Diversity for Executive TrainingDiversity for Executive Training


You might think this is a far-fetched situation, but what do you know about what’s really happening at some of the most progressive corporate training seminars these days?

Episode 45: Real Diversity for the Executive in Training

Two attractive women enter a conference room. There’s a small table in there and three chairs. There’s also a couch in the back of the room. They close the door behind them.

“Hi, I’m Gretchen.” Gretchen has long legs and wears a professional blouse and skirt that comes up above the knees. She looks about 25.

“I’m Hana.” They shake hands. Hana isn’t as tall. Her skirt is much shorter but still professional. The skirt and blouse fit very tightly. There’s an awkward pause as they look at the couch. Then Hana sits at the table. They said we’ve got 45-60 minutes for this breakout.”

Gretchen sits, too. “Uh-huh. What’s your role with your company Hana?”

“Our company has employee diversity councils. I’m the president of the women’s council. But our company’s trying to get a handle on LGBT and I don’t know anything about it, so that’s why I volunteered to come to this conference and learn more. What about you?”

“That’s the same reason I’m here. I’m the Chief Diversity Manager at my site. I’m in charge of planning and tracking diversity training. No one at our company knows much about LGBT issues, and we want to do more hiring in that community. So I was asked to learn more at this seminar. This isn’t what I expected.”

There’s another awkward silence when the door opens. A beautiful, young woman enters wearing a string bikini and a woman’s watch. “Hi, I’m Candace. I’m one of the conference facilitators. I’m here to check on your progress.” The other women don’t say anything. “I see you haven’t really gotten started yet. Is this a new experience for you?” They both nod. “Feeling a bit uncomfortable?” They nod again. “That’s to be expected. Let me help you out with an icebreaker.”

Gretchen says “You seem very young to be a facilitator.”

“I just finished my sophomore year in college. I’m majoring in diversity and learning and development. I assisted at this conference last summer and was trained to be a facilitator. Does that help?” The women nod again. “Good, then I want you to stand and face each other.” They do so.

She looks at Hana. “Are you Gretchen or Hana?”


“Look at Gretchen there. Tell her what physical feature about her you admire.”

Hana scans over Gretchen’s body. “Gretchen, you have wonderful, long legs.”

Candace asks “Gretchen, please remove your skirt so we can see your legs better, and tell us what do you think of your legs.”

Gretchen takes a deep breath. She slides her shoes off and drops her skirt. She picks it up and folds it neatly, and puts it over a chair. She’s wearing boy short panties. “All of my boyfriends have liked my legs, and I agree that they’re very good looking.”

“That was a good choice, Hana. Now it’s your turn, Gretchen. Tell Hana what physical feature you admire about her.”

Hana spins slowly to give Gretchen a look at her body and smiles.

“Hana, you have a lovely small waist and a flat stomach.”

Candace tells Hana “Hana, please remove your blouse so we can see you better, and tell us Zeytinburnu Escort what you think about your stomach and waist.”

Candace takes off her blouse and beams proudly. She’s wearing a nearly transparent bra. She folds her blouse and puts it on the chair over Gretchen’s skirt. “Well, I work out a lot, so I’m very proud of my figure.”

“Now it’s your turn again, Hana.”

Hana is examining Gretchen’s body. This time Gretchen spins around slowly. “I’m impressed by your thigh gap.”

Candace tells Gretchen “stand and let us get a good view of your thigh gap. What do you think of it?”

Gretchen looks down kind of embarrassed. “Well, I don’t know what to say. It’s not like I do any special dieting to have it. I feel like it offends lots of people now and I read people criticizing thigh gap on the internet, but I used to be proud of it that I was in good shape.”

Hana jumps in “Don’t believe them. You look so sexy. I think most people who complain are just envious.”

Gretchen straightens up, raises her chin, and smiles. “Do I get another turn?”

“Sure. Tell Hana what you admire.”

“Whenever you walk around, I admire your butt wiggle. You have a terrific butt.”

“Hana, please take off your skirt and show us your butt and tell us about it.” Hana takes off her shoes and skirt. She puts the skirt with the other clothes. She’s wearing a thong. She turns around to show it off. “Next to my stomach, I think my butt is my best feature. I already said I work out a lot.”

“Hana, lie on the couch so that Gretchen can caress your butt.”

Gretchen looks at Candace. “Really?” She looks at Gretchen. “Is that okay with you?”

Hana lies on the couch. Gretchen takes a chair and sits next to her and rubs her butt for a minute.

Candace asks “Did you like that, Hana?”

“Yes, it’s very relaxing in one way but also kind of exciting at the same time.”

“Is there anything else about Gretchen you admire?”

“Yes. Gretchen, you’ve got a very nice butt, too.”

“Gretchen, please remove those shorts so we can see your butt better.”

“But I don’t have anything under it.”

“That’s okay. We want you to show off your butt, and then you can lie on the couch.”

Gretchen looks down and takes off her shorts. Hana gasps in amazement when she sees Gretchen’s shaved pussy. Gretchen goes over to the couch and lies down.

Hana asks “do I rub it like she rubbed mine?”

Candace answers “yes.” Hana caresses Gretchen’s butt for a minute. “Gretchen, you didn’t tell us if you like your butt.”

“What I like about my butt is my boyfriends always find it attractive and rub it like you just did, and it always turns me on.”

Candace asks “Are you getting turned on now?”

“Maybe. A little.”

“Gretchen, do you have any more compliments for Hana?”

“I do. Hana, you have very attractive breasts. I think they’re about the same size as mine, but it’s so sexy how perky they are.”

“Hana, please put your bra with the other clothes and let Gretchen caress them while you tell us what you think of them.”

Hana and Gretchen follow the instructions. Hana closes her eyes. “I work out so they’ll stay firm, and it turns me on to hear Escort Zeytinburnu someone compliment them. I’ve never let anyone touch my breasts before, and it’s getting me excited.”

“Hana, I’ve been watching you look at Candace after she took off her shorts, and I think you have another compliment for her, right?”

“Yes, but I don’t want to say it.”

“Why not?”

“I’m afraid you’re going to make me rub it.”

“Tell Gretchen your compliment.”

“Gretchen, I can’t get over how smooth your you-know-what is. Did you just shave it today?”

“Gretchen, stand in front of Hana so she can rub your you-know-what … ” (the women giggle a little uncomfortably) “… and tell us what you think of it.”

Gretchen stands in front of Hana. “I’ve never had a woman touch my pussy.”

“I’ve never touched one before … except my own.” She stares at Hana’s face while Hana rubs her. “I never thought of my pussy as being attractive or anything. I like Hana’s touch, and I’m feeling very horny now.”

“Thank you Hana. Now, Gretchen, do you have any more compliments for Hana?”

“I do. Hana, you have an extremely sexy mouth. Your lipstick is so sexy and looks so sexy with your white teeth. And your mouth is so round and sexy and your tongue is so sexy.”

Candace exclaims “Wow, there’s a lot there!” The women follow her instructions: “Gretchen use your finger to trace around Hana’s mouth on her lips. … Very good. Now, Hana, use your tongue to lick Gretchen’s finger and then suck on it. You two are so sexy together. Gretchen, how does her tongue feel?”

Gretchen’s mouth is moving closer to Hana’s. “It’s so warm and soft and sexy and ….” She puts her hand around Hana’s neck and begins kissing her, and Hana eagerly kisses her in return. Candace lets them kiss for awhile. She backs away from them until she’s up against the wall. She’s sucking on one of her fingers, and the other is rubbing herself under her bikini bottom.

After several minutes, Candace walks back to the other women. “I think you’re ready to move on. Hana, take off your thong and lie down so Gretchen can lick your pussy and give you an orgasm.”

Hana takes off her thong and lies on the couch. “It’s been a long time since I kissed anyone like that. And, I’ve never had anyone lick my my pussy before.”

Gretchen seems nervous. “I can’t go on.”

“Why not?” Candace asks.

“I don’t think I’ll be any good.”

“Well, I want you to start and let Hana tell you if you need to speed up or slow down or do something else.”

Gretchen begins licking Hana, and Hana gives her instructions until she cums. Candace tells them to swap positions, and Hana begins licking Gretchen. “Gretchen, I’m going to unbutton your blouse so I can lick your nipples.” She unbuttons Gretchen’s blouse and unclasps the bra from the front and licks Gretchen’s breasts and sucks on her nipples. Gretchen has a hand in Candace’s hair. Then, she pulls Candace up so they can kiss while Hana continues licking her until Gretchen has an orgasm.

Hana ask them “How much time do we have left?”

Candace looks at her watch. “At least another twenty minutes.”

“Please, can I have another turn?”

“Well sure. You must’ve Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan liked this. If you’ll let me, though, can I get in on this? Gretchen, you’re one of the sexiest women I’ve seen here, and I really need you to lick me. Hana, you can kneel over my face, and I’ll lick you. The other women agree. Candace unties the strings of her bottoms and let them drop to the floor. She pulls the bikini top over her head and lies on the floor and raises her knees. The others get in position like she described and lick her until she has an orgasm. Hana is on top and calls “don’t stop yet, I’m so close.” They continue until she has another orgasm.

They break apart and Gretchen says “Now I need another orgasm, and I also want to kiss Hana.”

Hana gives Gretchen a kiss on the lips that turns into a french kiss. “And I want to get an orgasm while I’m kissing you, Gretchen.”

Candace tells them. “I’ve got something you’re going to like. I want you to both get on all fours next to each other and facing each other.” The other women do this. “Now you can start to kiss. And I want you to spread your legs a little more.” The camera angle is looking up from the floor at the women kissing. Their tongues are playing and their breasts are dangling down. The camera is still looking up from the floor and pans down their body until it’s behind them. Candace is kneeling behind them caressing their asses. The we watch while she fingers them to an orgasm as they kiss. Even after the orgasms, they continue to kiss until we hear chimes in the hallway. Candace stands up. “The chime means it’s time to get dressed and go back into the main session. You’ve got a few minutes to use the restroom to clean up. I’ve REALLY enjoyed being your facilitator, and I hope you’ll give me a good review at the end of the class.”

Hana stands up. “We’ll give you the best review you’ve ever had. And before we go, I think we can give you one other present.” She wraps her arms around Candace and kisses her. While they’re kissing, Gretchen crawls between their legs and licks Candace. Candace’s breathing speeds up while she kisses; then she shudders and has another orgasm. Gretchen and Hana start to get dressed, pausing between items of clothing to kiss each other some more. Candace is sitting on the floor against the wall and still breathing hard. She’s tenderly caressing her breasts and watching the others get dressed. “You two are the sexiest women I’ve ever known.”

Gretchen asks “are we going to have any more breakouts?”

“No, this is the only one,” Candace tells her.

“What are you two doing tonight after the conference?”

Hana says “just going back to the hotel and catch up on email.”

Candace says “I’m going home and taking a long bath.”

“You’re welcome to come to my hotel room and we can practice our studies some more.” Gretchen grins.

Candace shakes her head. “No, I’ll give you my address or you can ride with me and come to the place I rent. It has a large shower that I think we could all fit in and also a hot tub. And we can order some dinner and I’ve got some bottles of wine we can share.”

The other two agree that this is a great idea and tell Candace that they’ll come over after the conference. Gretchen and Hana are at the door. They give each other one last, long kiss, and Candace’s hands start rubbing her pussy while she watches. The other two leave the room, and Candace closes her eyes and continues to rub herself feverishly with both hands. “And I’m horny again just thinking about their wet bodies. How will I be able to wait?” And the scene fades out.

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