Dysfunctional Family or Just Lucky Ch. 02Dysfunctional Family or Just Lucky Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Daughter

Tuesdays and Thursdays were Lisa’s late days. She had Sociology 304 from 7:15 to 8:45 and had to stop and get dinner before going home. She knew there would be no dinner prepared that late. She arrived at her home at around 10:00 on these days. Her home for the last eight years was a beautiful two story in the country outside of Baton Rouge. She assumed the house belonged to Brett because it was him who had brought her family to live here with him. She parked her new Mustang in the four car garage and entered the 6,000 square foot two story house through the entrance from the garage. She walked quickly from the kitchen, where she had entered, down the long hall to the stairs to go to her private apartment upstairs. Although she did not hesitate or overtly look into the large den, she couldn’t help but glimpse her mother hanging naked by her wrists from one of the ceiling beams while Bret paddled her ass with a large fraternity paddle and Brea, his twin sister, used a ping pong paddle on her large tits. Her father stood handcuffed nearby watching his wife’s torture with his huge hard cock jutting upwards probably with a strong elastic cock ring keeping it that way. Her mother’s moans of pleasure mixed with her groans of pain as the two twins worked her ass and tits over with the enthusiasm and gusto of the true sadists they were. Lisa would have loved to enter the den and join the fun and games, but it was not allowed unless Bret or Brea summoned her.

She climbed the stairs listening to her mother’s punishment, turned left at the top of the stairs and entered the first door on the right. After she closed the door behind her, she placed her books on the large desk beside her computer and 19-inch monitor, removed her five inch heels and placed them in the closet, and stripped off all of her clothes and placed them in the small dirty clothes hamper next to her shoe rack in the closet. She entered the bathroom she shared with her brother and into a long hot shower. Ten minutes later she was wrapped in one towel with a second towel wrapped around her wet hair as she walked back into her large one room apartment.

The apartment was spectacular in its simple efficiency. One corner held a kitchenette with a small camp sink, a counter with a two element hot plate, an overhead microwave, a small refrigerator, and a small two person table. A cabinet held just the right number of dishes, pots, pans, glasses, and a silverware caddy. Next to that small kitchen area was a large walk-in closet with all of her school clothes, her casual clothes, and her “other” clothes she wore when told to by Brett and Brea. A solid cherry wood chest of drawers and wide mirrored dresser with a make-up stool sat along the wall at a third corner, and a matching queen sized bed sat three feet out from the wall in the fourth corner. Her mahogany desk with its attached computer desk sat along the wall next to the entrance door. A couch and two comfortable padded chairs sat arranged around a coffee table in the center of the room. The room was large enough to accommodate all of these items in an uncluttered atmosphere.

She walked to the desk and computer, still wrapped in her two towels, sat, and moved the mouse to bring up the monitor. Within second the scene in the den came up crystal clear on the liquid crystal 19-inch monitor. As she began to don her make-up from the dresser next to the desk, she watched her parent’s ordeal continue. Her mother had been released from her suspension and was now on her knees, hands bound behind her, giving a teasing blowjob to Brett’s gorgeous cock. A teasing blowjob, as Brea had named it many years ago, did not seek to bring the recipient to orgasm. It was a form of cock worship that raised the arousal level, heightened the man’s sensitivity, and lengthened the time of the sexual session by not bringing the orgasm. Brett was sitting on a low ottoman forcing Leah to bend over to get her expert mouth to his proud cock. This also gave access to her wet gaping pussy between her widely splayed legs from behind her. Brea was kneeling behind and beside Leah while Carl, his hands also bound behind him, knelt behind his wife with Brea’s hand holding his very purple cock rubbing it up and down Leah’s wet open hole.

Lisa knew that it had been over a week since her father had been allowed to come and that was the basis for the really ugly purple color of his rigid, ring-bound dick. She smiled at the familiar scenario waiting to see if Brett and Brea would use her parent’s for their gratification this night or whether one or both of them would visit her later on. She continued applying her make-up hoping for the later.

She watched Brea slipped the head of Carl’s cock into Leah’s puffy aroused pussy and rotate the mushroom shaped head around inside of the hot hole making him groan is painful desire. Brea chuckled audibly as she pulled it out eliciting a painfully disappointed groan from Carl. She leaned her beautiful face with its full red lips to his frowning face and kissed him passionately as she slowly, too slowly, stroked his aching cock.

“If you beg me nicely and give me a reason to reward you, I might let you visit Lisa with me in a little while, Carl,” the pretty blond woman whispered into his ear with her muğla escort lips brushing against his ear as she spoke.

Lisa smiled at that thought. It had been several weeks since she’d been allowed to sit on her father’s dick as Brea sat on his face while the two women kissed and played with each other’s tits and slowly fucked Carl’s dick and rode his mouth to screaming mutual orgasms. Brea would usually remove Carl’s cock ring after these episodes and bring Leah into the room to give him a slow passionate blowjob. This last activity was, of course, embellished with different sexual tortures to heighten Brea’s sense of sadism and Leah’s and Carl’s senses of masochism. Brea always made it a production that both educated and entertained Lisa very much.

Her attention to the monitor and her parent’s dilemmas were interrupted by a soft kiss on the back of her neck. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back, and shivered slightly as her brother’s lips and the tip of his tongue made electric tingles of pleasure course through her neck to her nipples.

Stop that you son-of-a-bitch,” Lisa said with a fond smile as she turned to push Kevin away from her. Her brother was her sweet tormentor. She knew full well that she was Brett’s sexual focus and her parent’s were Brea’s sexual focus. Kevin was more or less appreciated and liked by both of them, but he was not restricted from coming without permission as she and her parent’s were. As such, he made it his hobby to torment her and excite her and try to make her fuck him or let him eat her off. He would not be punished like she would if this happened. It seemed so unfair, but that was Brett’s rules and she had grown up following his rules.

“I’ll grab you, put on your bed, and tease you until you beg me to fuck you if you’re not careful,” he smiled at her. He could do this. He had a few times when he’d been mad at her and wanted to watch her get paddled or whipped. But he usually just threatened to do so in order to get her to give him one of her patented blowjobs or sometimes even let him slide his cock up her sweet ass. She could come by sodomy, but only if she’d had a lot of foreplay beforehand. And he’d not provide her with that foreplay when she agreed to let him fuck her ass.

Without a word, a smiling Lisa slid from the bench to the floor and took his semi hard cock in both of her hands. She cupped his balls and gently squeezed them and his shaft as he slowly inflated to full erection. She began to place soft butterfly kissed on the smooth wide crown using the tip of her pink tongue to add to the sensations he felt. That tip delved softly into the pee slit to extract every drop of pre-cum he could produce as she continued to stimulate him.

After five minutes of this delicious teasing with her lips and tongue gliding up and down his long hard shaft several times, she opened her bright red lips and slipped his crown into her warm wet mouth. She loved the feeling of having a hard cock with its spongy head in her mouth for her tongue to play with. She sucked him with an expert’s ease and confidence being careful not to stimulate him too much and bring an end to this sweet intimacy for another five minutes. Then, sensing his desire to end the sweet torment of her mouth on his cock, she leaned her head as far back as she could and felt him lift his left leg and step just around her right shoulder bringing his dick directly over her mouth. In this position, he could bend his knees slightly and let his cock slide vertically down her smooth, warm, wet, throat until his balls sat on her chin as she looked, with smiling loving eyes, straight up into his eager excited eyes. She always took a good breath of air as she felt his cock start down her throat, so she could hold it deep and swallow continuously bringing her brother maximum pleasure. After three of these “slam dunks” as he called them, she felt his cock begin throbbing and grow slightly. She took an extra big lungful of air just as he slid his cock back down with an extra force and urgency. She felt his cock jerk and spasm for the first time as her throat constricted with her swallowing motion. This was followed by several more hard spasms as her swallowing motions cleared his cum from her mouth. His eyes did not close rather they stayed locked on her loving eyes as she brought him the gratifying fulfillment they had shared since their family had moved into the house with Bret and Brea. Brett had absolutely no objection to the siblings performing this act anytime they wanted to as long as Lisa did not come without permission. In fact, Brett had taken pleasure in training her in just how to give great head with this technique shortly after her parents had brought the whole family to live with the dominant twins. It had been a delicious period in all of their lives. Kevin moaned deeply as he slowly pulled his cock from his sister’s mouth and her lips stripped every last drop of come from it.

“Well met!” they heard Brett’s voice issue from her computer’s speakers as they finished. “By the way, Lisa, Brea and your father are on their way up to your room. I just thought I’d give you a heads up.”

Lisa turned to look at the computer monitor and saw Brett and her mother pictured there watching them. Lisa noticed that her mother’s rhodope-mugla.org twice pierced nipples and thrice pierced aureoles were now decorated with her “dragon clamps” laced through the piercings. This was a purely painful decoration that Brett liked to keep her in much of the time. If one of the decorations was laid on a table, it looked like a beautifully wrought Chinese dragon with its undulating serpentine body about five inches long. It was made of fairly weak high tinsel steel that could be easily bent but would straighten back to its undulating shape automatically. The thin metal of the dragon’s body was thin enough to pass several times through any of the piercings on her mother’s nipples and aureoles. Brett took great pleasure in lacing them through all five holes in different patterns, usually random, creating a tangled mass of thin wire around Leah’s nipples. The pain came as the thin metal continually tried to straighten out its long snake-like body. Over several hours Leah’s nipples would become excruciatingly sensitive due to the continual opposing pressure on the tender buds. Lisa often saw her naked mother sitting on Brett’s lap as he played with her tortured nipples bringing very real sobs and cries of pain from her pretty face and huge alligator tears from her blue eyes. She often wondered if a set of “dragon clamps” was in her future. She shivered inside hoping fervently one was.

Leah had a sad smile on her pretty lips as she held Brett’s hand affectionately. Lisa knew that her mother had been the first one seduced and then, as her mother put it, corrupted by Brett. Both she and Carl were submissive, a fact neither of them had know or appreciated when they’d married five years before she met Brett. She’d fallen to Brett’s experienced dominant personality very quickly. When Brea had entered the picture, it had been very easy for her to seduce Carl into the submissive lifestyle too. With the wealth Brett and Brea controlled, their life had turned into one huge S&M fantasy that both of them loved. Leah’s smile was sad because she blamed her self for her daughter’s and son’s immersion into the lifestyle along with her and Carl.

Lisa recognized the sad look in her mother’s eyes and said, “It’s all right, Mom. I love Brett and Brea as much as you do. I love living here as much as you do too.”

“I know Dear,” her mother said in a mellow tone of voice.

“Well what do we have here?” Brea said as she and Carl, hands still bound, entered Lisa’s room and saw her kneeling in front of her brother with spit and cum still on her lips.

“Just one of Lisa’s usual spectacular blowjobs for her brother,” Brett’s voice replied. “I may have to stop this sibling interaction,” he continued, “unless I’m included in it.”

Brea moved in front of the monitor where the camera would pick her up and laughed at her twin. “Are you sure your worn out balls could stand more of Lisa’s mouth? Or for that matter more of anything.” She reached out and snapped the camera and speakers off.

Then she began giving orders, “Carl, on the bed on your back. Here, let me release your hands first. Lisa, lube up your pussy for your dad. Kevin, I think Brett has plans for you, him, and your mother in the den.”

Kevin kissed his sister good bye, Brea hello, and left for the den. Brea leaned over Carl’s face and began kissing him passionately as Lisa lubed up with the KY gel. Lisa brought the gel to the bed with her and began rubbing it into her dad’s achingly hard and purple cock including his balls in her movements while Brea aroused herself by kissing on the painfully horny man. After a few minutes of this, she climbed up on the bed and settled her pussy comfortably over Carl’s mouth. She gripped Carl’s stony dick and held it upright while Lisa got onto the bed and straddled her father’s hips. Brea guided the purple lance into the sopping pussy with the ease of practice. The two beautiful women sat there enjoying the large rock hard cock and the expert tongue and lips for awhile. Then Brea reached for Lisa’s nipples, gave them a vicious twist, and pulled the younger woman’s body toward her own. Their lips met, Lisa’s hands returned the favor of the rough nipple treatment to Brea’s large nipples and the “game was afoot.” They were not in a hurry to get their rocks off. They both knew the pain this double use of Carl’s body to his orgasm denied body and that added to their sexual pleasure. With his huge purple stony erection ringed by the tight strong elastic cock ring, he was unable to get off. So Lisa used his big dick relentlessly to get herself off over and over again as Brea did the same to his wonderful mouth. They rode his straining body for over thirty minutes as they bottomed out their pleasure.

Finally, Brea fell to the side pulling Lisa with her and they lay panting hard in each other’s arms. They lay that way for nearly 15 minutes just basking in the after glow of great sex. Brea began to stir and finally said, “I guess we’d better go and see if Brett is through with Kevin and your mother, uh?”

The two naked women walked down the stairs with Brea leading Carl by his raging hard-on. When they entered the den the girls sat on the couch while Carl knelt on the floor at their feet as they watched the trio on the floor in the center of the room. Leah’s tits and ass were still burning red from Brett and Brea’s paddling as she had hung from the overhead beam. She was kneeling on all fours over Brett writhing in ecstasy as her hips and his hips danced in an xxx version of dirty dancing. Added to this tantalizing scene was Kevin who was kneeling behind his mother’s crimson ass with his hard cock sliding in and out of his mother’s ass hole. It was easy to see that he was working very hard to delay his orgasm and having a very hard time doing so. Both Brea and Lisa knew from strap-on experience just how tight Leah’s darker hole was. They also knew just how much Leah enjoyed being DP’d by either flesh and blood cocks or good hard rubber strap-ons. She really was a masochistic cock slut, knew it, admitted it, and reveled in it.

On an impulse, Brea said, “Carl, go over there and slide your cock into your wife’s mouth. See if she can get you off before Brett and Kevin come. If she does, I’ll get Brett to remove her dragon clamps when she goes to bed tonight.”

Knowing just how much pain his wife suffered when Brett made her sleep with those demons in her nipples, he scurried on all fours to her face and drove his cock deeply into her throat. Kevin, Leah, and Brett had all three heard Brea’s words so each one of them worked toward their own agenda. Kevin fought even harder to keep from coming while Brett redoubled his efforts to fuck the shit out of Leah and come before Carl did. It was a photo finish but Brea insisted that Carl shot the first wad into Leah’s mouth before Bret shot into her pussy. When he saw both Carl and Brett shooting into his mom, Kevin released his control and flooded her ass with his hot jism also.

Leah collapsed on top of Brett while Kevin and Carl sat back on their heels after the big 3-D (three dick) orgasm ran its course. Brea and Lisa cuddled on the couch and began making out during this process. Leah finally rolled off of Brett whereupon both of them got to their feet and walked toward the couch where Brea and Lisa were smooching.

“I guess it’s time for Lisa’s daily training, huh Sis?” Brett said with an evil grin on his face.

“I guess so,” Brea replied quietly, “but we are going to renegotiate our agreement on her ownership. I grown quite fond of her and I want more control of her.”

“That’s easy to do, Sis,” he chuckled to her, “just make them agree to recruit Marge and Jane into our happy little fuck group.”

Leah jerked up sharply at that as did Kevin and Lisa. Marge was Leah’s very pretty sister and Jane was her simply gorgeous eighteen year old daughter. They had come up in other conversations between the twins and Leah had been severely whipped for becoming angry when Brett had first mentioned the idea. By now, she was resigned to Brett eventually getting his hands on her little sister and beautiful niece. And, she admitted to her self, it might be for the better.

Marge’s husband had died two years back and Marge had taken up with another man soon after his death. William Danvers, her new boyfriend, was not a nice man. As big a surprise as it had been, Marge had the same submissive streak that Leah and Carl had. In fact, she might be more submissive than they were. Danvers took every advantage of her weakness and kept her in a state of imprisoned slavery. He shipped her almost daily and he used her for gang bangs where the men paid $20 a person to fuck her over and over again. The worst part of all was that he let his two other girlfriends come over and abuse her cruelly also. This knowledge, which Brett had obtained through a private detective agency, pictures included, made Leah almost want Marge brought into this house hold. Brett and Brea were loving dominants and very good master and mistress. Her only regret was that she had led her children into the lifestyle. For herself and her husband, she was happy and satisfied.

“That’s a topic for a later time,” Brett said grimly. “For now, let’s get Lisa’s training out of the way. Leah, you lie on your back in front of my chair and Lisa on her face.” The mother and daughter took their directed places as Brett sat in his chair and Carl went to a cabinet and returned with an 18 inch tawse. This was a quarter inch thick leather cord with a thick knot at one end and a loop big enough for four fingers at the other end. Brett ran his fingers through the loop and Leah began tonguing out her daughter’s pussy. This was the act that made Leah so sad. Lisa had been trained for several years to respond to oral stimulation from any of them and she did so with great sexual gusto. Brett wanted her to develop a respectable degree of masochism to go along with her submissive nature. As she began to warm up nicely under Leah’s ministrations, he began using the tawse on her breasts and nipples. As she got hotter he used the tawse more frequently and with more force. As she heated up and became more aroused, he increased her level of pain to match her excitement. For nearly ten minutes he whipped her tits as she steadily accepted the pain and rose toward her climax. He was quite an expert with the tawse and was careful to not make very many bruises that would last over a day. But pain with sexual arousal was his goal and he did see that that goal was well met. Lisa soon erupted in her greatest orgasm of the evening; a mind shattering orgasm that everyone knew was all the more satisfying because of the pain she was experiencing as she got off.

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