Christy Ch. 05Christy Ch. 05


Tina filled out the model application for the Barely Ripe web site, started at it for a few minutes, and then reset the screen. “This would be so cool,” she though. “I could make a few bucks for sticking things in my pussy and freak out all those tight asses at school. But then someone would tell someone who would tell the Rents and it would be Desert Storm all over.”

Tina clicked down her favorites menu and called up her favorite personal ad site. She was cruising the Men Seeking Men ads when an Instant Message popped up on the screen:

“Hey Squirt! How’s the home front?”

“Quiet with both you and Mom out of the house,” Tina typed back.

“Mom’s gone?” Christy typed back.

“She and Dad kept arguing and she took off to see Grans,” Tina IMed back. “Dad’s been moping a lot.”

“What!” Christy shot back.

“He’s been sitting in the basement listing to his old records and drinking a lot,” Tina wrote back.

“Oh shit,” Christy wrote back. “All this is happening because I fucked him.”

“Dork!” Tina zipped back. “I was watching and you definitely didn’t fuck Daddy. You sucked him off and he ate you out. Mom doesn’t know about that. They’re still fighting about the piercings.”

“Shit, shit, shit,” Christy typed back. “Why is Mom so weird?”

“That’s Mom,” Tina wrote back. “Tina you’re going to burn in hell if you keep misbehaving. Why can’t you be a good girl like your sister? If I’d gotten my titties pierced, Mom would have just called the Priest for an exorcism. She’s already convinced I’m evil.”

“Sorry about that Squirt,” Christy wrote back. “Hey, gotta go. Check on Dad for me. Don’t let him beat himself up.”

The message screen indicated that Christy was gone before she could reply. Tina logged of her computer and went downstairs. Christy was right about one thing; the ‘Rents had been acting stranger than usual. For as long as she could remember, her parents had been this cool, distant entity. Mom was trying so hard to be the ideal church lady that she almost didn’t seem real. Dad would sometimes take the kids to horror movies or museums Mom didn’t approve of. They hardly ever fought though. Now they were going at it all the time. Mom was a working herself into a righteous frenzy and Dad looked miserable.

Tina padded down stairs. “Might as well check on the old man,” she thought. She looked around the immaculate living room, the spotless kitchen, the well kept master bedroom. All empty. She went to the cellar door and heard faint music coming from down there. She opened the door and padded down the wooden stairs. From somewhere in the musty lots of discarded junk, she heard a tortured voice bellowing, “Love, love will tear us apart.”

Tina reached the bottom of the stair and looked around the gloomy room. The concrete floor was cold on her bare feet. Piles of old clothes bundled for the mission store. Seasonal decorations gathering dust. Forgotten furniture in children’s sizes. She never liked the cellar. It always seemed haunted. Since Mom got her new washer and drier installed in the garage, hardly anyone came down here anymore.

“Radio, live transmission…,” moaned a tortured soul.

Tina crept around the massive old furnace. Back where the washroom used to be was a strangely clean corner. On a battered old metal desk, an out of date computer screen flickered. A battered old stereo sat on top of shelves straining under the weight of hundreds of old record albums. Dad sat on the sofa that used to be in the TV room. He was lying on his back; an arm covered his eyes, an open beer next to him.

“This sounds Kağıthane Escort really depressing,” Tina said.

Dad startled and struggled to a sitting position. Seeing Tina, he relaxed a little. “Yeah,” he said. “We used to make fun of Ian Curtis for being such a morbid sod. Then he went and hung himself. I guess he was depressed.”

“Why are you playing it,” Tina asked. “And where did all these records come from?”

“Ah, Joy Division just seemed appropriate given the way things are,” Dad said. “Nothing like a little doom and gloom for the glum.” He paused and looked around this dismal corner of the cellar. “This,” he said gesturing at the piles of stuff around him, “this is my secret life. The stuff Mom doesn’t want to know about or remember.”

Tina was looking at the spines of the records. She recognized some of the bands from Green Day and Sum 41 interviews. “Dad, what are you doing with all these punk rock records? Do you really listen to Black Flag?”

“It’s my past,” he said. “Pull out Damaged.”

Tina pulled out the old record. Scrawled across the skinhead’s face on the cover it said, “Greg and Maggie, Fuck off!! Greg Ginn.”

“Who’s Maggie?” asked Tina.

“Mom,” Dad said with a sigh. “Things were different then.”

“Mom wasn’t always a frigid bitch?” Tina asked scornfully.

“Tina!” Dad said sharply.

“What? Like it isn’t true?” Tina huffed. “She’s all prim and goody goody all the time. It makes me sick.” Tina mimed barfing to dramatize her point. “Why do you stay with her? It can’t be for the sex!”

“I don’t back off from my commitments,” Dad mumbled.

“Back off what?” Tina snored. “Christy and I know you’ll be there for us. We’re adults now anyway. You don’t have to stick with an ice bitch because of us!”

“Don’t talk about your Mother like that,” Dad snapped back.

“Why not?” Tina snapped back. “Christy is the good girl. I’m the demon seed. Remember.”

“I’ve made so many mistakes,” Dad sighed. “I tried to put a stop to that shit…”

“Well, she stopped saying that stuff when you’re around,” Tina said suddenly aware of her Dad’s profound sadness.

“I don’t know what happened,” he said. Tina could see conflicting emotions playing over her Father’s face. The gears were turning. Something major was being considered.

Finally, he sighed and said, “What the hell.”

Dad got up and went over to his beat up desk. “Come here Tina. Mom doesn’t even know I still have this. I promised her I’d burn it, but I didn’t want to.” He pulled a thick scrap book out of the bottom drawer of the desk. He dropped it on the desk and opened the cover.

“Things weren’t always so uptight,” Dad said.

Tina hopped up on the desk and looked at the photos. She recognized a much younger version of her Father standing naked on a beach. He had his arm around a naked light skinned black woman who was flipping off the photographer.

“You were a skinhead?” Tina said in amazement “Where’s your hair? Who’s the babe?

“In ’79 a shaved head didn’t mean the same thing. It meant we weren’t hippies,” Dad explained. “The babe is your Mother.”

“No way!” Tina gasped. She flipped through the pages; Mom and Dad running around the beach naked, Mom posing nude on a bed, Mom in a club flashing her tits at Ian Hunter.

“What the hell happened?”

“I’ve been trying to figure that out,” Dad said. “When you were two or three, she went to see her folks and came back a born again prude.”

Tina ran her bare foot up her Dad’s leg. “You and Mom were freaky?”

Dad blushed. It Kağıthane Escort Bayan might have been memory or it might have been his youngest daughter stroking his crotch with her foot. “Yes, “he finally said. “We had good sex. Kinky sex. It was great. I keep hoping that the woman I married will come back someday.”

Tina could feel her Dad’s cock growing hard under her toes. She smiled and pulled off her t-shirt. “You haven’t lost your groove, have you Daddy? I want some of what you gave Christy.”

“Shit,” Dad sighed as Tina used both feet to stroke his now hard cock. “What and I going to do with you girls?”

“Fuck us, Daddy!” Tina cried.

Dad stood up. He rubbed Tina’s perky right booby with one hand while he sucked on her left nipple. Tina hooked her toe into the waist of her Dad’s pants and tried to tug them down. Dad laughed, “Ok, ok. I’ll loose the pants if you do the same.”

“Don’t have to ask twice,” Tina cooed as she kicked her shorts off. She posed with her legs apart and spread her pussy lips. “What do you think? Eat me or fuck me?”

“You are the potty mouth,” he said.

“Oh,” Tina said looking suddenly thoughtful. She slowly said, “I guess you could use my mouth as a urinal if you want, but I won’t do poop!”

“What?” Dad said taken aback. “I only meant that you were talking dirty.”

Tina jumped off the desk and fell to her knees. She grabbed her Dad’s cock and stuck it in her mouth and sucked it hard and fast. With each stroke, she took the cock deeper in her throat. Her right hand played with Dad’s balls while she explored his ass with her other hand.

Dad gasped as his cock slid all the way down his daughter’s throat. He felt her tongue fluttering along the shaft of his cock, which was now throbbing. She slowly slid the cock out of her mouth. She teased the head with her tongue, and then swallowed the shaft again. She repeated this, getting faster and faster. Dad could feel himself getting closer and closer to cumming. Then he gasped again as Tina slammer his cock down her throat again and slid her finger up his ass!

Dad shot spunk down Tina’s throat. She went back to sucking him as he came. It made his head spin. The finger on his prostate did crazy things. It felt like he couldn’t stop cumming. Tina kept suck and swallowing and Dad kept cumming. Finally, he stopped shooting. He slumped back on the desk, feeling totally spent.

“Daddy,” Tina said in her best little girl voice. “I’m still thirsty. Daddy, would you please, please, please pee in my mouth?”

Dad looked down and saw Tina looking up at him giving him puppy dog eyes and a cute little pout. It’s the look she used to get extra money for shopping or for a date. The only difference, this time her chin was covered in jizz.

“Daddy, I want to taste your pee!” Tina said emphatically.

“How did I get into this,” Dad asked rhetorically. “OK, come over here.” Dad led Tina over to the corner where there was still an open drain from when this had been the laundry room. “Sit over the hole.”

Tina squatted over the drain and looked up at her Father. She opened her cum crusted mouth and waited with her tongue out. It was eerily similar to the pose she took when waiting for communion.

Dad stood over her with a semi-erect cock in his hand. This was so totally weird. This was so totally wrong. He was going to piss on his daughter and it was making him hard again. This was harder than he expected. The four beers he’d had were ready to come out, but it was hard to get the pee flowing.

“I’m ready,” Tina said. “Pee for me Escort Kağıthane Daddy.”

With that coaxing, Dad managed to get a stream started. First, it was weak and his aim was bad. Piss hit Tina on the forehead, then on her tits. Then the stream got stronger and he got the piss on target. Tina didn’t really drink the pee. She let it collect in her mouth and overflow. The piss washed cum off her chin and flowed over her tits and down over her pussy. When the flow slowed, she took her Dad’s cock in her mouth again to lick the last drops off.

Dad’s cock was stiff as a rod again. Tina looked up and said, “Now I’m a dirty girl. Will Daddy help me get clean?”

Tina walked over to the desk and hopped up. “I think my pussy needs to be kissed. Will you kiss my pussy?”

Dad dove into licking Tina’s pussy like a starving man. He was surprised that he didn’t mind the taste of his piss mixed with his daughter’s cunt juices. He probed her cunt deeply with his tongue while he rubbed her clit with his fingers.

“Daddy,” Tina moaned. “That feels nice. But Daddy, I’m a dirty girl. Would you please lick my ass too?”

It had been fifteen years since anyone had asked him to lick their ass. Did Tina somehow know, or was it genetic. He slid down, rolled Tina on her side for better access and shoved his tongue deep into Tina’s asshole.

Tina gasped again. She hadn’t expected Dad to tongue her ass at all. Now she was getting anally fucked by her Dad’s tongue. She creamed girl goo all over his fingers, which were now probing her pussy. She could feel and orgasm building, but she wanted to feel cock slamming her.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she cried. “I wanna cum.”

Dad stopped his rimming and looked around in confusion. “Do I have any rubbers?” he muttered.

“Fuck me, Daddy! I don’t care about rubbers!”

“You should!” Dad said sternly. “I’m not about to become a Grandfather and a father at the same time.”

“Then fuck my ass!” Tina howled. “I wanna feel your cock in me NOW!”

That was it. The safe sex lecture could come later. He pushed the head of his cock against Tina’s sphincter. “It’s been at least a decade,” he thought to himself. “I’m going in the poop shoot!”

He felt the familiar pop as his cock slid past the sphincter. Dad was amazed at just how easy it was to fuck Tina’s ass. Later. Later he’d talk to her about keeping safe. Now, his balls were slapping Tina’s ass cheeks as he pounded her ass with long, fast strokes.

“That’s it Daddy! Fuck my ass hard,” Tina wailed. “You’re the best Daddy. Make me cum!”

Dad shoved his cock in and out of Tina’s ass. He had two fingers in her cunt too. He could feel her body shake as she started to cum. “Ohhhhh,” she moaned. “Shit!” Dad felt his cock crushed by ass muscles. It was a shock, but it also set off his second orgasm. Tina’s nails raked is thighs while he blew wads of cum up her ass. Tina shuddered as the orgasm shook her body.

Finally, it was over. Dad and Tina were both dripping sweat. Dad pulled his cock out of Tina’s ass wondering, “What the hell have I done?”

Tina looked up at her father with a mischievous grin. “You look kind of dirty now Daddy. I think you need a shower!”

Dad didn’t realize what was happening at first. A warn spray of water hit his chest. Then the spray intensified and he realized Tina was peeing on him. “Damn this girl,” he thought, but smiled because the golden shower felt good. It really felt good when she aimed her piss at his cock, washing it clean after its backdoor adventure.

Tina finished peeing. Dad smiled, and then looked at the mess. “You’ve been a bad girl, Tina,” he said mockingly. “You’re going to help me clean this place up.” He pointed to the puddle at his feet, “This is your pee after all.”

Tina jumped up and hugged her Dad. She gave him a big kiss, then said, “I’ll help you clean up, but let’s not tell Mommy.”

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