Conversations With Donna Chapter 1Conversations With Donna Chapter 1


Donna was having a frustrating day! Three clients made noises about moving to a new firm, a failed bid to take over PR work for a new client, and a call from the IRS about her ex-husband. “What a messed-up day!” She thought to herself as she tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder and turned her head to back out of her parking space. She clicked on a small tape recorder at the same time and started to list some approaches for her clients who wanted to leave. “Goddamn economy, my clients need this service, but want to cut their nose off in spite of their face.””HONKKKKKKKK!””Oh my God!” She waved her hand in an apology and accepted the raised finger as a rebuke for almost backing into another car. She shook her head, her hair created that halo-effect cameras always loved to capture when she was modeling, as she got her mind back to focus on what she as doing. She killed the tape and decided to kill a couple of hours before addressing work again. Carefully she drove towards her home and passed one of her favorite stores. “Yes, this is just what I need, a dose of Jessie’s!””Donna, how are you?” The lady at the front greeted her warmly. Jessie was more than just a clerk although most would never have guessed it. She was in her mid-thirties, but looked barely twenty-five. Even though she was the majority owner, she preferred being on the floor. There was something about customers that she just loved. She took a personal interest in many of them, some more personal than others —like Donna! The former model had helped Jessie with her business plans in return for a nice discount in the shop. Jess knew that Donna was not only beautiful, but smart and a very elegant lady, just the kind of client she wanted to attract into her shop.”Hi Jess, I am doing OK, just a little stressed.” She said with a smile and that got a hug from Jessie. Several other customers noticed and the smiles ranged from loving to lustful as each person felt their own reaction to the tall gorgeous blonde holding the beautiful, but much shorter, brunette.”Well, I think we can help you with some stress relief. What did you have in mind?””I’m not really sure, can I wander a bit?””Of course, Suzi is here if you need anything. I have to do some manager stuff escort beylikdüzü in the office for a while.” Jess indicated a very pretty Asian girl who started quivering in place as soon as Donna came in. Jess smiled to herself, she knew how ‘gone’ Suzi was over Donna. “Come to think of it, they would make a striking couple!” she thought and not for the first time.Donna interrupted that thought. “Anything pressing, something you need a hand with?””How about a sounding board before you do your own shopping, if you don’t mind?””Sure!” Jess led Donna to her office and smiled again to herself when she saw the look on Suzi’s face. She sat her down and poured herself and Donna some coffee. “I am having distributor problems, nothing overly serious, but kind of annoying.””What kind of trouble?””My usual distributor is refusing to accept the return of a pile of movies and magazines. They aren’t selling at all and the normal deal is that after so many weeks I can return them to the publisher for at least a partial refund.”So what’s the problem?”The distributor can’t seem to get hold of the publisher, so if he takes them back, he may get stuck for them. If I keep them I get stuck for them.””Did you order it?””No, they were tucked in with a larger order that got signed for. By the time we realized it, they were on the shelf already. I think out of 240 movies we’ve sold 2, and none of the magazines.””Crappy stuff?” Donna asked.”Real amateur work, lousy lighting, supposedly hidden camera stuff, but what I looked at was poorly staged and obviously a put-up job. The magazines are nothing but still images from the movies with some pretty poor text tie-ins. Crappy isn’t the word. Once I realized how bad it was, I pulled it from the shelves. Actually Suzi pulled it, since she is more in charge of the movies lately.” There, Jessie did what she felt was appropriate and worked Suzi’s name into the conversation — twice!”Well, it sounds like you did everything right, but if your distributor can’t return them to the production company, one of you will get stuck, if the production company sends a bill.””Right, I usually pay though the distributor, so if I keep them, I have to pay them. They pay the production company.”Donna escort akbatı smiled a much more relaxed smile, happy to help out a friend. “Is the distributor pushing for payment?””Now that you mention it, no, which is very unusual.” Jess looked a little puzzled.”To me, if the distributor isn’t pushing that means . . .””It means the publisher isn’t either and it probably means they haven’t paid for them. I feel so much better!” She leaned over to her desk and hit a button.”Suzi, can come in for a second?”Pretty Suzi came in, all smiles and to Jess it was easy to see that she was trying not to look in Donna’s direction. “Suzi, those crappy movies you pulled, where are they?””Boxed up in the basement, except for the few I gave you to look at.””Oh yea.” Jess opened a bottom drawer and pulled them out. “Donna, take a look at how bad the covers look and then give them to Suz. Suzi, add them to the boxes and keep them separate in the basement. I don’t even want customers to know we have such lousy merchandise!””Sure thing.” Suzi finally looked at Donna. “Donna, what is it?”Donna’s face was pale as she looked down at the DVD cover. “Suzi, Jess, I swear this is Frank!””What?””I really need to see this movie, because this looks like my ex.””You’re kidding, no, I can tell by your face you’re not. Why would he get involved in … Oh never mind. Suzi honey, take Donna down to the small break room and put in this film. Also get a copy of some of the others and the mags from the boxes for Donna to look at.””Sure thing!””Thanks Jess.” Donna hugged the smaller woman again and followed Suzi out of Jessie’s office.Suzi is a very attractive girl who has had a serious crush on Donna for months. “She is so perfect, beautiful, successful, and hotter than hell!” She told Jess, Ronnie, and anyone that would listen to her, on more than one occasion. But there was something that kept her from trying to be more than a salesgirl to her. Suzi wasn’t shy, but there was a wall around Donna that didn’t give her any indication a pass would be well received. She knew it wasn’t a problem about her being a girl. As they went across the shop she remembered the first time she laid eyes on Donna . . .”Who is she?” Suzi asked Nadine, who was on escort beylikdüzü monitor duty for the party.”That, sexy Suzi, is a lady named Donna. Pretty magnificent, isn’t she?”Suzi watched Donna administer several smacks to the upturned ass of the naked girl lying across her lap. Suzi squirmed with each smack, wishing it was her ass. “I’ll say. She looks familiar? Is she a customer?””Not that I know of. Now scoot or at least be quiet or you’ll distract me from monitoring.”Suzi slipped behind Nads, leaned over cupped her breasts and kissed her neck. Nadine’s hands came and covered hers as she leaned into the kiss, all the while keeping one eye on the screen at the blonde.Nadine swatted her arm. “You ain’t helping.”Suzi left with a smile, “It’ll give ya something to think about.”She considered asking Jess about getting a copy of the party, but knew she would never agree. The action in a private party like that one was monitored for safety and recorded for security reasons. More than one claim of rape disappeared when a copy of the recording was played for a defense lawyer and client. It’s hard to justify rape when the client walks into the party room, strips her own clothes off and demands to be fucked like a slut!Damn few paid any attention to the warning at the front door about the recording, and even fewer ever learned about it, as long as they just don’t get stupid and try to blame the shop for their own actions. Jess started the party room after some friends complained about not having a truly private place for a . . . shall we say . . . wild party. It proved very popular!Suzi went into Jessie’s office and flicked on the monitors behind two large panels. Nadine still had one camera pointed right toward the blonde. “Damn she IS gorgeous!”Monitor three showed Nads was taking advantage of the view and had one hand in her pants. Suzi sat down on Jess’s coffee table and opened her legs wide as Jess walked in.”Damn I have some horny girls working here!”Suzi jumped up. “Jessie, I . . .””Oh relax baby, go back to what you were doing. I like your taste in women.””Do you know her?””Just her first name, Cecelia, the bride to be, introduced her when they came in to make the arrangements. Her name is Donna.””Which one is Cecelia?”Jess looked at another monitor. “I think she’s buried under that pile of bodies off to the side.”At this point Donna stood and Suzi saw how tall and strikingly beautiful she was. The harness and 9 inch toy she was sporting looked good too.

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