Daddy’s Sex Ed – Day 09Daddy’s Sex Ed – Day 09


I took my wife by the wrist and led her down the hall toward our bedroom. In front of us, we watched her eighteen year old daughter Eve skipping ahead of us like an eager little girl gaily running toward the Christmas tree to open her presents — only in this case the “present” she was going to open was going to be my hard cock. The door swung closed behind her after she entered her mother’s and my bedroom.

When Kate and I got to our bedroom door, Kate was reluctant to go in. “Danny, this is all so weird!” she whispered to me urgently. “I never meant for it to go this far! I never wanted…” Her voice trailed off.

“You didn’t?” I whispered back, confronting her. “You egged me on, night after night, day after day, pushing me to lust after your daughter’s body. You jacked me off while I stared at her and whispered in my ear about how you wanted me to fuck her. Then you screamed out her name while we made love — when you knew she could hear you. You gave me a hand job and then sucked me off when we were in the same room with her. You called out her name while I fucked you right in front of her.”

Kate didn’t say anything in response. Instead, she hung her head, staring at the floor.

I continued, “You started this. You encouraged it. You moved it forward at every step of the way. Isn’t this what you wanted?”

She still said nothing.

I took both her hands in mine and brought her fingers to my lips. I looked her deeply in the eyes and said, “I love you, baby. Now let’s go fuck your daughter.”

When we entered our bedroom, Eva was already lying in the center of our large bed. Her upper torso was propped up against the headboard. She’d rebuttoned the lower portion of her white gown, but had left her chest bare. The result was that the dress, buttoned up to her abdomen, supported her large bust and had the effect of thrusting her big tits upward and out.

She smiled happily when we entered. “Daddy and I are pretty tired after all the playing around we’ve done for the last three hours,” she said to her mom.

“Three hours?!” said Kate, almost incredulously. “You’ve been fucking for three hours?”

“Uh huh!” said Eve. “Isn’t it great? Daddy’s cock lasts FOREVER! All I have to do is touch it and it gets hard again! And he’s been so much fun! He’s teaching me so much!”

Kate looked back and forth between the two of us. Her expression seemed like a mixture of amazement, despair and arousal, all mixed together somehow.

“Anyway,” said Eve, “Do you mind if maybe we rest a bit and just cuddle as a family?” She held her arms out wide, inviting us to join her on our marital bed.

I watched as Kate tentatively sat down on the bed on one side of her daughter. Eve immediately reached out and pulled her mother toward her. As she did so, one hand snaked around her mother’s neck and pulled Kate’s face toward her daughter’s bare tit. In a fraction of a second, her mother’s mouth was latched onto her daughter’s nipple.

Eve looked into my eyes and smiled. “Come on, Daddy. Join us.”

I climbed into bed on Eva’s other side and took my place suckling her other tit.

“I love my family!” Eve cried as she held both our heads to her tits. “Such a good Mommy! Such a good Daddy! I’m the luckiest girl in the world!”

“Mmmph! Mmmph!” said her mother.

“Oh, Mom, you were so generous in giving Daddy to me!” Eve continued. “And don’t worry! I promise I’ll fuck him as much as he needs! I’ll take good care of Daddy’s special problem!”

Kate tried to pull away and protest, but Eve gripped her mother’s head to her tit to prevent her from moving or saying anything. “Mmmph! Mmmph!” mumbled her mother, her face smothered in titflesh.

“Don’t you worry, Mom! I’ll fuck Daddy over and over! You can concentrate on other things.”

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Kate protested.

While I nursed at my stepdaughter’s soft breast, my hands began roaming over both of my women’s bodies. When my hand first touched Kate’s thigh, she shivered a little bit, as if she were still uncomfortable with the idea of touching both her daughter and her husband at the same time. And yet, despite her discomfort, she didn’t make any effort to try to remove her mouth from her daughter’s breast.

My hand moved over both their bodies. Their thighs. Their breasts. At one point, my hand rose up to my wife’s head and my fingers intertwined with my stepdaughter’s, both of us urging her mother to suck her bare tit. Other times, my hand went from my wife’s C-cup breasts to her daughter’s DD’s. The feeling was fantastic.

When my fingers found my stepdaughter’s clit, she went into overdrive. She began panting, her chest and her big breasts heaving with her arousal. “Oooh, Daddy! Such a good Daddy!” she cooed. Her pelvis began rising and falling rhythmically.

Kate’s hands started roaming, too. She began by putting her hand up to her daughter’s breast, as if she were making a feeble attempt to push away from Eva’s tit. But then she gave up pretending to try to reject her daughter’s porno videolar body, and instead began caressing the breast at her own mouth as well as the other breast, the one that I was sucking.

As my hands roved over both their bodies, I began, bit by bit, to unbutton my wife’s blouse. I undid the top button first, then went back to caressing her shoulders and her torso. Then my hand went farther down and I unzipped her pencil skirt. I felt her stiffen in fear, so I went back to softly stroking her body while she sucked her daughter’s lush tit. When I felt her body lose its tension, I shifted my hand gradually, and unbuttoned another button. Piece by piece I slowly undressed her.

All the while, Eva continued to stroke the back of our heads as we latched our hungry mouths onto her nipples. With her back propped against the headboard and her mother and me suckling at her tits, it was like she was in charge of the bed, demanding that we suck her tits and worship her body.

When I unfastened the last button of my wife’s blouse, I reached around and, with one hand, unclipped the back hooks of her bra.

“Oh Daddy! Mommy!” Eva cried. She was panting with desire. With her hands pulling both of us onto her bare tits, she began clawing at my scalp, wordlessly urging me to suck her harder. I obeyed her.

With Kate’s bra loosened, I reached in and pulled one of her tits out of the bra cup. My hands began alternating between caressing my wife’s breast and my daughter’s.

My hand went back to Eva’s clit. While I diddled my stepdaughter, her mother’s hand made its way to my cock. After all the fucking and sucking from before Kate had even arrived home, my cock was only a little swollen, but the moment Kate’s hand touched my member, I began to get hard again.

We were in a real three-way now. Both of us were suckling my stepdaughter’s breasts, while I played with her clit and her mother played with my cock. I was in heaven.

But there was one thing I still needed.

I lifted my head up from Eva’s breast. “It’s Daddy’s turn now,” I told my wife. Suck me.”

Kate obeyed me. She pulled her face away from her daughter’s swollen nipple. Her eyes were glazed over as if she were in a trance as she scooted downward on the bed to begin suckling my cock. At the same time, I moved upward on the bed and took Eva’s place with my back against the headboard. Eve moved aside and snuggled against me. I draped my arm around her shoulders and she began kissing me at the same time that her mother began sucking me.

This was It, I thought to myself: the new order of things. Me at the center of the bed, my stepdaughter in my arms, with my wife dutifully servicing my cock. “This is how I want you both,” I told them. “From now on. Sucking me together. Kissing me together. Worshiping my cock together.”

“Whatever you want, Daddy,” Eve answered. She put one hand on the back of her mother’s head and forced her mother’s mouth deeper onto my cock. “What do YOU think, Mom?”

Kate’s eyes bulged out in shock as her throat was overwhelmed with too much cock, but she was powerless to do anything about it. “Gugg! Gugg! Gugg!” she answered.

Eve laughed and forced her mother’s mouth down on my cock even deeper. “Mom says ‘Yes!'” She laughed again at her mother’s new subservient role. She scooted upward on the bed and presented her tits for me to kiss and suck on while her mother slurped on my cock.

We went on like that for several minutes. Kate’s resistance gradually melted away as she continued to lick my meat. Soon she was spread out on the bed, feeding contentedly on Daddycock while her lower legs were bent upward in the air, swaying back and forth like a little girl while she slurped on Daddy’s lollipop.

And when I came in her mouth, she swallowed it all like a good girl.

“Oh Daddy!” Eva purred when she saw the spunk overflowing and dripping out of her mother’s mouth. She kissed me on the cheek. “Do you feel better now?”

After that the three of us fell asleep, with me in the middle and my two women curled up against me on either side. I guess Eve must have felt cramped by being squeezed into a bed made for two people (Note to self: Get a bigger bed), because sometime in the middle of the night she quietly slipped out of bed and went back to her own bedroom to sleep.


When I woke up, I was alone in the bed. I took a shower and, wearing only a bathrobe, puttered into the kitchen for some morning coffee. Kate was at the kitchen counter with her back to me, and for a second it seemed as if she were acting like nothing had happened the night before. However, it only took a few moments before I saw that she was intensely embarrassed. As she went to the fridge to pour me a small glass of juice, she served it to me with her eyes cast downward, too mortified to look me in the eye.

She continued like that for several minutes. She said nothing, refused to meet my eyes. Instead, she wordlessly fixed a simple porno video izle breakfast of scrambled eggs, served it to both of us and sat down. She stared at her plate while she ate as if she were a prisoner in a state penitentiary. At one point, I accidentally dropped my fork on the tabletop a little more loudly than usual, and her reaction — jumping up in her seat — was as if a gunshot had gone off. Sitting together and eating was excruciating.

Halfway through the meal, Evie pranced into the room.

Sometimes I wondered whether there was more to Evie besides her stunning looks that made me so hard in her presence. Was it possible that her body gave off pheromones that excited men? All I knew was that as soon as I heard her footsteps, my cock started to rise. The mere knowledge that she was walking into my presence made me hard. Was it her incredible looks, or did her body exude some chemical that made me lust for her? Whenever she came near, I had an urge to plunge my cock into her.

The contrast between the moods of Eve and her mother was like summer and winter. Evie went to the cupboard for a coffee cup, dancing as if the world were sunny and happy. She was whistling absent mindedly, a happy little melody that noodled around and went nowhere, just a random series of notes that followed her buoyant morning mood.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was dressed in her yellow babydoll nightie, the gossamer, nearly transparent one that barely came down to her ass and that was far too small for her prodigious bust. Her tits were bulging out of the top and sides of the inadequate little nightie. When she saw me staring at her, she raised one delicate hand to her chest, and with one fingertip she traced a little circle around her areolae, visible through the gauzy fabric. When she stood in profile to me and stretched onto her toes to reach the sugar on an upper shelf, her nightie rose up, revealing the round curve of her ass and showing that she hadn’t bothered to wear panties. Despite all the fucking we’d done last night, my cock was as hard as a rock.

Then she started to sing. “On the goooood ship, Lollipop, It’s a sweeeeet trip to a candy shop!” she sang. The song probably meant nothing to Kate, but it was the same silly, childish tune Eve had sung the first night that she learned to suck my cock. She began to dance to the dumb little song, and each movement of her torso made her big tits sway back and forth in the flimsy, see-through nightgown.

She caught my eye and smiled as she continued the song. She reached over to a bowl of fruit, picked up a banana, circled her fingers around it and started stroking it up and down. She stared into my eyes and caressed her impromptu banana dildo as she sang,

“On the goooood ship Lollipop

It’s a night trip — into bed you hop!

And dream away

On the good ship Lollipop!”

I stared at her, mesmerized by the movements of her hot little body, hypnotized by thoughts of her blowing me while singing about lollipops. She was dancing for me. She was deliberately trying to turn me on in front of my wife, and she didn’t care if Kate knew it.

Kate, still shell shocked from the night before, turned and stared at her daughter. Eve saw her mother watching her. She dropped the banana on the table top and began cupping her tits from below, bouncing them for us and grinning as she sang.

Then Kate turned her head back and looked at me, noting how riveted I was by her daughter’s swaying, nearly bare tits and her enticing curves. Then, shaking, she gripped her coffee cup with both hands and stared downward into the cup. “I don’t think I’ll be working late tonight,” she said quietly. “I think I want to spend time with you, Danny.”

“That’s great!” chirped Evie, seemingly unaware of the subtext that her mother didn’t want to leave her daughter and me alone together for another evening. “That way the three of us can spend family time together!”

Kate winced as if she’d heard chalk screeching on a chalkboard and went back to staring into the depths of her coffee cup.

A few minutes later, all three of us finished our breakfast and we cleared the table. As was our unspoken custom, Kate and Eve stood side by side at the kitchen sink, one of them washing the plates and pots, while the other rinsed and dried them. My job was to go about the kitchen, wiping down the counters and stove top.

After a few moments, I turned and watched the two of them, their tight asses bouncing as they rubbed and scrubbed the dishes. My bathrobe was tented with my erection.

It was a repeat of a few days earlier. Kate was dressed for work in a thigh-length leather skirt and button-down blouse. Evie, still humming “On the Good Ship Lollipop”, wiggled her ass for my benefit while wearing her flimsy little yellow nightie.

The two women’s asses were irresistible. Again, just like a few days before, I walked up to them and stood behind them. More boldly than before, I put porno video the palms of my hands on both their asses.

“I love my family,” I said softly as I played with their asses. My fingers began seeking out their pussies.

“We love you too, Daddy,” Evie said, turning her head toward me and smiling. She shifted her weight slightly and rose up on her tiptoes as she rinsed a skillet, causing her tiny nightie to rise up, exposing her ass.

Kate turned her head slightly and watched me. She saw me shift my palm so that I was caressing her daughter’s bare ass. She shivered in a combination of fear and growing horniness. I responded by caressing her ass with more force, grabbing a handful of her delicious rump in my hand and squeezing her through her skirt. “Fuuuuuck,” she moaned involuntarily as she closed her eyes, loving the feel of my hand on her ass and both hating and savoring the taboo nature of what I was doing to her daughter in front of her.

Eve took advantage of the fact that her mother’s eyes were closed to bend toward her and kiss her on the lips. Again, it was a repeat of what had happened a few days before, but just as I was more daring in my caressing both their asses, Eve was more explicit in kissing her mother. Last time it was a sensual peck on the lips; this time it was full-blown soul kiss, with Eve exploring her mother’s mouth with her tongue.

I unzipped my wife’s tight leather skirt, and with a single tug slid it to the ground. Then I did the same to her panties. Now both of my women were presenting their bare asses to me. Still kissing her daughter, Kate began to shake in fear and anticipation.

I opened my bathrobe, exposing my hard cock. Then I slid it into my wife’s already-wet slit and began fucking her while she made out with her daughter.

I bent forward and put my mouth against her ear. “Do you love your Daddy?” I whispered into her ear.

A quiver began in Kate’s thighs and then spread both down her legs and up her torso, until her entire body was shaking. The feeling of surrendering control not only to me but also to whatever was happening with her daughter was too much for her. She began shaking uncontrollably, moaning inarticulately the whole time. While she orgasmed, Evie reached one hand toward her and held her mother’s hand, joining her in her ecstasy as I pounded harder and harder.

Within a couple of minutes, Kate began panting and gasping. She became glassy eyed and drooling, a slave to my cock, unable to stop getting fucked even if she wanted to. She’d been fucked almost senseless, screwed silly before she’d even gone off to work. She bent lower over the sink to allow me to plunge deeper into her twat. She hung her head in what seemed almost like shame. Her long brown hair fell forward, shielding her face from her daughter and me. The curtain of hair on either side of her face isolated her despite the fact that she was standing next to her daughter. It gave her an anonymous feel, as if she had turned herself into nothing more than an anonymous cunt being fucked.

I pounded her harder. “Fuck your Daddy!” I growled.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whimpered. “I deserve it!”

While I rammed her over and over, Eve, still poised beside her mother at the sink, stood more upright. She lifted her face to mine and kissed me. We stood there, making out sensually while I slammed my cock into her mother’s cunt over and over, relentlessly. Kate mewled and whimpered in submission.

After a couple of minutes of hard fucking, Kate’s moans became louder, more shrill. She began shrieking in orgasm, and her whole body began to shake.

I grabbed a tuft of her hair and pulled her head back, making her back arch. Her long brown hair fell forward, completely covering her face. She’d turned herself into a faceless cunt. “Aaaagh!” she screamed. “FUCK US! FUCK US!! FUCK US!!!”

Then suddenly it was over for her. Spent, she slumped over the sink with her bare ass thrusting out. Her ass was still quivering with orgasmic aftershocks, but she was exhausted and panting and nearly unconscious.

I pulled out and moved over a foot, then began fucking her daughter. Kate managed to lift her head and stared through the tangle of brown hair glassy-eyed and wonderingly at her daughter’s face.

“YEAH, MOM! WATCH ME GET FUCKED BY YOUR HUSBAND!” Eve cried gleefully, rubbing her mother’s face in her cuckoldry. I grabbed Eve by her elbows and pulled her more upright, ramming her over and over and making her big boobs bounce only a few inches away from her mother’s face. “FUCK ME, DADDY!” she screamed. “FUCK ME IN FRONT OF MY MOM!!”

I grunted and reached forward, grabbing both of her huge tits from behind, all the while slamming my cock into her as hard as I could. Her soft ass felt fantastic against my groin.

The contrast between her mother’s embarrassed submissiveness, slumping forward and hiding her face behind her hair, versus Eva’s raucous, celebratory response to my fucking, was enormous. Eva’s body thrashed and jolted up and down. Her entire torso bounced joyfully, thrusting her boobs forward, practically in her mother’s face. Her mouth opened wide in a smile and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she orgasmed for me. Echoing her mother’s words from only a couple of minutes before, she began screaming: “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”

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