Subject: General Hospital – Dawn of Gay This is a fan fiction story with several characters from the soap General Hospital. This story says nothing about the actors being gay or something it’s just pure fiction. Copyrights � ABC General Hospital. ********************************* It’s late at night, Milo is just done with work and decides to drink a beer before he goes home. He walks into one of the bars and sits down at bar ordering a beer. There is a football match on television, Milo watches it but has no clue that someone next to him puts something in his beer. Milo turns back and drinks his beer. A hour later Milo walks by the pier, he feels lightly dizzy in his head and suddenly collapses on the ground. Someone out of the shadows appears and walks over to Milo, he grabs Milo under his shoulders and drags the big guy with him. Milo opens his eyes, he doesn’t understand what happened, he looks around and sees he is in a room, he feels cold and suddenly realizes he’s laying on the ground only wearing his boxershort. “What is this” Milo says surprised looking around. The door opens, there stands Shiloh. Milo is shocked “What… how” “Don’t you worry that pretty little head of yours” Shiloh says. Shiloh comes closer into the room and squats down next to Milo. “I’m going to rebuild Dawn of Day and you are my first new follower, last time I knew you wanted to join and I see a lot of potentiol with you” Siloh explains. “Potentiol” Milo asks confused. “No questions big guy, just follow my orders and all will be good” Milo wonders what Siloh wants so agrees to go with it. Shiloh looks at Milo waiting his answer. Milo looks up at Silo hand nods yes. “Great” Shiloh says with a big smile on his face and stands up “Follow me” he adds standing by the door. Milo stands up and follows Shiloh into the hallway to a other room. Shiloh suddenly stops, he turns around “Can you take your ankara rus escort underwear off” he asks. “Uh… what… why” Milo says shocked. “I told you, no questions, just do what I tell you and you will be part of Dawn of Day” Shiloh explains. Milo feels like he has to do this so he can take Shiloh down eventually but for that Shiloh needs to trust him, Milo takes a deep breath in and then pulls down his underwear and stept out of it. Shiloh looks at Milo “Very good” he says and opens the door. Milo looks into the room and is surprised who he sees laying on a bed. “Detective Nathan West, I thought he was dead” Milo says shocked. “Detective West has been in a coma since he died, I made it look like he died to keep him here for a bigger plan only he hasn’t woken up since” Shiloh explains. Milo looks at Nathan who is laying on the bed having a IV for fluids and a machine to help him breathing. Milo looks confused why he has to be standing naked and seeing Nathan laying in a coma. Shiloh smiles “I see you thinking, what has both to do with each other, well you are the one going to try and make Nathan wake up” Siloh explains. “How” Milo asks wondering. Shiloh walks into the room and pulls the covers off of Nathan who is laying naked on the bed. “You’re going to fuck detective West up his ass” Shiloh says. Milo is surprised and shocked. “Get that cock hard and ready” Shiloh says. Milo looks at Shiloh and realizes Shiloh is serious, he really wants him to fuck a comatos Nathan West. “Come on, what are you waiting for” Shiloh encouriages Milo to start working that meat of his. Milo slowly moves his hand towards his dick and grabs it. Shiloh licks his lips seeing Milo holding his cock. Milo starts stroking it and makes it hard. Shiloh walks over to Milo and stands next to him, he kneels down “Just trust me” he says and takes Milo’s dick over and çankaya escort starts sucking on it. Milo hangs his head back and releases a growl and moans. Shiloh sucks Milo’s big dick. “That’s it, just relax and let it get rock hard” Shiloh says and strokes Milo’s dick a few times and then continues sucking. Milo can’t believe the situation he’s in, his dick is getting sucked by Shiloh who he thought was dead and he’s being prepaired to fuck Nathan West who supposedle was dead. “Guess that’s hard enough” Shiloh says looking up at Milo and stands up. “Now make Nathan ready” Shiloh orders. “How” Milo asks confused. “Get on the bed, spread his legs and rim that hole” Shiloh explains. “I never did that” Milo explains. “It’s easy, it’s like licking a pussy, you will see” Shiloh says. Milo walks closer to Nathan and gets on the end of the bed, he slowly spreads Nathan his legs, he sees a hairy hole, with his head he goes towards it. “That’s it, stick your tongue out and lick it” Shiloh supports. Milo starts licking Nathan his hole. First Milo gags a bit, having the thought of licking a man’s hole makes him disgusted. “Come on Milo, go for it, I know you can” Shiloh says. Milo looks at Shiloh, he then turns towards Nathan his hole and tries it again. This time it goes better, it’s starting to get more wet of his spit and easier to taste. “Yeah that’s it… rim that pussy of Nathan” Shiloh says. Milo starts to really rim Nathan his asshole. Shiloh enjoys watching it. “I think Nathan his hole is wet enough for that big meat stick of yours” Shiloh says with a grin. Milo looks at Shiloh, understanding he can stop, he looks at Nathan, feeling sorry he has to do this to the guy but on the other hand, Nathan is hot even a straight guy like Milo has to admit that, he realizes a lot of men might dream of to fuck such a hunk or even to get fucked by the sexy ankara escort detective. “Don’t I need a condom” Milo asks. Shiloh starts to laugh “Nah… let Nathan feel it good and fill him up” Milo turns to Nathan, he lifts Nathan’s legs up and let them rest at his big shoulders, he presses his dick against Nathan his hole and then starts pushing inside. “You don’t have to be gentle, just push it inside that ass” Shiloh orders. Milo looks at Shiloh, then to Nathan, he feels sorry for Nathan but then pushes his dick all the way inside. Nathan doesn’t show any effects to it. Milo feels Nathan his tight ass around his dick, Milo realizes he’s the first one to be inside Nathan, he just pushed his dick inside a virgin’s ass. “Now pound that ass” Shiloh commands. Milo starts fucking Nathan. “I said pound it” Milo starts to go harder and faster till he’s really pounding Nathan his ass. “Yeah that’s it, give it good to the detective” Shiloh says laughing enjoying the side of Milo a big masculine giant fucking a straight detective up the ass. Milo looks down, and is surprised to see Nathan his dick got hard and stands straight up. “Guess atleast something is responding” Shiloh says with a grin on his face. Milo feels he’s about to cum. “Now finish the job and fill detective West his inside, mark him” Milo holds Nathan his legs and is going to the edge, Milo moans loudly and spurts five big spurts of cum inside the detective he’s stretched hole. Shiloh applauds for Milo. “Well done big guy” Siloh says. Milo’s dick softens and makes a pop sound when coming out of Nathan his ass. “You can now go, your clothes are in the hallway left and I will inform you when I need you for your next test” Shiloh explains. Milo leaves the room to find his clothes. Shiloh looks at Nathan “You will be mine soon” Shiloh puts back the covers over Nathan and leaves the room. Nathan his head moves a little bit, might he wake up out of his coma? To be continued… ********************************* Did you like this story, would you like to see it continue, send me a message at Don’t forget to donate to Nifty for support to let this great site excist and keeping the stories going.

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