Nat and Sandy Pay the Rent – Part 1Nat and Sandy Pay the Rent – Part 1


Story so far – Natasha and Sandy are paying off their backlog of rent by submitting themselves to a relentless sex-party gang fuck. But there are still a few amazing surprises on the way…The living-room group had been putting all their youthful vigour into fucking Natasha’s holes, while sticking to their plan of saving their reserves of cum for her young friend. Four of the newly formed gang had retired naked to the kitchen to replenish themselves with water, leaving three to keep all her fuck-tunnels filled. Crammed from all angles though she was with hard cock, Natasha was still aware of the alarming sexual noises coming from the other room. Even with orgasms shuddering through her, as she was slammed by these energetic young men, she retained her guilty awareness of the emotional bind that had brought Sandy to this place. The three remaining guys had broken off to replace what they had sweated out of their bodies, when she heard it. Sandy’s unrestrained howl. Flushed, dishevelled and aching from the persistent shafting she had taken, Natasha picked herself from the floor, shook off her heels and made her break, however unsteadily, for the corridor down which Alan and Sandy had earlier disappeared.She did not get far. Jed was returning from the kitchen with two of the construction guys and spotted her. ‘No you don’t,’ he laughed, and all three rushed her, kicking her feet from under her and grappling her face-down on to the carpeted floor. ‘Alan said we were to keep you occupied in here,’ Jed explained. ‘Want to do the honours, Marty?’ ‘Fucking right,’ answered the burly, tattooed brickie, who held Natasha’s legs. As the other two pinned her to the floor, he grabbed her hips roughly and propped up her ass. Then he positioned himself firmly inside her entrance and drove all seven-plus inches of his cock into her rectum in a single, hearty thrust. Natasha was taken aback by the degree of pain in her experienced rear. ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!! Holy shit!!! You fucking bastards!!!!’ she raged, as her ass was reamed to its core. ‘This is what you get if you don’t play by the rules,’ grinned Jed. ‘Come on Nat, you’re a trooper, you can take it! You’ve got to put out your money’s worth!’ Natasha scowled at him, as the frenzied attack on her bumhole continued. ‘I’ll see you in hell, you fucking…you fuck…you… Oh shit, watch my MOTHERFUCKING ASS!!!!!’The first sight to greet Sandy when she was led shakily by Alan and his friends back into the living-room was Natasha, held down by a pair of naked, ripped young men, while a squat but equally muscular individual, with heavily tattooed arms, came hard in her rectum. Sandy’s legs wobbled beneath her, despite the fact that she had just been fortified by another shot of whiskey from Alan’s flask, and the party host gripped her arm to steady her. Of the male sextet in the bedroom he alone had held back from draining inside her the contents of his scrotum, and the fact seemed to have intensified his more feral qualities. ‘You know what to do?’ he whispered to her. She nodded, heart thudding and face pale. Alan had used all of his magnetism to refocus her following the long round of bedroom fucking. ‘Okay, darling, you ready to take this further? Or do you want out?’ ‘No, no, I’m ready, I can do this,’ she had insisted, drawing her resolve from where she had no idea. It was the money, wasn’t it? And to pay her debt of gratitude to Natasha. Nothing to do with the fact that despite all the shame and depravity a part of her craved more. And so Alan had prepared her for the next part of her task, talking her up like a sports coach. But the sight of Natasha’s ass being so vigorously reamed out, reminder of the soreness in her own stretched vagina and rectum, made her falter once more.Alan sensed it and pulled her close beside him, as they came into the living-room posse’s view. ‘And just remember, Sandy, you do as you’re told, or we’ll send Natasha home and keep you here to fuck for the rest of the weekend, okay? Earn that cash all on your own. Now come with me.’Alan led her to one of the leather chairs and positioned her so that she was leant forward, gripping the upholstered arms, her posterior thrust invitingly outwards. Her pussy lips were red and puffy with use and Kyle and Ben’s mingled spunk was leaking out of her asshole. The rest of the younger men had returned from the kitchen to see what Natasha was ranting about, but all eyes now switched to her roommate. Ryan, cock still jutting out against his towel, watched in conflicted fascination as Sandy was led in. Natasha looked up, scarlet-faced and bum-fucked, and stared with a sinking heart at the friend she had so utterly betrayed. ‘Okay guys, this is Sandy!’ Alan announced, as if further introduction were required. ‘She’s just been entertaining us in my bedroom and we’ve got her nice and warmed up for you. What have you got to say, Sandy?’She took a great gulp of air and went for it. ‘I want the guys to fuck all my holes!’ She felt like a ventriloquist’s dummy, as she shouted out the lines her manipulator for the evening had fed her. ‘What was that?’ asked Alan, playing the showman.’I want them to fuck all my holes!’ Sandy repeated, even more forcefully. ‘I want them to fucking use me up!”Even your ass?”Even my ass!’ she yelled, seized by some mania channelled to her by Alan’s lewd enthusiasm. Her eyes were welling just a little as she said it. How had she ever come to this? ‘I want them to… to fucking fuck my ass!!!”You heard the girl!’ called Alan. ‘Who’s first?’What followed was a crazed free-for-all. One guy having just spent himself inside Natasha, there were six left to vie over Sandy’s body and they all made for her, cocks waving in varying degrees of erection. Three of the group newly arrived from the kitchen got there first and they dragged their prey from the chair to the floor, mauling her tits and ass as they did so. Sandy gasped at the feel of their grappling hands all over her, as she was taken control of by these sexually hungry males. She, like Natasha before her, had knowingly sacrificed all her power and could only await the fresh onset of cock.Natasha began to crawl to her feet – she had to make some effort, however feeble, to show solidarity with her abandoned friend – but she was caught from behind and wrestled back down by some iron-framed male with a crushing grip. Any doubt she might have had as to his identity was erased, by the inflated nature of the dick that shortly afterwards plunged into her cunt.’Hi Natasha,’ said Gavin. ‘Long time, no fuck.’ As his loins buffeted her ass cheeks and his great, pumping thickness expanded her pussy, she gripped the thick carpet and observed Sandy’s plight with an impotent mixture of guilt and fury. Gym instructor Andy had lain on the floor in preparation and, gripping the young girl’s waist, had slid her far down on to his shaft. He was now proceeding to thrust briskly upwards, so that her body jerked and flailed wildly on top of him. He grabbed her gorgeously malleable breasts and pulled her down to him, cock still sliding rapidly in and out of her, so he could kiss her full on the mouth. While her face was still fastened to his, a second guy seized her rump from behind and quickly worked his engorged prick squelchily into her cum-clogged rear entrance. She reared up from the kiss and shrieked as she was penetrated simultaneously by two cocks, but then a third plugged her mouth to the extent that all sound from her vocal chords cut out. There Sandy found herself, trapped inside a muscular frame of three powerful men, stuffed full by three – three! – anonymous cocks. Each was rigid with lust, its owner pumping like his life depended on it. The guys’ hands were clamped on her flesh like she was theirs, as their thick, meaty shafts fucked her unsparingly. She could never have imagined this, being so replete with hard dick, her holes opened up so utterly by driving male fuck-flesh. She was not a singer now or a waitress, a best friend or the breezy girl-next-door; she was an object, a set of cavities to be filled by any horny male who joined the party. And fill her they did. The air seemed static with a raw sexual energy that had built up over the evening so far and the young men beaten to the task and waiting their turn incited their comrades to ever fiercer efforts with their roared approval. ‘Go on, fuck her brains out! Give her what she asked for, make her fucking take it! Fuck that bitch’s holes!’ Natasha could scarcely believe what she was seeing.’Alan tells me you talked Sandy into coming here tonight,’ Gavin was saying, as he rutted on her from behind. ‘Is that right?’ She said nothing, but continued to grunt rhythmically as he banged her. ‘Says you got her to do this to dig yourself out of money troubles. Sacrificed your friend to save your own ass. Didn’t know you had it in you…”Fuck up, Gavin!’ she spat, furious that a part of her was enjoying the bastard’s cock, and furious at the truth of what he was saying.’I’m not criticising,’ he panted, working her snatch heatedly with his immense weapon. ‘I’m impressed. My cock had a great time inside her all thanks to you, and it’s going back there soon. Don’t think I’m going to cum inside you, Natasha – I’m saving it all up for Sandy! Think she’s ready to take me up her ass yet?’ Natasha made to protest, but the plea was knocked out of her by a particularly powerful thrust from Gavin into her pussy.A few feet in front of her the ravaging of Sandy’s holes was building to a fierce pitch, as the sex-possessed trio punished her body. They no longer held back from the inevitable climax, rather they pushed themselves urgently towards it with their reckless pounding. The two cocks pistoning into her ass- and cunt-holes in a sharp, inverted V shot off at about the same time, the semen-pumping of the lower one triggering the higher, so thinly were they divided by Sandy’s internal membrane. The men heaved great rending, orgasmic sighs and she felt her tightly-packed tunnels flood with jism once more. Both dicks drew out of her, cum streaming in their wake from her twin entrances. The third member of the trio, the one fucking Sandy’s throat, was close himself, so he vacated her mouth, threw her on to her back and clambered on top of her. Then he slid inside her messy cunt and fucked her hard, until he too groaned fiercely and siphoned off his balls inside her. Everyone else in the room was fixated on the Sandy-centred fuck-frenzy, even the vigorously copulating Gavin. Ryan more than anyone, however, had his attention riveted on the action; he had a sense that he should be doing something to help the young girl, but a baser instinct was over-powering his conscience. He was fascinated by the lewd display and his cock was so hard it was starting to hurt him. He did not bother to catch his towel as it finally slipped away; he stood, rather, openly wanking his aching member, as he watched Jed and the remaining two unsatisfied twenty-somethings take their turn at the pretty, soft-bodied young woman. Jed scooped Sandy up and tossed her on to the sofa, then he climbed between her legs and with a businesslike grunt stuck his cock inside her slick snatch and started to hump. One of his associates squatted at the sofa’s other end and inserted his solid length downwards into her vulnerable mouth, so that he could fuck her dazed, pretty face like his cock were a pneumatic drill. The other hovered eagerly on the sidelines, awaiting his shot at one of Sandy’s cum-slimed goals.There was no joking any more, no sexual banter – just the serious business of hard, committed fucking. All the men involved were pulsatingly hard for Sandy and were on a desperate mission to get themselves off inside her. Jed held fast to her hips and ground into her tight juice-box for several minutes, until he shudderingly jettisoned his load. The guy at her head drilled her saliva-spilling gullet, until he too emptied himself, overwhelming her taste-buds with the salty flavour of his ejaculate. Scarcely had the two of them finished off, when their impatiently waiting friend flipped her over and dragged her body into the shape of an arch, with her bum thrust into the air. Then he stood up on the sofa behind her, took careful aim and torpedoed her ass. He leaned into her, propping himself against the V-shape of her body, then he screwed her till he came, flooding her anal reservoir with a new rush of sperm.By the time he climbed off, Sandy was awash with semen. In the past twenty minutes six strangers had pumped her full of their ball-juice and still the onslaught refused to stop. Alan was already marshalling his freshly recovered troops. A moment earlier he had been observing Sandy’s progress from a corner, while speaking, unaccountably, into a mobile phone, but now he recommenced his directions. ‘Kyle, Ben, go get her and carry her into the bathroom. Gavin, leave that. I want you to take over in there.’ Gavin slid Natasha off his great shaft, leaving her in a well-fucked heap on the floor. ‘What about the handcuffs?’ he enquired of his friend. ‘In one of the bedroom drawers,’ said Alan, not missing a beat. Then Gavin made after Kyle and Ben, as they carried Sandy’s limply exhausted form out of the room. Darren and Steve, like the others severely aroused by what they had just witnessed, tagged along. The younger crew, satiated at least for now, were retiring to the kitchen for some more hard-earned alcoholic beverages.Natasha could only stare at the carpet in her weariness. So Sandy was about to get the cuffs, then. Well that was no surprise. Poor girl – she’d had no clue as to what she was walking into. And Gavin had been right – it was all due to Natasha. She had set up her young friend for a fuck session the girl could never have imagined. And everyone, it transpired, was going to get involved.’Well, you just going to stand there with your dick in your hand?’ Alan was saying, somewhere behind her. ‘Or are you going to go and get yourself some? Look, she promised you a date, didn’t she? Well here’s news – it happens in there tonight.’ There was a pause, as of someone’s agonized indecision. ‘You want to fuck her, don’t you? Well go do it!’ Natasha saw Ryan, a look of sudden, lustful resolve on his face, hurrying after the others, his erection bouncing eagerly in front of him. She shut her eyes in exasperation at her own naivety. Had she ever really believed she could protect Sandy once they got here? Every cock-thrust into the girl’s sore ass was down to her.She heard Alan’s mobile phone ring. He picked it up from somewhere and took the call. ‘Scott? Yeah mate – You all outside? I’ll just get the door…’ He was moving naked to the hallway as he spoke. ‘How many? Shit – That’s nearly double the number who’ve paid… Have the others got cash with them? Can you vouch for them all? I don’t want my bloody drinks cabinet broken into…’ Natasha hauled herself up in confusion. Who the hell was Alan talking to? What had he got planned that she hadn’t been told about? She heard the opening of the apartment’s front door, followed by a low but excited rumble of male voices. As she clambered upright, massaging cramp out of her legs, the inner door opened wide and men poured into the room. They were already laughing at Alan’s semi-erect state and looking around for its cause. There were all types – casually dressed professionals, blue-collar guys in jeans and short-sleeved shirts, a couple of bikers in scuffed leathers. The youngest of the group looked scarcely out of school, while the oldest had long since left forty behind. Natasha could scarcely guess their number – there were well over twenty – but most of them had already homed in on her bedraggled, sweaty nakedness and her face smeared with running mascara and congealing cum. Alan seemed to have recovered from his initial surprise at the number and was returning to full welcome mode. He was slapping a sturdy young lad with trendily rumpled hair on the shoulder; this, it seemed, was who he had been mersin escort speaking to on the phone. ‘All right boys, I’ll let Scott here sort out the money. The main attraction is entertaining elsewhere at the moment, but Natasha here is a great warm-up act.’ He was already moving across to her, ushering her in the direction of the mass male incursion, much of which was commencing to undress. She stared at him in uncomprehending fury. ‘What the fuck is this, Alan?’ she hissed. ‘Who the fuck are this lot? We’re being paid for twelve, thirteen max! You can’t expect us to do them all… You want to fucking kill Sandy? Is that what you want???”Calm down, Nat,’ said Alan, clearly enjoying her panic. ‘None of them is here to fuck. At least none of the ones who were invited… There seem to be a few hangers-on, but I’m sure they’ll all fall in with the plan.”What plan?’ Natasha was far from reassured.’Just a little surprise I’ve got for Sandy.’ There was an unmistakable edge of excitement in Alan’s voice now. Behind him some of the new crowd were already stripped and set to go. ‘All you have to do is set things up. It shouldn’t be difficult, trust me. And there’ll be a couple of extra hundred in it for both of you.’ He stared at her levelly, adding, ‘Or a few hundred less if you give me any more grief.’ Natasha could have clawed Alan’s face, but once more addressed herself to the situation’s practicalities. ‘Set things up…’ ‘Bring them to the edge, but don’t let anyone spill over,’ Alan clarified, though it was hardly necessary. ‘I want you to fluff them.’~~~~’Come on, spread those cheeks. Let it all out.’ In the bathroom Ryan watched, as Gavin recommenced his master class in how to use a young, inexperienced woman. The dark forty-year-old had perched Sandy on the edge of the Jacuzzi, so that her tight, young bottom overhung the tub. He was gripping her under the armpits to steady her, as she stretched apart her buttocks, allowing a gooey mass of spunk to slop messily from her asshole. She was dazed by all that had befallen her so far and obeyed even the most humiliating command with unquestioning meekness. ‘That’s right, let’s see how much cum has gone in there. Pour it all out for us. Empty your ass. Empty it or maybe we’ll bring Natasha in here and make her lick it out.’Sandy heaved her anal muscles rather then countenance this threat and Alan’s friends observed delightedly as great globs of semen spilled from her pretty rump and splattered on to the surface below. They were gratified by the sheer volume of cum that had been collectively pumped up her rear fuck-hole, cum that was now farting its way impressively back out. When the last oozings finally left her, Gavin set about cleaning her anal passage more thoroughly. Climbing into the Jacuzzi with her, he seized the nozzle of the power shower and adjusted the taps to produce a strong jet of warm water. He then sat on the edge of the bath and flipped the confused girl into a position face down across his lap, so that he could direct the surging shower nozzle to her still spunk-sodden holes. Sandy squealed and wriggled at the new sensation of her cunt and asshole being sluiced clean by the fierce jet. The room echoed with renewed male laughter at her thrashing, watery plight. Only Ryan was silent, observing the whole lewd proceeding in an advanced state of sexual excitement.Gavin had not finished with the girl. One arm wrapped around her hanging tits to support her upper body, he grabbed a tube of shower gel with the other and squeezed a generous helping of the green jelly into her ass crack, so that he could start soaping both her drenched tunnels. She yelled and squirmed even more at first, as his strong hand searched between her legs, but gradually her wet sex began to respond under his experienced touch. He worked his soapy fingers expertly into the folds of her vagina, with the middle one circling and homing in on her clitoris. Her violent squirming was slowly tamed to a rhythmic undulation of the pelvis and her crazed squealing subdued itself to a forlorn moan.’What do you think, Ryan?’ Gavin fixed his friend’s nephew with a challenging stare. ‘Think after all she’s been through I can make this little bitch come?’ Ryan stared back mutely, as Gavin continued to massage the slippery entrance to Sandy’s cunt. ‘Look at her, Ryan. We’ve made her take all that cock, in places she’s never had it before, and her nipples are still hard from it… Now watch me get her off.’ Sandy did not understand how such a wicked man, the worst of a thoroughly bad bunch, could be causing such pleasurable sensation in her liquefying pussy. This man, along with the others, was here just to have fun at her expense. As for Ryan, the sweet boy from the early part of the evening – surely he didn’t want to be in amongst them, didn’t want to be watching her humiliation. And she, surely she did not want to feel this, surely she could resist what Gavin was making her feel. Yet the heat was rising in her body, the same as when those multiple hands had explored and probed her back in the bedroom. Her mind was still full of the cocks recently plunged so deep inside her body.’How’s that, Sandy?’ Gavin said to her, his voice low, but still with its stony edge. ‘You don’t want to come, do you? Because if you do you’ll know later that part of you enjoyed this, don’t you? Getting fucked by all those dicks. Making all those men feel good. But you wouldn’t be so wet right now if somewhere you weren’t excited, right? Come on Sandy, show us what a little slut you are at heart. Let’s see you come like a whore.’ She couldn’t believe it was happening to her again. Here in the full view of all these arrogant, heartless men, clutched naked against the most dreadful of them all, against his thick, hard shaft, she was seized by an overwhelming orgasm. It erupted outwards from her pussy and quaked its way to every extremity, as she thrashed out of control on Gavin’s lap. She knew her audience would be watching enthralled as her breasts bounced wildly, her entire body engulfed in a shameful euphoria. Alan’s friends were indeed watching with tumescent satisfaction, as the climax shook its way violently free of Sandy’s body, leaving her limp and exhausted in Gavin’s hold. Her captor grabbed the shower head once more and hosed out her newly sticky holes. ‘Okay Ryan, you’ve seen how she loves it. Now give her some cock.’ Ryan was so inflamed with lust that he needed no more prompting, although the other guys provided it, loudly. The sweet-seeming girl was obviously getting off on the whole thing. As Gavin heaved Sandy’s lower half out of the Jacuzzi, so that she knelt with her back to the group, Ryan swooped, grabbing her ass and pushing her legs apart with his knees to open up her cunt. He brushed off the last prickings of his conscience. There was no mileage in any dates with this girl, not after tonight – so was he really going to turn up this opportunity and wank off later to the thought of what he might have had? Not fucking likely.Sandy’s thoughts were ragged, but she was aware of enough to feel shock that the object of her early-evening crush was actually joining in. Ryan, the sweet, bashful boy she had been intimate with earlier that evening had his fevered hands all over her ass cheeks. Now they were sliding up her body to grope her swaying breasts, while the head of his penis was nudging against the sensitive lips of her pussy. Oh God – there he was, shoving his cock inside her hard just like all the rest had done, grunting in the same animalistic fashion, as he filled her up. He was clutching at her tits like he were kneading dough and pumping her crazily with long, full thrusts, grunting and snarling like something primitive, as his cock-head jammed repeatedly against her womb. ‘Go on, fuck her! Fuck her hard! Give it to her! Harder! HARDER!!! NAIL THAT BITCH!!!’ The group’s cries merged into a great wall of vocal lust and Ryan heeded their urging. He gave Sandy the fucking that had been stored in his imagination for years, his body sweating profusely, his hair shaking damp against his forehead as he brutalised her snatch. He could hear her desperate, rhythmic moans, see her firm flesh ripple with each impact, as his loins smacked insistently into her buttocks. His orgasm was not far off when he heard Gavin’s instruction. ‘Stick it in her ass. Go on, you want to fuck that ass, don’t you? Stuck that cock in her fucking ass!’ Oh he wanted to. More than wanted – he felt a consuming, primal urge to do it; he was driven now by pure instinct, unshackled by anything that had held him back in the past. With relish he drew his cock out of her pussy, relocated to her anal entry and sodomized her deeply in a single, determined thrust.Sandy screamed at the suddenness of his intrusion, and continued to howl as he frantically ploughed her tightest passage. She felt grief at being used freely by the guy she had asked on a date, but undeniable pained pleasure sensation of anal filling her body appeared to love. Her mind rolled in turmoil as she fought enjoyment at her own degradation.Ryan was astonished at where his dick was disappearing and such was his amazement it was over way too soon. The thought of being rammed up Sandy’s back hole, along with the elastic tightness of her inexperienced sphincter on his cock, overwhelmed him and with a shout of ‘Ohhhhh – my God…’ he spurted long and drainingly into her bowels. This had already been the crazy fuck of his life, but finishing in Sandy’s ripe, young ass would enshrine it as a lifelong jerk-off memory, however guilty.Ryan was only finished, falling breathlessly away from Sandy’s bottom, when Gavin took control of the girl’s fate once more. By the time Alan came in from the living-room to check on the progress, his formidably powerful friend had dragged the physically drained girl to the bathroom’s hefty, iron towel rail and attached her to its base in the same kneeling position that Ryan had so enjoyed, using the handcuffs he had procured from the bedroom.’Get me a coin,’ Gavin said to his host. ‘Got an idea for another game.’ Alan had faith in his buddy’s imagination and set instantly about the task. Sandy’s head was drooping on to the floor between her cuffed wrists, her tangled hair fallen around her eyes. ‘Here’s how we play, Sandy,’ Gavin explained, crouching beside her. ‘The boys all queue up behind you. I flick the coin for each of them. If it comes down heads, you get fucked in the pussy. If it comes down tails…’ – he slapped her ass hard with the broad flat of his hand – ‘…you take it in the tail pipe.’ The line raised an easy laugh from the assembled randy males. ‘You ready to play, lads?’They were ready, and they played long and hard. Each of them having shot off his first load, now they could really sustain. Together they kept Sandy full of relentlessly pounding, iron-hard cock, until her holes ached and she had lost all sense of time. She eyed Gavin’s coin through her lank chestnut tresses each time it spun her fate. Things went easy on her ass at first; both brothers landed heads and took turns driving into her pussy. Australian Kyle struck anal gold, however, and gleefully plundered her rectum a second time. Ben did not complain that he missed out on her rump; he made up for his loss by hammering her cunt till the sweat dripped from his face. Together they subjected the imprisoned girl to a harsh, unforgiving marathon of fucking, each of them starting slowly and building up to a long, punishing crescendo, before volubly releasing refills of cum into one or other of her intimate spaces.Some of the guys had faded to the kitchen and Ryan had left the apartment altogether, nursing a hollow sense of guilt, by the time Gavin took his own turn. He dismissed any remaining hangers on, explaining, ‘It’s time Sandy and I had a little quality time alone together.’ Her holes had already taken more than she could have dreamed, as he positioned himself behind her. ‘So, Sandy, still enjoying yourself?’ he asked, his voice full of mocking pleasure. She uttered an incoherent whimper in response. ‘Now where do I get to put my cock this time? I wonder…’ He picked the coin from the floor and spun it high into the air.Time slowed for Sandy. She had been fucked quite literally half-senseless, and did not want to believe that she had enjoyed any of it, but she still knew what this flick of the coin meant. Whatever treatment she had received so far, the wrong result at this point would raise her ordeal to a new level. It would introduce her ass to more hard cock-meat than it could surely be expected to take. Hazily she watched the little metal disc move through its fatal arc. ‘Let it be heads, let it be heads, let it be heads…’~~~~Alan had handed over organisation for the evening’s denouement to Ben, who after all ran his own sex party business and was used to arranging specialist events. He had suggested twelve to fifteen guys, carefully selected from a list of Ben’s regular attendees, each paying a bargain 50 for their considerable privilege. When the stream of men into his home that night had finally abated, however, he had counted twenty-eight. Word, it seemed, had got about. Sandy’s photograph had been emailed from one friend to another and the prospect had been suitably enticing. For all Alan knew, the news had been spread around the nearby pub where Scott and the others had gathered prior to their arrival at the apartment, further swelling the mob.It might have pissed him off, his well-appointed home being invaded by this many strangers – fridge emptied of booze, furniture and carpet at risk of cigarette burns. It might have galled him that his control of what happened to his two hostesses had been put at risk. But the gate-crashers seemed amenable to the original plan, cheerily handing over their 50 dues, and Alan found the increased prospect quite thrilling. Greater numbers, after all, provided greater volume, and Ben’s sex-party faithful had been saving up since they’d been notified ten days previously. Take Scott, for example, a regular at Ben’s events and a prime example of lusty young manhood. ‘I owe my girlfriend such a fucking,’ he had grinned ruefully to his host, shortly after his arrival. Most of the guys would be the same, Alan knew, suffering after two weeks’ abstinence from sex and masturbation. Who knew what excuses had been made to wives or partners, to prevent their accumulating loads from being spilt? And here they were – over two dozen male reservoirs, full to all but overflowing, one combined dam-burst about to happen. But not until Sandy was there to experience its full force. There before them, with only intermittent gulps from Alan’s water bottle to sustain her, was Natasha, carrying out the final priming.Her task was not the Herculean one it might have been, so sexually charged were all members of the group. For most of the new guests it was enough to watch Natasha in full action on her knees, while gently stroking themselves, to stay rampantly erect. Alan found in her frantic, almost comic performance an added source of satisfaction. It gratified him deeply to see her with all that dignity and feline self-possession stripped away, reduced utterly to the role of crazed, naked slut. While Sandy suffered her bathroom endurance test, her roommate knelt amongst a thicket of hard dicks, lathering shafts with a mouthful of saliva, before wanking them till they bulged. A circle of cocks was now rearing arrogantly above her, thick-veined and throbbing. On several occasions one or another came twitchingly close to shooting off, but their owners drew back even as she did. Even the uninvited guests understood that Natasha was merely the lady in waiting. Their offerings were to be held back until they could be generously bestowed on the young, nude princess.~~~~How? How could there be room enough in her inexperienced ass for something as huge and hard as Gavin’s cock? Even though Sandy’s back tunnel had been stretched wide by mersin escort bayan so many other bold erections that evening, there had been nothing to suggest that the executive’s monumental organ would fit inside it without tearing her apart. But with slow, painstaking effort, artificial lubricant and spit, there it was, sunk to eight inches of its overall length into her lovely, round bottom, giving the elasticity of her rectum its most stringent test of the night. The sensation terrified her as much as it excited her.’God, now that feels fucking special,’ Gavin muttered, holding himself almost perfectly still inside her, but squeezing her tits hard with both hands, to register the intensity of her reflexive anal grip on his dick. ‘You know, Sandy,’ he told her with playful sadism, ‘when it came down heads I was nearly going to stick it in your pussy again, but then I thought, “They’re my rules, so fuck ’em”.’ Sandy had her eyes tightly shut and was praying that this great, iron-built man, with the size and strength to rip her in two, would spare her occupied ass his full force. He seemed to read her thoughts, but his words only did a little to reassure her: ‘Now Sandy, I’m not going to cause you any harm. You don’t think I’d spoil your pretty ass for the next guy who wants to fuck it, do you?’ He stroked her face with one hand, while still clutching her breast tightly with the other. ‘But you’ve still got to get me off.’ He began to rock his weight gently and repeatedly on to her, creating friction between his cock and her tightly packed anal tract.’Oh fuck, oh fuck – Oh pleeeeeeeze…’ she moaned fearfully. ‘Oh my Gggoddddd…please be careful…’’All right, Sandy, let’s try it a different way,’ he growled in return, gripping her shoulders and commencing to pump her back and forth on his thick column, so that her own momentum did most of the work. ‘Now take it like a good girl… That’s right, you fucking take it!’Sandy was not convinced of the difference. ‘Oh fuck, oh shit, oh please oh pleeeeeze don’t hurt me…”Come on, Sandy, come on – Get used to it! Use that ass! Fucking get me off!’ he insisted, pushing her down more forcefully, but holding back from wrecking her ass the way he could so easily have done. ‘That’s it, fucking do your job!”Oh God, oh Christ, oh my poor, poor ass! What are you doing to it?’ How could she be fraught with fear and want to rub her pussy as well with one of her shackled hands?’I’m giving it what it fucking needs,’ Gavin told her, humping his way towards climax, yet holding off from the full-throttle treatment he would have administered to a more experienced rear. ‘Now take my cum like a good little bitch… Take it up your tight fucking ass… Take it, Sandy, that’s it, fucking take it!!!!!’ He forced their bodies together with one final heave and was overtaken by paroxysms of delicious sensation, as his cock spewed deep into her anal sanctum.He clung hard to her slender arms, until his long, intense orgasm subsided, along with her distraught moans. Then his whole body relaxed and he carefully drew his still inflated, but utterly satisfied cock out of her. ‘Fuck, Sandy, that ass was worth waiting for.’ Her head sagged back to the floor and she made no movement, as he reached across for the key to the handcuffs and set about unfastening her. He raised her to her feet, letting the cuffs clatter to the floor, and stood looking into her pitiful, tear-streaked face, as he massaged sensation back into her wrists. ‘Good girl, Sandy, you’ve come through a lot tonight and it’s nearly over. That money’s nearly yours. We’ve just got one more surprise for you…’Sandy’s mournful expression begged to know what could possibly be left in store, but any mumbled question was prevented by Alan’s reappearance in the bathroom.’Ready?’ inquired Gavin. ‘All set,’ Alan replied, with undisguised excitement. ‘Everyone’s waiting.’ He caught Sandy’s woebegone ‘What now?’ expression and smiled at her, the edgy smile of a man who had been delaying his own gratification, while all his friends took theirs. ‘Oh don’t worry, Sandy, there’ll be no more fucking. No more fucking at all.’ He ignored her perplexed stare and looked back to Gavin. ‘Right. Bring her out.’ ~~~~All was ready in the living area. While Natasha was working her numerous hard-cocked subjects, keeping them a mere shade below their peak, the evening’s long-haulers had cleared furniture out of the way, while Ben had fetched a large, broad sheet of linoleum from the kitchen and laid it out in the middle of the floor. Alan had purchased the covering earlier that week from a local DIY store, for purposes of shielding the carpet. Any fluids that went wildly astray – well that was what stain remover was for.A brief, awed hush overtook the group of rampant newcomers, as Sandy tottered into the room, held steady between Alan and Gavin. Natasha released the three cocks she was currently servicing and looked back to see her friend. Even in her sore and dishevelled state Sandy was a picture of voluptuous, youthful loveliness. Still wearing only her sandals and her teasing, hip-slung, gold waistlet, she was a delectably pure canvas on which they were about to paint. Muttered expressions of burning lust broke out amongst the waiting pack – ‘Fuck, look at that’; ‘Bring her over here, let’s go.’Sandy instinctively resisted, on seeing the huge group of stiff-dicked, masturbating strangers and the immediate, all-consuming interest they showed in her. She tried to pull away for the first time that night – where she would have gone she did not know – but her two captors gripped her wrists masterfully and dragged her stumbling on to the linoleum surface.’What are they all her for? What are you doing with me?’ she cried out, sudden terror helping her find her voice again.‘Decision time, Sandy,’ Alan told her quietly. ‘Think of it as your final task. Now either I can use your money to pay off all these disappointed guys, or you go through with it and leave here richer. What’s it to be?’‘What is the task?’ Sandy asked breathlessly.‘Nothing that’s going to hurt you. Tell me your answer.’Sandy quaked, but fortified her resolve one last time. Everything that happened tonight was a bubble in real life. What happened inside this apartment stayed there, along with what disturbingly excited emotions she felt. After this she could leave it all behind. She had to go through with this. ‘I’ll – I’ll do it,’ she told him.’Then get on your knees,’ Alan instructed her without delay. ‘On your knees, now!’ And when she remained frozen, her terror of the unknown returning, Gavin jabbed his own knee into hers from behind and she crumpled into prayerful position. ‘Right,’ Alan said to the hapless girl, his tone sharp and demanding. ‘You see these guys?’ Sandy just quaked silently on the plastic mat. ‘You see them?’ She stared at the ranged hard-ons and nodded. ‘Most of them haven’t come in two weeks, but they’re going to now. Right bang in front of you. And you’re going to catch as much of it on your tongue as you can. Understand?’It seemed that she did not entirely, as she simply stared at Alan in fearful confusion. He crouched in front of her, commanding her pitiful, wide-eyed attention, and thrust two fingers into her surprised mouth. ‘Now look – if you want to hang on to that cash for yourself and Natasha, open up, stick out this pretty little tongue and take what you’re given.’ She thrust out her tongue obediently – this was an evening stripped of options – but as Alan left her isolated on his improvised mat and the erection-wielding men began to move in on her, she shot an imploring glance at Natasha for support.’Let me help her, don’t make her do it alone!’ The older girl had already risen and was rushing over to Sandy’s side, but Alan was having none of it.’Get her out of the way, Gavin.’His robust associate blocked Natasha’s path and backed her forcibly across the room to the dining area. He shoved her in between Darren and Steve, who took hold of an arm each. ‘Keep her there, make her watch,’ Gavin said, seizing Natasha’s jaw and fixing her with a grimly amused stare. ‘Alan says Sandy’s like a sister to you. Well I want you to see all that happens when you pimp out your little sister.’ Natasha glared back in ardent fury, but she watched everything nonetheless.’Right guys, let’s have this one at a time.’ The excitement flashed in Alan’s eyes as his personal fantasy neared fruition. His camera was ready in his hand once more; he had supplied it with a new film, so as to miss nothing. The queue of bone-hard men was not exactly orderly, and after some negotiation Scott had made it to the front. Sandy knelt, bereft of all help, her tongue thrust out two feet from where his hand wanked his rigid, purple-headed cock towards orgasm. And alongside him over two-dozen fully loaded ball-sacs, just like his, craved to be emptied.’Oh-oh-oh-‘ After all those days’ restraint Scott felt the joy of finally pushing himself over the edge. Sandy knelt, horribly transfixed by the hard, angry flesh-pistol about to be triggered in her face. Scott’s entire body was seized with euphoria, as his balls took over with a fierce, involuntary clenching. He swallowed his groans, so that his intended target did not even know to flinch. Oh-oh-oh-oh ffffffuck!!!!! Sandy gazed intently – and a volley of dense, white cum-shots fired from Scott’s cock, exploding in her face. They missed her mouth entirely, each voluminous jet blasting against her nose and engulfing her visage in a thick, sticky mess. She was blinded by the rapid-fire succession of cum-blasts and in her panic hardly felt the final few spurts splatter on to her breasts. Scott staggered to one side, the last of his huge load dripping from his spent cock, now that Sandy wore the greater part of it. She was gasping from the shock, hands flailing around as if searching for a towel with which to wipe the offending sperm from her face. Finally she resorted to scooping it from her stinging eyes with her fingers and blinking furiously to try and regain her vision. She did so for a split-second, just long enough for her brain to register a large black man desperately wanking his thick pole, his face an orgasmic rictus and his mouth spewing obscenity. Then he shot hard and a second copious, ball-draining gush of semen drowned her face, spraying into her hair as it did so, so that fat droplets hung in her sweat-matted locks.There was a roomful of male laughter – they obviously loved seeing her pretty features so thickly frosted with spunk – but Alan sounded disapproving. ‘I said catch it on your tongue, Sandy! What are you fucking playing at?’ She thrust her tongue back out despairingly, listening in the cum-blinded dark for the fervent groans of the next guy in the queue, so she could catch in her mouth what he had to offer. She felt quite desperate to appease Alan, so succeed in her task. But once more the thick load of ball-custard burst against her face, so that great, warm gobs dripped down and splashed her tits and stomach. ‘That’s fucking useless!’ she heard Alan cry. ‘For Christ’s sake, somebody spunk in her mouth!’ Somebody did. A strong hand grabbed her hair and wrenched her head back; she could here the rapid slap of some anonymous male beating off his cock inches from her face. ‘Open up, wide!’ the guy shouted, hoarsely and urgently. She obeyed and was rewarded with a large, already pulsing cock-head shoved on to her tongue. It unloaded instantly, causing fierce jets of hard-pumped semen to ricochet off the fleshly pink surface and hit the back of her mouth, almost choking her. Her mouth filled as it had done earlier with a great, hot tide of sperm, that began to trickle out the corners of her mouth and over her cheeks. ‘Don’t spill it, hold it in your mouth!’ Alan yelled, as the guy’s inundation of spunk finally began to ebb and he pulled out, letting the last of it dribble on to her thighs. ‘Hold it there, hold it in the back of your throat!’ She thrust her cum-splattered face to the ceiling and retained the great, gooey load. ‘Now gargle it!’ It was one more moment that looking back she would not be able to accept had actually happened. ‘You heard me, Sandy, gargle his cum!’ Alan repeated. She threw her head further back and gargled the mouthful of thick, salty ball-juice, as though it were mouthwash. Riotous mirth sounded in her ears as she carried out her bizarre and filthy endeavour, inwardly pleading that she not be made to suffocate on sperm. ‘Now spit it out!’ Alan commanded. She expelled the contents of her mouth violently, so that a great, bubbling tide of cum and saliva flooded over her chin and spilt down in rivulets between her breasts.Alan, whatever the tone of his voice, was delighted with the first few messy results. The next two urgent ejaculations splurged into Sandy’s lovely, wincing face, utterly smothering it in a thick, white pudding of spunk. Globs of the stuff clung to her hair and a long, melting icicle of cum swung from her lower lip and chin. But Alan wanted so much more. Grabbing her under the arms, he pulled her down backwards, so that she lay prone before the unruly, snaking queue of erect cocks, propping up her beautiful body with trembling arms. ‘Right lads,’ he said, with deep-seated enjoyment. ‘Fire at will. Fucking drown her.’No second bidding was required – these men were desperate to unburden themselves. Three were already before her, like competitors in some frantic wanking competition. They were already incensed by seeing the drenching of Sandy’s shocked face and as soon as one began to come, the others sparked instantly. The trio united in a great orgasmic roar, their bodies wracked with climactic tremoring, and together they directed three great arcs of cum towards the girl’s exposed flesh with spectacular results. One of the prolonged sperm-gushes splashed messily over her flat stomach, pooling in her belly-button and washing over her slim waist in rivulets, while the other two broke extravagantly on her beautiful tits, scattering a spume of thick droplets over her neck, chin and hair. As the projectile cum-shots petered out, they dribbled over her pussy and firm upper thighs. Sandy was gasping and jolting each time her body was struck by the sticky male essence and from that point on did not have to wait long for each new impact. Men were breaking rank and rushing forward, masturbating frantically to jettison their seed on to her lightly tanned skin. Within seconds her body was deluged, as cocks propelled their impressive loads towards her from a half dozen directions. Jets from either side further splattered her boobs, leaving them coated with thick, pearly gunk. Another blast took her under the chin, sluicing back into her hair, while one crazed ejaculator had the privilege of spurting his semen liberally over her bare cunt. Two more cocks unleashed another dousing of semen into her face, but at such an acute angle this time that her nostrils were flooded as well as her mouth.Sandy came up from her prone position spluttering hard, so that the spunk was expelled from her mouth and nose, splatting on to the linoleum. ‘Please please, I can’t see!’ she cried, her voice thick from its most recent helping of cum.’There’s a towel out in front of you, reach for it!’ Alan called, and she knelt, reaching forward blindly, jism dripping thickly from her face and nipples. But there was of course no towel – just a further outburst of raucous, orgasmic cries, followed by a barrage of cum-blasts, that burst over her face, tits and searching arms. She gave a muffled squeal and shied away from the sticky onslaught, but her heel skidded on the semen that was starting to puddle on the lino and she fell back, her ass landing on the plastic surface with a wet slap. The guys roared their laughing approval and those who had still to have their turn crowded in around her, ready to spend every ounce of their sap on her. They were joined by a good number of the whole-evening crowd, who were turned on escort mersin sufficiently to produce one more hearty gift of semem. The air grew dense with animalistic male bellowing, as the vehemently-pumped cocks began to unload one by one, engulfing Sandy’s naked form in a torrential downpour of hot sperm. Great wet cum-bolts slapped into the sides of her face, until her ears clogged and the locks of her chestnut hair oozed with the stuff. Geysers of fresh spunk pummelled her chest and washed around the curves of her breasts like a stream in spate, while other jets soaked her thighs and stomach. She raised supplicating hands, tried to protect her face, but there was no escaping the all-consuming, gooey rain of cum, as it enveloped her body. Over a dozen obscenity-howling, raging men pounded their cocks, till they had spewed all the thick, white man-cream out of their balls, over a pretty, big-titted twenty-year-old. Sandy lay exhausted as the rain finally abated and the last few drops scattered themselves over her, leaving her coated from head to foot in a glistening cocktail of sperm. She looked, for all the world, as if she had been dunked in a great vat of wallpaper paste.’Get up,’ said Alan. There was so much cum in her ears, she scarcely heard him. ‘Get up on your knees!’ he barked at her, and she did so, spitting goo and wishing it would all just end. ‘Wash yourself in it.’ What? One more time that night, she did not immediately understand. ‘Like you’re in the shower, Sandy – I want to see you rub it in like soap!’ She did not want to, but he made her do it, in front of the roomful of male strangers. He made her lather her tits and stomach with the thick semen that dripped from her body. He made her smooth it over her thighs and smear it liberally between her legs. He insisted that she mop the lino clean with her hair, until it hung round her face in rats’ tails, thick with spunk. And Natasha watched it all, in mute astonishment.Even as the room’s tide of lust ebbed out, Alan’s own slow-burning libido was finally peaking. Throughout the evening he had orchestrated everyone else’s desire and provided his own photographic record, while the others satisfied themselves. He had sublimated his own carnal longings, channelling them into his control of young Sandy – the long-term object of his most twisted fantasies, all of which he had made real tonight. All but one, and that the most obvious.’That’s right, Sandy, scrub yourself in it.’ He advanced on her with serious intent and a cock that pointed to the ceiling. ‘Wash that pretty face in spunk – here, like this!’ He scooped a large glob of thickening cum from her pussy and smeared it nastily over her protesting face. ‘Christ, you’ve been such a good little slut tonight,’ he breathed hoarsely into her ear, as he collected more spunk from under her tits and fed it into her helpless mouth. ‘You’ve been my obedient little slut-girl and it’s almost all finished. Just one thing.’ He threw her down on to all fours and climbed behind her as she squealed, forcing her thighs roughly apart. Then he spat on his cock and smeared the saliva down its thick shaft; it was to be his only concession. ‘I know I said there’s wasn’t going to be any more fucking tonight.’ His breath was ragged, as he pulled her bum cheeks apart and fitted his bulging cock-head into the entry to her asshole. ‘Well I lied.’ Grabbing tight hold of her sticky thighs, he rammed his cock deep into her ass, and buggered her furiously. Sandy’s screams rent the air. Natasha too cried out, struggling to run to her friend’s aid, only to be restrained by her guards. She could only listen, listen and watch, as her innocent friend’s debasement was made complete. Before her eyes Alan continued to deliver his near-deranged fucking. The evening’s proceedings had inspired in him a demented lust the like of which Natasha had seldom seen before, and he was taking it all out on the pretty girl’s tender, young bottom. ‘Come on, Sandy, take it up the ass one more time, take it up the ass like a good whore!’ He took a handful of her slick, messy hair and dragged her head back, as his powerful, steel pole continued to plough her shithole, his swollen balls bouncing off her flushed cheeks. Her howls filled the room, only inspiring him to greater fierceness. ‘That’s it, Sandy, let’s hear you! Fucking take my cock!’ he yelled, coring her ass like a ripe apple. ‘Fucking take it! This is how you pay the rent, you hear me? This is how you pay the fucking rent!’ Of all the evening’s events, this one would remain the most vivid in Sandy’s memory. Glazed in fuck-juice, stared on by the guys whose cocks had spewed it all over her, she was being butt-fucked recklessly by the man who she had dreamed of seducing her gently in the Tuscan moonlight. And somewhere inside her anguish was a terrible thrill.The hot surge overtook Alan. Sandy’s asshole remained tight, even after a long evening’s attempts to fuck it wide open, and it seemed to be sucking the cum from his balls. His sac contracted fiercely and he felt the spunk burst from his deeply impacted cock. He threw his head back and let out a raging scream, as he fired his pent-up load jet after urgent jet into Sandy’s innermost recesses, till he had drained himself dry. Then, all sexual craving assuaged, he let go of her hair and let her fall, his cock, messy with semen, plopping from her ass. She flopped back down on to the lino with a wet slap – and it was over.~~~~They rolled Sandy up, still naked, in the sheet of linoleum and dumped her in the back of Alan’s car. Natasha protested bitterly, but they laughingly told her to shut up and get her clothes. She struggled back into her knickers and cocktail dress and collected her shoes, picking up Sandy’s discarded items while she was at it. Then she made her way to the waiting vehicle as swiftly and unobtrusively as she could. There was silence the whole journey back to their rented apartment – sullen on Natasha’s part and the Zen-like calm of a man who has fucked his way to happiness on that of Alan. Only Sandy’s occasional sniffles from the back punctuated the conversational void. Alan helped Natasha haul the rolled-up Sandy into the living-room and on to the floor, where she lay in exhausted semi-consciousness, as the final business was conducted at the door.’Three thousand pounds, less the rent money – and I’ve thrown in a few extra hundred for Sandy’s bukake show,’ said Alan, slapping a hefty brown envelope into Natasha’s hands. ‘You can’t say I don’t pay for my pleasures. And don’t ask me to count it, Nat – you’ll find it’s all there.”Just go,’ Natasha snapped bitterly. ‘And you needn’t call round next rent day either – I’ll have the money paid into your account directly for the duration of the contract. I don’t think Sandy should have to set her eyes on you again if possible, should she?”Whatever you say,’ Alan said mildly, turning to leave. He paused, sudden amusement playing on his lips. ‘I’m planning an event with Ben a month from now – house party – one, maybe two girls entertaining upwards of fifty guys over one very long weekend. Going to call it Spunktacular – should be a unique occasion, if we find the right girls. And after tonight’s sterling effort it only seems right to give you and Sandy first refusal…’ ‘Fuck off, you seedy bastard.”Okay,’ he shrugged. ‘Can’t say I didn’t offer. You gals sleep well – I know I will.’Once he had left, Natasha set about helping the shaken and exhausted Sandy. She peeled her from her gluey cocoon and guided her to the bathroom, wrapped in a bed sheet. There she sat the girl’s bruised bottom gently down in a bathful of hot, soapy water and sponged her clean of the drying cum that was forming a thick, white crust over her entire body, rinsing her hair several times to cleanse it of congealing man-gunk. She towelled her down with tender, guilty compassion and wrapped her in a fluffy, white bathrobe, before blow-drying and brushing her hair to something approaching its normal, wavy sheen. Sandy accepted her friend’s solicitude – including the nightcap of rum-laced hot milk – with passive thankfulness, drooping into a worn-out slumber, before she had finished the drink.It was only the next day that Sandy, painfully sore in both her holes and aching across the whole of her manhandled body, broke down and sobbed the initial shock and horror of the previous evening out of her system. Natasha held her till she was done, then plumped her pillows and pampered her in sisterly fashion for the rest of the weekend, ignoring her own bruises from the recent, vigorous working-over of her own body. On Sunday evening she finally displayed the money, all accounted for, drawing from her friend a weak but relieved smile. At least Friday night’s trauma had not been for nothing. Sandy had faced up squarely to her task; amongst everything else she felt a bizarre sense of achievement.Natasha made phone-calls to the café where Sandy worked and to the members of her band, buying her recuperative time off work the following week with a story of severe influenza. Then she sat with her roommate – the two of them eating chocolate in front of day-time chat shows – or took her out for expensive shopping trips or threw two-person champagne-fuelled barbecues on their apartment balcony. And gradually she managed to coax out something of the cheerfully giggling girl she was used to. There were setbacks, not least when Sandy bumped into Ryan down at the local video store and he made some bumbling attempt at talking to her; she had stormed home in angry tears after that one. By the time two weeks had passed, however, she was working her day job again and had allowed herself to be cajoled back on to the stage at Morrison’s. There she lost herself in the music of Shakira and Celine Dion once more and forgot, if only temporarily, about Alan’s party. ~~~~It was Saturday morning, two weeks on from the great gangbang, when Sandy answered the door, Natasha having left for the gym, to a postman laden with an apparent bush’s-worth of red roses and a large, flat box, gift-wrapped in silver paper. The gifts were, it turned out, meant for her and she signed for them blankly. It was only when she was carrying the flowers back through the hallway, that she spied the curlicued writing on the accompanying card.To our own little cum-princess. Thanks from all the guys. XEverything she was holding tumbled to the floor, scattering petals across the carpet. She stared at the box where it lay scattered amongst the wreckage of flowers, a sense of horror prickling her scalp. Lifting it like it were about to explode, she carried it to the kitchen table and tore off the wrapping to reveal a white box. She prised off the lid, her heart trying to pound its way upwards into her throat. Beneath two transparent sheets of rice paper lay a white-bound photo album. Like a wedding album, Sandy thought. Her hands were trembling, as she drew it out of the box and laid it down on the table. And she could feel her eyes smarting with the start of tears, as she leafed her way through the book, horrified but compelled.There she was, flashing her breasts before the amassed guys in Alan’s living-room. She had not even been aware of that one being taken. And again, blindfolded with a cock thrust into her mouth, wanking two others in her fists. Being taken hard on the bed by Gavin. On her knees before him, guzzling the huge mouthful of sperm he had just delivered. She turned urgently through the pages, taking in image after obscene image. Filled at both ends with cock by Darren and Steve. Or crawling over the floor with an apple in her mouth and a plug in her ass. Or on all fours being anally pounded by Kyle. She flicked faster and faster, the whole debauched evening laid out before her in explicit pictures. Now she was helplessly upturned on Ben’s cock, her breasts and pussy exposed to the world. And snared in the middle of three guys, their cocks buried in her to the balls. Chained and ravished in the bathroom. And then numerous shots of her being ejaculated on, till she was unrecognisable beneath a great porridge of thick spunk.She slapped the book shut, near distract with panic and rage, and looked around frantically; she had to find some means of destroying those appalling photographs. On an inspiration she tore her way through the kitchen cupboards, till she hunted out matches and a can of lighter fluid. Then she rushed outside to the balcony, flung the book down on the barbecue grill and doused it with every drop of fluid in the can. She tossed the container aside and struggled with the matches furiously and clumsily in her desperation. The first one broke as she attempted to strike it. So did the second. She grabbed for a third, but fumbled her effort and the entire boxful spilled to ground. Incensed she dropped to her knees and scrabbled after the matches on the cement surface. Then it all became too much. She broke down, a host of conflicting emotions caving in on her, and sobbed herself dry.~~~~Natasha was alarmed, on returning from the gym, to find Sandy curled in an armchair, withdrawn and pensive. There was no indication as to what had plunged the young girl back into silent mood, and she seemed disinclined to discuss it. Natasha brooded through the entire day. That single Friday night had provided her the breathing space she had craved. Her rent was paid and she could meet her credit bills till beyond her exams, giving her all the study time she needed. All at a cost to Sandy. It had been absurd, she thought, to think that the girl could shake off events at Alan’s party like she would a head cold or a bad date. Too convenient on Natasha’s conscience. She had convinced herself that a few girls’ days out and some big-sister tlc could pay back the debt that she owed. Divesting herself of guilt was not going to be that easy.Sandy had vanished into her room for an early night, it seemed, when Natasha made the call. She winced at the delight in Alan’s voice on the other end of the line. ‘What, you and Sandy are going to do a full weekend? I’m amazed!”Not Sandy,’ Natasha told him flatly. ‘I’ll do it alone or you can bring in someone else as well, but Sandy’ll never be near your place again. Take it or leave it.’ ‘Oh I’ll take it, believe me. Pity about Sandy, but one way or another we’ll line up quite a time for you, Nat. Minimum fifty guys – it should be a challenge, even for you.’Natasha sighed wearily. ‘Spare me the bullshit, Alan. Just give me the details.’ By the time she put the phone down, she was under no doubt as to what Alan’s Spunktacular event would entail. It would be a long, draining fuckathon, that would drive her to the edge of her endurance. They would bang her till she lost consciousness from sheer exhaustion and then keep going for a while. And when she woke up they would fuck her all over again. On the plus side, it would earn her another three thousand pounds. Three thousand pounds that she knew she owed.’Okay, sweetheart,’ she said, casting her eyes up the stairs towards Sandy’s bedroom. ‘Where’d you like to go on holiday this time?’~~~~In her room Sandy was not asleep. The night was hot and she had stripped off her silk nightdress to lie naked on her bed. Her right hand was thrust between her legs and her middle finger was rotating busily on her engorged, wet clitoris. With her other hand she pinched and tugged on her erect nipples, moaning forlornly as the sensation, nearly painful in its intensity, built up between her legs. Beside her on the bed was the photo album, mopped clean, but still reeking of lighter fluid. It lay open at a series of particularly graphic scenes, in which her mouth, pussy and ass were seen to take the full force of a series of hard dicks, while numerous spectators leered in the background. She recalled it all so vividly – the pulsating anger of the cocks thrust in her face, the recklessness with which those cocks had ravaged her holes, the taste and feel of the hot, male seed in which she had been all but drowned. Tears of shame coursed down her cheeks, as she came – came with a force that shook her twenty-year-old body to its very core. THE END

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