Club Gomorrah. The Sissy Saga. Chapter 6 (A) Sweet Medicine.Club Gomorrah. The Sissy Saga. Chapter 6 (A) Sweet Medicine.


My heart was racing, beating out of my chest as Maria’s muffled scream echoed through the room. It only took a second, but as Snakebite bit into Maria’s exposed ass, time seemed to slow. The snap vibrating through my hand and up my arm.

“Again.” Ona called as she rubbed her growing member. “Again.”

Looking into a mirror Ona placed before us I wound my arm back again, Maria began fighting against her restraints with all the strength she had, they did little else but rattle in response. pleading with me through silent tears. My previous strike had left two paired pink lines across her ass, I knew what Ona wanted to see by the nod she gave me. Red Room. I thought to myself as I brought down the second strike, harder than my previous but still not enough. I wound back again and whipped her a third time and a fourth in quick succession, finally leaving little red lines across her behind.

Ona crossed the room and stood behind me, kissing my neck sensuously. “You can still do better than this Kireina (Beautiful) you want to make me happy don’t you,” She whispered as her hands wrapped around my cage, stroking my golden prison from behind. “Break her…and I’ll let you cum.” She teased, thrusting her cock between my legs, spreading my cheeks around her girth, the head pressing against my balls. “You have… no idea how good it feels when you get permission.”

With her offer of release it was though I had suddenly become another person, my body moving on its own, I whipped Maria again, harder and harder with each strike. Her earlier defiance being stripped away one venomous sting after the other, and each time the whip cracked and bit into her flesh she let out a scream of agony. But I either couldn’t hear it through the fog of my own lust… or I no longer cared. At the thirteenth strike I was grunting in time with the cracks of the whip, the slashes on Maria’s plump ass had began to bleed and her once beautiful tanned skin was slowly being replaced by a burning red and purple abstract painting.

My control was slipping away from me, I had reached the edge of a cliff, orgasmicly teetering head first above the sea below, all by nothing but my toes. The mental block refusing me my release. It was like I had teased myself to cumming but couldn’t get past the point of no return.

“Bitch… slut, fucking whore!” I screamed with each attack, loosing myself in my pleasure, becoming faster, harder, and more vicious. I never thought that it would feel so good to see her squirm and writhe under me, to see her hurting, watching the pain on her face in the mirror. Was this how Ona feels when she has a sissy under her foot, or choking on the end of her cock, was it as intoxicating for her, how would I feel in her place… would it be just like this, or would her additional lust for me bring a flavour to this divine sadism that I was now drowning in, a faint voice called out to me telling me to stop.

The little Bitch is still begging. I thought as I whipped again, my hardest most vicious strike yet.

Ona’s voice exploded into my mind as the shock collar brought me back to reality with a buzz, collapsing to my knees.

“I Ankara escort said stop Backa! (Idiot)”

My body was shaking, the chastity cage dripping precum steadily to the floor between my legs as I began clawing at the cage. Ona took my chin and lifted my head to her gaze.

“Unko… (Shit)” She chuckled, admiring the effects of her work, the pleasure from the brainwashing’s orgasm denial written clear on my face. I moaned incoherently.

“See Riley, all you needed was a little encouragement and look at you. Look how well you did.” Ona lead my gaze to Maria, Snakebite was a nasty tool and in my hands it had left her ass in a mess of double slashes. The hate burning silently in Maria’s gaze as she stared back into the mirror, small trickles of blood streaked her legs. I knew she would never forgive me for it but as Ona praised me with a playful slap. Sliding her thumb inside my mouth I didn’t care about anything else. I wrapped my tongue around her soft little thumb and the flavour of her precum mixed with mine filled my mouth.

“You may…” Ona paused biting her lip as my lusting gaze met her eyes. “Cum.” She whispered.

Oh and did I, moaning with my eyes rolled into the back of my head. It was amazing, a feeling like nothing I had ever felt before took hold of me. This was not a simple orgasm, I had orgasmed through my ass pussy and my sissy clit several times since El had brought me here, no this was a physical and mental eruption of pure pleasure, every part of me vibrated on the word as it escaped her lips. I buried my face into Ona’s crotch and fought out a weak and trembling. “Thank… you.” Before I collapsed onto the ground and my hands began exploring my feminine form I realised just how powerful Doctor Smith’s toys were. I looked over to Maria, and smiled.

“I want more. “

“If you do as you’re told, behave, and surrender yourself. You will.”

There was a knock on the door and a black man with a scar across his cheek entered, his gaze fell to me as I played with myself on the floor.

“Hey Jack.” Ona called as she toyed with Maria’s exposed hole using her Riley lubed thumb. “You find the little runaway whore yet?”

“Uh… yea, Doc wants you to help get her prepared for her punishment.”

“See something you like Jack!”

His gaze pealed away to Ona and Maria. “Who she?”

“I’m Riley.” I purred.

Ona rammed her thumb into Maria as she dug her nails into her bloody ass cheek with her free hand, forcing a yelp from Maria. “Remember the last one you and El brought in.”

Jack looked surprised, and a little exited. “That was quick.”

“What was?”

“You already…”

“Cock hungry Riley… you’re already cock hungry.” Ona snapped, jealous at how I was staring at Jack’s bulge. I didn’t even notice where my gaze was until Jack started stroking himself through his pants.

“We’re done here Riley, The Master wanted to see you remember.” Ona dragged me to the door by my hair, dumping me at Jack’s feet. “Here, you can take her to him since she likes you so much.” And with that she stormed off down the hallway to the Remodelling room.

Jack sighed. “Every fuckin Ankara escort bayan time. You her new favourite too, thought you were El’s pet?”

Without thinking I blurted out my response. “I don’t belong to either of them.”

Jack laughed, as he started to lead me through the hall. “Hey, it don’t matter to me who you, sub to but remember new gurl… you gotta sub to one of em and the other’s gonna be real pissed when you do.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, its like this, you either sub to one of the girls down here or you get passed around like a fleshlight, and that might sound good now, but once you settle in you need a dom. Not because its a rule, but because a fleshlight got no friends, just two holes.”

“That does sound good.”

“Humph, okay then, how about I put it like this. You sub to someone and Ona can’t touch you unless they say so… or you don’t sub, and she gets to rip that little throat open all day everyday.”

“That still sounds good to me Master.”

Jack began laughing again as we entered the upper floors, up here was the business side of the club, a whole mansion for partying and playing. The sun was streaming in through the window, it had been a while since I last saw or felt the sun.

“I’m Just Jack slut, just Jack.”

My mouth was still watering at the thought of his cock as we entered the garden area, my eyes fixed on his bulge.

“Don’t worry new gurl, you’ll get to try this dick real soon.” Jack teased with another rub of his pants, his cock must have been seven or eight inches easy, maybe bigger.

As we turned a corner I saw The Master sitting having breakfast ahead of us, he waved me over with a pleasant smile. As I began walking Jack slapped my bare ass hard, the sting reminding me of Maria, still gagged and bound far below in The Red Room. The Master seemed happy to see me, and I was happy to see him… for the first time perhaps.

“Did you have fun with Maria and Ona Riley?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good, that’s good. You can call me Sir when we are alone like this Riley, I find it makes conversations more confortable. Did you have breakfast today.”

“Yes Sir, Ona made it and Maria served it.”

He smiled. “I mean Servant breakfast my dear. Not Sissy breakfast.”

“I… I’m sorry sir I don’t understand.”

“You don’t think the other girls maintain their bodies from only consuming cum do you Riley?”

Blushing heavily I hung my head in embarrassment. “No sir.”

“There there my dear, take a seat, don’t worry. Its a little tradition of the Underground, Keepers feed pets a cum breakfast as a way to start the day off properly, they girls all say the first cum of the day is always the sweetest.”

“It was very sweet sir.”

“Although I didn’t think Ona would…” He paused in though for a moment. “Hmm, seems you’re quite popular Riley.”

“Because of Ona and El right Sir.”

“Smart girl. Sophia.” The master called one of the maid servants to the table. She was a small brunette with curls, dressed in a black and white maid outfit, the only thing that denoted her place as a fellow Club Gomorrah Servant was that her Escort Ankara outfit was missing a chest section, leaving her large breasts exposed for all to see.

She curtseyed before us. “Oui (Yes) Master.” She was a quiet, soft spoken little thing with a french accent. The master proceeded to order a fluffy scrambled egg and toast with a cup of black coffee and glass of fresh orange juice for my breakfast. My favourite breakfast.

“Oui, tout de suite Master. (Yes, right away.)” Sophia curtseyed again and disappeared into the mansion.

“How did you know?” I asked confused.

“We put all prospective girls through a period of surveillance Riley… where you go, what you do, what you like. We would have been shut down by the authorities by now if we were sloppy or careless wouldn’t we.”

“It did feel strange you would choose me simply from my activity on the website now I think of it Sir.”

“You were one of six possible choices for us Riley, we originally planned for you to simply be a small source of income, but in the end Elysium was quite taken with you. Malory, that is Mistress Smith… also wanted you as the next test subject. Like I said, you’re quite popular.” The Master began to inspect me visually, following the curves of my body from my neck all the way to my ankles. “Now I have time to properly look, I must applaud Malory’s hard work, you did turn out quite nicely.”

Sophia returned with a tray of items. Setting it down on the table and laying out the items I saw the impressive weight she was carrying on her chest. My cage straining again between my legs.

“Thank you.” I managed to force out.

She smiled, peaking a glance at the cause of my frustration with a cheeky wink as she set down my plate, curtseyed and again disappeared.

“Can I ask a question Sir?”

“Please do, but eat as well.”

“Are all the girls from different countries or, or do they just look and sound like they are.” I asked with a bite of toast.

“Some, Ona is Japanese, but like most girls here she speaks mainly English. Her Japanese quotation of some words like, cute, yes and no. They are the result of Malory’s Reprogramming. Sophia is British, but with the same process we create the illusion of a french maid. You’ll understand better when you go through the next stage of Reprogramming.”

“Next stage?”

The master simply nodded.

“I heard Ona recommended a block on your orgasm’s.” He said as he drank his own coffee.

“I was… selfish.” I nodded Shyly.

“You seem to have blossomed into quite a beautiful little flower Riley. I am very happy to see that.” He said proudly. “You know, orgasm blockers are one of my favourite alterations that we can perform on our girls. See, all a person has to do is speak the phrase “You may cum.”

My fingers dug into the table when The Master spoke the words, I exploded into an orgasmic bliss despite having no stimulation what so ever prior to the phrase.

“See My dear, it can be both pleasure and pain when used in the right way, you best remember that when you’re dealing with the other girls and any clients you get familiar with.” He stood from the table and began making his way into the mansion. “When you finish your food come to the Remodelling room. I want you to see what happens when you make me unhappy.”

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