I am 100% gay. I have never had sex with a woman -I just couldn’t do it. I think they’re pretty, but I am just not attracted to them. Some people say the reality is that there are many shades of bisexuality among most people and very few people are completely gay or straight. I thought that was ridiculous until I met Derek.

I first met Derek at a friend’s weekend party. My friend had invited half a dozen of us out to the country for the weekend. I generally knew everyone…well, until Derek showed up.

It was a cool night and there was a small bonfire burning. Four of us guys, all gay, were around a fire talking when Karen, my friend, walked up to introduce Derek. The guys, including me, almost choked on our beers. Derek was absolutely gorgeous.

Derek was well over six feet tall. He was broad-shouldered and square-jawed. His hair was perfectly messy and his face covered in scruff – on most of us it was a look that people would complain about as unkempt or slovenly, but on Derek it was sporty and rustic like a cowboy in a cologne advertisement.

Someone yelled for Karen and she rushed off. Derek sat down in a chair, saying he’d join us if we didn’t mind. The boys were all over him. I sat back sipping on my beer, while the other thirsty queens kept fawning over him. I just sat there and watched him smile and fight them off with his charm. Every once in awhile, he would look in my direction and smile as I stared at him. I tried acting nonchalant, tipping my beer at him.

This thirstiness went on until finally Derek finished his beer and said he was going to get another. The trio of horny guys began to fight with each other and ran off telling Derek they would get him one, shoving and pushing each other like a trio of mad tomcats.

Once they were out of earshot, Derek set his empty bottle in the grass, entwined his fingers and rested his forearms on his leg.

“So are they always like that?” he asked me, smiling.

“No…well, except maybe in the bars,” I told him, my heart racing from his smile. “You’re the fresh meat tonight and they’re starving.”

“So I’m the fresh meat?”

“Or a big glass of sweet tea to those thirsty queens…whatever. Enjoy having a trio of fawning servants ready at your beck and call tonight,” I joked.

“So why aren’t you fawning all over me?” he asked me as he leaned back and folded his arms against his chest. You could’ve gone and got me a beer yourself,” he said, winking at me.

“Maybe I’m xhamster porno not one of your fans,” I said with a laugh.

Derek shifted in his chair and the light from the flames highlighted the long fat bulge in his tight jeans. That’s where I made my mistake as my eyes darted downward to gaze upon the mound of flesh snaking down his thigh.

“Oh, I think we both know that’s a lie,” he said with a laugh, laying a hand beside the bulge and rubbing a finger lightly over it.

I blushed and took a sip of beer as Derek laughed.

“What’s so funny?” asked Karen as she walked up to us and handed Derek a beer.

“Nothing, baby,” Derek told her, leaning up to kiss her in the mouth deeply. “Just joking around with Cliff here.” He gave me a wink, then licked seductively around his lips.

Karen had missed that last part, turning away and saying she had to go back to the lake house before the other queens demolished her kitchen trying to make shots for everyone. Derek was sprawled out in his chair, and gave her an air-kiss and a wink as she left. He looked back at me with a big grin.

“Well, aren’t you the funny one,” I quipped. “I should have know you were straight.”

“I don’t like labels,” Derek said, shaking his beer at me. “I’d fuck you as soon as fuck Karen.”

“Promises, promises,” I retorted, shaking my head.

Derek stood up and downed his beer. He threw it on the grass beside his other bottle. He motioned to me.

“C’mon. Let’s go.”

I was a bit stunned. I asked him what was going on.

“Down the rest and come on,” he said, looking around. He motioned again. “Come the fuck on.”

I slugged the beer and followed him. There was a small outbuilding near the dock. Derek walked around behind it. I kept looking back at the house and nervously followed him.

When I turned the corner, Derek grabbed me and pushed me against the wall of the building. He was smirking as he unzipped his jeans. He reached in and pulled out his big meaty cock. He grabbed my hand and brought it to his cock.

“Feel it,” he commanded.

I wrapped my hand around it. It felt like a fat snake covered in soft velvet. My fingers couldn’t completely encircle it. He began to move his hips, and I let his cock slide back and forth in my fist.

“Suck it,” he coaxed, as he pulled up his t-shirt, exposing a rippling hairy belly.

Without thinking, I fell to my knees. He guided his fat flared cockhead yaşlı porno between my lips, sinking into my throat. I gasped and gagged.

“Shhhusssh,” he hushed me, as he pulled out a bit.

Derek proceeded to basically jack off in my mouth, a third of his cock in my mouth and his fist jerking the other two-thirds. After a few minutes his breath got louder. He clenched his teeth and fell forward, his hand against the wall of the building as he shot cum into my mouth. He struggled to stifle a groan as his hips jerked with every volley of cum shooting down my gullet. After the final oozing shot, he pulled his cock out, encircling it with his thumb and index finger and pushing out any remaining cum ooze. He flicked his fingers to get any cum off them, and then licked them.

“Where y’all at?” came Karen’s voice yelling out.

Derek zipped up and pulled me up with one hand. He winked and patted me hard on the chest. He motioned to me with his head and walked around the building.

“Fuck, Karen! You ain’t going to believe this! Cliff went around the building to piss. A second later, he was dealing with this huge ass fucking snake! It must have gone into the lake, the big nasty fucker,” Derek lied. “That will fucking teach you not to be pee-shy,” he said turning back to me, grinning.

“He can’t pee in front of anybody… never could as long as I’ve known him,” Karen laughed. “Come on to the house, the boys made shots and insist you be the first one to sample them, Derek.”

She turned around and she went back to the house followed by Derek and me. Derek put his arm around me and patted my shoulder.

“I wonder if you’ll see that snake again this weekend, Cliff. I bet you do,” he said, waving at the other guys on the porch holding a tray of full of assorted shots.

The rest of the evening was full of drinking, gossiping, and games. Derek was completely wrapped up with a drunken Karen. She was all over him like an octopus, doing everything but giving him a public blowjob. A few hours in and Derek was shirtless, letting the other guys feel up his muscles. They oohed and aahed over his big muscles and hairy torso. Derek was not shy in the least – he seemed to be enjoying the attention.

Karen had sobered up and she was getting irritated. She started yelling and almost crying about the gay guys, who she thought were her friends, “molesting” her new boyfriend. She grabbed Derek and pulled him upstairs.

Everyone aldatma porno else passed out on couches and pallets of blankets on the floor. I myself went to the guest bedroom off of the kitchen, stripped down, and crawled under the covers.

“You asleep?” a voice whispered and a hand jostled me a second later. “You awake?”

I sat up and there was Derek, grinning at me.

“Well, I fucking am now,” I said as I sat up.

He pulled at the cover and it fell to the floor. I was lying there naked on my back. There was Derek in the full moon light coming from the window completely naked. He leaned down and took my cock in his mouth, rolling his tongue over and around it. I started to get hard and he began to bob up and down on it for a few minutes. I pushed him off.

“Karen fell asleep mid-fuck and I’m horny as all hell,” he whispered.

He grabbed my hand and pushed it to his crotch, still slick with precum, lube, and Karen. His cock was so fat and thick it could only hang heavy against his thigh. Another hand was behind my head, pushing me toward his cock. Soon, my lips were against his meaty cock, its salty musky smell filling my nostrils.

“You could have washed it first,” I said struggling to pull away.

“No time. Just take it,” he told me. “It’s just pussy juice and precum, it won’t kill you.”

He licked one of his fingers, and hooked it into my mouth, trying to get me to open up and take his cock still wet from my friend’s pussy. I stuck out my tongue and flicked it at his shiny cocky. The taste was salty and sour-ish.

“Tastes fucking great, I bet,” he whispered as I took the head into my mouth.

I had expected the taste of fish since that what other gay guys had told me and I myself had never fucked a woman. It really wasn’t much difference from the taste of precum from a cock or saliva from a deep kiss. But still, I tried not to swallow the pussy-covered cock.

“Yeah, swallow that juicy pussy fucker, dude,” Derek said in a whispered groan. “That meat is getting marinated a lot tonight. Fucking-A!” he congratulated himself.

He started rocking his hips into my mouth and his nuts soon tightened. He started puffing out short breaths as he unloaded cum into my mouth. After the last spurt of cum, he pulled out, a long strand of sticky cum trailing out of my mouth.

Derek bent down and placed his mouth over mine, almost rolling on top of me as he did. His tongue pushed into my mouth, swishing his big load around and sucking it into his mouth. He pulled away as he swallowed what he had collected. He licked his lips and smacked his mouth.

“Thanks, Cliff,” he said to me as he stood up. “I’m thinking I might have to fuck you soon, you nasty fucker.” Then he patted my cheeks and left.

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