Dark Passion of M.Dark Passion of M.

Alice Miller

This is a work of fiction. All people are over 18.


My son would masturbate every night. He would jerk himself off in the living room to the wavy lines on the TV. I stumbled upon this fact as I was about to get a glass of water from the kitchen. As I got out of bed I heard a moaning on the TV. Right away I knew something was up, so rather than spoil the moment I listened and the familiar sounds of a young man pleasuring himself faintly under the moans and the saxophone of a soft core sex scene. This touched me in my heart, but it also awoke familiar feelings farther below.

I tried to peek out the crack in the door, and I couldn’t see anything. It’s probably for the best, some things you can’t come back from. So I backed away and resigned him to his privacy just as I heard his muted gasping as he came. I froze. My hand covered my mouth, and my other my stomach. Then it slid to my pubic thatch.

I was so turned on, and I don’t know why. I should have been pissed off! This man just relieved himself in my living room and I’m not doing anything to stop him, but all I could do was imagine and feel my own burning. I lay back down and furiously fingered myself, in some strange way hoping he would hear but knowing he couldn’t. We could share this, I thought. As I drifted off to sleep I thought of him, and my dreams were warm and comforting.


It was a lazy Saturday. I woke up to the bright sunlight and lay in bed. I squeezed my nipple and slowly rolled my bean in my fingers bringing myself to an exquisite plateau. Gasping, sweating and maybe even thrashing a little bit! I licked my fingers and pushed them in deep. I fucked myself until I was dripping down the crack of my ass and onto the sheets.

I couldn’t let this lubrication go to waste! I pulled out my dildo and thought of my son as I placed the hard head in my entrance. I rolled over on my stomach and arched my ass in the air. I pushed that cock inside of me and fucked myself deeply with the thoughts of last night.

When I did get out of bed, there wasn’t anyone around. I scoured the living room and looked to see where that young man left his seed. He doesn’t pick up anything, why would this be different? The carpet was clean. The couch cushions were fine. The drapes were untouched (thank god). Wait… he’s coming in the plant? He’s coming in the plant!

I bent over and inspected the soil, sure enough, there it was, long strands of goo. Evidence of last night! Crouching on my knees at the Taksim Escort base of the plant I pressed my fingers to it, and brought my fingers to my mouth. My tongue pressing just beyond my lips touched the tip of my finger. I tasted his seed and it was strong. I thought about him gripping his shaft right here not 10 hours ago. I dipped my finger in the mess and licked it again, and again.


I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. I rubbed my pussy again. I rubbed myself raw thinking of his acts. I did the only thing a sensible person would do; I moved the plant so I could watch! And then I waited.

Just like clockwork, everyone went to bed, he stayed up. I waited at my door, peering through the crack at him. He was so handsome. I love that he works out because his frame rippled with each movement. He was staring at the screen with his shirt off and his free hand rubbing his crotch in long lazy strokes.

A good part of the movie must have come on because I could hear the saxophone music. So predictable, but I watched him grab his belt and fumble it away. He unbuttoned his pants and reached into his underwear. Just as he tugged out his meat he pushed forward and I couldn’t see anything! Just his ass and sometimes not even that; it was a nice ass to be sure. I slowly rubbed my neck, and pressed at my lips.

He took a step back and I nearly fell into the kitchen. His cock was in plain sight and it was beautiful. Not long, but hard and pointing straight up with a thick shaft and a perfect head. He must have been close to finishing because he was rubbing his meat quickly. I chewed down on my lower lip and matched his strokes.

His head back, eyes nearly closed. He was lost in sensation. I started to feel my own earthquake when his eyes looked right at me! My pussy lost control; I did everything I could to stifle the moan. The tiniest gasp escaped my lips. I stopped masturbating but my pussy was clamping so tight it took everything to stand. I was lost in a delirious moment but still hoping I was safe as a voyeur, my breath coming out in shallow hisses. But he wasn’t looking at me at all; he was looking at the plant and took a step towards it.

In 6 long strokes he spewed his come into the plant. He moaned a low throaty growl as ropes of his come shot out of him. His hand on the wall and his head down he milked what was left. When he let go of his softening cock I think I mewled. The object of my desire bobbed between his legs as he walked Taksim Escort Bayan to his room.

I was so turned on I couldn’t wait. When his door shut I went into the living room and put my face right into his warm sticky mess. I licked his thick come, dirt and all. 4

This went on for several nights but I wanted more. I began to get brazen in my attempts to get him to notice me as a woman and not his mother. I wore low cut clothes, walked around without a bra. Nothing would get him to notice me. I was just his mom.

Well, tonight would be different. About the same time as he would begin jerking off I would totally come out of my room and see what he was doing!

The anticipation was killing me, I put on a loose cotton shirt and I knew my nipples were visible. I felt like such a slut in my tight pants and red lipstick. I never wore makeup, and he said something when I came out

“Wow mom, what are you all dressed up for?”

“Nothing, just staying home with you; what are you watching?”

“I’m watching the game.”

“Oh, can I watch too?” I didn’t wait for a response and sidled up to him; squeezing my body against him.

“Wow! Get a little closer mom,” he said mocking my attempt as he put distance between us.

No worries I thought I can take initiative later, we have all night. We sat next to each other and watched the game, then some MTV. We talked and I flirted. I put my hand on his leg and laughed at his jokes. I made sure I bent down to show him my deep cleavage. I only hoped he liked my breasts, they were small but perfectly formed. And I’m sure he saw everything I’ve got at least once.

I started to rub his shoulders. He was so strong, his muscles filled up my hands. I took a deep breath of his hair, he was so sexy. “This isn’t working. Stand up.”

He totally did, and took his shirt off too! Instead of a massage, I snaked my arms across his body and hugged him from behind. My entire front was pressed against his back and my hands, palm flat against him, roamed his chest and stomach. I mashed my tits against him and put my face near his neck.

“I love you honey,” I said, masking the fact that I was feeling him up. I could tell his breathing was changing and when I backed away my right hand brushed against his dick. He was getting turned on by my affection.

“Turn around and give your mom a kiss.”

“What? Why…”

I didn’t even try to explain; I just gave him a peck on the face. Escort Taksim His shocked look gave way to familiarity. I looked in his eyes forever and put my hand behind his head. I pulled him in and gave him a kiss again. This time my mouth parted, and my tongue entered his mouth.

The sweet taste of him mixed with the softness of his lips. It lasted a second, but it filled my world. As I pulled away I looked at his face to gauge his reaction and his eyes were closed and his face yielding. So I went in again and this time he grabbed me.

It got frantic for a moment he clutched at my body in a clumsy and sexy way. His urgent need pressing his movements. I let him squeeze my tits and lick my neck. He kissed my mouth and grabbed my ass. I was wanton with lust and was going to get my prize!

Pushing him back I grabbed his belt. His arms were relaxed at his side. I looked up at his face, then down at his buttoned pants. To think that his dick was waiting, and ready for my attention! I grabbed the top button and pop, pop, pop, pop his button fly was open and my prize was just before me. I wasted no time and got on my knees. I pulled his underwear and pants down and his cock sprang forward. It was monolithic in front of me. It was thick and so hard it nearly shook.

I looked into his eyes as I placed my lips at the tip and let out my tongue on the underside of his head. He flinched and I grabbed his ass. I looked into his meat as I opened my mouth and began to suck his cock. On my knees with my son looking above as large as a god I suckled at his turgid member; I was his willing slave. It was divine as I worshiped his hard hot member. I sucked and sucked until he started to fuck my face. I pulled away,” I want you to come in my mouth.” He grabbed the back of my head fingers twined in my hair and forced his dick into me with urgent thrusts.

I played with his balls and his inner thigh. I held my head still as he used me. He fucked his rod into me. My tongue was flat against his meat and savoring his girth and my lips were tight on his skin. I felt him expand and then he flooded my mouth with hot come. I nearly choked on his seed but I was willing to do so. I sucked at his dick after the second jet and a third load came as strong as the first. I drank it hot and urgently. I could feel him in my esophagus and filling my stomach, tingling inside me.

I sucked everything out of his dick and made every attempt to make it clean. When I was finished I gave the head a kiss. I stood up and looked him in the eye, and he said he wanted to know when we could do it again.

“How about right now big boy?” I said, sliding my hand to his package and giving him a good squeeze.

He pressed his lips to mine and his dick started to harden in my hand.

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