Cruelly DeceivedCruelly Deceived


Cruelly Deceived

By Alex Barton

Sylvie Colombe was not sure how much more she could take. The man lying on top of her leisurely fucking her asshole had already climaxed three times and she knew it would be another thirty minutes before he spurted his seed into her bowels again. She clenched her fists in the material of the pillow positioned under her belly and moaned with discomfort, a moan which the man mistook for pleasure and she felt his cock swell with renewed vigor in her overstuffed rectum. What made it worse for Sylvie was that the man sodomizing her was her priest whom she loved and respected, Father Philippe.

Sylvie’s ordeal had started barely six months previously, shortly after her 18th birthday. Her widowed mother had been ill for a long time and every day, as soon as she got home from school, Sylvie would take a cup of herbal tea to her Mama’s room and then would sit reading aloud interesting stories from the newspaper. One such time, Sylvie’s mother suddenly said, “After I’ve gone, you must not be distressed if Grampa brings a strange woman home one evening.”

“But why would he do that?” Sylvie asked, genuinely confused.

“Remember what I once told you, my sweetheart. All men have needs. Your Grampa is not an old man, he still feels sexual desire. And I have not been able to relieve his desire for so long. It must be very difficult for him.”

“I suppose so,” Sylvie had said, hoping it would be a long time before her grandfather felt the need to do anything like that.

But, to her great surprise, it was quite soon after her mother slipped peacefully into everlasting sleep that Sylvie’s grandfather decided to ease his sexual frustration, and it was not in the way she expected at all.

It had been early one Sunday morning. The sound of her Grampa opening his bedroom door shortly after dawn had woken Sylvie. She turned over in bed and listened as he made his way downstairs and into the kitchen to fill the kettle and make his morning tea before Agnes the housekeeper was up and about. When she heard him close the door of his study she dozed off once more, waking suddenly to find her grandfather kneeling by her bed, wearing only his nightshirt. His eyes were red from crying and Sylvie felt a great sense of compassion for her Grampa in his loss.

“My darling,” he whispered. “I miss your mother so much. Would it be possible for me to climb into bed with you for a few moments? It seems so long since I cuddled you and I would dearly like to feel your arms around me.”

“Of course, Grampa,” Sylvie said, throwing back the covers, forgetting until too late that her nightgown had ridden up and the puff of silky blonde hair covering her mons was clearly visible. And she failed to realize that his asking her to cuddle him instead of the other way around laid her body entirely open to him and trapped one of her arms under his body.

Her grandfather settled his head into Sylvie’s neck, his body against hers, his warm hand resting lightly on her stomach.

“You smell lovely, my dear,” her grandfather said. “Just like your mother.” And he kissed her softly, just under her ear.

Sylvie hugged him closer and said, “Do you miss Maman terribly, Grampa?”

“Yes, my darling, I do,” he said, moving his hand up to cup Sylvie’s cheek so that he could look into her eyes. “But I have you,” he said softly and, to Sylvie’s surprise, kissed her lightly on the lips.

Sylvie suddenly realized she could feel her grandfather’s penis against her hip and that it was hard. Very hard.

He brought his face above hers and looked into her eyes. “I do have you, my princess, don’t I?” There was a great depth of longing in his voice and Sylvie blushed at the intensity of his gaze.

“Of course you do, Grampa,” Sylvie said, wanting to reassure him.

“Oh, thank you, darling. Thank you,” her grandfather said and he climbed on top of her and tugged the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders, capturing the pink nipple of first one breast and then the other in his mouth as he pushed his groin between her thighs and forced them open.

“No, Grampa! Please, don’t!” Sylvie cried, struggling against the force of her grandfather’s lust as she felt the engorged head of his cock push between the slippery lips of her vagina and then tear through her hymen to fill her with its hot, hard length.

“Oh my darling…ohhh…ohhhhh…OHHHH!” her grandfather groaned with pleasure and almost immediately Sylvie felt a great gush of hot liquid spurt from his penis, flooding her belly.

Within moments of his climax, Sylvie’s grandfather lifted himself from her body and murmured, “Thank you, darling, that was wonderful.” And then he left the room, leaving Sylvie sprawled half-naked across her bed, her nipples wet with his saliva, sticky wetness oozing from the opening of her ravished cunt. She understood then that her grandfather’s tears were not for her departed mother, they Sex Hikayeleri were tears of remorse for what he intended to do to her.

Sylvie’s grandfather made no further sexual advances that day, nor for the rest of the week until the following Sunday when she again woke to find him standing at her bedside, looking down at her. This time he shed all pretense and was completely naked, his engorged cock jutting from his groin, a tiny pearl of clear fluid glistening at the tip.

Sylvie feared her Grampa intended to ravish her again. It had taken several days for the soreness of her cunt to ease and she dreaded having to endure the same discomfort again. But her grandfather had other intentions.

Stepping closer to her, his cock quivering with lust, he said, “Sylvie, my darling, please don’t be afraid. I would not dream of taking advantage of you. Say that you forgive me.”

“Of course, Grampa – ” Sylvie started to say, but her words were cut off and she could manage no more than a ‘glub’ sound as her Grampa suddenly placed his hands on her head and thrust his erect penis into her open mouth, filling it to capacity.

For several long minutes her grandfather fucked her face with his stiff pole, forcing her to swallow the salty semen that flowed from the tip. Sylvie did her best not to gag whenever her grandfather pushed too hard, but she knew her movements were awkward from the way he kept moving her head with his hands, encouraging her to take his glans into her throat. Sylvie realized that if she could manage this he would climax quickly and her ordeal would end.

But she was wrong. Her grandfather suddenly stopped what he was doing and pushed her back so her head was supported by a pillow, climbed onto the bed and straddled her body so his saliva-wet cock inches was from her mouth. Sylvie knew she had no choice: she opened her lips and her grandfather sank his cock back into her mouth with a deep sigh of pleasure.

Sucking hard on her grandfather’s penis with as much skill as she could manage, Sylvie was quite unprepared for what he suddenly did next. He slid his cock from the oval of her lips, slid his hands under her thighs to pull her to the middle of the bed and then upended himself over her body, his head toward her feet. He spread her legs with his hands, lowered his face, and thrust his tongue as far as he could get it into the wet hole of her cunt. Despite herself, Sylvie moaned with surprise and pleasure at how exquisite it felt to have her grandfather’s slippery tongue lapping and licking her clitoris and between her pussy lips and she did the best she could to take his cock, slippery with her saliva and his salty precum, into her throat.

The smell of sex filled Sylvie’s nostrils, the squelching sound of her grandfather’s tongue probing deep within her cunt filled her ears, creamy liquid from her grandfather’s penis filled her mouth. She knew that it was wrong to be enjoying what he was doing to her but she couldn’t help herself and she was powerless to resist the waves of pleasure that radiated from her pussy in the first orgasm she had ever experienced. She could feel hot juices flooding her cunt and was amazed when she heard her grandfather greedily swallowing the sweet honey of her arousal.

Still sucking and licking the shaft of her grandfather’s cock with her lips and tongue, Sylvie could feel the sex in her mouth begin to swell, his hips thrusting up and down with increasing speed. She had no idea what was about to happen and was taken completely by surprise when a wave of thick white sperm suddenly filled her mouth. As the first wave came to an end, her grandfather drew in his breath with a sobbing gasp, pushed his hips forward and once more released a flow of hot creamy cum.

The spurting spunk and plunging prick made Sylvie choke and she was forced to swallow the creamy liquid which was filling her mouth to capacity, sliding down her throat and into her belly. She could not believe how much of it there was but she knew from the moans and sighs she could hear coming from her grandfather’s chest that she was giving him great pleasure by suckling on his cock as he emptied his balls.

When at last her Grampa’s orgasm subsided, he gently withdrew his softening sex from Sylvie’s mouth and lay back onto the bed next to her. “Thank you, my beautiful darling,” he murmured and Sylvie could not help thinking that this time she had been a willing participant in her grandfather’s ravishment of her for his sexual pleasure.

The following Sunday was a repeat of the first two, with Sylvie being woken by her grandfather in a state of intense arousal who then proceeded to use her mouth or cunt in whatever way took his fancy. Sylvie was amazed by the ability of her grandfather to spend repeatedly, not leaving her bedroom until he had fucked her, or emptied himself into her mouth, six times in the course of the morning.

It was near the end of once such energetic bout, when her Erotik Hikayeler grandfather ordered her to kneel on all fours and Sylvie felt her cunt awash with sperm and her throat coated with the sticky, salty substance, that her Grampa gave a great heave of his prick into her slippery sex, cried out with the intensity of his pleasure and subsided onto her back, his hips jerking and quivering as he discharged the contents of his balls into her womb once more. Sylvie closed her eyes with ecstasy and she did not immediately realize that her grandfather had stopped moving and was lying heavily across her upper body.

“Grampa,” Sylvie said plaintively. “Please, dear Grampa, it is very uncomfortable holding your weight and mine up.” She knew how much her grandfather loved to leave his cock steeping in his own semen and was reluctant to complain, but he was becoming unbearably heavy.

Slowly and carefully, Sylvie squirmed from under her Grampa, his prick sliding from the overflowing tunnel of her cunt with a delicious slurping sound and found his eyes were shut and his face was ashen.

“Grampa?” Sylvie cried, trying her best not to scream with fear. She bent her head to his chest and listened and then she did cry out in shock for there was no heartbeat. Her darling Grampa had fucked himself to death.

Hurriedly pulling on a robe, Sylvie shouted for Agnes to fetch the doctor and the priest. But she knew her grandfather had gone to join her mother in everlasting sleep and that there was little the doctor could do.

In her grief Sylvie did not think to open the window or tidy the bed and she blushed bright red when the two men arrived and saw them wrinkle up their noses, smelling the unmistakable scent of sexual pleasure. The doctor certified her grandfather as having died of heart failure while Father Philippe, his face full of concern for Sylvie’s plight in having lost both her parents and now her beloved grandfather, administered the Last Rites.

“My dear Sylvie, what will you do now?” Father Philippe asked as he stood in the hallway before departing.

“I do not know, Father,” Sylvie said. “I have an uncle who lives in Lyons who perhaps would care for me but I have no money to pay for the journey.” Her eyes filled with tears as she realized for the first time how very alone she was in the world.

“My child do not distress yourself,” said Father Philippe, taking her chin in his hand and lifting her face up. “I will ask Maître Solange the notary to sell your grandfather’s property and make available the funds which he receives to pay for your journey to Lyons and give you a substantial sum to enable your dear uncle to look after you. In the meantime you must stay with me at my house. The presence of my housekeeper Thérèse will ensure no idle gossip arises from this act of kindness.”

“Oh thank you, Father Philippe,” said Sylvie, throwing her arms round the priest and hugging him, burying her head in his chest as she did so and quite forgetting she was naked beneath her thin robe. “You are so kind,” she said and felt greatly comforted when the handsome priest slid his hands around her waist and warmly returned the hug.


Sylvie was a little distressed when she moved to the house of Father Philippe and found that Thérèse made no secret of the fact that she did not approve of the Father’s act of kindness. Fortunately, every Thursday Thérèse was given a half-day off and Sylvie, who had been taught to cook by her mother, took over the duty of ensuring that a meal would be on the table waiting when Father Philippe returned from saying evening mass.

To Sylvie’s delight, Father Philippe would allow Sylvie a glass of wine mixed with water to thank her for the effort she took on his behalf and would sit and tell her about the events of the day throughout the meal. Then, after dinner, Father Philippe would hear Sylvie’s confession before retiring to his bedroom. Sylvie was concerned her immortal soul was in danger after having committed the terrible sin of making love with her Grampa and she told Father Philippe every detail of what her grandfather had done to her in order that he might be better able to decide her penance. She was particularly concerned that what she told Father Philippe distressed him because, soon after retiring to his bedroom, she would hear him cry, “Ah-ahhh-ahhhhhh!” and knew he must be experiencing great spiritual distress on her behalf.

One such Thursday evening, after Father Philippe had heard her confession and, contrary to his custom, had instructed Sylvie to go to bed while he remained for a while reading in front of the fire, she was in the act of undressing and had just pulled her chemise over her head. Hardly had the lovely twin globes of her bottom been revealed as she bent to reach for her nightdress when she found herself grabbed from behind, her naked body clasped tight, a hand over her mouth.

Sylvie’s first instinct was to scream, but she Tecavüz Hikayeleri could not because of the hand across her lips. Her next was to faint, and this she probably would have done but for the fact that, as the intruder held her close, something hard, long and warm pressed inwards between her smooth buttocks, and lay throbbing in the divide and up along her back. At the same moment Sylvie saw the image reflected in her dressing mirror and recognized over her shoulder the handsome face of Father Philippe, his eyes closed with the pleasure he was feeling at holding her naked body against his.

Both shocked and scared, Sylvie could not stop herself falling back against the Father. Concerned she was fainting, he at once removed his hand from her mouth and supported her in his arms. As he did so Sylvie could feel the great pole of Father Philippe’s cock press even further into the furrow of her bottom while he ran his hands over the mounds of her breasts, stroking the pale pink nipples with his fingers and burying his face in the cascade of her scented hair at the base of her smooth white neck. The next moment his mouth was trapping hers in a long and sensual kiss.

“Please Father,” Sylvie cried when he broke the kiss. “You told me that the sins I committed with my Grampa might one day be forgiven. Do not force me to do more shameful things.”

Father Philippe smiled at her, the same loving smile he had when he said he would take care of her. “Sylvie, the things you did were indeed shameful but you were taken advantage of by your wicked grandfather. If we pray together to achieve your forgiveness then I’m sure it will be granted.”

Before Sylvie could reply Father Philippe kissed her once again and let his hands roam over naked body. She felt him settle his hand over the downy bulge of her mons where his finger separated the moist lips of her pussy, entered the warm slit and touched her sensitive clitoris. Sylvie closed her eyes as the priest alternately rubbed and then gently stroked the sensitive organ her grandfather had so often kissed and sucked.

Overwhelmed by the passion the priest was stirring in the depths of her cunt, Sylvie did not resist as the priest made her lie face down on her bed, her upper body flat against the bedcovers, her hands covering her face, her pretty bottom raised in the air. Sylvie wanted so much to show how sorry she was for enjoying the terrible things her grandfather had made her do and she prayed as she waited for the priest to join her.

Perhaps it was the beauty of the words spoken in her head that made Sylvie fail to hear the rustling sound that came from behind her but she cried out with surprise when she suddenly felt Father Philippe pass his hands round her hips, press his now naked body against hers and once more lay the huge length of his cock between her buttocks.

“There is a new experience I must now instruct you in, my daughter,” Father Philippe whispered in her ear. “You will find it more productive of pain than pleasure at first, but the ways of repentance are difficult, and only to be learnt and enjoyed by degrees.”

“Of course, Father,” Sylvie managed to say, distracted by the way the lustful priest was rubbing the head of his member up and down the silky-smooth cleft of her bottom. “I will do whatever is necessary – ahh – ohhh!” Sylvie could not help but cry out. Father Philippe had pressed the bulging head of his mighty cock in the slit of her dripping pussy and thrust the full length up into her body. She was impaled on his prick as he began to fuck her with long, deep strokes, lifting her up bodily every time he drove his hips forward.

So forcefully was Father Philippe fucking her that Sylvie felt each moment would be her last because the sheer size of the cock the priest was thrusting into her body was so much greater than that of her dear Grampa. She instinctively knew that only the fact the walls of her cunt were so wet and elastic enabled her to manage such a monster.

All thoughts of prayer were driven from her mind: all she could hear was the sound of the priest behind her as he grunted with the strength of his thrusts and moaned out his pleasure, all she could feel was the pressure inside her cunt as the slick walls clasped tight the huge prick sliding back and forth. Deeply concerned that she was being made to sin once again, Sylvie closed her eyes and gripped the covers in her fists as she waited for the ordeal to end.

But it was far from over. Indeed, the exquisite fucking she was receiving was merely the prelude.

Suddenly the priest removed his prick from the depths of her sex with a wet slurp and, lifting himself so that his body was above and behind hers, Sylvie felt him press the tip of his stiff member against the small orifice between her beautiful buttocks. Pushing forward his well-lubricated weapon by degrees, he slowly penetrated her anal sphincter.

“Oh, my -!” cried Sylvie. “Please Father, you are in the wrong place – it hurts. Oh, have mercy! Spare me!”

This last cry was caused by a final and vigorous thrust on the part of the priest which sent his massive member up to the hairs that covered the lower portion of his belly so that he was in Sylvie’s bottom to the balls.

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