Cherries/Cream for LindseyCherries/Cream for Lindsey


She was home alone for the day, her husband had taken the kids to visit family and she wanted a day to herself so she begged off and let them all go without her. It was hot, in fact Lindsey thought it was too hot. The window was open but the curtains hung lifeless not even the merest hint of a breeze to disturb them. The flimsy cotton sun dress clung to her body, her skin sticky with fine beads of perspiration. She had gathered her hair into a pony tail to try to get more air to her neck and shoulders yet stray strands still had become loose and they now also stuck to her face. Rocking onto the back legs of the chair she contemplated taking another cooling shower. Less than 2 hours earlier she had luxuriated in the cool water, enjoying the smooth contrast of lukewarm water with the heat of the day. While in the shower she had taken the opportunity to trim her pubic hair. She hoped it would help reduce the stickiness she felt in the hot weather. She had been considering shaving it all off but changed her mind at the last minute leaving her chestnut triangle as it was. Sitting here now she wondered what had stopped her, it wasn’t as if anyone else would care.

That thought brought her and the chair back to earth. She got up out of the chair. From there Lindsey crossed the bedroom to the full length mirror and examined the image before her, she nodded as if to confirm what she already knew. Almost without thinking she lifted the hem of the sun dress and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the white cotton panties. She eased them down over her thighs then let them fall to the floor. Stepping out of them with one foot she used the other with a practiced flick to send them to the laundry basket in the corner of the room. Lifting the hem of her dress again she admired herself, enjoying the freedom between her legs from lack of underwear. Relaxing down into the chair, she rocked back and put her feet on the bed. A whisper of movement ran through the curtains as a slight breeze entered the room, she found herself easing her legs apart to catch any benefit she could, the sun dress riding up her long thighs. Her eyes closed as she allowed her head to drop backwards, extending her neck and letting the very tip of her hair to brush the carpeted floor.

“Hello, anybody in?” The voice sounded like it was just outside the window. Her knees slammed together, eyes flew open and she rocked forward, her teeth clattering as the front legs of the chair hit the floor. Her vivid blue eyes scanned the window for signs of movement. How much had the interloper seen? She rose to her feet and pushed her head through the curtains, curious as to the owner of the voice. Outside, about 4 feet from her window, was a tall, dark haired woman casually dressed in shorts and T-shirt and carrying a large bowl.

“Hi, I just moved in next door a couple of days ago.” She had seen the moving van earlier on in the week and had speculated on who her new neighbors were.

“Hi” she said “Welcome to the neighborhood. Can I help you at all?”

Her new neighbor grinned impishly, “sort of, I’ve just been shopping at the produce market and I bought more of these than I needed” She lifted the bowl a bit out to indicate the contents of the bowl “and wondered if you could use them.”

Lindsey leaned further out of the window as she tilted the bowl toward her, she could feel the heavy swell of her breasts falling against the cotton of her dress and she started to straighten and go back inside.

A puzzled look came over the woman’s face “Don’t tell me…you don’t like fresh cherries?”

“Of course I do” she said “why don’t you go to the side door and I’ll let you in.” As she moved through the room she glanced sidelong at her reflection and smiled, confident her secret state of undress was not evident.

Through the frosted glass of the door she could see her waiting when she made it there so she opened the door and hesitantly welcomed her new neighbor. As she entered she looked at her, doing a mental assessment. Tall, thick build, the exposed arms muscular yet soft, pleasant smile, her shorts giving one a nice view of long legs, blue/green eyes, between 35 to 40. She silently read the logo on the back of her T-shirt “…you know you want some.” it read, laughing she motioned for her new neighbor to turn around so she could read the front of her shirt. The front had a logo on the left shoulder “Buffalo Wings & Rings…”

Remembering what the back of the shirt said and sensing Lindsey’s next question, she said “It was an old college hang out” she explained, blushing a slight pink in her cheeks.

Smiling warmly she said, “Welcome to the neighborhood. I’m Lindsey. Why have you got so many cherries?”

“Well bursa otele gelen escort they were on sale and I over estimated at the market. I love fresh cherries, but didn’t want them to go to waste before we could eat them all. Nice to meet you Lindsey, I’m Dawn.”

Quizzically she raised an eyebrow, “We?”

“Yes, my husband, my son and my daughter and myself”

While she was talking, Lindsey turned to a wall cupboard to reach for a bowl, as she stretched up her sun dress rose up showing off the curves of her bottom. Ooops, she thought, will she say anything? As she turned holding the bowl, the woman appeared not to have noticed and was now leaning on the edge of the kitchen table.

“I don’t think they’ll all fit in there” she said.

“It’s okay, we can eat the others now” Lindsey said selecting a large, ripe, deep red cherry and pressing it through her lips into her mouth. She delicately snapped off the stalk and tossed it onto the table, the cherry in her mouth popped giving up it’s juice for her, using her tongue she stripped the soft flesh from the stone then spat the hard center into her hand. Looking up, she found her new neighbor watching her with the strangest look on her face, pleasurable almost serene.

“Mmmm, I love cherries” Lindsey grinned. Helping herself to a handful of fruit, Dawn watched Lindsey head off to the freezer and return with a tub of ice-cream. Holding out a hand Lindsey offered her a spoon. Dawn plunged the spoon into the tub, scooping out a generous measure looked around for a bowl, but Lindsey took the spoon and held it to her neighbor’s lips. Caught off guard and not really knowing how to react she opened her mouth wide and felt the spoon slide onto her tongue, she closed her lips as Lindsey pulled the spoon back slowly from her closed lips, keeping the rapidly melting ice-cream on her tongue. Popping two more cherries into her mouth, Lindsey helped herself to a spoon of ice cream. The two women looked at each other, mmming and aaahing as the cool ice cream melted in their mouths. Lindsey scooped more ice cream onto the spoon and held it out for her. As Lindsey leaned forward with her mouth opened, the ice-cream slipped from the spoon landing silently at the top of her own cleavage. She inhaled quickly as the freezing cold cream hit her chest. Almost immediately it started to melt and slide down between her breasts. Before she could move Dawn reached up to the front of her sun dress and scooped the errant treat up with the side of her index finger, hand cupped to catch it and licked the ice cream from her palm and fingers.

“Well…since you didn’t want it” Dawn laughed sheepishly. Lindsey looked down the front of her sun dress, a thin pale line of melted cream making its way slowly across one breast, she lifted her head, to see Dawn looking directly into her eyes, a spoon of ice cream held poised in her hand. As Dawn’s eyes met Lindsey’s she searched for any hint of disapproval or retribution. Watching Lindsey’s full lips turn upward in a sensual smile she tipped the spoon, this time the cold lump hit inside the front of Lindsey’s dress halfway down her left breast. This time Dawn’s fingertips pulled the front of Lindsey’s dress forward and dipping her head, slowly licked upwards lapping the ice cream into her mouth as she went. Lindsey could feel her nipples hardening with the combination of the cold ice cream and the soft touch of this strange woman’s lips. Dawn’s head dipped again and Lindsey could feel the tip of her tongue tracing the line of the milky rivulet, then her lips capturing her left nipple and suckling it. A small shiver ran through her like a mild electric shock, she couldn’t believe she was letting someone else, especially a woman she’d met 10 minutes earlier, do what she was doing. And she couldn’t believe that she didn’t want her to stop either.

Moaning softly, her hands moved to the top of Dawn’s head, her long fingers running through the thick brown hair, pressing her face into her flesh, she could feel her lips and teeth on her, tenderly kissing then nipping at the ivory skin. On the outside of her thighs she could sense Dawn’s hands moving upward taking the material of her dress up to the curve of her hips. As she moved closer a hand slipped in between Lindsey’s legs, the sensation against her newly trimmed mound was different, much softer, but not unpleasant, involuntarily her legs parted slightly and she felt her lips being parted as this woman explored her sex. The hand exploring her was nothing like any man that had touched her before…even her husband’s. Parting her outer lips Dawn found her moisture and played there while listening to Lindsey’s breathing change…waiting escort bayan for some sign of disapproval, but getting none, so she continued finding that special place and gently massaging it round and round with her finger tip. Lindsey’s mind was telling her ‘no’ but the woman’s finger was making her body say ‘yes’. She had never had someone touch her so knowingly. Dawn’s fingers stopped and Lindsey felt her nether lips being parted as two cherries were pressed into her sex.

“Don’t ‘pop’ them” she breathed as her hands continued to lift the sun dress up and over her head. Standing there naked in her own kitchen Lindsey suddenly felt very exposed, however her visitor took all these thoughts from her as she deposited a large handful of ice-cream between her breasts and started to spread it over each nipple. Recoiling with shock, Lindsey laughed “You’re wicked …damn that’s cold” and taking a handful of the cold ice cream she lifted Dawn’s T-shirt and rubbed it into each breast, stopping to enjoy the feeling of her now erect nipples under Lindsey’s fingers. Dawn’s sharp intake of breath at the coldness made Lindsey laugh. Grinning, Dawn gripped the hem of her T and lifted it off, “tit for tat, is it?.”

Lindsey laughed slowly rubbing the cream over her hard nipples. “Yes, something like that.” Lowering her lips to Dawn’s skin Lindsey was very conscious at being aroused in taking her turn to taste the delicious merging of the sweet melting ice-cream and soft female breast. Never had she felt this feeling or even thought about doing such a thing. Sucking Dawn’s nipple into her mouth she couldn’t stop herself and again, really didn’t want to. All the time her tongue played over her new neighbor’s breasts she was acutely aware of the cherries gripped inside her sex. Teasingly, Dawn took a small gob of ice cream and traced carefully between Lindsey’s shoulder blades. Lindsey nipped her nipples with her teeth as she felt the coldness start to liquify and run down her spine. As it melted she could feel the creamy white stream cross each vertebrae on its downward path, the small downy hairs in the small of her back stood on end as the ice cream finally disappeared between the curves of her cheeks. Temporarily distracted by this new sensation she felt the cherries being pulled from her excited sex by their stalks. Looking up Lindsey saw Dawn holding both stalks, the cherries dangling, glistening with her juice. Dawn tilted her to face upward taking cherries between her lips savoring the contrasting tastes, the sweet taste of the fruit and the deep musk flavor of Lindsey. Without thinking Lindsey said, “don’t bite into them just yet”. Dawn looked at her quizzically. Lindsey surprised herself when the words came out of her mouth,”Let me taste them too.” Moving closer she pressed her breasts against Dawn’s and her lips and tongue met the woman’s standing before her…this woman she had just met…soft tongues, cherry juice and Lindsey’s flavor passed numerous times between their hungry mouths.

Lindsey’s hands traveled over Dawn’s body and found the top of her shorts, tugging gently at the drawstring and rubbing her sex through the heavy cotton. With a sigh of frustration she pulled the shorts out and moved her hands inside, her fingers touching another woman’s nether lips for the first time. Finding her moisture, her fingers explored this newness, this tremendously sensual heat… reaching over to the bowl of cherries she took a few and began pressing them into Dawn as she had so gently done to her earlier. “I’ve never done anything like this before” she whispered against Dawn’s lips, sharing the final piece of ‘Lindsey covered cherry’ with her. Placing a hand squarely in her chest, Lindsey pushed her backwards until Dawn’s legs touched the table. Gently she pressed her backward onto the table, keeping one hand on her stomach keeping her from sitting up, Lindsey spread open her new friend’s legs with the other hand, slowly rubbing along the folds of her wetness, spreading the outer folds open to see the very tip of a cherry stem inside her.

Lindsey’s chest jumped at the sight. Never in her life had she even thought of something like this and to have it arouse her this much caught her by surprise. Taking her one hand from Dawn’s stomach but still holding her lips open with the other… she slowly pulled the first cherry from Dawn’s sex.

Teasingly she reached up and traced the woman’s lips with the juice covered fruit. When Dawn opened her mouth to accept the cherry, Lindsey quickly pulled it away, “uh, uh, the first taste is all mine” she said, her eyes never leaving Dawn’s as she took it between her own teeth, pulling gently to break the stem off, savoring the taste of Dawn’s mudanya escort flavor in her mouth, her first taste ever of another woman. Reaching inside the woman again she pulled a second cherry from her sex, hearing Dawn’s moan as her muscles released it to Lindsey’s probing fingers. Dipping her fingers into the ice cream she held a gob to Dawn’s lips. Opening her mouth Dawn sucked the ice cream into her mouth licking Lindsey’s fingers clean then opening her mouth again for the ‘Dawn covered cherry’ Lindsey placed on her lips. She held it between her teeth as Lindsey pulled the stem.

Leaning over her, Lindsey’s lips met her’s in a deep exchange of cherries, ice cream and sex. Lindsey’s fingers still playing the length of her slit. She explored deeper with her fingers, pulling the final cherry from Dawn’s heat.

Reveling in the newness of the pleasure she was giving and receiving, Lindsey’s eyes twinkled evilly as an idea popped into her head. Reaching over she took the spoon and scooped an oversized spoonful of ice cream up and smiling down at Dawn, her legs still spread open wide, slipped the overfull spoon of ice cream deep inside of Dawn.

Gasping at the sudden cold shock sensation inside her, “and you called me wicked?” she said gasped, feeling the cream melt inside her. Taking the cherry she had just pulled from Dawn, Lindsey took off the stem and pressed it into her, careful not to press it too far in…feeling Dawn’s heat and the coldness of the ice cream and loving the sensation, enjoying being bad with this woman.

“I guess it’s my turn to clean up the mess, huh?” Lindsey said as she looked down at the cherry just inside Dawn, the melted ice cream flowing out of her sex around it and onto the table. It was the most delicious sight and without giving it a second thought she bent down and licked the length of Dawn’s sex, stopping to suck the cherry from her with her tongue. Dawn watched, fixated on what Lindsey was doing to her, Lindsey’s tongue getting every last drop of melted ice cream as she rolled the cherry over tender parts of Dawn with her tongue. The scent and taste of what was taking place was overpowering, Lindsey closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, turning it to a sigh of contentment as she breathed out. Rolling the cherry upward, she pressed it onto the engorged nub there, hearing Dawn’s moan, she knew she was doing it right. Sucking the cherry into her mouth, she placed tiny kisses over Dawn’s now clean nether lips and sex.

Leaning back she looked into Dawn’s eyes, sparkling as they gazed back at her, a soft smile turned up the corners of her mouth as Dawn leaned forward and licked the ice cream from the end of her nose, “You missed a bit” she whispered, her voice as soft as the breeze that was now blowing through the curtains.

She smiled as she got off the table and reached for Lindsey’s previously discarded sun dress and as Lindsey ate that last cherry. Dawn walked around behind her and put the dress over Lindsey’s head, pulling it down as Lindsey put her arms in the sleeves… as she did so though, Dawn licked the small stream of long forgotten melted ice cream down Lindsey’s back.

Gently pressing her forward Lindsey was forced to bend over the table as Dawn cleaned the trail of cream that had found its way to the base of her spine and in between her cheeks. Lindsey could only lean forward, hands flat on the table and enjoy the sensation of what was happening behind her, knowing she should stop her but not wanting to. What was happening right now was something she had never felt before, something totally new to her.

Sensing her discomfort in this position, Dawn spread Lindsey’s cheeks open and licked deeply, cleaning the last of the ice cream from between them, then stopped. “Don’t think I missed any”she said as Lindsey turned to face her, her face a bit flushed from blushing.

“Believe me, you didn’t miss a spot” Lindsey laughed trying not to meet her eyes.

Still sensing her discomfort over the apparent newness of this, Dawn put her hand gently under Lindsey’s chin so the she would have to look her in the eyes. “Lindsey, it’s very nice to meet you. I’m sure our families will get along wonderfully together. Please know, this goes no further than you and I, here and now. This just felt so right and so natural, but I will understand if it never happens again. Just please don’t hold it against me, okay?”

Lindsey nodded slowly, not certain of what to say or do. She knew she had never experienced anything like today, but wasn’t sure where to go from here.

“We’ll just say you ‘welcomed’ me wonderfully to the neighborhood. And hopefully soon we can get our families together for a BBQ or to grill… come over and let me know if you like that idea.” Dawn said as she put her T-shirt and shorts back on. She picked up her bowl, started for the door. As she walked out of the door, Lindsey saw the slogan again “…you know you want some.”

She smiled to herself and thought, ‘never thought I would but yes, yes, I do’

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