harry potter 7 Voldemort’s Revengeharry potter 7 Voldemort’s Revenge


Harry was in a dimly lit room with Voldemort and Malfoy (Drako) standing in front of him. Malfoy was naked against the wall with chains holding his arms into the air. Another two chains on either side spread his feet apart. “You failed me Drako. If it had not been for Snape,” Voldemort nodded at Harry, “Dumbledore would still be alive. Although you did find a way, my death eaters could get into the castle. For that I will not kill you but, I do have to set an example out of you.” Harry realized he must be inside of Snape’s head. Harry found this odd considering Snape was great at Occlumency. Harry put this out of his mind and paid close attention to Voldemort.
Voldemort then seemed to pull a nine-tail whip out of nowhere. He raised it above his head and brought it down across Malfoy’s chest. Malfoy looked as though he was going to scream out but he held it in. Voldemort raised the whip again brought it down in the other direction. The two whips left a cross on Malfoy’s chest. Harry started felling sorry for him then remembered Malfoy was the main reason Dumbledore was dead. A third time the whip was brought down, then a fourth. Voldemort then laid down his whip and took out his wand. Harry then saw Malfoy drop to the ground as the chains released him. Voldemort then lead Malfoy over to a table in the middle of the room. Malfoy was made to lie on top of it face down. Chains sprang up out of nowhere and held Malfoy into place. There was one around his waist, another around the top of his back and a third one holding his legs down.
Harry/Snape mover around to the front of Malfoy and took his dick out and shoved it into Malfoy’s mouth. He opened his mouth willingly because he knew his master was watching him. Voldemort took his wand and Kirazlıtepe Escort shoved it into Malfoy’s ass and left most of it sit inside. Harry then saw Voldemort drop his robe. Harry saw nothing, that is to say there was nothing there. There was no hair or penis, his stomach came down into a V shape like a woman but there was no slit either. Yes, Voldemort had come farther than another in the lines of immortality but he was also less of a man. Voldemort licked his fingers and pinched both of his nipples. It looked painful to Harry but Voldemort seemed to really enjoy himself.
Harry/Snape felt a build up in his balls and grabbed the back of Malfoy’s head and shot his load deep into his throat. Voldemort then pulled his wand out of Malfoy’s ass and gave it a real wipe down before releasing him. Malfoy just laid there as Harry and Voldemort walked into the other room talking. “So is everything set at Hogwarts for my arrival?” Voldemort asked Harry. Harry Felt himself responds but it was not his words being spoken, “Yes my lord. Your spy had no problems getting in and I am receiving regular reports. Harry Potter showed up but, I have been informed he and his troublesome friends are set to leave tomorrow for Godrics Hallow. So he should not be any trouble for you.” Voldemort then turned and left Harry there alone. Harry then turned to a mirror and saw Snape’s face. He then said, “You can leave now Potter.”
Harry woke with a jerk and Ginny asked him what was wrong. He told her to go back to sleep and he will tell her about it in the morning. Harry thought that there would be no reason to go to Godrics Hallow, there would probably be an ambush waiting there for him. Harry fell asleep to the thought of what he Escort Kirazlıtepe was to do now. Should he stay at Hogwarts and wait for Voldemort to come to him or should he seek out Voldemort and kill him before he had a chance to get to the school. He would have to discuss it with Ron and Hermione in the morning. Harry also wondered why Snape had allowed Harry into his mind. Was this part of the whole plan or what? Harry drifted off to the black lake while smelling Ginny’s hair.
The next thing Harry felt was Ginny getting off his lap and he heard catcalls from other students. Harry had left his glasses on when he fell asleep so he just had to open his eyes. He says students walk past staring at him and exiting through the door. Ron came down from the Boys dorm room, “Where the bloody hell were you all night?” Ron asked him. Harry told him he and Ginny must have fallen asleep after taking a “bath”. Ron just stared then he heard Hermione’s voice behind him. “Well I’m glad you can still go in there since me and Ron had to turn down head boy and girl position.” Harry had for gotten to write back turning down Quidditch captain and had planed to go to his head of house at the start of term. “Who is head of Gryffindor now that McGonagall was now head mistress?” Harry asked Hermione because she was the only one who actually listened.
“Her name is prof. Watson and she is the new defense against the dark arts teacher. A prof. Radcliff will be taking over Transfiguration.” Hermione told him. Harry just lowered his head in acknowledgment and told them that he wanted to miss breakfast and head out to the black lake because he had something to discuss with them. They all were dressed and met back at the common room. Kirazlıtepe Escort Bayan They then headed out the front door and down to the lake where Harry explained to them what he had dreamt. Hermione spoke up first, “It has to be a trick. Why would Snape show that to you? That has got to be their plan to keep you here so you don’t go looking for them.” Ron looked at her for a second and responded, “But what if it’s not a trick what if that was their plan and there is someone here at Hogwarts helping out Voldemort.” Both Ron and Hermione had gotten used to saying his name without much fear. “He can’t be that powerful if you can keep defeating him, No offence.” Ron had told him over the summer.
They all sat there contemplating on what to do next. After a while, Ginny spoke up, “I think you all should stay here and,” Hermione interrupted her in mid sentence, “Yeah we all know what you want already” Ginny gave he a dirty look then started again, “Like I was saying, I think you should stay here and protect the school. What if it was real and they plan to attack the school now that Dumbledore is gone. Granted we do have all these teachers here but, the prophecy did say only Harry could defeat him. Plus we don’t know who the spy is so we have to really watch the new teachers.” Harry thought Ginny had made some very good points and agreed with her.
In the end, they had all agreed to stay at Hogwarts. Just then, Harry noticed a person walking out to the lake. Harry stood up and put his hand in his robe and wrapped it tightly around his wand. He then released it when he saw that it was Prof. McGonagall. “Harry Potter I need you to follow me to my office. There’s some important items we have to discuss.” she told him. She then handed Hermione, Ron and Ginny their schedules after checking Ginny’s owl results. Ginny had also decided to become an auror. Harry then followed prof. McGonagall up to the castle and into her office, which had been changed from the likes of Dumbledore.

To Be Continued…

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