Cocksucking – Fulfilling a desireCocksucking – Fulfilling a desire


Cocksucking – Fulfilling a desireThis is a true on going story of fulfilling my desire to meet up with another guy and have sex with him, particularly sucking his cock.I have been on xhamster and another daddy meeting site for sometime, during that time I did meet up with a few guys for a coffee and a chat. They were all nice guys but things just didn’t click and we went no further. About two weeks ago I got a message from this guy, saying hello and sending a dick photo, to see if I had any interest in getting together, I replied saying sure and to start the ball rolling – to see where it would end up. Our emails have been going back and forth, he sent me more photos, this time with him blowing another guy, so I knew he was real. I asked if he can host, and he said he can – this has been a game stopper before when I meet up with others, no where to go. Like many guys in my situation, getting older, married and still horny, having no sex at home for a long time and spent a lot of time jerking off and watching porn – my interest started to change in what I watched and what got me off. I started watching more men sucking men, but let me go back a bit – I was always interested in cock since my first sex was with my friend, never thought it was something bad or gay, just something that was fun, naughty and exciting. When my friend moved away, I went on the straight and narrow, dating etc. but still had the urge bahis şirketleri to be with a guy especially sucking cock – but as I got older I always thought that it was too risky to approach the subject with other friends. Now it comes down to this, we are planning to meet tomorrow at his place. I’m nervous about it, as to be expected – I haven’t been with another guy sexually since I was in Jr high. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow waiting for the time to meet. I keep reaffirming to myself that I have been wanting this for a long time, to finally feel another mans cock, to be in front of it, to take it in my mouth. I have also thought what am I going to do when he’s about to cum? In my mind when I think of it and he says ‘I’m going to cum’ is to go harder and let him cum in my mouth, then to keep going till he’s soft. Is this the way it’s going to play out, or would I stop and let him cum on my face, or would he pull out and tell me to open my mouth and jerk-off into it – I’ll have to wait and see what happens.Well it’s the day after, I got an email last night from my new friend and he said he couldn’t make get because his brother had a fight with his wife and was staying at his place. I don’t know how true that story is but I’m disappointed. I was looking forward to finally sucking a cock again – but I’ll have to wait a bit longer.I an email, his brother is gone I waited a day before I replied and bahis firmaları we went back and forth about when we would get together. I have work that was tying me up, but it looks like I could get way on Friday afternoon, I emailed him that info, he replied back that he’s ok with that and sent me his address – he followed up asking me what I liked, and I said oral giving and receiving, he said that fine with him and asked if I would come cleaned up or shower when I arrive. I was more than happy to hear that request, I said I’ll wash up at work, but if time permits to shower there, as it will be an ice-breaker – I assume that we’ll shower together. So, I’m ready to go and suck my fist cock in a very long time, something I’ve been wanting to do the day after I suck my last cock. We meet up this afternoon, all day long I tried not to think about what may happen in a few hours, work was busy so the time went fast. I sent him an email to see if we were still a go, he replied yes.. Driving there I kept saying to myself – I’m going to suck a cock, thinking how it would go and finally I got there. He opened the door with a nice hello and a smile, my nerves started to settle down after a little chat he asked if I wanted to shower – which I did. Then we chatted on his bed he got up and took off his shirt and shorts and joined me on the bed. He then started playing with my cock and I joined in. After about a minute, kaçak bahis siteleri he started to suck me off and I let him move on top of me in a 69 position his cock was right there, I didn’t hesitate and took his cock into my mouth – I still can’t believe it, after all this time fantasizing about sucking a cock again I was doing it. I was getting worked up to soon and I had him stop blowing me, I didn’t care if I got off – I just wanted to enjoy all I could of having a cock in my mouth. I then got between his legs and continued to blow him. He had a very thick cock, and I was going at it the best I can – with my tongue licking his shaft and under his head, then down to his balls – then putting it as far as I could in my mouth. He was enjoying it and told me that he could see by the way I was going I was hungry cocksucker. After about 5 minutes he said ‘do you want me to cum’ I said that’s what were here for and went back on him – I was now determined to take his load – something my wife never did!, I could feel his cock getting harder till pumped and came in my mouth – not such a big load, but I kept going like a good cocksucker, and kept sucking for a few more minutes, cleaning him up and squeezing out the last few drops of cum – I was surprised that I did all that I rehearsed over and over in my mind. I said to him ‘I’m a Cocksucker again’ Tonight as I finish writing this I feel a sense of relief, renewed in a strange way – I wish I could tell everyone of my adventure and how I suck a cock, how great it was and satisfying it is giving pleasure to someone. I knew I would love it, but I wasn’t sure – now I know and now want more!

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