved her to the edge of the bed. She sat down then lay back, her feet on the floor, her long legs slightly apart. She had neatly trimmed, blonde pubic hair and a deep cleft to her pussy. Her clit wasn’t visible, just the slit of her pussy.

I knelt down and placed my fingertips on the insides of her thighs, just above her knees. I applied gentle pessure to move her legs further apart. Cathy didn’t resist, she allowed her legs to open. Her vulva started to open, the moist, pink interior becoming visible.

I traced my fingers up the inside of her thighs, she let out a soft moan. Yvonne sat cross-legged above Cathy’s head. Cathy’s arms were horizontally out to the side but then bent at her elbows, her forearms held up towards Yvonne, as if she was in the classic surrender position. Yvonne held both of Cathy’s hands in hers.

When my fingertips reached Cathy’s groin I stopped moving them. I kissed each of Cathy’s legs, mid-thigh. I then moved towards her pussy, kissing the inside of her supple, toned thighs. My lips reached my fingertips.

I felt movement above me. Yvonne had leant forward, her lips were on Cathy’s breast, her tongue circling the nipple. She let go of one of Cathy’s hands, reached down and opened Cathy’s vulva for me. I didn’t need to touch Cathy to see how wet she had become, she was glistening.

Her clitoris was exposed in front of me, the blonde hairs closest to her opening were wet. The pheromones emanating from her feminine arousal had me hard as iron. I felt Viv’s fingers between my legs, cupping my balls gently.

A whitish fluid was leaking from Cathy’s vagina. I wanted to taste it but decided to leave it as natural lubricant for when I entered her. I licked Cathy’s dainty labia, tasting the tanginess there. Yvonne had released Cathy’s nipple and leaned further over her, closer to me.

Cathy was then sucking one of Yvonne’s nipples, Yvonne’s eyes were on fire, watching me licking Cathy. I ran the tip of my tongue over Cathy’s clitoris then concentrated on her clit. A muffled moan came from Cathy as she suckled Yvonne. I continued to lick and suck Cathy’s clit.

Viv’s hand encircled my cock, gripping me tightly. I felt movement above me. Yvonne was now back up the bed, straddling Cathy’s face. Yvonne’s pink chiffon sarong then served as a makeshift stage curtain. Peering inside to look at the stage, the main act was Cathy’s pink tongue, working between the folds of Yvonne’s pussy. Viv started to slowly stroke my cock.

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