Subject: Filipino Teen Neighbor filipino-teen-neighbor-13 Filipino Teen Neighbor Chapter Thirteen ————————————————— Author’s Note: Sorry about the delay, more chapters coming soon! This story is completely fictional. Please send feedback (good, bad, editing suggestions, ect). Thank you! **Do not read this if you are not legally able to do so.** Copyright: ail , 2018 ————————————————— Chapter 13 My head was still spinning in disbelief from what had just happened. We all laid down on Ryan’s bed. Kuya Amiel was in the middle and Ryan was on the other side. I laid my head on my older brother’s bare chest and Ryan covered us all with a sheet. “Kuya, your heart is beating fast,” I said. My head was rising up and down with my fifteen-year-old brother’s heavy breaths and thumping heart. “It’s because of you guys,” he said as he rubbed his hand through my hair and gently held my head against his chest. Amiel would turn back into that sweet and caring brother every time after he shot his cum. Sometimes I liked to suck him because I think his dick was sexy. Sometimes I liked to suck him so he would be gentle and loving again. Kuya Ryan laid on the other side of my brother but reached over and pulled Amiel and I against him with his strong arm. I felt his white hand hold my lower back, pushing my tighter against Amiel. Ryan was always loving and sweet to me. “Are you okay Kevin?” he asked. escort kocaeli I smiled and nodded with my head still against my brother’s chest. He smiled back and I felt butterflies in my stomach. Ryan was so handsome and I realized something that made me giggle. “What’s so funny?” he asked. “I can still taste your cum in my mouth,” I said, sticking my tongue at him. Ryan’s hand started to tickle me a little. My naked body started to squirm but Amiel held my hands so I couldn’t resist. The three of us were all laughing. “You like Kuya Ryan’s cum Bro?” Amiel asked. “Yes Kuya,” I said. My brother’s hand went back to rubbing my hair. I think we fell asleep because the next thing I knew, he was shaking my shoulder. “Wake up Kev, we have to go back downstairs soon. Mom is going to be looking for us for dinner.” “Are you coming to eat with us Kuya Ryan?” I asked. He said that he had some homework to finish. I was impressed that he worked in the Navy and was taking college classes. I was in love with everything about him. Amiel started to get dressed but stopped before he pulled up his boxer briefs. “Kev, I need to cum again before dinner,” he said in Tagalog. I already had my briefs and tee shirt on at this point. Amiel looked into my eyes. He wasn’t asking if I wanted to, it was an order from my older brother. He sat back on the edge of the bed and I got on my knees in front of him. My brother’s dick was a longer and thicker version of mine. Except kocaeli anal yapan escort he went through the ritual. His skin was cut in the traditional Filipino way but it scared my mom so much that she refused to have it done to me, even though I was finally old enough. Circum-something, I can’t remember the English word, was a ritual young teens in the Philippines went through to show that they were now a man. Each time my brother’s dick was in my face, I would study his tip and the excess skin on his shaft. His cut was different from Ryan’s, which was more smooth. I heard Americans were cut in the hospital as babies. “Hurry up, Mom’s going to be looking for us soon,” Amiel said. His thick brown dick starred me in the face. There was already a drop of precum at the tip so I leaned forward to lick it off. “Ahh, Good Boy,” Amiel said, “Now suck it.” His hand forced my head down and he started to fuck my face. He was moving in and out fast but it wasn’t as rough as he usually was. Maybe because Ryan came back from the bathroom and was watching him in the doorway? I wanted to suck my brother good to show Kuya Ryan that I always did a good job. I wanted Ryan to be impressed and I also wanted to tease him with a show. As I let Amiel fuck my face, I kept thinking bout how good it felt to also be Ryan’s sucker. It was sexy to look at my crush out of the corner of my eye as my brother thrust his slippery dick izmit yabancı escort in and out of my mouth. “Yeah Bro, suck that teen cock. Mmmm, yeah, taste my precum,” Amiel whispered. He liked to talk dirty. One of my hands rubbed his leg and the other held onto his balls. My brother’s balls were almost as hairless as mine but much bigger. “Use more tongue,” Amiel ordered. I tried to swirl my tongue against his veiny brown shaft but it was hard when he was moving in and out so fast. I was losing my focus and started to drool into his pubes. The grip on my head got tighter and I knew that he was close. Three shots of hot cum filled my mouth before Amiel let me take his cock out of my mouth. “Good boy Kev,” he finally said. Amiel jumped up off the bed and grabbed the cloth he used earlier to blindfold me. Lovingly, Amiel used it to wipe my spit and some extra cum off his dick. I swallowed everything else and wiped my mouth with my hand. I turned to Ryan. I could see his cock was hard in his tight shorts. His white muscular body looked so sexy. It was kind of exciting to look up at him when I was still on my knees. “Do you want me to suck you Kuya?” I asked. Ryan smiled, “Another time, your mom is going to be looking for you soon.” Ryan reached down to pull my up to my feet. He leaned forward and kissed me gently. Urghhh, I loved him so much. He helped me find my pants before miel rushed me out of Ryan’s apartment. “Use mouthwash Kev, your breath smells like my cum,” Amiel said right before we walked into our apartment downstairs. ————————— I apologize for the delay but the adventure continues! Please let me know what you’d like to see next. Thank you again for all of your emails, it really means a lot to me. -RyC

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