A new worldA new world


Allen was standing out in his backyard cooking some steak on his BBQ. It was a calm summer night with clear black skies and the sound of children in the distance. Allen was reminded of those nights when he would be making burgers for his family then they would hang out together and play party games like charades or monopoly. However the times they were changing and there would be no more fun nights with his wife and daughter. In fact he would be spending most of his nights alone.

He checked his steak and turned off the grill. He put his steak on a plate and took it to the living room. He sighed has he began watching the news in the dark. The newscaster was going on about some strange lights seen in the sky the past few nights and how astronomers were stumped as to what they could be. Allen shook his head because he could care less about such nonsense. There were enough problems on Earth to be dealt with as it is without us focusing on the sky. He slowly ate his steak only half listening to what was on the news. The feature reporter started talking about how the divorce rate was so high. Allen grew angry and shot off the TV immediately.

He went outside and grabbed a beer from the cooler. He drank it in slowly and thought about his wife and how she ruined him. He gave her the best 20 years of his life and then one day said that she just didn’t love him anymore. He had to go three years without sex or love well the divorce process went through. She took almost everything from him the money, the car, the cottage and worst of all his daughter. Tears fell from his eyes for his daughter had become the most important thing in his life and his wife knew it and she took her away just to break his heart. He only got to see her on every other weekend and was barred from attending her graduation from high school.

He sat in his lawn chair and stared at his house. It was the only thing she left him because the house was such a mess that she said it was what he deserved. He sighed and drank more of his beer. He heard giggles coming from next door so he crept down and looked through the hole in the fence. A bunch of 16-year-old girls were having a pool party and were all in bikinis and splashing each other. Slowly Allen’s penis became hard and started pushing against his jeans. He had always been attracted to young girls but of course he could never do anything about it because of it being illegal.

He went and lied down under the stars. He looked up at the sky and for the first time started thinking about all the other worlds out there. “Could they be having as many problems as me? Is there someone out there who is suffering as much as I am?” He looked at all the planets. He wasn’t sure if there was life on any of them but if there was they must be suffering as well. Slowly a small section of the sky grew brighter and brighter. Allen squinted to discover that the light was taking shape and looked almost like a blue sun. Without warning a blue beam of light went over him and dragged him into the sky. The sensation of fleeing from the Earth caused him to pass out and he knew no more.

Allen awoke slowly in a daze. His eyes were blurry and he had no clue where he was. He could hear the silent chatter of voices in the distance but could not understand what they were saying. His eyes gently adjusted to the light and he started looking around the room. He appeared to be in some sort of laboratory because there were surgical tools everywhere. “Am I in the hospital?” he thought? Then memories rushed too him. The light and being dragged from the Earth all flooded back to him as if his life was on fast-forward. He got a better look around and discovered that this was no ordinary laboratory. There were strange lights and computer screens everywhere. The computer screen was not displaying any language that was on Earth. Slowly it dawned on him that he was on an alien ship. He wondered what kind of aliens they were and why they took him.

He looked behind him and saw something that horrified him. There were human organs lying on the counter and a dead body completely torn apart. Allen screamed and tried to get out of his chair but he was clamped down hard. “Please do not be alarmed. We mean you no harm.” A mysterious female voice said to him. The voice was very pleasant and actually calmed Allen down right away. “Who said that? I can’t see you!” Allen asked. “I am speaking to you telepathically but give me a moment and I shall be with you in a moment.” The voice replied. Allen relaxed himself. Even though he had just seen a dead dismembered body, the voice seemed soft and sweet and he knew he was in no danger.

Slowly the door opened and there was a figure standing in the light from the hallway. Allen couldn’t see the figure well but could see it was fairly small. The door closed and the light went away and Allen’s jaw dropped at what he was seeing. Standing in front of him was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She could not have been more than 17 years old but she had beautiful milky white skin, soft brunette hair that flowed like a river. He body was perfectly sculpted with perfect breasts, butt and stomach. Her beauty memorized Allen.

“Who…who are you?” Allen asked still stunned in the face. “I am princess Lola and I am the leader of the flowanons. I realise you must have many questions and I would only be happy to answer.” Allen gulped there were so many things that he wanted to say however only one came to his mind. “Why do you look human?” Princess Lola smiled a beautiful perfect smile. “Our species comes from a planet very similar to yours and our species are almost the same except our species stops growing from a certain age.” Allen nodded because it was making a lot of sense. “Why have you come here?” Princess Lola frowned. “Our species has had a crisis. We were working on london escort agency a formula that could possibly give us eternal life however something went horribly wrong. We ended up making a virus that spread through out the planet killing all male life. Though we managed to stop the virus the damage had been done and all male life on our planet has died.”

Allen frowned with her. To suffer such a tragedy was unimaginable to him. “What does this have to do with me?” “We have searched all over the universe trying to find a species that was similar to ours so that we might be able to repopulate. We came across your planet and discovered it was very similar to ours. We found a dead body and dissected it to discover that our species was vastly similar to ours. Over the past few nights we searched over the thoughts of all the humans in the world trying to find the perfect candidate to be our savoir when we found you. You know suffering almost as great as ours and your willingness to sleep with children if it were allowed caught our attention. She scanned you’re mind and memories and discovered that you have the purest heart out of any human we came across. We have chosen you to be the savoir of our race and that your seed will become our children.” Allen couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This was an alien race that wanted him to breed with him to help save their world. “I know this is a lot to take in right now but we do need to start immediately. Come I’ll show you to the other girls.”

Allen was unclamped and he left with Princess Lola. They walked down several hallways until they got to the last room. “This is our sanctum where we have simulated the environment of our planet perfectly. The girls are waiting inside.” The doors opened and Allen felt like he had just entered the gates of heaven. The land was beautiful with lush green plants and a bright sunny sky. It looked like the pictures he had seen of the oases on Earth. Not only was the landscape beautiful but there were lines of girls all appearing to be 16 or 17 and all of them perfect in looks. They wore white cloth clothes that only covered their breasts and butts.

There were a couple of girls waiting at the end of the line. “Katna and Pruly will be your personal servants and escorts during your trip. Now if you would excuses me I must go to my chambers and prepare for our journey.” Princess Lola said as she left. Allen turned to the two girls and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Katna looked exactly like his daughter with her long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She carried her face and expression perfectly. Pruly looked exactly like his wife did at the age of 17 with long dark brown hair and leafy green eyes.

“You must be tired Lord Allen please come to the home we have made for you.” Pruly said. The two girls led him to a beautiful little log cabin. The cabin was cozy with a ever spraying fountain and a soft warm bed. The two girls stripped him down and gave him a similar cloth to what they were wearing but designed like a roman tunic. Allen couldn’t believe how warm and comfortable it was. “Your people are amazing and you seem so civilised and polite.” The two girls smiled and blushed. “We are an advanced society that has learned to harness resources and technology without hurting our planet.” Katna said. A few tears fell from Pruly “Well almost not hurting it.” Allen knew what they were talking about. The destruction of their males must have been very hard on them. “I am sorry about your loss and I want to do whatever I can to help.” The two girls giggled. “Thank you kind sir but it is our job to help and please you.”

The two girls spent the day feeding him grapes as though he were a king. Pruly rubbed his shoulders and Katna fanned him with a large tree leaf. Allen was happier then he had ever been. It was like having his wife and daughter back in a way he never could have imagined. He had never been with a girl other than his wife and Pruly looked just like her when they had started dating. He found his eyes wondering to Katna with her perky body and nice round breasts barely being hidden by her cloth. He had noticed his daughters attractiveness before but the prospect of sleeping with her had never come to his mind before because she was his little girl. Looking at this girl who had the same looks just like his daughter but wasn’t got him very turned on.

His cock slowly became harder and began showing through his cloth. Both of the girls smiled. “I think that it is time to repopulate.” Pruly said. “I agree.” Katna said with a smile. The two girls stood up and took off their clothes. Allen couldn’t believe his eyes for both their bodies were near perfect. From their perky young breasts to their nice and round asses. “You both look lovely.” Allen said with a big grin on his face. “Thank you sir.” They both said in unison. Allen got up and began caressing Katna’s face. She blushed and got down on her knees. She began rubbing his cock over his tunic. Purly came over and started softly kissing him and took off his tunic.

Katna began licking Allen’s penis and slowly wrapped her lips around it. Purly and Allen were kissing each other. Slowly their tongues met and began wrestling each other like wild animals. Allen reached behind her and started finger her asshole. Katna reached up and started gently fingering Purly. Purly moaned at being penetrated from both holes. Allen started thrusting his cock deeper into Katna’s mouth yet she didn’t gag at all. “Umm you girls have big throats.” Katna smiled “You haven’t seen anything yet.” The two girls lied Allen down and gave him a pill. “Swallow this and we promise that you will never forget this.

Allen took a pill and suddenly felt different. “What does this thing do?” he asked. The two girls smiled a you’ll find out smile. They began massaging independent escort girls his cock together and slowly it began to get stiffer and longer. They began stroking faster and licking his shaft. Allen couldn’t believe how hard and long he was becoming. Finally the penis stopped growing at 13 inches. Purly started sucking Allen’s cock rapidly. Allen lied back and enjoyed her hot mouth over his rod. Katna got on top of his chest and began kissing him. He kissed back and fondled her perky breasts, which were very firm.

Finally Allen could take no more and he let out a large shot of cum down Purly’s throat. Purly closed her lips tightly and sucked his cock dry. Katna squealed and clapped for Purly. “Your pregnant now congratulations!” Allen was confused. “Wait I didn’t cum in her pussy though?” Purly smiled and wiped driblets of cum from her mouth. “Our species is different. Any opening that goes inside our body effectively leads to our uterus and we get pregnant a lot easier than your species.” Allen smiled because he was going to have a lot of fun on this planet.

Katna came over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Will you impregnate me now?” Allen smiled and gently lied her down. He began kissing down her neck and began sucking down on her boob. She moaned with pleasure and rubbed his hair. Purly crawled over and began kissing Katna. Allen smiled and pulled Purly’s head up and began kissing her passionately, the kind of passion he hadn’t felt with his real wife for years. Katna began feeling Purly’s boobs and began begging to be fucked. Allen positioned his penis above her vagina and pushed in very hard.

Katna gave a moan of pleasure but not one of pain. Allen began fucking her and was surprised how far his cock would go inside of her. He was able to get his whole cock inside of her and she was perfectly tight almost as though her vagina was designed for his cock. Every thrust bought a cry of pleasure from both of them. Purly kneeled over Katna’s face and let Katna lick her pussy. Allen and Purly began frenching again. All three were enjoying the art of sex together and all three were close to the breaking point. Finally Allen gave one final thrust into Katna causing her to cum all over the place and her tongue to flap wildly around Purly’s pussy lips causing her to cum all over Katna’s face. Katna’s pussy contracted and Allen was finally pushed over the edge cumming deep inside of her.

Allen placed his finger in Katna’s pussy getting her pussy juice on his finger. He began sucking on it and almost fainted by the sensation. Her pussy juice had the sweetest tastes in the world ranging from honey, to sugar. He knelt down and began licking her face like he was a thirsty dog. Katna giggled and began kissing her neck. Finally all three fell down and began panting like mad. “That was the best sex I have ever had.” Allen panted. The other two giggled. “Better save your strength you have to do this with the rest of us soon enough big boy.” Purly said with a big grin on her face. Allen lied back and thought of all the other girls he saw on his way in.

Suddenly the door opened and another beautiful girl came in. She was blushing heavily. “Sorry sir I didn’t know you started already. Princess Lola wishes to see you in her private quarters sir.” Allen smiled and got up. Yes of course lead the way.” Allen got dressed and followed the girl out of the sanctum to Princess Lola’s quarters. As he entered he marvelled at the extravagance of the room. He had never been in a room for royalty before but he was sure even the queen of England didn’t have as nice a room. It was draped with beautiful purple material that shone perfectly in the candlelight and there were several paintings everywhere. The bed was big enough to fit at least 10 people.

“I see you got started already.” Princess Lola said from the attached bathroom. Allen’s jaw dropped at the sight of her. Princess Lola was wearing a tight black lace teddy, which showed, off her perfectly sculpted body. “Oh how did you know?” She smiled and pointed at his crotch. He looked down and saw that he still had a massive boner. “You must have taken one of our genetic enhancements. I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist Pruly and Katna.” Allen blushed “Well you see they look like my…” “Wife and daughter.” She said with a wink. “I know. I looked into your memories and saw them so I found two of my race that looked just like them.” Allen smiled because he must have known his hidden desires for his daughter.

Lola suddenly became more serious. “Now I wish to speak with you on a matter of most importance.” Allen nodded. The two sat on the bed and Lola grabbed Allen’s hand. “As you know I am the Princess of my species. And as so I am supposed to get married to a prince. Seeing as all the males on my world have been killed there is no prince for me to marry. As such I am able to name a normal man as my prince and I want to name you my mate.” Allen was at a loss for words. She was asking him to be royalty and leader of an entire planet. He looked at her, she was the single most beautiful thing he had ever seen, how could he say no? “Of course I will marry you.” Lola smile widely. “Excellent then let us begin the marriage ritual.

Allen was prepared for a wedding scene however it seemed that their species had something different to perform the ceremony. Lola reached under her bed and bought out a large briefcase. She opened it up to reveal several items ranging from a bowel to some sort of phallic items. “Our marriage ceremony involves several rituals which must be followed. The first ritual is the ritual of revealing. You and I must undress each other.” Allen nodded and began taking off her teddy. As it dropped he couldn’t help but gaze at her body. Her body was quite simply perfect like looking at a goddess. Her breast Escort in dubai were simply the perfect size and shape and fit her slim build perfectly. Her pussy was slim and pink and slightly dripping. Slowly Lola began taking off Allen’s tunic revealing his massive boner in it’s entirety.

Lola reached into the briefcase and grabbed the bowl and began filling it with water. She bought the warm water back and grabbed a sponge. “The next ritual is the ritual of the cleansing. We are to wash each other fully.” Allen nodded and grabbed the bowl and the sponge. He wet the sponge up and soaked it in the warm water. He began gently rubbing the sponge around her face and neck thinking about how much he wanted to kiss it but did not want to interrupt the ritual. He began working his way down her body and across her breasts. He washed her stomach next and he could feel how firm it was. He put the sponge near her pussy and looked at her for approval. She smiled and gave a little nod. He very gently rubbed the sponge across her clit causing a little moan of pleasure from her. He washed the pussy juice from her pussy and finished with her legs. She turned around and began washing her sexy back and butt. As he finished he blushed and smiled. She smiled back and began washing him all over. He moaned softly as this young girl washed his body with warm water. His cock became even stiffer than it was before.

When she was finished she reached into the case and grabbed one of the penis shaped objects. She placed it against her skin and it attached to her. Allen became a little afraid. “The next ritual is the ritual of understanding. We must understand each other by becoming each other. You must experience what it is like to be a girl and I must know what it is like to be a man. If you refuse to complete this ritual then we are never to be married. Allen nodded and knew what he had to do. He knelt over the bed and prepared himself for what was to come. Lola came up behind him and spread apart his ass cheeks. “If I hurt you I am truly sorry my love.” She said as she stuck the penis inside of him. He was hurt indeed. Every part of his body begged for it to stop. His face cringed as she continued to fuck his asshole. She began moaning in pleasure as she went. The penis became part of her and was giving her pleasure. Allen was arguing with himself wondering if it was worth it. He turned around and looked at her sweet face. He turned back and decided it was indeed worth it and no matter what happens he would not give in. The minutes passed by and slowly Allen became used to the sensation. The two moaned in pleasure and it wasn’t long before she was cumming in his ass. Allen collapsed on the bed as she pulled out of him. She put the penis away and began washing his ass with the sponge.

Lola sat him up and began rubbing his shoulder. “The 4th ritual is the ritual of the scent. We must cover each other in each others scent.” Allen didn’t quite understand what she meant so Lola showed him. She placed Allen on his knees. She stood over him and began fingering herself. Slowly her face began to turn red and she began peeing on Allen. At first he was grossed out but he began to enjoy the sensation and let her give him a golden shower all over his body. When she was finished Allen stood up and began peeing on her body. She smiled and let it wash all over her body and drip from her succulent breasts. She opened her mouth and let the pee go down her throat. When he finished she smiled. “There is only one ritual left the ritual of joining. You may do as you wish to me as long as you cum inside of me giving me a child. Then the ceremony is complete.”

Allen smiled and picked up Lola kissing her as he carried her. He lied her on the bed and began gently kissing his way down her body. He made his way down her neck and began sucking on her breast like he was a child. He continued to kiss and lick down her body until he got to her pussy. He smiled and flicked his tongue at her clit causing her a loud moan and a bit of pussy juice to swim from her cunt. He began sucking on the clit causing cries of ecstasy from her. He began licking her pussy pushing it inside of her. She closed her eyes and began pushing his head in deeper. He continued to lick causing more and more pussy juice to come from inside of her. Finally he felt he was lubricated enough. It was finally time to complete the ritual.

He climbed back up and gave her one final sensual kiss. “Take me now please.” She panted softly. She spread her legs wide and he placed the tip on her cunt. “I love you.” He whispered just before sticking it in. He pushed in slowly causing her to squirm. He reached her hymen and knew that she was not going to like it. He held down her arms. “This will all be over soon.” He pushed in as hard as he could and he felt her hymen burst. She let out a ear shattering scream and wrapped her legs around him. He let go of her arms and began fucking her rapidly. She trust her hips with his and the two were in perfect sync. Allen was reminded of the first time with his wife and it couldn’t compare to this. Never had he felt so in love and like he had found his perfect match. Her face became redder. “Oh god I’m cumming I’m cumming!” She yelled. Lola closed her eyes as he humped her. Finally she could take no more and her eyes bursted open and her body reared into the air. Pussy juice flowed from her pussy like Niagara Falls. Her legs closed tightly forcing Allen to cum as well.

The two fell side by side panting as they went. “Congratulations Prince Allen.” Lola said with a big smile. Allen lied back and soaked it in. He was royalty now and he would have a wonderful new life on a new planet. Lola saw his cum covered cock and began sucking it. Allen smiled “I think that I will like this new life of mine. You and me together will find true happiness together.” She smiled and nodded finishing up his cock. “Don’t forget you start work tomorrow. There’s a lot of women on our planet who need your seed.” Allen smiled yes he was definitely going to love his new life.

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