Country Club Lifestyle Ch. 01Country Club Lifestyle Ch. 01


Country club communities are sprinkled all over the area where I live. So it’s no surprise that there are a lot of lonely housewives looking for a distraction while their husbands are away on business or out playing golf. The other thing they love to do is throw parties, and as a caterer I get to meet a lot of these housewives. Here is one of their stories;

Karen called me about an event she wanted to host in her home. She lived in a gated country club community where all the homes were luxurious and well designed. I had not been to this community before so it was going to be good to get some exposure in this area. Little did I know what kind of exposure was to come!

I pulled up to the guard house and after checking my ID, he raised the gate to let me through. He gave me quick directions and away I drove. The house was indeed well designed and luxurious. It had a huge drive made of pavers and a large portico entrance on the front. I pulled into the drive and parked in front of one of the three large garage doors.

As I walked from my van up to the front door, the door opened and there stood a stunning young woman. About mid 20’s, She was wearing cutoff shorts and a white tank style top over a black bikini and flip flops. Her long auburn hair tied in a bun and dark sunglasses shielded her eyes from the Florida sun. On second scan, the top button of her shorts was open and her black bikini bottom was barely visible.

“Karen?” I asked hopefully

“No” she said “that’s my mom, I’m Amy” She brushed past me with a knowing smile and a wink and headed to her car. I certainly hoped Amy would be back again soon.

I approached the open door and called inside, “Karen?”

“I’m out here” she piped back.

Closing the front door behind me, I walked in only to realize that the house was a square that wrapped around an inner courtyard pool. I scanned the pool deck, and there lying face down Gaziantep Anal Escort on a chase lounge was who I assumed was Karen.

I admired, well oogled, her body from foot to head. She had an incredible body. Lean powerful legs and an ass like a black girl. Her black yoga pants form fitting her body. She wore a bright pink bikini top that was covered by a black tank and finished with long dark hair and sunglasses. She had a radiant smile, almost devious, like the cat that had swallowed the canary.

“Come on over Rich” she motioned for me to sit across from her in one of the four chairs at the round deck table. She got up from her chase and joined me at the glass topped table. Her bare feet and manicured toes, along with her bright red nails were starting to stir some feelings. This woman oozed eroticism.

“Did you find us alright?” she questioned.

“Yes, no problem at all” I stated. “So, tell me about the party you would like to host.” I queried, trying to get to the business at hand.

“Would you like a cocktail?” Karen asked, with her devious smile still radiating confidence as she got up and headed to her kitchen.

“If you are having one, I’m happy to join you” I ceded. One thing I have learned about the country club wives is whatever their pleasure is, is my pleasure. Drinks at 10am? Sure. Tease me with slutty outfits while I twitch in my seat? No Problem. Whatever it takes to get the business is my motto.

Karen returned a few minutes later with 2 tall glasses of lemonade, spiked with vodka.

We each took a sip of our cocktails and went about the business of planning the event she wanted to hold in her home. The meeting lasted about an hour, and 3 drinks. While it was professional there were times when I felt it was getting a little flirty. I just passed that off as my imagination. At the end of our discussions, Karen had decided to remove her black tank fully revealing her bright pink bikini top. Her breasts were large and inviting making it very difficult to focus on anything else. I had to clear my head.

“Where can I find a restroom?” I asked and Karen showed me where the closest one was.

Inside the restroom I took stock of my situation while looking in the mirror;

Three drinks so feeling a little high, Check

Semi-rigid hard on from the chesty housewife, Check

Like the old Clash tune the thought in my head was, Should I stay or should I go?

Walking back out of the restroom, I approached the pool and noticed that Karen was swimming in the pool, her yoga pants now clumped in a pile by the side. Her ass was incredible. It jutted out and begged to be manhandled as she stroked her way up and down the length of the pool.

I approached the door to the pool area and said

“Karen, if you don’t need me for anything else, I’m going to head out” Hoping she would offer a different option, but thinking reverse psychology was the way to go.

“Why don’t you join me here in the pool?” she questioned as she swam up to the edge.

“I don’t have any trunks with me” I said.

Then without a word Karen reached down, pulled off her bikini bottoms and tossed them with a wet slop onto the pool deck.

“Neither do I” she grinned as she turned and went back to swimming. Her now naked ass, wet and glistening glided through the crystal clear water.

I’m no dummy and my chef coat and pants were off in a heartbeat. I slid into the pool and leaned back against the edge of the pool as Karen returned from her lap. She stood up before me and reached back removing her top and thus setting her D cup breasts free.

The pool water dripped deliciously down the slope of her breasts, small drops dangled then dropped off the edge of her thick nipples. My cock surged as she moved closer. The blood engorging me and bringing me to full a erection. I reached out to touch her breasts and she pushed my hands away.

This caught me off guard a look of surprise on my face.

“Not yet” she said, “I want to watch you stroke that cock of yours first”

This was a first, but what the heck. I reached down and took my throbbing cock in my hand and began to slowly stroke from the base to the tip of the head. My other hand went down and cupped my balls as I continued my slow steady stroking.

Karen gazed delightedly through the crystal clear water at my masturbation. Unconsciously, her hand slowly slid between her legs and began to press against the soft pink folds of her pussy.

Seeing her play with her pussy was exceedingly sexy and I was on the edge of cumming in no time.

“I’m getting really close” I spoke

“Stop stroking” she said. I obliged and removed my hand from my cock still holding my large balls with my other. She leaned in and could see little streamlettes of my pre cum turning pearl white as they wiggled away from my cock head.

“That’s a lot of pre cum” she stated as her hand moved towards the head of my cock and her index finger toyed with the little white bits and pressed against my soft yet taught cock head.

“There’s more where that came from, just keep doing what you’re are doing” I told her.

“Maybe next time” she stated as she moved away and headed for the steps of the pool.

What the hell? I thought to myself as she grabbed a towel and dried her amazing body off.

“I have another appointment” she said as she grabbed her clothes and headed inside. “See yourself out Rich, I will be in touch”

Frustrated and on the verge of orgasm, I got out of the pool, dried off with her already wet towel and got dressed. I headed back out to my van and pulled out of the driveway. As I drove past the guard gate, I saw Karen’s daughter Amy driving back into the community. I guess it was a good thing we didn’t go farther, I thought to myself as I drove back to my office.

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