The Virgin QueenThe Virgin Queen


It was so hot, Elizabeth couldn’t bear it. It was the summer of 1558, the first summer of her reign, and it was the hottest of her life. Lying on top of her heavy covers, wearing her thin night dress, Elizabeth contemplated the first six months of her reign.Unable to concentrate because of the heat, Elizabeth finally relented and lifted her night dress. Not much cooler but a little more comfortable, she lay back on her bed, naked as the day she was born.She thought about her kingdom. She needed an heir, and so she needed a husband. Her advisers were trying to convince her to marry, but she couldn’t decide who. She wanted a good man, to serve her as her King and consort, intelligent, someone who she admired, someone she wanted.But the thought of lying with a man filled Elizabeth with dread. Her father had had so many women over the years, but he had only had one kocaeli escort bayan sickly son (not counting the numerous bastards) and the son had led to her stepmother’s death, so why should she risk marrying?But even if she didn’t marry, Elizabeth had needs. It had been so long since she had attended to those needs, she had barely been alone long enough to see to them… But she was alone now. She hadn’t noticed before, but now that she was naked, Elizabeth could see how hard her nipples were. Cupping her breasts, Elizabeth felt her nipples harden even more. She needed this, her orgasm growing. She knew it was going to be a powerful one.Reaching down to her womanhood, Elizabeth slipped a finger in. She was so wet, rubbing her wetness she felt her juices flowing from her. She had missed this, soon she would cum, and then she could sleep. Her orgasm growing kocaeli sınırsız escort closer, Elizabeth tried to keep quiet. But as she orgasmed she moaned, so loudly Elizabeth feared her maid would hear the moans, and come into her room to investigate. But her orgasm felt so good, all she could do was cry out with passion.The door opened, and a busty maid entered Elizabeth’s private chambers “Mam are you ok? I thought…” the woman asked. It was the worst time for Elizabeth’s maid Mary to walk into her room. Mary was a young woman of twenty with blonde hair and huge breasts, Elizabeth had noticed the girl for months. She was a competent servant, but Elizabeth had often noticed her staring at her Queen. Now the maid had caught her, with a finger buried deep in her womanhood, there was no way to explain this.”Mary,” izmit anal yapan escort Elizabeth gasped trying to compose herself, “sorry I didn’t mean to alarm you, it was just such a warm night I had to…” The maid gave Elizabeth a look of understanding. Walking to her Queen, Mary knelt on the massive bed.”Mam, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt, is there any way I can assist you?” Elizabeth was shocked at the idea of letting her maid “help” her. The woman was beneath her Queen, how dare she suggest such a thing?”I’m quite alright Mary, there is no need for…” Elizabeth’s thoughts disappeared in an instant, as Mary took her Queen’s perfect nipple into her mouth. Gasping in pleasure, Elizabeth felt the maid’s fingers enter her. “Mary, I am your Queen, you shouldn’t be…” but the rest of Elizabeth’s words disappeared in a cry of ecstasy.The woman was skilled, Elizabeth had to admit it. Her fingers were pumping in and out of Elizabeth’s sacred spot, coating the woman’s fingers with royal juices. And as the maid pushed her Queen back down to the bed, Elizabeth felt the young maid kiss down her naked body, feeling her servant’s tongue enter her.

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