Deadly Sex Games Ch. 9Deadly Sex Games Ch. 9


Sally was able to escape Harold’s cabin after he fell asleep. She stole his truck, an old Chevy that she was afraid would break down on the long drive back. After finally getting home safe she berated herself, as she always did, for stupidly risking her life for an orgasm. She promised herself she would never call Deathmaster again, as she always did. She still masturbated to the memory of her experience. It was fresh enough in her mind for her to have a powerful orgasm that night and several nights after. Inevitably though she found herself becoming more and more desperate for another meeting. She tried to remember the fear, the very real danger. She tried to remember the terror she felt when she really thought she was going to be hit by a train. Being tied to the tracks, completely helpless as it approached. It was no use. She did remember the terror but she also remembered how that had fueled an earth shaking orgasm.

It was only two weeks before she called Deathmaster again. He had told her that eventually he would kill her. She had no safe word, no assurance that she would be ok. He called them games but the consequences absolutely real. She had seen personally seen two people die already and he had said that there were others before. This should have been a deterrent but she was addicted. She could not go back to a normal life. The most hardcore BDSM seemed like child’s play by comparison.

He had her meet him at the abandoned prison she had met him at before. It was after midnight and the place was as foreboding as ever. She was scared and excited as she approached the entrance. “Welcome back,” Deathmaster said from behind her, causing her to jump. “Are you sure you want to continue?”

Sally considered saying no. She could still leave now and be safe. But her pussy was already soaking her panties. She knew she would not turn away. “Yes,” she said simply.

“We have a special treat for you. You might even survive, but that is up to you.” She was forced out of her cloths and chained at ankles and wrists. Now she was committed. No amount of begging would see her free. She was lead through the empty corridors of the prison. The moonlight shone in from the barred windows above; faintly illuminating the way. She was aware that this was not the way she had been taken previously. “We’re taking a detour.” he said, as if reading her thoughts. She began to hear sounds of moaning as they continued. The rounded a corner into an open square. In the center was a girl suspended from the ceiling by her wrists. Her legs were spread wide by chains attached to the floor 10 feet below her. She had a Hitachi vibrator pressed against her clit. Below her, just starting to press into her cunt, was a steel rod. It was about 2 inches wide with a pointed end. “Every time she comes she is lowered further. We will take her down after another hour. She will be fine if she can just keep from coming too many more times.” The girl’s entire body was shaking and she glistened with sweat. It would be easy to think this was from fear if her nipples were not also visibly hard.

Sally thought of herself in that position. Suspended in the dark with powerful stimulation directly on her most sensitive spot. She was not sure if she could stop from coming. The feeling of the spike entering her pussy would only drive her more crazy. She was even more afraid of what was in store for her. She also felt the wetness from her pussy running down her leg. He lead her to a prison cell where her restraints were removed and she was locked in. This was the custom whenever they met here. She would remain here all night and face what was to come after a night of fitful sleep. She expected it was to increase her anticipation, to make her release that much more powerful. It worked.

She was awakened late in the morning feeling quite rested despite the poor conditions. Maybe it was just the adrenaline. She was lead to a large room filled with men. Even more than there were the day she was tied to the guillotine. Remembering that made her pussy twitch. In the middle was a bench with a tank at the top where her head would be. Deathmaster secured a gag tightly in place and ordered her to lie down. Her legs were put up in a kind of gynecological stirrups and tied in place leaving her pussy exposed and vulnerable. Her head was placed in the tank with a holder similar to that of the guillotine Ihlamurkuyu Escort but with a latex ring that fit snugly around her neck. The top of the tank was a couple inches above her nose. She had no idea what was coming and her fear was building. The men took their time securing her in place. Her wrists and elbows were tied outstretched to the table. More rope was wrapped around her torso just below her breasts. Another strap tied her waist down. Her legs were tied in several places. By the time they were done she was completely unable to move.

Deathmaster began to run his fingers over her body. He had never taunted her like this before and it scared her even more. Of course, the fear also turned her on. Her nipples were painfully hard and she could feel blood rushing to her pussy. “We’re going to begin to fill the tank with water. It will take about twenty minutes for it to cover your head completely. When you come we will drain the tank and start over. This will continue for the next four hours. As long as you keep having orgasms you will be fine. We will even help you.” He moved his hand to her pussy and slowly pressed his finger between her lips, not quite penetrating her. He stayed here, moving up and down until she was nearly gasping with anticipation. Then he took his hand away and wiped her juices on her face. She could smell herself and it made her even hotter. Then he turned the water on and started the timer which was on the ceiling so she could easily see how long she had.

True to his word, one of the men immediately stepped up and pressed himself into her. She was incredibly horny at this point and wanted to thrust back against him but she was tied too tightly. It did not matter. The water had barely started to touch her head before she had her first orgasm. It was not the same as some of the other orgasms she had had previously and she almost felt disappointed that the danger was not as intense. The man fucking her pulled out and came on her face (standing awkwardly on his toes to do so) while the water was draining and another man replaced him. She loved the feeling of being used so despite the lack of danger and she was coming again before the water reached her ears. This guy had some stamina and continued to pound her through her orgasm and kept going until the water had reached her head again. Finally he thrust in hard and gasped as he released inside her. Again, he was replaced, this time by a guy with a longer dick. It was not very thick but it hit her cervix with every thrust into her cream filled pussy. It was uncomfortable and she tried to pull away but she could not move a muscle. All the while the water was slowly filling the tank. She tried to cum but it was hard while being abused. As the water covered her ears, muffling the sounds in the room, she started to worry. Fortunately the fear always aroused her and it was not long before she was jerking in her bonds and a really strong orgasm took her. Waves of pleasure washed over her and finally the dick in her cunt erupted directly against her womb.

She was worn out from being brutally fucked and coming three times. Her pussy was sore and she just wanted to sleep. She looked at the timer and then she understood how dire her situation was. She had only been there for 40 minutes! She had to keep cumming, at least every 20 minutes, for over three more hours! She wanted to beg to be released but she was gagged. She knew it would not do any good anyway but somehow the gag added to her vulnerability. The tightness of the bonds also added to her growing terror. There was absolutely no way out. She was going to die here!

Another cock was thrust into her swollen pussy and she noticed that everyone had moved forward. She was surrounded by men fisting their dicks. Hands started to touch her everywhere. One guy started to kiss and suck her feet while another roughly grabbed her breasts. She had been gang banged before but never by this many guys. There was a solid wall of men with more behind. More hands were on her legs, her ass, her stomach. Her nipples here sucked and nibbled. Another guy came all over her face and on her gag. She tasted cum as it slid into her mouth. It was all so hot that she was coming again before the water even reached her head. At first she was relieved that she could still come easily but each orgasm took it’s toll on her. Her orgasm caused the Escort Ihlamurkuyu guy inside her to cum as well but there was no respite as another took his place.

Unfortunately the next two guys to fuck her were not very good and her pussy was even more sore. She tried fantasizing to help get herself off but it was not possible to remove herself from reality. She longed to touch her clit but that was impossible. The water continued to rise and she became increasingly desperate. Just before it covered her mouth she took a deep breath but the guy fucking her chose that moment to start pounding her. Every thrust caused her to lose precious air but she still could not come. Her lungs were screaming for air! Finally, as her vision started to go dark, she felt release. It was explosive but also desperate. Even as she was coming she still could not inhale. The water was draining but it took some time. The oxygen deprivation made her orgasm that much more intense. When she was finally able to breath in the relief added more energy to her continuing orgasm. She was barely aware of her body. She could feel the men continue to grab her and fuck her but it seemed far away.

When she finally became aware again she realized that the water was already covering her ears! Had they not drained it all the way? No, she vaguely remembered the tank being emptied. She had been out of it for so long that she had not even noticed the water filling up. In no time she was under water again. She was determined to hold her breath but someone twisted both her nipples hard! She screamed before thinking and then she was out of air. There was no way she could come in the short time she had left. There was just not enough stimulation. Her pussy felt numb. Just then someone making small circles around her clit with their thumb. This was the first time anyone had touched her there and the effect was immediate. Once again she was enjoying a mind shattering, asphyxiation fueled orgasm. It took a long time before the pieces of her awareness came together enough to realize that she was almost under again. The timer indicated that she had 2 and a half hours left. And this was how it was for her as she lost track of everything. She would be nearly drowned but someone would always stimulate her enough to push her over. It helped that the fear heightened her arousal and there was a lot of fear. It was a nearly constant as her recoveries were taking longer. More than once she would pass into a state of euphoric near unconsciousness from her orgasm only to wake with her head under water already.

After one such orgasm she was immediately awakened by a loud smack and a jolt of pain. She was still delirious and it was not until the second smack/pain that she became aware that the crowd had diminished. Standing between her legs raising a flogger was Deathmaster. As she watched he brought it down again on her abused pussy. Now she was really awake. The timer had only 40 minutes remaining. She was really doing it! She was almost done. The flogger came down again and the pain was incredible. Her pussy was massively swollen. She thought the only reason it was not raw and bleeding was all the cum. She could feel it trickling out and flowing over her asshole. Once more the flogger hit her exposed pussy and this time she really screamed, or tried to. She was still tightly gagged. Her jaw was sore from being rudely forced open for so long. “I am glad I finally have your attention,” Deathmaster said. He had never shown much emotion but he looked pleased now. “We have been going easy on you, helping you when you did not find your orgasm in time. Now we are going to make it hard for you. We are going to try to ruin your orgasm. I hope you win; otherwise I am going to have to bury your body in the yard.” He leaned in close and whispered in her ear, “After I fuck your corpse that is.”

Then he took his cock out and thrust it in her cunt in one hard motion. He was not like the others. His cock was huge which might have excited her if her pussy was not already so abused. Swollen from 3 and a half hours of constant fucking, her clit chafed and engorged, and her lips stinging and bruised from the flogger. He was fucking her harder than she had ever been fucked before. Her bonds allowed her no movement to help reduce the impact. There was no pleasure for her. She felt like he was punching her from the Ihlamurkuyu Escort Bayan inside out. For all that, this was exactly the kind of danger that she loved so much. She was being painfully used while the water began to close over her head. Just as she took a deep breath Deathmaster invaded her ass! There was no warning at all, he never even broke rhythm. The breath that was intended to save her was wasted in a muffled scream. She was no stranger to anal sex and the cum provided good lubricant. After the initial shock faded she found the huge cock to be quite pleasurable in her ass. The orgasm that took her was not the strongest of the night but the different stimulation made it memorable all the same.

A glance at the timer showed that she had 24 minutes left. She was going to have to have one more orgasm if she wanted to live. Deathmaster did not slow his brutal pace at all and her ass had far less stamina than her pussy had. It was not long before she was feeling bruised and cramped from his cock rearranging her insides. Her asshole was chafing and still he showed no signs of slowing. She could not move her hips to lessen the impacts or even to try to adjust to a more pleasurable angle. She remembered the first time Deathmaster fucked her ass, their first meeting. He had not used any lube then and had wrapped a bag over her head to cut off her breathing. As the water touched the back of her head she started to build to an orgasm. Then pain erupted in her breasts. Alligator clamps bit hard into her erect nipples. The shock and pain ruined her progress but it was only minutes before it was building again. Again she was interrupted, this time by another clamp biting directly into her exposed clit. The pain was intense! Her clit was hyper sensitive from hours of fucking. But his thrusts actually caused the clamp to shift and jump providing her with extra stimulation. The water was over her ears now but she was winning! She could feel her orgasm coming. She could feel his as well and she knew that they would both explode before the water closed over her head.

Then he removed himself from her completely! This wasn’t fair! She was so close to winning. Her pussy was twitching for need of being touched. Her clit was as erect as it had ever been despite the sharp teeth of the clamp biting into the tender bud. She took a deep breath before the water closed over her and this time she was allowed to keep it but it was no use. She had nothing to feed her orgasm and there were still 5 minutes left on the clock. She looked pleadingly at Deathmaster who just stood there with arms folded, dick hugely erect, and said nothing. She knew he must get off on death and now she knew that this was all a show. She was tortured with both pleasure and pain and then left to die. Her mind was running in overdrive. She thought of all that she had lived through. She had been in hopeless situations before but never like this. She had always had stimulation with the danger. Never had she been so completely used up. Her pussy and ass both throbbed with pain. Now she was running out of air and she did not even have the consolation prize of an orgasm as she died. The end being this near had her at an all time high. Like she had been denied an orgasm for months.

Then out of nowhere the flogger connected with her pussy. It hit so hard she felt it in her teeth. At nearly the same time Deathmaster invaded her ass again. The orgasm that had been building exploded from her. She screamed in release as her every blood vessel dilated. She could feel everything in exquisite detail. The dried cum on her body pulling on her skin as her muscles contracted, the powerful spurts of Deathmaster’s orgasm in her rectum, the cruel teeth of the clamps biting her tender nipples and clit. She spasmed so hard that she might have hurt herself has she not been bound as she was. Even as she was coming the water level did not stop rising. They were going to let her die anyway! Her body panicked which made her come even harder. Her brain screamed for air. She was aware that her ass was spasming around Deathmaster’s dick while her pussy was gushing cum. Her body was doing everything it could to save itself but she was tied so tightly that it was denied even the dance of death. The helplessness added even more to the sensations and she felt like her consciousness was transcending reality. She might have inhaled water but in her panicked orgasm her muscles were all locked as hard as they could flex. Her last coherent thought was one of contentment. She got what she paid for.

When she awoke later she was still in the same room, still tied in place, and completely alone.

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