Subject: Roommate’s Buddy College/gay I’ve come to realize I’m definately gay. My name’s Cory, I’m a fairly normal 19 year old. Not much to look at, I stand 5’3″, weigh in at a whopping 115 pounds, So I guess you could call me scrawny. I do have a couple things going for me, My cute cute boyish looks and a big smile. So you get what your given and I don’t have alot to complain about. Deep down inside I have always known about my sexual preference, But was aware on some level that I didn’t want to be what I was. Whether It was a case of denial or an unwillingness, I managed to surpress my desires. The small mid-western town I grew up in wasn’t going to be leading to any possibilties in that regard, Anyway. My life was on the verge of change, I was leaving home to attend college and couldn’t be more excited. I met my roommate the day I moved in, Eddie was a bit of a nerd like myself. I was worried about the roomie thing, But I think Eddie and I are gonna get along just fine. He wasn’t gay and not very goodlooking, So the situation doesn’t need to be tense. Eddie grew up not far from campus and had lots of friend attending school with him, I on the other hand was a thousand miles from home and didn’t know a soul. The first few weeks felt ordinary enough, Classes were going to be managable. Ed’s buddies had become mine as well, There were a few I found attractive, But there was two that were down right smoking. Zack and Justin were both seniors, Baseball players and Fucking ripped hotties. Zack is 5’8, Dark hair and eyes, Justin a little taller 5’10” Blond and blue. They enjoyed calling me lil cory and I gotta tell ya, I love it. There was a zero percent chance either one of these dudes were gay, They seldom went any where without dragging a chick around. I must be careful around these two, I need to catch my staring before they do. I was hoping it might happen and one day it did. Zack dropped by looking for Eddie, But he wasn’t home. It was Saturday He had gone for the weekend. I liked the dorm on weekends, It’s usually very quiet. “Hey lil Cory..Eddie around bro?” Zack asked me. “Nope..Gone for the weekend, Home I think..Where’s your shadow?” I asked “I’m guessing you mean Justin, Not sure…He’s around some where” Zack answered. “I got a bunch of school work to catch up on” I said looking over the screen of my laptop. This wasn’t a total lie, I did have a lil work to do. I was also planning to cruise the on-line school chat sites. I had heard the guys talk about finding pussy there and figured what the hell. “Hey Zack, which chat group you had most luck with” I asked. “Oh…looking for fun are ya?..Give the Campus Mixer room a shot” Zack told me. “How bout you, Got any plans..A hot date perhaps?” I asked Zack while sneaking a quick peek. He was definately rolling comando under his baggy gym shorts today and I couldn’t help my eyes. “Nada..Just gonna hang and do some laundry, Shit is fucking piling up…I’m gonna run dude, Later” He answered and out the door he went. Well that explains the freeballing I thought, I took notice of the 5inch soft cock swinging as he moved and couldn’t help imagine him without shorts. I needed more than ever to find some cock tonight, So I logged on. My screen name is inspired by a nickname “LILCore”. There wasn’t much action at 3 on a Saturday afternoon, So I’ll take time to update my profile. Freshman, 19 short and skinny, more of a bottom, Likes athletes. The trick with this type of site is sorting the joksters from the serious folks. “Ding” IM from Hungjock. “wanna suck cock faggot?” It said. Well yes I do I thought, But I can’t take this invitaion serious. This could be a potential gay bashing or possibly worse. I didn’t respond and as I figured that was the end of it. I went on with my school work and waited for more sincere opportunities. “Ding” Another IM this time from Girlyboy16 “Hey, fellow fag here are Ya having any luck” It said. A conversation with an experienced cruiser might prove to be beneficial. I glanced at his profile. Junior, 22 chubby, Likes it all. Seemed harmless enough. “Hi..How are you and no not having any luck” I sent. “It’s early dude be patient..Bet your stats attract an athletic type for ya” He messaged. “You think?..I’m a skinny lil nerd” I replied. “Don’t sell yourself short..Jocks like to fuck the lil bottom boys..Damn You must be new around here.” He sent back. “Good to know and yes I’m new here..been here almost a month now” I said. “You’ll get the hang of things..Happy hunting..Gotta run” Was his last message. I finished up my work and reheated a few slices of pizza. In just the few minutes I was gone two more “offers” awaited. EasyLisa “This is my room queer get lost”. I didn’t expect that, But in hindsight I should have. “Easy EasyLIsa, I’m just checking shit can have it all to yourself in a few” I sent her. The second message looked a little more promising. BallStud “Hello, How are you doing?” He asked. “I’m emek escort good..Thanks..You?” I replied. Several minutes went by before He answered. “Just chilling..Up for some chat?” He sent. “Yeah bro..That’s why I’m here..LOL” I sent off feeling a bit clever. “Ha..Ha..Ha.. Can I ask you something?” He asked. “Sure can..Shoot” I said. “What’s your name?..I’m Jack” He sent. I ran my eyes over his profile, Senior, 5’8″, Athletic, Horny. I liked the little bit he had written about himself. “Cory..Nice to chat with ya Jack..I like your profile short and sweet just like me” I sent to Jack. “You too Cory..I like your stats dude” He said. Girlyboy was fucking right, My numbers had in fact attracted a horny jock. I couldn’t help and notice correlations between “Jack” and “Zack” . “Jack what type of ball you play?..I’m guessing that’s where the Ballstud comes from” I sent. “A little football and baseball…I hope this isn’t to bold, But what you looking for Cody?” Jack answered. “Well to be honest a guy with a profile similar to yours was exactly what I had in mind” I answered. “You like the Jocks..Do ya?” Jack asked. “I don’t have a whole bunch of experience, But I sure like looking at em…So yes” I responded. “And I like smaller bottom guys..are you fem?” He asked. “I’m not fem or butch..Some where in the middle I guess..Are you a cocky frat guy?” I asked him. “In the middle is good..I turn in to a cocky frat boy after a couple of beers, So I’ve been told..Cory, You got any Pics?” Jack asked. I hadn’t considered needing any pictures, But I did have the means “Give a minute I’ll take one..You have one for me?” I sent. “Yup sure do..Here ya go” Jack said. I opened the attachment and OH MY GOD. A side view of the most incredible body wearing a bulged jockstrap, He had left his face out of the photo, Which was smart. “Your fucking HOTT!!..Looks like quite a package there.” I said. “Thanks bro..I’ve never had any complaints in that department..Where’s mine” Jack sent. Stripping to my undies and posing in front of the full length mirror on the back of the door, I turned to see my ass in the reflection “Snap”. “Here you go dude” I attached the pic and sent. “Damn boy..sweet little ass you got there..Like getting fucked?” He asked. “I never have, But think about it all the fucking time” I said. “You into sucking cock Cory?” Jack asked. “I’ve done that a couple of times, But think about it all the fucking time also” I responded. “Sorry Dude..Something came up..I gotta run..Maybe catch ya on here later” Jack was gone. Before I had a chance to beg, He was gone. I studied his photo with great admiration, Jack had a fantastic muscled body. I haven’t had a chance to see Zack in just a jock, But imagined he’d look a lot like this dude. Strong legs, Broad shoulders and rippled stomach. Jack had very little hair on his body other than the armpit I could clearly see. A little patch between his defined pecs and nice black trail leading into his white tight jock. Lost in fantasy I heard the knock on the door, But it didn’t register immediately. Knock..Knock..Knock, I snapped out of my trance, got dressed and pulled the door open. Zack was back. “Sup Lil Cory..I got bored..Alright if I hang out with ya” Zack asked. “Yeah dude, Come on in…Can I get You anything?” I answered. “Take a beer if ya got one?” He said. I went to grab Zack a beer and to peek a my computer, Hoping there was an IM, I was disappointed…Nothing. I sat on the sofa adjacent to him, tossed him the cold beer and remote. As He flipped through the guide I seized the opportunity to compare Zack and Jack in my mind. They are physically very similar, Same hieght, Similarly worked out legs and nice broad shoulders. If I could some how get thta shirt off of him. “Fucking dorm is sweaty tonight” I said. “Yeah..This fucking beer tastes awesome..Thanks” Zack said. “I’ll be right back dude..need to check something” I said heading to check for messages, Once again nada. Plus I need another look at Jack’s pic for further comparisons. I noticed something I hadn’t earlier, There was a pair of red gym shorts around Jack’s ankles. Zack was sporting a pair of red baggy gym style shorts. “Did ya get a chance to check out that chat room dude?” Zack asked walking toward my location. “Not yet man, Haven’t had a chance..Just finishing up my school chores” I said closing my laptop quickly. “I’m gonna grab another brew bro” Zack said sticking his hand up for a high fiva as he passed. I got a pretty good look at him coming and going, From the front his shit seemed to be in check, But the backside His thin shorts found thier way into the crack of his ass. He’s wearing a fucking jockstrap, Almost eryaman escort certainly a strap. The red shorts were at the least very similar to ones resting on Jack’s feet. I followed Zack back to the sofa. “Girls gone wild!!..Really dude” I said to him. “Fuck yeah bro…Check them titties out…Look at that slut’s ass…I’d fuck that shit…Wouldn’t you dude?” He asked slapping my leg. “No fucking way dude…She’s nasty” I answered. “Yeah I thought you’d say something like that bro…Your just not that type dude” Zack said as he removed his shirt and tucked in the front of his trunks like an apron. There was no fucking doubt, Jack was Zack. Is he just fucking with me?, Or is he down I thought. I really want to see inside that jock, But I need to let him make the first move. On the slim chance it was all coincidence, I needed to be coy. “What fucking type am I, Since your an expert” I asked sharply. “I don’t need to tell you man, You know what fucking type you are” Zack answered, reached down and tugged on his junk. Not realizing, But Zack was watching me as I watched his hand arrange his shit “See your that type man..It’s cool…Mind if I lose these shorts It’s fucking hot” He added. “Make yourself at home dude” I said and watched as he slid them down his legs, Kicked off his shoes and lifted his feet out of em. “Is that a jockstrap bro?” I asked. “You know it fucking is…Not the first time you’ve seen one..Is it?” Zack said snickering. “I fucking knew it was you dude….So I just went along with your game..I mean come on You fit that profile to a tee and you might have been a little more creative with your Name…Jack” I said. “You didn’t fucking know it was me bro, But I bet you were hoping all along it was…I see the way you watch my shit” Zack stated. I didn’t really know what to say at this point, I was a bit dumb founded. I thought I was cautious when checking him out, Turns out I fucking wasn’t. “Your not the first queer to look at me like food?” He said. Still being defensive and reverting to my rehearsed denial “I’m not queer..I thought you were just messing around..Your picture was Just as I imagined you might look without clothes” Hoping he didn’t catch that last bit. “You’ve imagined me without clothes have you?” Zack said confidently. “Yeah bro..I guess maybe I do..More out of admiration than anything” I said trying to save face. “I do look good, Don’t I ?” Zack asked. “Dude..Your fucking Hott!!” I answered. “Cory if your trying to convince me your not gay, Your fucking failing dude..Guys don’t tell other dudes thier fucking Hot, Unless of course they’re fags” He said. I had a difficult time keeping my eyes off the mostly naked stud sitting on my couch. It was clear that what ever he had stuffed in the little pouch between his legs wanted out. I needed to stand my ground here, If word got out who the fuck knows what might happen. I’ve got three and half more years at this place. “Go ahead bro get yourself a good look, Take it all in” Zack said as he stood in front of me and flexed his fit body. I didn’t have the ability to stop my wandering eyes, I looked him up and down “Girls must love that fucking body dude” I said. “The chicks like it, But what they love is this fucking thing” He said adjusting his bulge. Zack was driving me nuts, It was more than obvious he had quite cock and Was very proud of it “Need another beer dude?” I asked him. “Sure bro I’m fucking thirsty..Are you?” He said arrogantly. I Returned witha couple of cold ones. Zack’s jockstrap was on the floor and had his tee-shirt draped over his lap. “Hope this cool bro..I had to get that thing off and let my junk get some air” He said. His cock was hanging off the right of his sexy body and peeking out from the small white shirt, It almost seemed to be looking at me “Your good bro..It’s fucking steamy in here” I said in return. Zack’s big cock was on a mission of freedom, As we watched the whores on TV it would expose more and more of its self. A good three inches of thick meat was unhidden and the head glistened with leaking juice. Zack dick began to lift off his leg, This caused his shirt to slide completely off. A perfect cock stood in attention. “Geez dude..I can see why the girls would love that fucking thing..Your fucking hung” I said eyeing his thick shaft. Zack wrapped a hand around it and said “8 fat inches the sluts love riding on it, But a good blowjob is hard to come by” He said spreading his legs. “To big for em is it?” I asked. “Never been able to get more than 4 inches in..It’s a gift that comes with restrictions” Zack said stroking with the hand farthest from me and the other tucked behind his head as if to give me the best view possible. I couldn’t take esat escort my eyes off his fat cock “I can see why dude, You got a monster between your legs” I said. “You want to touch it bro?” He said looking at me. I did want to touch it and more, But said “Nah dude..I’d better not” I said pretending to not be interested. Zack grabbed my hand and led it to his long hard pole “It’s cool bro..Give a few strokes..I won’t tell anyone” He ordered. His cock felt bigger in my hand than my eyes thought it might. I spit into my palm and buttered his meat with my saliva. “There you go bro..Grease it up” Zack said as he layed back giving me full access. I stroked for a few minutes, My hand traveled the entire length of his huge cock. My hand would need more lube and it would leave Zack’s dick unattended to return covered in spit. “You know dude next time you can spit on my cock, You won’t miss a stroke..Feels awesome by the way” He said in a soft voice after returning his beer can to the side table. I did want to get a closer look, That was for sure. I leaned over, My mouth an inch from his fat head and released another wad of saliva. The hand job went on uninterupted. As I delivered another batch I could feel Zack’s hand come rest on the back of my head. “Go ahead dude, I know you fucking want it..Suck that big dick” He said pushing down on the back of my skull. My lips were resting on the end of his pipe, My tongue fell out of my mouth and ran around his plump head. “My jizz tastes good don’t it?” He asked. I figured there was no point in denying any longer “Fuck yeah dude..Spectacular” I replied. “You gonna suck that cock gay boy or play with it?” Zack asked. I wrapped my mouth around his swollen head and ran my lips up and down “MMMMMM” I hummed. “There you go..Suck that fucking big cock fag” He said removing his strong hand and joining it with the other behind his head. I slid off the sofa and kneeled between his spread legs without coming off his meat, Any thoughts I’d ever had about not being gay were likely gone forever. I bobbed on Zack’s dick and watched his expression of complete ecstacy. “I knew you’d be sucking me the first time I set eyes on you” He said watching my mouth ride up and down his thick shaft. “Relax those throat muscles and let me in Gay boy” He ordered. Much to my surprise when I did as he demanded, He was all the way in. I could feel Zack’s sweaty nut sack on my chin”MMMMMM” I sounded after the minor gagging ceased. Zack looked into my eyes with amazement “You did it queer..I knew you’d be a great cocksucker” He said. My mouth was now making the entire 8 inch journey up and down, I loved way he felt buried in my throat. After a few lunges I’d come off and lick like it was melting popsicle “I fucking love your cock gonna feed me your seed?” I asked not knowing where it camef rom. “Work for what you want gay boy..Suck that cock” Zack said watching me make his cock disappear into my mouth. I bobbed and twisted my eager mouth and ran tongue around his head when I came up for oxygen. This would get a moan out him everytime. “MMMMM..That’s it Cory..Your a fucking master class cocksucker..Wait till I tell Justin” He said. I wasn’t as concerned about be outed as I was earlier. I knew I needed to suck cock and was pretty sure Justin had one, Plus it wasn’t the time for a conversation about my pride. I sucked and licked for another five minutes, I could have done this forever, But Zack’s cock was rock solid now. It must have meant he was getting close to unloading. “You gonna swallow my juice like a good cocksucker?” He asked. I came off his meat to answer “Fuck yeah stud feed me that nut” And back down my throat he went. I felt his hot hot jizz slide toward my stomach. My mouth reteated to the head hoping to get the next pump on my tongue. “Oh Fuck Yeah queer..Get that fucking spunk..Suck that shit outa there” He said. Zack blasted another batch and coated my tongue, His salty cum was what I had yearned for most of my life, But hadn’t realized it till that moment. Zack watched as I enjoyed his flavor “Eat that up hungry fag boy” He demanded. My tongue ventured to to every nook and cranny in search of Zack’s juice, While I stroked his sticky log. “Clean that cock off gay boy” He said directing his dick back into my mouth and down my throat. When His unit was squeaky clean he pulled out and layed back. I sat quietly and watched as his meat returned to normal size. Than he sat forward, his sweaty junk hanging off the couch. “What a fucking cocksucking…Seriously best Head I’ve ever had..Now fucking dress me queer” He ordered. I did as he asked with little assistance, Lifted up one foot at a time I slid his shorts over them, The same routine with his shirt. He pushed me aside and got to his feet. “Next Saturday my place say 6pm” He said looking back me from the opened door. “What for” I asked. “Your weekly feeding fag, Don’t show up and you’ll wish you fucking had queer” He said closing the door behind himself. I hope you enjoyed.

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