D’Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 07D’Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 07

Group Sex

Authors Notes:

Disclaimer: Celebrity appearances in this series are in no any way to be considered realistic. They are included for the entertainment of open-minded adults only. Their thoughts, words, and deeds are in no way indicative of the real celebrity. They exist here only to build a story around.

Over the next couple of weeks, things came together very well. The Orlando facility was ready to open. Las Vegas was nearly there as well. Half of the people had moved to Las Vegas and they were working feverishly getting it ready.

They were working all day and partying Las Vegas style at night. Lori was inundated with performers wanting representation. The talent scouts had found fantastic groups and acts that she was able to sign. Things were, on the Banner front, far exceeding Mark’s wildest expectations.

One evening, Lori decided to take them out for an evening on the town. They certainly deserved a break. She took them to a show, and around midnight, they wound up in the casino at the Palms. Holly was busy in Orlando and Jim was heading up the Las Vegas finalization.

Ashley and Dave were walking through the pit area and they saw Linda at the blackjack table. They watched her for a few minutes and when she won, they congratulated her. She looked at them, smiled and went back to the game.

When she won again, Dave said, “Way to go Linda.”

She gave them a look and turned back to the game. A few minutes later, she won again.

It was Ashley who congratulated her this time. “You’re on a roll Linda, keep it up,” she smiled.

“You’ve got me confused with someone else hon,” the woman said and turned back to the table.

Ashley turned to Dave and pulled him aside, “Ohmigod, do you know who that is?”

Dave stood there with his jaw askew, “Holy fuck Ash, is that who I think it is?”

“Yes, I think so,” Ashley said as she hit the speed dial on her phone. Lori answered and she told her to grab Linda and bring her to the blackjack area immediately.

They arrived in just a minute, Ashley took Linda’s hand, and they stood just behind the woman at the table. When she won again, Ashley said, “Linda, this is simply amazing.”

The woman turned around and said, “I told you, I’m not Linda.” She looked at the woman standing next to Ashley and her heart almost stopped. “Ohmigod, this is unbelievable. Who are you?” Then she saw Lori standing next to her. A broad smile creased her lovely face. “I know who you are. Everyone knows you Lori.”

She turned and cashed out her chips. She walked over to them and Lori did the introductions. Linda was speechless.

“What’s the matter girlfriend, cat got your tongue?” Beyoncé giggled.

“I’m sorry; I’ve spent the last ten years telling everyone I’m not Beyoncé. I never thought I would be standing here talking to her,” Linda blushed.

“Can we buy you a drink?” Lori asked her.

“You sure can, I want to get to know myself,” she said as she walked arm in arm into the lounge with Linda.

They spent over an hour getting to know Beyoncé. They told her everything and she was simply enthralled with what was going on. They offered to show her the club and she definitely wanted to see it.

“I have to tell you, D’Orgasmic Lingerie and fashions are a big part of my wardrobe. I love their clothes. I just wish I could have them make the outfits I wear on stage,” she said.

Lori held up one finger, hit speed dial and sat back. Gary answered the phone immediately. “Gary, grab Mark, Cherry, Holly, Shannon and the girls and get out here immediately. I don’t want any argument either. Get your ass on that jet right now. Wait? Hold on one second.” She turned to Beyoncé, “With your legs hon, how many pairs of boots do you have?”

“A girl can never have too many boots Lori.”

“Call Ainsley and tell her you’re picking her up too. I need you here first thing tomorrow. Love you, bye.” She hung up and told Beyoncé that she now had their number one fashion designer on her way.

“You know, I’ve heard how you people from the Banner Agency get things done but this is wilder than anything I’ve ever seen before. No wonder so many people are talking about you. Who did you call?”

Ashley laughed, “She just called the head of D’Orgasmic, my boss and Mark Banner in Orlando. I don’t know whether you read in the trades but D’Orgasmic recently bought Norris Boots of Dallas, Texas. Ainsley Norris heads the operation in Dallas. They are all on their way to meet you. They don’t know it yet but boy, are they in for a surprise.”

Jim found them in the lounge. He slid next to Beyoncé, grabbed her, and kissed her. “Linda, you look adorable tonight. Hell girl, you look good enough to eat,” he grinned.

“Oh shit,” Lori said as she put her head in her hands.

Jim looked at her, “What did I do wrong Lori?” he said as he looked at her and Linda who was sitting beside her. He looked at Linda and then back to Lori who had begun to stare at him.

“He’s cute, hell, he’s even adorable, but he’s thick as two short planks,” Ashley laughed.

“He is thick, that’s for sure,” Linda Hadımköy Escort giggled.

“What? Wait,” he said as his head snapped to the woman he had just kissed.

She met his gaze with glee in her eyes.

“Jim, I’d like to introduce you to my twin,” Linda grinned. “Beyoncé, this is Jim, he’s Holly’s right arm so to speak.”

“Ohmigod, I mean, Ohmigod, I am so sorry, I would never have been that rude, Oh damn, I’m sorry. It is a pleasure to meet you,” he stammered.

She reached over and kissed him, “The pleasure, Jim, is all mine. By the way, thick is a good thing.”

“It is too bad that everyone is in Orlando, they would simply freak,” he said.

Beyoncé laughed, “Well, apparently, they are on their way. Lori is all business, isn’t she?”

“Oh yes she is,” Jim smiled. He couldn’t believe that he was sitting in the lounge at the Palms with Beyoncé.

They spent a long time telling her everything. They spoke about the meeting they had with Loretta Lynn, and how gracious she was to them. Beyoncé loved the idea of finding young talent all over the country. She loved the fact that the new talent would have the Banner Agency representing them.

“I know many professional athletes that Mark represents. He has the best reputation in the business. I’ve met many of his clients and a lot of his friends too,” she grinned.

There was a dead silence at the table. “It’s okay folks, we’re all adults here. Mark’s parties are legendary in Las Vegas. The trick is getting an invitation to one of them.”

She turned to Linda and laughed, “Girl, meeting you may just prove to be the most liberating thing that has ever happened to me. Now I can deny many things I never could before. I can always blame it on my evil twin.”

They sat and talked well into the morning hours. Beyoncé was as charming, as she was talented. Lori’s cell went off and when she answered, she heard Mark’s voice. “I wanted to let you know we are thirty minutes out. I don’t know what the hell is going on but I know it has to be serious or you wouldn’t have us take the red eye on our own jet. Are you going to pick us up? Where are you now?”

“I’m at the Palms; I’ll grab a limo and meet you at the hangar. Damn, how long were you on the ground in Dallas?” she laughed.

“We never even slowed down, she was riding a horse, and she just jumped into the jet,” he laughed. “Seriously, we were on the ground for less than ten minutes. We’ll see you in a few minutes.”

“They will be on the ground in a half hour. Do you want to come out to the airport with us?” Lori asked Beyoncé.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world. This should be fun. We should hide Linda and see if anyone can tell the difference.” Beyoncé chuckled.

Jim went and found everyone else and said they would meet them back at Mark’s place.

Jeff and Alan taxied to the hangar. Ground crew took over and everyone disembarked. The limo was waiting and Lori and Beyoncé were waiting to greet them. Lori told her quickly who everyone was and she played it to the hilt. Everyone kissed Lori and Linda and they headed into the limo. Rose, Wendy, and Debbie were half-asleep when they got in the vehicle. Cherry, Mark, Gary, Lori, and Beyoncé followed Holly, Shannon, Dave, and Ainsley.

“Would you please tell me what was so important to have us fly all the way across the country at full throttle in the middle of the night?” Mark asked.

“Well, darling, it isn’t very often one of our people hits the jackpot in Las Vegas. This is so big that you had to be here to celebrate with us. I mean seriously, this is huge,” Lori replied.

“Hitting the jackpot is always good. It has to be something ginormouliscilicious. Who hit Megabucks?” Cherry laughed.

“It’s bigger than that,” Lori smirked. “To answer your question, Linda hit the Jackpot.”

Mark turned to her and smiled warmly. “That is wonderful baby, how big was your win,” he said as he leaned in and kissed her warmly. “I love that outfit. Damn, you look hot tonight.”

From the front of the limo, a familiar voice giggled.

“Uh, Mark, uh Gary, can someone explain this to me?” Cherry exclaimed.

“What my love?” Mark inquired as he looked over at Cherry. She pointed to Linda sitting at the front of the limo.

Mark and Gary looked from Linda to Linda and then they looked at Lori who was laughing openly.

“What the …?” Gary said.

“Ohmigod,” Shannon exclaimed. “Ohmigod, Mark, you just kissed Beyoncé.”

Lori introduced Beyoncé to everyone. Mark and Gary were speechless. Linda was giggling and laughing and Holly was beside herself.

“This is definitely an honor to meet you,” Mark told her. “How did all this come to be?”

Beyoncé told him about what happened at the Palms. She then went on to tell him how Ashley and Dave reacted. She was laughing when she told them how cool they were once they realized who she was. She pointed to Linda and told them her reaction. Everyone was laughing when they arrived at the Towers.

“Oh, this is great. I finally get to see the ultimate bachelor pad in Hadımköy Escort Bayan Las Vegas. Too late though,” she moaned.

“Too late?” Wendy asked her.

Beyoncé reached over and took Cherry’s hand. “This lovely woman stole his heart before I ever had a chance at him. I’d divorce JayZ in a heartbeat if I thought I had a shot with Mark. I am glad to finally meet you Cherry. You’ve been through a lot this year. You’ve had a lot of people praying for you,” she told her as they stepped off the elevator on Mark’s floor.

Cherry shot Mark a look and he just shrugged. Dave began pouring drinks when the elevator opened and Michelle walked onto the floor.

“Why are you here? I thought you had to be in Orlando. Is anything wrong?” she said as she walked into the living room. She saw Lori and everyone else sitting around and Gary got up and kissed her.

“No baby, nothing is wrong. We had an emergency call from Lori that she needed to see us right away. Jill saved us a lot of time though. The new helicopter I bought today really cuts down travel time to the airport,” Gary told her.

Mark burst out laughing and stood in the room looking at her. “Come on, you are the most observant person I know. Take a good look around here and tell me if something is out of place.”

Dave handed her a drink and gave her a sweet kiss, “Come on Michelle, I know you were asleep but it’s time for you to wake up and tell us what you see.”

Michelle looked around the room. She saw Holly and Ainsley. Shannon was there as were the girls. Linda was talking to Wendy and Cherry was talking to Linda. Ashley took the drink Dave handed her and Michelle froze right there.

“What the fuck?” she said as she looked from Wendy to Cherry.

“It’s okay darling, we did the same thing,” Mark said as he took her hand and introduced her to Beyoncé.

“Okay, this qualifies as an emergency callout anytime,” she laughed. “Ohmigod, I’m standing here almost naked,” she said as she realized she had on a very skimpy D’Orgasmic Original.

“If it makes you feel any better Michelle,” Beyoncé beamed, “I have the exact same one at home myself. I love your clothes Gary, I really do.”

“Beyoncé told me tonight that she wished she could have D’Orgasmic design her onstage clothes and boots.”

“Now I know why we were on this trip,” Ainsley said as she looked at Shannon. “I’ll make you the sexiest boots you’ve ever seen. This lovely creature will design the most wonderful clothes you ever saw. Shannon is the head designer for D’Orgasmic fashions. There is nothing you could ever ask for that we can’t provide for you.”

“Do Red and Nancy know about Beyoncé yet?” Gary asked.

“No, they were busy yelling at workmen when we left. They said they were tired and were going to turn in early,” Lori told him.

Gary looked at his watch, “Well, it’s almost 8am. What is that old expression? Early to bed, early to rise,” he laughed.

“Red and Nancy are two of our best friends. They are also wonderful interior designers. They have done my place here and Gary’s in Orlando. They have just completed the designs and implementation of the Orlando clubs and they are here doing the Las Vegas property. They are two of your biggest fans. Want to help us blow their minds?” Mark asked.

“I have to tell you, I’ve heard a lot about the two of you. You’re everything they said you were and more. I am so glad to get to meet you. Sure, I’d love to play with them,” Beyoncé giggled.

“Oh God girl, don’t say that to them,” Cherry burst out, “They will definitely take that in a different connotation.”

“If they are as sexy as I was told they were, I know exactly how they would take that Cherry. Wake them up,” she said.

Lori made the call and asked them to come up to Mark’s suite.

“I’m confused,” Cherry said. “Who told you how sexy Red and Nancy were? Who told you about the trouble I had? I have to tell you, it is startling to me that someone of your stature would know about me.”

“We have mutual friends Cherry. I know a lot of Mark’s clients and friends. Yes, I also know the difference between clients and friends,” she said as Mark almost choked on his drink. “Hell, none of his friends want to be his clients and all of his clients want to be his friend.”

Mark was beet red, Gary was laughing, and Cherry was waiting for an answer.

“That doesn’t explain who told you about me.”

“Well, in my line of work, I am always watching the celebrity channels. I saw all of you at the Pro Bowl. I loved the dress you wore but the jersey the next day was the funniest thing I ever saw. I saw you were with three of my close friends.”

“Rashad, Jamal and Chris, I should have known,” Cherry laughed.

“Does this face look surprised?” Mark laughed. “You’re living proof baby; they always find the sexiest women on earth to hang with.”

“Yes Cherry, they told me all about it and I want you to know one thing; they love you with all their heart,” she told her, walked over, and hugged her warmly. “They are good men and they care more than you’ll ever Escort Hadımköy know.”

“Come with me,” Cherry grinned as she dragged Beyoncé and Linda away from the living room. They just made it when the elevator door opened.

Red and Nancy walked out and into the living room.

“What are you doing here?” Red asked as Dave handed them a drink. She looked at the Snake Bite and shot him a stern look. “It is way too early for a drink, don’t you think?”

“I need an update right away hon,” Holly said as Linda came out and told her to tell her how restaurant was progressing.

Linda disappeared as Red began to tell her about the Glove progress. A few minutes later, she came out and asked her how the VIP viewing area was coming along. Nancy fielded this question and Linda appeared again.

“I already told them how the kitchen was coming along,” the real Linda said this time. “Tell them about the screaming match you had today,” she said as she faded back again.

“I think she has had one too many drinks,” Nancy laughed. “Things are way ahead of schedule. Yes, we had a screaming match but hell, you know me, I get testy when people don’t follow simple directions. No big deal baby.”

“Ohmigod, I’ve never seen so many lovely boots in my life. I don’t have a closet that large. I want one. Do you know anyone who could design a closet like that for me?”

“For God’s sake Linda, sit your ass down girl, you’re giving me a headache. What are you and Cherry up to anyway? You keep changing clothes and you know damned well who designed that closet. I did. Sheesh,” Red exclaimed.

“I don’t know what you’re bitching about,” Linda said as she walked around Beyoncé and sat in the living room.

Red and Nancy looked at Linda and then at Linda and then at Mark and Gary. “What the hell?”

Red, Nancy, I’d like you to meet Beyoncé Knowles,” Gary grinned.

Stunned was the only word to describe the looks on their faces. They were shocked and frankly, unable to make a comprehensible statement.

“If it would help, just call me Linda,” she said. “I’m getting used to it anyway.” She stood, walked over, and hugged both of them.

“Talk about stunned, what’s wrong Cherry?” Rose asked. “I’ve never seen such a look on your face hon.”

“Pardon my french Beyoncé, I had no fucking idea that closet was so damned big. I’ll never fill it,” she grinned.

“Thank God I don’t have to fill it,” Mark grinned. “That’s Gary’s job.”

“Story of my life,” Gary grinned. “I get the expense and you get the goodies.”

“Excuse me, I don’t think you’re doing so bad yourself,” Beyoncé grinned.

“Don’t pay any attention to him,” Debbie laughed. “He’s doing better than most.”

“Beyoncé wants to see the clubs,” Lori told them. “I’ve explained everything to her and she is excited about the talent search. Let’s take her over there. I told the limo to wait for us.”

“Oh shit,” Ashley exclaimed, “Jim has everyone waiting in the play floor to meet Beyoncé.”

“Ah ha, the infamous play floor. This I have to see,” Beyoncé smirked.

“I’m going to kill them, I mean it, they are dead meat,” Mark grinned.

“Mark, don’t be mad at them, I can be quite persuasive. Your parties are legendary. When I found out how close you were to them, I coaxed it out of them,” she purred. “I hear it is wild.”

When they walked off the elevator, everyone was waiting. There was a collective gasp as Linda and Beyoncé walked off the elevator.

Pete laughed, “Jim, I would have said the same thing. Of course, it doesn’t matter which one you’re talking to; they both look good enough to eat.”

“Pete, for Christ’s sake, where are your manners?” Linda said.

“See, pay up. I told you I’d find the real Linda,” he laughed.

She laughed and she talked to everyone. “This is one sexy crew of people you have here.”

“This is our senior management. Eventually they will each have a center of their own. These are some of the brightest and sweetest people we could find,” Holly told her.

They headed down to the limo and drove to the center. Beyoncé was shown everything and she thought this was one of the most thoroughly thought out clubs she had ever been in.

“This reminds me of being at the MGM or the Mirage. Being back stage at this club is as high tech as any venue I’ve ever performed at.”

They took her into the VIP viewing areas and she sat and looked at everything. “This is amazing. These young people will come in here, go on those stages and never know that their lives are about to change. That takes a lot of strain off them. They can be themselves and do their show the best way possible. This will really bring out the best in people. I love this.”

“Well, that crosses both genres of music,” Gary said. “Loretta Lynn said exactly the same thing.”

“I met her for the first time at the Grammy’s many years ago. She is wonderful,” Beyoncé said.

“We’re excited,” Holly, told her, “Loretta has offered to open our clubs in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Nashville. She has so many contacts and friends in the business that she is calling to come in and see what we are doing. We are having an industry night with the grand opening the following evening for each club. As it turned out, Ainsley’s dad made her first custom pair of boots and Gary’s mother made the dress she wore the first time she appeared with Patsy Cline at the Grand Ole Opry.”

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