Just Teasing Ch. 07Just Teasing Ch. 07


The idea Kaye had put forward, changing jobs and turning myself into a paid stud, was discussed several times until we were both happy with the intent. The way Kaye put it: “Such a shame to let your sexual prime go to waste on older women who just use your wonderful cock for free.”

By a stroke of luck, the company I was working at expanded operations. One change was running the inwards and outwards stores in two shifts instead of one. It was suggested I take on the job of twilight shift supervisor, a promotion for starters and with the 4pm to midnight routine it also suited my intentions of ‘playing up’ during the daytime.

Kaye liked the idea of me staying on, although she voiced her reservations about this leaving me in the claws of Alison and Sue.

“I will play it by ear, if it becomes a problem I’ll deal with it then,” I said as Kaye shrugged her shoulders at me.

Step one was to join an upmarket gym; Kaye picked it out for after doing some research. It was quickly obvious that the male/female ratio during the day was rather favourable…

Step two was for me to join a tennis club, not that I needed many lessons, Kaye’s idea again. I found out that during the day all instructors were female at this particular club, ulterior motive on Kaye’s part….

Step three was the most interesting. Kaye suggested I get an all over tan and took me to her beauty/tanning salon. It certainly explained why she always had this fresh back from holiday tan.

Step four was to trim my pubic hair very short and go completely hairless on my balls. Kaye offered to do this for me, and she did a really good job too, only nicking my skin a few times. It felt rather sexy having a completely hairless shaft and smooth sack. Needless to say Kaye took advantage of me, riding my shaven tool promptly after finishing the job! A couple of weeks later I had a nice tan and got into the gym work properly.

My job was fairly straightforward and took up very little time after work hours, allowing me to concentrate on gym work.

Kaye had also joined this upmarket gym and the first weekend we went at the same time, not as an obvious couple of course, but to get the feel for the place.

The lady who worked the front desk, Sally, was more or less the lifeblood of the gym. Anything you wanted organised, massage, personal trainer, you name it Sally would look after it. Fortunately I got on well with Sally from the word go, it may have helped that I paid a years membership in advance and also took on a personal trainer, but Sally was always happy to help where possible.

After a few weeks of working out during the day a pattern started to emerge, with the same ladies being present more or less the same time each day. Varying my times slightly I also quickly found that from 9 to 11 was the best time to be in this gym. Attractive, well-kept women ranging from 25 to 55 seemed to favour this time slot. My target audience in other words…

Kaye took the liberty of asking Sally about me, thereby starting a bit of a rumour. Kaye was asking Sally whether I was single etc, as she had the impression I was ‘living large’ so to speak.

This started Sally probing me with questions whenever I’d enter and depart the gym. She started subtly and eventually began coming up to me as I was working out. Kaye kept me informed of progress as Sally was under the impression that Kaye was married, but looking for a young hung stud for some fun.

Sally wasn’t at all taken aback at this idea, in fact she commented to Kaye something along the lines of: “Heck, what hubby don’t know won’t hurt him right? And anyway, every lady deserves her fill…”

Kaye hammed it up a bit of course, playing the shy married cock hungry lady, and even she was surprised when Sally set her up with another male member of the gym for some ‘big fun’ for a generous lady.

Not a surprise of course, Sally was the ideal person to bring gym members together. Kaye duly went on a date with Sally’s suggested gym member, but he failed to measure up according to Kaye. To cut a long story short, Kaye ended up going out with me supposedly, and found me to be very satisfying. This in turn led Sally to ‘accidentally’ walk into the men’s showers at just the right time.

“Ooooppss, so sorry,” Sally said as she brought a stack of towels into the men’s showers, “I thought there was nobody in here.” I knew it would happen, but it still surprised me when she unashamedly stared at my semi hard cock hanging in full view of her. After several seconds staring she said: “Mmmmm, not shy are we?”

“No, it would seem you’re not shy at all Sally, staring at my penis like that,” I laughed.

“Hey you could at least cover it up,” Sally laughed back quietly.

“Nope, you’re in the men’s showers now, if you can’t handle it you can always leave,” I said as I continued to dry my upper body, making my cock harden further and balls swing slightly.

“Aaah…mmmm, yes fair point,” Sally said as she watched Beylikdüzü escort my cock rise. Eventually she took her eyes off my cock and stashed the clean towels in the rack beside me and left the showers.

I got dressed, filled my water bottle and at the reception desk Sally was sitting looking slightly flushed as I approached.

“Hey Nick, got a sec,” Sally called out as she finished with a lady entering the gym.

“Sure, what’s up Sally?” I said as I came up to her.

“Aahhh, you’re not upset or going to report me for what happened earlier?” Sally said, a little unsure of herself.

With a cheeky smile I said: “And what exactly do you think happened earlier?”

“You know….” she said quietly, “me walking in whilst you’re…. you know.”

“Not a worry to me,” I said.

“Oh great, ’cause I couldn’t help but stare as it was sooo….” Sally said tentatively.

“To be honest, I rather enjoyed that, so why would I make a fuss?” I said grinning as Sally caught on very quickly that I might be keen to swing my dick in the breeze for her to perve at, perhaps hoping for more.

“Mmmm, you’re a bad boy, teasing a woman old enough to be your mother,” Sally said.

“Excuse me, but I’ve always preferred a real woman with experience over a girl with model looks, what is most appealing is how decisive an older woman is…in areas that matter most,” I trailed off as another member approached the desk.

Taking the hint, Sally said: OK, where and when?” Sally shot back at me, now back to her usual self assured manner.

Knowing Sally worked only a half-day on Saturdays I just answered: “Saturday, 1pm, here.”

“Done,” Sally said to me and turned to the member now awaiting her attention, who was none the wiser that Sally had just arranged some afternoon delight for herself.

On the Saturday afternoon, Sally was already waiting for me as I approached the gym entrance. She walked my way quickly and as she got into my old Ute she said: “Are you sure about this Nick?”

“Yep, and you?” I said.

“Can’t wait, I just want to see you play with yourself and go fully hard…. mmmm…. and then maybe…” Sally breathed deeply as she said it.

“Maybe what Sally?” I asked, as she didn’t finish her sentence.

“Oh, you know…maybe I can…. or you might want to…let me play with it…or even…” Sally whimpered as she thought out loud.

“Maybe…. we’ll see…” I said softly as I watched Sally blush a little, her breath audibly catching as I ran a hand up her leg, squeezing her thigh lightly. We both knew full well of course that we would soon be coupled at the pelvis, as if Sally would be leaving my place before she’d had my cock up her!

My place was only a few minutes away and before long the garage door opened and I had the Ute parked, garage door closed. Sally leaned over and kissed me firmly on the lips, and when I sucked her top lip between mine her hand ran up the inside of my thigh, stopping short of my crotch.

“Better we get out of the car and inside huh?” I suggested.

“Uhuh,” Sally uttered as she hopped from the Ute and followed me into the house.

All I was wearing was a polo shirt, cargo shorts and running shoes. Seeing Sally had her gym issue tracksuit on I took the liberty of putting my arms around her from behind, pressing my growing dick into her soft arse and unzipping her tracksuit jacket whilst kissing her neck softly.

Running my hands up her belly I sound had her breasts cupped. Lightly grazing her nipples as I took her collar of her jacket Sally reached behind her to get her hands on my now near rigid dick.

She tried to distract me by turning her head to kiss me full on the lips, then forcing her tongue into my mouth, and at the same time wrapping her fingers around my shaft. Kissing tenderly, Sally stroking my now throbbing cock, I let go of the jacket and ran my hands back over her erect nipples. Even thru her shirt and bra the buds on her smallish breasts stood proudly out, sensitive to my gentle touch.

Wasting no time, Sally quickly found the button on my shorts and had me unzipped in no time. As my shorts dropped Sally grinned as she found no underwear, now taking my cock in both hands and squeezing the shaft, then taking hold of my balls and ever so gently rolling them against my body.

We stood like this for a few minutes, groping, kissing, fondling. I ran my hands under her shirt and rubbed her belly and then cupped her breasts, now peeling down the cups slightly to take her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Gliding my hands down her belly and then into her tracksuit pants Sally moaned lightly, grabbing and stroking my cock firmer in response.

Softly running the tips of my fingers over her cotton panty covered pussy I found her oh so hot to the touch, her tongue now slithering deeper into my mouth. Sally just kept kissing me whilst I gently and slowly explored her body. Sliding my fingers into her panties I cupped her trimmed Beylikdüzü escort pussy, rubbing my palm gently into her, before parting her lips and dipping a finger into her juicy slot.

Raking my finger out of her hot hole, I dipped another finger in and these two lubed up fingers I brought back up alongside her clit. Pushing back gently, I couldn’t see, but I sensed by Sally’s reaction that her clit was being exposed as I brought these two fingers back. Her response from here was swift; she shook herself free and kneeled in front of me, rapidly taking my engorged cock between her lips.

As Sally slobbered on my cock I took off my shirt and kicked off my shoes, now leaving me stark naked whilst she was for all intents and purposes still fully dressed. Taking hold of her head I gently fucked her mouth, forcing maybe half my length between her lips before she gagged. Withdrawing and repeating, she kept diving down on my thick shaft, trying to take as much as possible into her mouth. She sucked, nibbled and licked my cock for what seemed like ages, taking my balls into her mouth, sucking firmly and jerking me roughly above her head.

The way she kept looking into my eyes was remarkable, sucking my knob into her mouth she’d grin and wink at me. At other times she simply stared at me as she rammed her mouth down on my prick, grasping my balls firmly.

Not wanting to blast a load into her mouth I kneeled down in front of her and kissed her, now peeling her jacket off her arms. Not giving Sally a chance to regrasp my cock I now yanked her shirt up and as she pulled it over her head I bent down and sucked her nipples thru her bra, biting lightly as I reached behind her to unlatch it. Sally shrugged her bra off, as I licked her nipples and cupped her soft arse.

Now she was free to grab my dick again, but just as she had her hands on it again I stood up, took her by the hands and had her on her feet in a jiffy. Now kneeling down again, my mouth kissing her belly as I slid her tracksuit pants down to her ankles, purposely leaving them there.

My hands cupping her butt, my mouth kissing her thighs I hear Sally catch her breath as my mouth moves closer and closer to her cloth covered pussy. Peeling her cottons down her hips I blow on her pussy lightly, making her giggle. Her cotton panties around her ankles as well, I lick her engorged lips broadly as Sally spreads her legs a little, allowing me better access to her rather juicy slot.

Delving the tip of mu tongue between her swollen lips, tasting her nectar, easing her pants and cottons off her ankles, as Sally lifts each leg one by one I use that opportunity to tongue her tasty cleft. Lifting one leg over my shoulder I tongue fuck her whilst holding her body at waist height with my hands. Feeling Sally start to ooze fanny juice freely now, I get up and move her to the couch.

With her butt on the couch I just dive into her tasty cunt again, lapping, licking and teasing her until she’s nearing orgasm. Now taking her clit between my lips I just hum and slide two fingers into her slippery hole. Humming on her clit and finger fucking her takes her over the edge. As her body tenses up in orgasm I briefly continue fingering and humming, then quickly slide up and place my cock at the entrance to her still quivering pussy.

Easing into her hot hole, Sally looks down and seems a little bewildered at my cheeky switch, a smile spreading across her face as I feel her pussy relax, so I force my cock up further.

“Ooooohhhh, yyeeesss!” she hisses as I somewhat forcefully push into her mature cunt.

“Again, harder…!” she hisses in response to me thrusting the last of my shaft into her, balls now tapping her pale butt.

“Mmmmm….” is all I hear for a while as I fill Sally with the cock she perved at recently. I feel her cunt clenching tight as she has another orgasm, stopping thrusting for a short time I allow her to regain her breath, before continuing to pound her hungry fuckhole, now fucking her quite hard in response to her bucking at me as I thrust my shaft into her yummy cunny.

She just keeps asking for me to keep pounding her cunt, kissing me again, feeding me her tits, pinching her own nipples, every now and then reaching between us to grasp my hot shaft as it pierces her cleft, rubbing her clit as she approaches orgasm and oozing all over my cock and balls.

Several orgasms later I see her looking at me with this sheer animal lust, sweating lightly, rosy pink from the frantic activity and then urging me: ” C’mon Nick, fill me, pump those nuts dry into me…mmmm…”

“Uuuurrggh,” I groan softly as I pump my seed into Sally’s hot juicy pussy. She clenches her cunt tight as my cock pulses, pumping spurt after spurt of cum up her love canal.

“Mmmmm, yummy,” Sally cooes as she wraps her arms around me while my cock finishes twitching deep inside her.

We stay wrapped together for a couple of minutes, kissing and hugging tenderly after our hot frantic fuck. Escort Beylikdüzü

With my cock still up her slot, I feel Sally clench her pussy, then she says: “I feel very full still, ding ding there’s the bell for the next round!”

Grinning, I ease my near erect dick out of her pussy partway, then cheekily say: “OK M’am reckon you can go another round huh?”

Reaching down, she feels my dick with her fingers, and looks a little shocked as I now stiffen fully inside her thoroughly used pussy, then when I start thrusting my full length up her poor little pussy she exclaims: “Fuck yeah, give it to me big fella, I wanna make the most of this opportunity.”

“OK, but I want you on your knees so I can take you from behind,” I say as Sally promptly hops into position. Moving behind her, my dick slides up her cunt before she can even take hold of my shaft to guide it into place. In one swift stroke I ram myself into her, holding her hips firmly, rocking her body back into me in a nice easy rhythm.

A few minutes later Sally begins rocking back harder into me, really getting quite vocal now, urging me:” Oh yes Nick! That is soooo good, bang me like the little slut I am…. oooh yeahhh, I am your cock whore…. fuck that cock feels so good…. I’m so full…ooohhh damn…. I want that cock again and again…. I will be your slut…. use me…. drill me…. ooooohhhh hell…just fuck me…fuck your slut Nick…. oooohhh I will be your whore…. just keep giving me that cock…mmmmm….”

Sally has turned into a noisy animal, uttering all manner of filth as I bang her juicy cunt, and I have no way to hold back from pumping her cunt some more.

“Fuuucckk,” I groan as I shudder and hold her hips back against me, impaling my shaft deep in her twitching box, balls now draining every last drop in this hot little mommy who only a day or two ago was perving at this cock, now apparently addicted to it….

Sally reaches underneath us and gently cups my now empty sack, rubs her fingers lightly over it, making me quiver. Then as my spent cock slides out as I ease back, she takes that and ever so lovingly takes it between her fingers and rubs just the tips of her fingers over my whole length, making me shiver and groan, much to her delight.

As I lay back on the couch, Sally puts her head in my lap and licks my cock clean, sucking the head gently between her lips every now and then, just grinning as I twitch and quiver.

After we’ve cooled down a little Sally pipes up with the inevitable proposal: “So Nick, you obviously like older ladies, you’ve got the talent to satisfy, stamina and a nice cock above all else…. here’s what I have in mind. I’ve got ladies asking me at times if I know of any good men, who are discreet of course, to satisfy the desires, that lots of husbands no longer do, and especially for young well hung guys who can go a round or two before calling it quits. Someone like you basically. Best of all lots of these ladies are willing to pay for a good shafting…Not sure if I could afford the service you’ve just given me frankly, judging by what has been suggested as the value of a good romp with a willing stud…but never mind that now. If you only knew how many sexually frustrated wives come to our gym when they’d rather cum on a nice stiff cock…. So what do you think, interested?”

“Mmmm, not sure, kinda sudden to think of myself as a hooker,” I respond.

“No, no, wrong approach,” Sally says, “think of it as a provider of sexual relief to grateful women. You already love to fuck older gals, so why not make a few bucks in the process? Your call how, who, where, when, etc.”

“OK, sounds like you’ve given this some thought before today?” I said calmly.

“Ah, well, I’ve heard about you from Kaye, and then when I saw that hunk of cock hanging between your thighs the other day…. well let’s just say I had to give it a crack myself for starters, and there’s more women who’d love to impale themselves on this beauty,” Sally said as she grasped my now semi erect cock and gave it a playful tug.

“See, your cock is agreeing, at least if going hard again is agreeing…. hehe,” Sally saucily said as she firmly jerked my now stiffening dick.

“Ah ok, why not, I’ll give it a go then,” I said as Sally continued jerking my cock.

“Attaboy,” Sally said as she kneeled in front of me to give me a good seeing to. Jerking rapidly, spitting on her knob to lube the foreskin sliding off and on my engorged plum, she grinned as she then grabbed my sack and rubbed it against my shaft.

“Nice, I knew it would be, but you’ve exceeded expectations hot stuff,” Sally grinned as she bent down and took my knob between her mouth briefly to lube me up.

“Oh fuck it,” Sally said as she got up and mounted me, sinking down to the hilt easily.

“Ah yes, one more thing, if I provide the ladies who will be generous with you…. this is all I want in return…. a ride on this magnificent hard cock!” Sally groaned as she slammed herself down on my proud dick.

I just loved the way this turned out, an older woman, hot blooded and lusty, riding my shaft and now employing herself as my pimp and paying herself in kind before she’s even delivered…. the plan was on track!

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