Community Involvement Ch. 09Community Involvement Ch. 09


Re-cap Although I had not planned a visit to ask Daphne (Daph as she preferred throughout the neighbourhood) it had turned out to be quite a startling and revealing visit, on a couple of fronts. Although in her early seventies and a grandmother, Daph but still had the figure many forty to fifty year olds (or even younger) would envy. Her face, while still reflecting her younger beauty, was a little wrinkled about the eyes and corners of her mouth, however, she did look after herself and any sun effects were minimal. She was shortish in stature, standing about 5’ 2” tall, but she still had her womanly curves in all the right places, and kept herself active by walking at least once a day. The walking combined with all the community work she did and associations she belonged to certainly kept her figure in check and her metal faculties in top working order. Her hair was typical of her age group in terms of length and colour; light curl and salt and pepper coloring. The first startling piece of information derived from some old black and white photographs Daph had on her mantle. One was of her mother and the others were group images of her mum and her work colleagues during their WWII posting at the RAAF base near Wagga Wagga, in southern New South Wales. Until that day, neither Daph nor I had any idea that her mother and my Aunt Renee were there at the same time, doing the same sort of work (parachute packing) and knew the same people, well one particular man: Bob. During the course of our initial discussion/s of our WWII connections, one thing lead to another and before we knew it, we were in her lounge room getting naked and exploring each others body’s. Daph told me of her yearning to see ‘more’ of me, as she often watched me through her lounge room venetian blinds as I mowed the lawns, particularly on hot summer days when I would have my shirt off. We had both reached amazing orgasmic highs as a consequence of our torrid fucking and were both recuperating on the carpeted floor collecting our respective breaths. The room was cosy and quiet as we conversed, unlike the earlier engagement which was loud and sexually charged; the room, only minutes before, had been full of the wet sounds of naked bodies colliding, expletive ridden urgings and guttural grunts and groans as we both exploded with satisfying delight. Suddenly there was a knock at the door which definitely brought us, all to quickly, away from our post coital revelry. The knock was quickly followed by a woman’s voice calling out. “Daph, are you okay?” Read on: “Shit!” exclaimed Daph in a hushed tone full of panic as she scrambled to rise. I helped her to her feet wondering who was calling out and why. “That’s Monica, my new neighbor. She must have heard us.” Daph looked anxious and totally bewildered as to what to do next. “Daph, I’ll wait here around the corner. You go get a dressing gown and answer the door.” I whispered and Daph nodded and then hesitated, waiting for further instruction. “Just tell her you were going to take a shower or something.” “Won’t be a moment Monica.” Daph called out through the door as she tip-toed up her short hallway to throw on her white towelling robe. She tied it up, tip toed back to the door and opened it. She lent around the edge of the door and just stuck her head forward enough to make eye contact with her caller. “Hi Monica. Sorry I was just about to jump into the shower.” “Hi Daph, I heard some odd sounds and just wanted to check you were alright.” “Yes, yes… I am fine thank you. I was flicking through some TV channels while I was having my morning coffee. I had the volume up a bit as I was making some adjustments to the settings, sorry.” “No need to apologize, Daph.” Monica laughed. “I’m just glad everything is okay. I best let you get to your shower.” “Okay, thanks Monica. See you later.” Daph closed the door and pressed her back against the door. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I could tell from the look on her face that her feeling of panic was escaping at the same rate as her breath. She turned her head to me as I stepped closer and let out a girlish giggle. “Thank you, Ray. That was some quick thinking on your part.” She took another deep breath and I watched, appreciatively, as her chest filled with air which thrust her wonderful breasts firmly forward, deepening the revealed cleavage. “As soon as I heard it was Monica, my mind went to jelly…I couldn’t think. I felt like a teenager being caught doing…” “Up here for thinking,” I said, indicating my head and then pointed lower as I added, “and down there for…um…dancing.” I grinned. “You’re incorrigible.” She laughed. “Anyway, I know what you mean about being caught.” I continued, tenderly running my hand up and down her arm in a clumsy show of reassurance. “What are we going to do?” she asked, as another wave of panic crossed her face. “You can’t just leave now because if she sees you…, well…what would she make of it?” “Daph, you lucky so and so?” I offered. “Bragger! But, then again, maybe she would…but on the other hand, maybe not.” She laughed heartily and then her countenance took on a more considered look. “Reflecting on what has taken place this morning I’m not sure who got more ‘lucky’, as you put it. Either way, it would be prudent for you not to leave just yet…just to save Monica from getting the wrong impression. You know what I mean?” “Oh, yes. Monica…wrong impression…” I smiled slyly at Daph and moved closer placing my hands on her shoulders as she remained pressed against her front door. “How much time should we allow do you think?” She asked, her big brown eyes searching my face for answers and direction. “I am not sure of what constitutes an appropriate time frame, I have never been in this sort of situation before.” I whispered and put my finger to my chin as if considering options. “What could we do to fill in an appropriate time span might be another question?” Daph shrugged and smiled at me. There was a hint of mischief in her eyes. “You said to Monica that you were heading to the shower, didn’t you?” I asked quietly. Daph nodded. “You could still do that…” Daph nodded and then added, “What about you?” “Well…,” I dropped my eyes to the hurried knot she had tied around her waist and gently pulled it undone. I let the sides of her dressing gown drop away from her mature body, exposing her wonderful boobs and thick thatch of come matted pubic hair, as I moved in very close and kissed her escort beylikdüzü neck lightly. “I could join you and have my way with you, if you wish?” “That would definitely take up some time, I guess?” she murmured, titling her neck to me and enjoying the nuzzling kisses I delivered. “It would probably provide just about the right amount of time to…to…um, not give the wrong impression.” “Not that I know what you have in mind.” She added hurriedly. “Why don’t we just see what feels good and go from there?” I suggested. “Okay. Let’s!” She pushed off the door and pressed her body firmly against mine. Her hands grabbed firmly at my groin and my flaccid penis still sticky with our combined juices, as she directed me toward a door behind us and a little to my right. I had not noticed the closed door earlier but it was directly opposite the lounge room. Daph opened the door and guided me through the doorway as she backed me into the room. It was quite cold as the room was on the south side of her house and did not get any sun until late afternoon, not that the current weather conditions were conducive to warming a tiled bathroom. She shivered noticeably as we entered and her bare feet made contact with the tiled floor. “I’ll put the heater on and start the shower,” She told me as she moved quickly and re-wrapped her body in the robe. I nodded and looked around, folding my arms across my chest to keep my fingers warm. Her bathroom decor was straight out of the nineteen sixties, at least Australian bathroom styling for that period. The color was predominantly pink and black with three inch pink tiles and half inch black tiles forming a regimented pattern on the floor and a border of black three inch tiles separating the floor and the wall. The black border was topped with pink three inch tiles which were the only color then until the black border at about head height. From there, the rest of the wall was painted in egg shell matte paint, until the ceiling, which had a decorative cornice. The cornice and ceiling were painted in the same color as the painted section of wall. It was quaint, well that was the best single word description I could come up with. Daph noticed me looking around as she came up to me. “I hate it but can’t bring myself to change it.” She whispered. I laughed. “It is what it is!” I replied, a little lost for words. “It fits the period exactly.” “You are being kind, I know.” She laughed. “My husband and I always wanted to modernise the house but we never got around to it. Now, I just couldn’t be bothered.” I folded my arms around her and held her close. “You don’t have to explain. I know what you mean. My aunt, Renee, was the same. In fact, the bathroom in her apartment was pink and black as well.” This brought a smile to my dear neighbors face. By now the room was much warmer and gradually filling with steam. I put my fingers under Dash’s chin and gently lifted her face to mine. I bent over her and kissed her mouth softly. My lips grazed hers as I slowly pulled the robe off her shoulders. She held her arms outstretched and pointed to the floor as I slowly guided her robe until it fell of its own accord. It tumbled into a heap about her slender ankles as I slowly pressed my lips to hers more firmly; my tongue snaked out, parted her lips and probed against her teeth. She seemed a bit hesitant and unsure of what to do. I reached down and cradled her breasts in my palms. My thumbs toyed with her nipples and they in turn responded immediately, the nubs thickened and the whole nipple darkened as her arousal increased. She closed her eyes as I increased the pressure and a low groan escaped her lips. “How about we have that shower together?” “I had better fix the temperature.” She suggested. “It can be temperamental…the taps, I mean.” I smiled and watched her as she adjusted the taps. Happy with the temperature she turned and looked me up and down. “You look so much better up close than you do from across the road.” “Do you mean to tell me you spy on me as I mow the lawns during the summer when I have my top off?” I asked smiling and inwardly feeling surprised that she might actually have done what I had fantasised she might do. “Well, what’s a lonely old lady to do?” She retorted with a broad grin. “I am here all by myself and you’re over there, semi naked, showing off your slim, toned and tanned body. I mean, what’s a girl to do…old lady to do? I still have some sex drive left?” I smiled and straightened. I was feeling a mixture of embarrassment and pride at what she had told me. “I’m glad you like.” I replied, mental telling myself, ‘not to let her comment go to my head (either one)’. “I’m also glad it’s steamy in here, it hides my blushing.” My penis was starting to rise again as I watched her body and thoughts of her watching me through her venetians played through my head. “No need to blush, you’re with a friend.” “Thank you.” I was still curious about her voyeuristic comment though. So much so, I could not help but ask for more detail. “What do you do exactly…when you watch me through your window?” “I could tell you, but it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, so I won’t. A woman has to have some secrets. Maybe another time…” “Another time?” I answered surprised. “So, you are already planning to have me to yourself again? “Maybe?” She laughed girlishly and rested her head on my shoulder. Her hand gently stroked my cock. “My late husband was long but not as thick as you.” Daph reached down and pulled me against her body by my hardened shaft. “I just hope I do not disappoint.” ‘Daph, I have told you before. You look amazing. You have the body that…well, let’s put this another way… in fact, I reiterate, I guarantee a lot of the mums in your grand children’s playground look at you and wish they had a body shaped like yours. You have curves; you have boobs to die for, boobs that defy gravity and have great shape, and that is after having two children yourself. You should be proud of your assets and show them off.” She blushed and nuzzled her forehead on my shoulder. I pushed my crotch forward and the turgid head nudged her hip. “We’re wasting water.” I suggested, “Shall we…” She nodded and gripped me firmly in her little hand. I backed her into the shower stall being careful not to push her straight into the steaming flow. I reached out and tested the temperature; it was perfect, at least by my standards and since Daph had adjusted escort akbatı the cold water tap herself, I assumed it would be to hers as well. I turned us and backed in first under the flow, the wonderfully warm water cascaded onto my neck and over my shoulders. Daph raised her head and blinked as the spray got in her eyes. Despite that she smiled invitingly and squeezed my shaft in her hand and slowly pumped it, gliding my fingers across the meaty flesh and circling the thick, throbbing head. As she stroked me I bent and kissed her mouth fully and sucked her tongue deep into mine. Daph melted into my body as we kissed and moaned deeply each time her little hand passed over the stiff ridges around the head of my manhood. I reached down and pressed my fingers between her thighs, seeking the treasure of her sex that lay hidden under the thick matted triangle of hair. I bypassed her clit (for the moment) as I was eager to get my cock inside her body again and soon found what I was searching for. Her labia were still thick and puffy from the earlier heated fuck we had enjoyed and her channel was a sea of our combined fluids. I pushed a finger deep inside and her walls instantly closed in around the invader. I heard Daph moan and felt her shudder as I quickly finger fucked her pussy; our tongues collided and danced as we kissed intensely, our passion rekindled and quickly building. “What do you want me to do?” Daph asked breathlessly. “I want you to enjoy and climax all over me as I…” I let the rest of comment go. She looked surprised and then excited with what I had said. Well, with what I had not said was probably closer to the truth. She was about to say or ask something but I only had one thought in mind: I wanted her. I firmly pressed my hands against her ribs on either side of her body just below her breasts and slowly moved them lower. The water helped make the progress easier as I moved them over the curve of her hips and delved into the crease of her arse. I pressed my fingers into her rear crevice, she pushed back slightly and wiggled her behind which made her cheeks wobble. “Needs some work.” She said as I massaged her arse cheeks. I laughed under my breath. “Maybe that is something we could do together?” I suggested. She smiled broadly and agreed, in between mouthfuls of water. We both laughed. I pushed my hands lower and grabbed her thighs, just under her arse and lifted her bodily. Having a slight build, I was able to lift Daph with ease and pushed her higher as I rested her back against the tiled wall. Her arms reached up and snaked about my neck, her fingers intertwined behind my head as I arched my back and used my hips to position my throbbing cock. Tenderly, I eased her body down a little and my cock pressed firmly upward, gouging a path along her sex, parting the outer petals and nudging against her swollen clitoris. She looked down, between our bodies. “Mmmmm, that looks beautiful.” She cooed and then looked at me with her smoldering eyes. “What now?” I did not reply. I simply raised her slightly higher and slowly rotated my hips. My cock found her entrance with ease and I slowly arched my back and pressed upward as I let her body slip a little. Her eyes widened as the thick head forced her folds apart and opened her outer gateway to the point that she was now at the my mercy; a poised invade aiming for her inner depths. I lunged upward and speared her vagina with the thick head of my penis. I had wanted her and fucked her earlier in the lounge room but this seemed different and I could not resist the temptation to fill her any more. Her eyes flashed wide as she felt her body being pried open to accept my pole; bit by bit it went deeper and deeper into her receptive channel and as it finally reached maximum penetration Daph’s head rolled against the wet tiles. She bit her lip as I rocked her body, slowly fucking her sex starved vagina. “Oh wow…this is better…than…” She spluttered as I slowly built up speed. I pinned her body to the wall as I quickly directed her right hand to her crotch and pressed her fingers hard onto her clitoral hood. I rubbed them in small quick circles trying to teller her through actions alone that she should stimulate her clitoris as I fucked her. Thankfully, and without any delay, Daph did exactly as I hoped. Her fingers were a blur as she mashed her clitoris under her wild digits. With each increase in her clitoral stimulation her vaginal walls clamped and gripped my cock hard, massaging my entire length from stem to stern. She was flying and I did not want to be left behind. I gripped her arse again in both hands and thrust into her lustfully, grunting with the effort to push my whole crotch into her if I could. The shower water flowed over us but neither of us would have minded if it was on or off, we were fully engrossed in our mutual and individual sexual pleasures. She raised her thighs and wrapped them around my waist as I drilled her pussy as hard as I could manage. As I thrust forward I dropped her arse slightly each time, giving her the full sensation of having every last centimeter of my cock go crashing into her and slap up onto her arse. “Ooh, fuck…” She cried and I knew she was close; her fingers were working overtime on her swollen button. I rammed her body hard; faster and faster, harder and harder, quickly losing myself to the thrill of feeling her vagina clamped around my cock. This was certainly a fantasy come true after all these years. The shower stall filled with the sounds of our fucking each other’s brains out, the wet body slap as I entered her keeping time with her guttural moans. Through her increased state of impending bliss she looked hard into my face. “Oh…fuck me, Ray. I need to come.” She grunted hoarsely, then she added, “But can… you… hold off?” I was rather taken aback by her request and slowed my pace accordingly, but before I could answer she continued. “I want you to fuck my arse!” “Are you sure?” I was bewildered to say the least. Having had my cock buried deeply in her mouth earlier that morning was incredible. Having my cock jammed, ball deep in her pussy for the second time that same day, was unbelievable. Yet, now she was offering, no, asking me to fuck her arse as well! “Can you repeat that?” Her fingers were still at work on her button as I continued to piston my pelvis into her, albeit at a slower pace. Her breathing was becoming ragged again as her body twitched in response to her escort beylikdüzü ministrations down below. “Can you hold back…” she swallowed hard, “I want you to fuck my arse and fill it…Ooohhhh, god…” I agreed quickly in order to let her fully enjoy her climax that was racing, like Usain Bolt in an Olympic final, towards its goal. Her thighs crunched in around my hips as my own blood boiled and my temples throbbed. Her fingers of her left hand dug into my shoulder as she came hard on my cock. I gripped her arse hard and trust upward one last time to add my own input to the pressure on her crotch. Her body heaved numerous times and it was all I could do not to follow suit but the thought of being able to have all three of Daph’s orifices in our first time together was far in excess of any fantasy I could have dreamt of. With a final spasm of her tense, vice-like thighs, Daph all but collapsed to the floor. Fortunately I still had some hold of her and managed to keep her from falling. My rigid member slid from her womanly entrance which was followed by a generous dollop of her juices that pooled on the floor of the shower and then washed away. “That was an amazing…” she was not sure how to say what she wanted to say. “Fuck?…Shower?” I offered with a huge smile and raised eye brows. “Yes, exactly.” she sighed, “That was an amazing… fucking shower.” She slid to the floor and sighed, a huge smile on her face. I was still standing under the flow of the caressing warm water, my cock pointing out into space. “I meant it when I asked you to fuck my arse,” she panted, “It is a secret longing I have kept to myself even during my married years.” “Really! You never did that with your husband? Never told him?” “No. He would not have understood or liked what he heard in that regard. He had a good cock and could use it well but he was not all that adventurous, I suppose that is the best way to categorize him…unadventurous!” I stroked my cock in my hand gently as she spoke. “Hmmm, I like what you are doing. He would never do that.” She laughed in an offhand, scoffing manner, “In fact we never even had a shower together.” “You are helping me achieve some firsts young man.” She said, looking at me with a sexy smile. “The pleasure is all mi…no, all ours.” “I don’t know what is about a man’s genitals but a thick hard cock is something which makes me go weak at the knees and has interesting impacts on other body parts as well. As I am sure you know all too well by know?” She sat on the floor of the shower, her hand gently stroking her sex as she tenderly looked at me stroking my cock for her hungry eyes. I smiled and started to reply when she continued with her train of though before I could utter a word and distract her from divulging all that she felt she needed to say. “I have never had anal sex?” She blurted. “We don’t have…” “I want you to fuck my arse. I selfishly asked you not to do what was natural and lose yourself inside me, down there…” she used her eyes to indicate what she meant. “Like I said, I have always fantasied about anal sex and who better to help me in that quest than you. I can see you are up for it.” Her licentious grin told me she was not going to be dissuaded. “As you wish.” I shrugged and flicked my cock at her causing a splash of water to hit her in the eye. She laughed. “That was water I hope? I would not want you to expend any of your stuff before you have…well, you know what I want?” “Have you ever arse fucked anyone?” She asked, as she rose onto her knees and started to softly suck my cock. She deftly avoided the head so I did not get too excited. “I fucked my wife there once, no…twice, …early on, before the children where around. But it is not something we have ever done again.” “Well, now is your chance to deflower mine. I am serious about this. I was not sure about being with you at all when all this started, but now I know… in here,” she touched her head and smiled wickedly, “in here…” she touched her chest over her heart, ‘and in here, well here to be exact,’ she touched her vagina and then her butt, “that you are the man for the job.” “I do not know what to say.” “Nothing, just enjoy.” “Won’t it hurt? You know…?” “Yes, probably. But I am willing to accept that. It is not as though I am a total virgin when it comes to having my arse opened up.” I looked at her shocked. “This was some of the extra part of what I was not going to tell you about, you know,…about me looking at you through the blinds.” I continued to look at her shocked but fascinated by her comments. In between her revelations she expertly stuffed my cock into her mouth. “But, now I feel I have too.” “My fantasy was/is to have my arse fucked by a real cock. I have had an increased desire in that, especially since being widowed, and it has led me to self explore, as it were. I watch you mow the lawn and insert all manner of objects up my vagina and arse. I have always hoped that one day I would have the nerve to get someone, now you, who could put their penis in there…and, well, here you are. Now, enough idle chatter. I am in need of this,” she stuffed my rod lustfully into her mouth. “I need it in my arse, where you can finally unload and that will make as both happy. Now, I just need to get something to lubricate and you can have your pleasure.” “Whoa! Hold on there tiger.” I said kneeling in front of her. “I am shocked and flabbergasted and…god knows what else…at your telling me all this. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have anal sex with you, but…” “But, what?” She asked, a look of disappointment on her face. “How about we get out of the shower and do this slowly and steadily. I think we have used the shower long enough for now.” I reassured her I was not going to leave her (or her behind) unattended and that put a smile back on her face. Daph quickly turned off the shower and grabbed towels for us both. We wrapped the towels around our bodies and walked back into her wonderfully warm lounge room. “Now, tell me…” I gently pulled her towel wrapped body to me. “What do you do while looking through your blinds?” “I watch you as you mow your lawn.” She started, then stopped, a veil of pink flushed across her face. “Are you blushing?” I asked, amused. “Well…” she shyly looked at the floor. I tenderly lifted her chin and asked her to continue. “Well, I particularly like watching you during the summer months, as I’ve said. You often have your shirt off and I get all gooey, down below…I watch the way your body moves…” “And what do you do about being ‘all gooey’?” “Um…I use things…” “You masturbate?” I offered, trying to make it easier for her. “Yes. I masturbate…,” she took a deep breath as if stealing herself to say something which she had never divulged to anyone before.

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