My name is Holly. In previous stories I described my summer job after graduating high school in upstate New York, and the suck and fuck sessions I enjoyed with my boss, my boyfriend and his brother. Shortly after that summer, I got a job in Buffalo, New York and moved out on my own.

Then I got pregnant, moved back to the town I grew up in, got married to a local real estate broker, and had a second child. Life was generally good, albeit a little boring. Fortunately my mother loved looking after my two kids, which allowed me to get a job and have a little autonomy.

The job I landed was as a counter cashier at a Carroll’s Hamburgers fast food joint, which was a regional business, very similar to the much more popular McDonald’s. I was 28 by then – still an attractive blonde with a rockin’ body – I had big, 36D tits, a narrow waist, and shapely hips. I still turned heads when I entered a room, and I used this to my advantage when I interviewed with the Carroll’s manager for the job. I wore a low-cut top and short skirt, and he couldn’t stop staring at my tits throughout the entire interview. I was hired on the spot.

This particular Carroll’s was a common place for teenagers from the local high school to get their first jobs, so there was always a new crop of juniors and seniors coming through each year. I was one of the few full-time, adult employees, along with the manager, who was only a year older than I was.

About 6 weeks after I started working there, four seniors from the local high school were hired for the summer to man the fry station, cook burgers, and work the counter. One, in particular, caught my eye. His name was Matt – he was a senior who played tight end for the local high school football team. He was a good looking guy, with a nice build and big muscles, but he was also a bit shy, which made me think he didn’t have a lot of experience with girls. This kind of intrigued me, and I found myself flirting with him every day, enjoying the look on his face whenever I found excuses to brush against him with my boobs or pat him on the ass. He clearly enjoyed the attention, and I became a little bolder the longer we worked together. Eventually I was squeezing handfuls of his ass and even grabbing his crotch whenever we passed each other while working.

Our manager and his wife always held a July 4th party at their house each year for all the Carroll’s employees at this location, and some of their friends. This would be the first time I was going, and I was looking forward to it. My husband didn’t really like to go to these types of parties, so I arranged to have him drop me off in the early evening, and then pick me up later that night, when the party was over. I dressed in a low cut halter top, with no bra, and a short linen skirt. My boobs were bouncing and swaying without restraint in this outfit, and I felt sexy as hell as I climbed out of the car and told my husband to pick me up at 1:00 a.m.

It was a fun party right from the start. Watching the younger employees drink and flirt reminded me of how I had been about ten years earlier. As soon as I arrived I found Matt and I could tell immediately that he was new to drinking – he had only had a few rum and şanlıurfa escort cokes and was already getting tipsy. We flirted and chatted, and at some point during the evening, he revealed that he was, in fact, a virgin. I wasn’t surprised, and decided it was my mission that night to introduce him to fucking. He was definitely willing, as he was already grabbing and squeezing my tits, even slipping his hands inside my halter top and pinching my nipples. I looked around to see if anyone was noticing, but it seemed like virtually everyone was in a similar buzzed state – drinking, dancing, laughing, and openly grabbing tits and crotches. Even our manager was in a corner kissing one of his cashiers and massaging her boobs, while his wife was sitting on the lap of one of my co-workers, having her own breasts fondled.

Matt and I were standing along one wall, just off to the side, listening to the music, drinking, and watching all the action going on in the party. I was standing with my back to Matt, leaning up against his chest, with his hands slipped inside my halter top from the sides, squeezing and pulling on my unfettered tits, and occasionally pinching my nipples. I had a drink in one hand, and was reaching behind me with the other, prodding and stroking Matt’s fully engorged cock through his shorts. I was impressed with its size….it felt like it was about 9” long, and pretty thick, which fit perfectly with his 6’3” frame.

I was kind of blown away by all the bare boobs and blatant cock stroking going on around the room. I’d never been to a party quite like this one. No one seemed to care that anyone else was there and watching. When it got to a point where sucking and fucking was going to happen, people just seemed to slip into one of the spare rooms for a while before re-joining the party afterwards.

I was getting totally turned on – my pussy was absolutely drenched at that point – and I could tell from squeezing with my hand that Matt was as hard as a rock. I was pretty sure he was going to pop his cork inside his shorts if I didn’t get them off of him pretty quickly. I surreptitiously pulled down his zipper, pulled out his rigid shaft, and began gently stroking it behind my back where others couldn’t easily see. Meanwhile, I kept an eye on the closed doors to the spare rooms – I was waiting for one to come available, so we could get to the good stuff. Finally one of the doors opened to a spare room, and two of my co-workers came out, the young guy tucking in his shirt and zipping up his fly, and the girl pushing her boobs back inside the top of her dress as they emerged. With my hand still gripping his cock, I walked Matt over to the open door, stepped inside the room, and shut the door behind us.

It was a little darker in this room than in the main party room, but we could see well enough to begin pulling our clothes off and grabbing tits and cock. With my heavy boobs swinging in front of me, I knelt on the carpet in front of Matt, who was standing next to the bed, and started sucking his stiff rod, stroking his shaft with one hand and fondling his balls with the other. He came almost immediately, blasting huge gobs of cum down escort şanlıurfa my throat. I swallowed his massive load and continued sucking on his prick, hoping to keep it hard for some fucking. As expected, he barely lost any rigidity in his dick at all, then started getting hard again almost immediately.

I sucked and stroked him for a few more minutes until he was fully erect, then laid back on the carpet and spread my legs. Matt instinctively positioned himself between my legs and I took the head of his shaft in my hand and lined it up with my gaping, sopping wet pussy. He shoved it in, and began ramming it in and out of me in earnest, causing me to grunt with each thrust of his cock. As he continued hammering my pussy, I caught sight of movement on the bed to my left. I looked closer and realized that our manager, and the girl he had been groping earlier, were both laying across the bed, looking down at Matt and me fucking on the floor. They both had huge grins on their faces, and the girl was stroking my manager’s cock as they both enjoyed the action. I was a little surprised to find that this actually added to my excitement, and I suddenly had an explosive orgasm, letting out a little squeal in between grunts from Matt’s pounding.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed my climax for a minute or two, then felt Matt pick up the pace as he approached an orgasm. He suddenly stiffened, slammed his cock as far into my cunt as he could, and shot a tremendous load of cum deep into my pussy. Matt continued sliding his dick in and out of my vagina for a while, but at a slower pace as he enjoyed his climax, then stopped and rested on top of me with his stiff prick still deep in my pussy.

Right then I heard a grunt and a giggle, and opened my eyes to see my manager’s cock erupt, shooting a stream of cum straight into the air, while the girl jerking his prick giggled at the sight of it. Some of his jizzm got on her face and bouncing tits, dripping off of both of her nipples, which just seemed to make her giggle even more. Our manager jumped up and got some towels, tossing one down to me on the carpet, and using one on himself and the girl who jerked him off. Then the two of them got dressed and left the room, leaving just Matt and me lying on the floor catching our breath.

After a few more minutes, Matt rolled off me, and we lay there for a little while – Matt fondling my tits, and me gently stroking his still semi-hard shaft. Eventually, I sat up and cleaned up the mess between my legs, then leaned over and sucked Matt’s prick into my mouth and cleaned it off with my tongue. Then we both got dressed and re-joined the party. I was amazed that it was carrying on just as it had been before we went into the spare room. The music, dancing, drinking, flirting, kissing, cock and tit grabbing….all of it was still in full swing.

We re-engaged with our co-workers and continued drinking, dancing and flirting. Matt had his hands inside my halter top almost continuously until he left the party around midnight. I stayed later than that, as my husband was planning to pick me up at 1:00 a.m. I drank a bit more and danced and chatted with some of my other şanlıurfa escort bayan co-workers.

Even though my manager had already gotten a handjob earlier in the evening (as he’d watched Matt fuck me in one of the spare rooms), the girl who had jerked him off had already left, and he was getting randy again. His wife had gone into the nursery to sleep on the floor while the party continued, and he was dancing with all the remaining girls, looking for another cum opportunity.

As he danced with me, his hands were all over me….squeezing my tits as they bounced around while we danced, pinching my ass..…even slipping his hand between my legs and grabbing my pussy. At first I pushed his hands away, but eventually just tolerated it. He was persistent….I’d had a LOT to drink….and I finally let him convince me to go into one of the spare rooms with him. Once we got in there, he started to pull my clothes off, but I stopped him. I stood by the bed, bent over with my hands supporting me on the mattress, and told him he could just pull my panties down if he wanted a quick fuck.

So, that’s what he did. He slid my panties down to my knees, lined up his cock with my vagina, shoved it into me, and began rocking his hips back and forth, ramming his prick in and out of my cunt like a jackhammer. He reached around from behind and pulled both boobs out of my halter top, slapping and squeezing them as he continued to pound my pussy. He had a good sized cock, and between his stiff pole slamming into me and his nut sack banging into my clit with each stroke, I had a decent orgasm pretty quickly. I checked my watch and noticed that it was nearly 1:00 a.m., which is when my husband was picking me up, so I looked over my shoulder and told him to hurry up, we didn’t have much time. He let go of my boobs, leaving them to swing and bang into each other underneath me as he grabbed my hips and picked up the pace. It didn’t take long before he let out a moan and sprayed several ropes of cum into my cunt.

I grabbed the towel that was still on the bed from before and cleaned my pussy lips, then tossed it to him so he could clean himself while I pulled up my panties and shoved my tits back into my halter top. Just as we walked out of the spare room I heard my husband honk the horn in front of the house, so I said my goodbyes to all who were still there, trotted outside and climbed into the car for the ride home.

It was a good party. Much better than I had expected. The next week I convinced Matt that he should let me drive him home after work when we both worked the same shifts, and even pick him up from school whenever I was on the late shifts at Carroll’s and he wasn’t working. That way we could drive to some out of the way spot and fuck before I had to go home or go to work. It didn’t take much convincing, so that’s what we did….a lot….until he left for college the next fall.

Meanwhile, my manager was constantly grabbing my boobs and squeezing my ass at work, and always trying to pull me into the walk-in cooler or out on the loading dock for a quick fuck or blowjob. I let him get away with it a few times, but eventually he stopped and started focusing on the high school girls that were working there for the summer. He and his wife continued to have their annual July 4th parties, and they were always epic……almost an orgy every year. Life in my small town was still kind of boring, but working at Carroll’s, and those July 4th parties, sure made it a little more interesting.

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