Subject: Quality Time 15 Super Producer Swizz Beatz lay next to his eldest son, Nasir Dean as they watched some Anime cartoons. “Dad, I’m hot.” Nasir said. “Can I take my shirt off?” “Why don’t you take all of your clothes off.” Swizz suggested. “Are you serious?” Nasir asked. “Yea.” Swizz said. “Why not? Your brothers, sister and your mom won’t be back until tomorrow night.” “What about Umi?” Nasir asked. “Umi” is what he called Alicia Keyes, Swizz’s wife. “She’s off recording her new album, remember?” Swizz asked. “Oh, yea. I had forgotten.” Nasir said. He got up out of Swizz’s king-sized bed. Swizz watched as Nasir pulled off his shirt and slid his sweat pants off. Then he slid his underwear off. He was about to get back into bed when Swizz stopped him. “You forgot something else.” Swizz said. “What did I forget, dad?” Nasir asked. “You forgot them socks.” Swizz said. “Take `em off, too.” Nasir pulled off his socks and asked, “Now, can I come back in bed?” Swizz looked at his son’s naked body up and down. “Lord Jesus, my son is so damn sexy.” He thought to himself. “Do you know how sexy you are?” He asked Nasir. Nasir’s face got really hot, all of a sudden. “Can I get back in bed, now?” Nasir asked, trying to change the subject. “Please do!” Swizz said excitedly. Nasir slid back into bed next to his dad. They cuddled up next to each other, real close. “I love cuddling with you, dad.” Nasir said. He laid his head on his dad’s chest. “I love cuddling with you, too, son.” Swizz said. He let his hand slide down and caress his son’s firm ass. Nasir looked up at his dad. “Come here. Let me kiss them lips.” Swizz passionately kissed his son’s lips as he continued to fondle his son’s ass. “Mmmm!” Nasir moaned. “Would you make love to me, dad?” Before Swizz even answered, Nasir began unbuttoning the short-sleeved shirt he was wearing. “Sure, son, I’d love to.” When Nasir had unbuttoned Swizz’s shirt, he rubbed his hands all over Swizz’s smooth, toned chest. Swizz bent down and kissed Nasir on the head. “Are you gonna let me be in control?” “Yes, sir.” Nasir said. “Then, I’m gonna need you to lay down on your back.” Swizz said. “I wanna give you a massage before we begin.” Nasir laid down on his back with a pillow behind his head. Swizz gently grabbed Nasir’s left foot and kissed his entire foot. Then he slowly and methodically massaged his son’s foot, even massaging each toe. “Mmm, feels so good, dad.” Nasir moaned softly. Whatever pain seemed to just melt away as Swizz slowly worked on his son’s foot. “This is the best foot massage I’ve ever gotten.” “I’m glad you like it, my king.” Swizz said. He always called his sons kings. It was a term of endearment to remind his son of how special he was. Nasir was really enjoying his massage so far. Having his dad touching his body, bursa escort in this way, was the hottest thing he could think of. Swizz went up his left leg, massaging the muscles in Nasir’s leg. “Oooh, that feels great!” Nasir said. As he continued to massage his leg, Swizz kissed and licked Nasir’s leg. That really turned Nasir on. His dick started to stir. When Swizz switched to the other leg, Nasir’s dick stood at attention. So, Swizz reached over and gently stroked his dick. “That’s a nice piece you got there, son.” Nasir face was red hot with embarrassment. “Don’t be embarrassed.” Swizz continued to stroke Nasir’s dick, getting it hard as steel! “Let me see what them balls feel like.” Swizz said. He reached down and gently grabbed Nasir’s balls and moved them around in his hand. “These are real nice. Nice and big and thick sacks.” The more he touched Nasir’s dick and balls, the more Nasir moaned. “You like that?” “I like that a lot.” Nasir said with a smile. Then, while still stroking Nasir’s dick, Swizz reached up and pinched Nasir’s nipples with his other hand. That caused Nasir to moan louder. “FUCK!” His eyes popped open when he realized what he had said. “I’m so sorry, dad I…” “That’s okay, son.” Swizz said, chuckling. “I’ve said much worse when some girl touched me down there.” Nasir smiled broadly at his dad. “…And, when she sucked my dick…Lord forgive me, I said things I ain’t about to repeat.” Nasir felt a little bit better about what he had said and began to relax again. When Swizz finished stroking Nasir’s dick, it was rock hard and dripping cum. “Why don’t you turn over on your back.” While Nasir turned over, Swizz took off all of his clothes, so he was as naked as his son. Then he massaged his son’s back and ass. When he got to his son’s ass, he whistled lewdly. “Son, you got a nice butt.” He groped and kneaded his son’s ass cheeks with one hand. With his other hand, Swizz stroked his own dick. “Thank you, dad.” Nasir said, not sure of what else to say. “I mean, it’s wonderful. It firm and it’s thick…. And, I love it!” He continued to play with Nasir’s ass until he left his fingerprints all over Nasir’s ass. “Can I try something. I promise, it won’t hurt.” “O-okay, go ahead.” Nasir said nervously. He wondered what his dad was up to. Swizz gently spread Nasir’s ass cheeks and began nibbling on his son’s ass lips. “Oooo.” Nasir moaned. “This shit feels so good.” “You haven’t felt nothing, yet.” Swizz said. Then he stuck his long tongue up his son’s hole. “Ohhhhh!” Nasir exclaimed when he felt his dad’s wet tongue enter his hole. His eyes rolled back into his head as waves of pleasure washed over him. “I have never felt anything like this before!” Nasir had never felt the pleasures he was feeling at that very moment. He backed escort bayan his ass up on his dad’s tongue. Then Swizz slowly stuck his middle finger up Nasir’s ass. “Mmm! OOooh!” Nasir moaned. In out in out. Swizz slowly moved his finger in and out of his hole. “MMMMMM!” When he put a second finger up Nasir’s ass, Nasir’s eye bulged. Then, suddenly, Swizz pulled his fingers out of his son’s ass. “Why don’t you turn back on to your back, with your legs in the air.” Swizz said. Nasir quickly did as he was told, and Swizz shoved his two fingers back up his son’s ass. “Now, let’s see you stroke that dick of yours while I finger fuck this hole.” Nasir stroked his dick slowly. Watching his son stroke his dick while he fingered his son’s hole really turned Swizz on. His dick got rock hard. “Man, I think I’m ready to fuck you.” Nasir smiled at his dad. “Are you ready for this dick?” “Yes, dad.” Nasir said desperately. “Please give me that dick.” “Relax, son.” Swizz said soothingly. “I’m gonna give you this dick.” He slowly entered Nasir’s hole. Nasir gasped when he felt the tip of his dad’s dick. “Oh shit!” He said as he winced from the pain. “Relax, son. Let me in that ass.” Swizz said calmly. “Let me in.” Swizz got a little worried when he saw the grimace etched on his son’s face. “Are you alright? You want me to take it out?” “No… I can handle it.” Nasir said breathlessly. In truth, Nasir felt like his asshole was on fire! “That’s my brave strong king.” Swizz said. “You’re doing great.” Swizz reached down and, with one hand, played with his son’s firm nipples. “Mmmm.” Nasir moaned softly. Swizz continued fondling his son’s nipples as he long stroked his hole. “How does that feel, son?” He asked. “Does my dick feel good to you?” “Yess.” Nasir his softly. “Oooooh. Yess.” Nasir’s body twitched every time Swizz slid his dick deep up his hole. “Fuck!” “You want this dick, don’t you?” Swizz asked. “Yes, daddy.” Nasir moaned. “I want this dick bad.” Nasir said, the yearning dripping from his lips. This dick was good, and he needed more of it. Swizz leaned down and said, “Wrap your arms around my neck and wrap your legs around my waist.” Not knowing what was about to happen, Nasir did as he was told. Swizz carried his son to the nearest chair and sat down. When Nasir felt the dick spearing his hole, his eyes bugged out like a cartoon! “OOOH FFUUCCKK!” He screamed. SMACK! “Now, bounce that ass on this dick.” Swizz said as he slapped Nasir’s firm booty. Nasir slowly bounced up and down on his dad’s thick dick. “MMMMMM!” He moaned loudly. “yea, that’s it, son. Bounce on daddy’s dick.” Swizz encouraged. “Lookin’ at you, bouncin’ on my dick is really makin’ me hot, you know that?” Swizz pubic hairs tickled Nasir’s ass as he continued to bounce up and down on his dad’s dick. bursa escort “Ride `em, cowboy!” “Play with my nipples.” Nasir said. “Put your hands behind your head and I will.” Swizz said. Nasir put his hands behind his head and Swizz reached up and caressed his son’s nipples. “You got some real soft nipples, man.” He pinched both nipples at the same time. “MMMMMM! That feels real good, dad.” Nasir said. “Do it harder.” “Harder?” Swizz asked, not sure he heard correctly. “Yea, like your mad.” Nasir explained. “I don’t know, son….” Swizz said. “Please!” Nasir begged. “Okay…” Swizz said. So, he pinched Nasir’s nipples a little harder. “OOOOH, SHIT, YEA!” Nasir moaned. “THAT FEELS REAL GOOD!” Nasir’s body was going crazy. He was bouncing up and down on his dad’s dick like crazy. He was in desperate need of dick. Swizz could sense what was going on within his son and gently grabbed his face and looked him dead in the eye, saying, “Relax, son. I got you. Just relax.” “I need this dick!” Nasir exclaimed, like a crackhead in need of drugs. “I know, son. I know. And, I’m gonna give you all this dick. I promise you that.” Swizz said, trying to calm the cravings inside his son’s soul. He kissed his son on the lips gently and sweetly. “Dad, would you play with my ass?” Nasir asked, calming down a bit. “Sure, son. I’d be glad to.” Swizz said. He grabbed two handfuls of Nasir’s booty meet and gave them a hard squeeze. “Mmmm.” Nasir moaned as he slowly bounced on his dad’s dick. Then he licked his dad’s bald head. “I think I like this freaky side of you.” Swizz said smiling up at his son. He bit Nasir’s both Nasir’s nipples. “OOOH!” Nasir moaned louder. Nasir’s dick got brick hard. “Why don’t you stroke your dick.” Swizz suggested. “Do it slow and gently. Nasir stroked his dick slow. “OOOOH! MMMM! AWWWW, FFFUUUCCCKKK!” He growled. Before he knew what was happening, Nasir’s dick erupted like a volcano, spraying his seed all over his dad’s chest. His body jerked and shook as he came for a good five minutes! When Nasir was done, he was totally spent. He leaned forward, resting his head on his dad’s shoulders. “You ready for this cum?” Swizz asked. Nasir shook his head “yes”. “Get on the floor so I can give you what you want.” Nasir got on his knees as his dad stood up. “Where do you want it?” Swizz asked as he stroked his dick furiously. “On my face.” Nasir replied. “AWWWWW, FFFFUUUCCCCKKKK!” Swizz howled as several thick loads of cum shot from his dick and landed squarely on Nasir’s face. When his dick went flaccid, Swizz grabbed his phone and took a picture of his son’s cum soaked face. “I want you to leave that cum on your face, son.” “Okay, dad.” Nasir said. “Let’s go back into bed.” Swizz said as he helped his son stand up. They crawled back into bed. “How was that dick, son?” “it was great, dad?” Nasir said. “How was my ass?” “It was the best piece of ass I’ve ever had.” Swizz said as he grabbed a handful of Nasir’s ass cheek. He bent down and gave Nasir another kiss. “And, those lips weren’t too bad, either.” The End

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