Caught in PantiesCaught in Panties

Big Dick

Part 1.

Charles and I have worked together for several years at a small biotechnology company. I am the facilities manager. He is the senior administrator and the only man on the staff. Casual dress is the norm, but I keep a set of formal clothes in my office in case I need to meet important visitors or customers or give a special presentation at short notice. I was on holiday for two weeks but came in to the office one-morning midway through to collect some files that needed to be signed off before my return. Whilst sorting these out, I realized that the clothes in my office had been disturbed. On closer inspection, I noticed that the knickers were missing. I could not understand what could have happened. It was unlikely that any of the others would have taken them. They are generally M or L whilst I’m more of an ample 2XL. I puzzled over this and it finally dawned on me that there was one person they would fit, Charles. We are of similar size, but then why would he take my knickers?

He was the only one in the building that morning so I decided to tackle him. “The clothes in my office have been moved and the panties are missing. Do you have them?”

“I have no idea what you are on about.”

I could see by the look on his face and the fact that it was going bright red that he knew perfectly well. I was so angry. “Are you wearing my panties?”

At that point, he broke down and admitted it.

“I was in your office a couple of days ago putting documents into your in-tray and noticed that the cupboard was slightly open. There was no-one else around so I peeked at your clothes (boys will always be boys). I have been fascinated by women’s clothing for years, particularly the lingerie, but have only ever seen them in photographs or shop windows. I took the opportunity that presented itself, went to the rest room and tried on the panties.”

He said, “they caressed my bottom and the feel of the elastic around my legs and waist as they snapped into place sent tingles through me. They felt so much better than my rough underpants.”

Pathetic or what.

“I thought I was in heaven and decided to keep them on. I was planning to clean them and return them to the office before you came back.”

I couldn’t understand this fascination. After all, they were just knickers. However, they were my knickers and should not have been touched, let alone worn, by anyone else. I was livid. “I am going to report you to the company for this.”

I saw the look of terror on his face as he pleaded with me not to. It would certainly have cost him his job.

“I will do anything to make it up to you.”

I felt violated and was in no mood to compromise, but since we had worked together for many years and he had always been helpful and supportive I said, “wait here whilst I consider the situation.” I thought again and again about my options and decided that a short sharp lesson was in order. I picked up some items and went to his office.

“Follow me” and he did just like a sheep straight into the ladies’ restroom.

“Take your trousers off.” Of course, this revealed he was wearing my panties and I took a set of priceless pictures. “Bend over the dressing table. I want to see your face in the mirror whilst I am doing this.”

The sight of my panties stretched over Charles’ bottom made me boil. “You are going to get the thrashing of your life for what you have done. This is going to hurt.” I took out the large hair brush that I had with me and gave a very hard smack on each cheek. That brought a sharp intake of breath.

I started to smack his bum cheeks again and again and again with all the force I could muster, whilst saying he was a sissy and a pervert and must never ever do it again. I do not know exactly how many smacks I gave him. Certainly at least thirty per cheek. He was desperately begging me to stop and promising to never ever do it again by the time exhaustion kicked in and I ended it.

I had never spanked anyone or been spanked before, so I had no benchmark of what was appropriate. I know I had let my rage take me way over the top. Charles’ bottom glowed and you could feel the heat rising from it. I took some more photos and told him to go.

“Keep the panties and wear them every day to remind you of this. I will check.”

He re-dressed and stiffly and tenderly shuffled back to his office, where he was still standing an hour later, obviously too tender to sit down.

I went to my office, sat down completely exhausted. I slowly relaxed and a calmness settled over me. It was as though that giving the spanking had relieved me not only of my anger about Charles but of all the other stresses and worries I had. Even at the best of times, I am grumpy, but now I was at peace. My husband, children, and many friends remarked upon it over the next few days and said that whatever I was doing I should keep it up. Hmmm!

As for Charles, he was a professional. We teamed up again on my return. He was obviously still stiff Escort Bayan Gaziantep and sore, but we immediately restarted and continued to work well and successfully together on various projects. The incident was never mentioned, until the next time.

Part 2.

Things went well for several weeks, but then there was a long string of niggly problems, some with equipment and facilities but mostly petty in-fighting and squabbling amongst the junior staff. With no-one above doing anything to help, it fell to me to me to deal with these problems. I realize now that these nonstop challenges had got to me. I was getting very grumpy and irritable and likely to snap at the slightest thing. Things came to a head when my daughter, my teenage daughter, said to me, “whatever it was you did to chill out a few weeks ago you need to do it again because now you are insufferable.” That really hit home but she was right I was behaving intolerably.

At first, I thought that it wouldn’t be possible. After the thrashing that I had given Charles, it was unlikely he would take my knickers again. However, I did a search on the internet and found out that men who liked panties are generally unable to stop themselves despite the risks or having been caught before. Although I felt a little guilty, I set a trap for Charles. I went to the local store and bought a pair of panties: not too garish, but an eye-catching pink lace-legged granny style. On Monday, I put them in my office cupboard and left the door slightly ajar. I called Charles to my office later in the day ostensibly for a work discussion but really to get him to notice the new things. He did and clearly found it difficult to concentrate on the work in hand. Got you!

I was all prepared to get some much-needed stress-relief. However, nothing happened. The panties remained untouched all week even after leaving the cupboard open so that there was no doubt they were there. By Friday night, I was really frustrated and this just added to my irritability. Fortunately, I had a lightbulb moment. I realized that he desperately wants to wear them so will take them on Friday night and keep them over the weekend.

I saw the look of horror on Charles’s face when I entered the building on Saturday. The panties were gone and surprisingly, I felt almost the same anger that I had the first time it had happened. He had absolutely promised not to do it again and now he had.

“Are you wearing my knickers?”

This time he didn’t even argue.

“I was so taken with them that I couldn’t help myself.”

“You promised you would not do it again. You are going to pay big time for this.”

I dragged him along to the restroom and took down his trousers, revealing my panties in their glory. “Stay there in front of the mirror until I come back.”

I had brought a pair of my son’s gym shoes with me for the job in hand. They had a thick sole and a nice zing. I went back and told Charles him to bend over. This stretched the pink panties tightly over his bottom.

“You have broken your word and now you will pay in pain.”

I took a gym shoe in my hand and smacked each bum cheek with all my power. I was taken aback by the intense sound of the smacks and by the squeal and sharp intake of breath by Charles after each one but did not falter. I kept smacking him again and again with all my the strength, all the time telling him he was perverted and deserved it. He was begging me to stop and crying. Finally, I was completely drained and stopped.

They say women merely glow but at that moment I was bathed in sweat after all the expended effort. As previously, I could see his bottom glowing and feel the heat rising from it.

“Stand in front of the mirror and think about what you have done.”

I had a shower and freshened up whilst he stood there with his trousers around his ankles and the pain from his bottom seething through him. Eventually, I gave him permission to re-dress and go. He very gingerly walked back to his office.

I went to my office completely exhausted but with an extraordinary calmness and peace settling over me. I tried to work on the computer for a couple of hours, after all, I had to have a reason be there on Saturday.

This was when things took an unexpected turn. Charles came through to my office, very stiffly it must be said.

“I have been thinking about what happened today. You set me up for this spanking, didn’t you?”

“What makes you think that?”

“Well, you are fastidious. Your cupboard is always closed but it was left more and more open as the week went on. It was impossible not to see the pink panties. You have come into the office at the weekend, although you finished early yesterday. Finally, you just happened to have your son’s gym shoes with you to spank me. I deserved the punishment, but why did you set me up?”

I realized I had made it too obvious and had been caught out. I explained the stress-relieving effects on me after the first time and what my daughter had said I should do.

To my surprise, Charles asked, “Did it work?”

“Yes, very much so.”

He thought for a few moments. “You tenderized my butt today, but if doing so has been a good tension-release for you that is okay. Next time you want stress-relief and there will certainly be a next time, we need to organize things so both of us get the appropriate message. Also, I need to get something in return.”

I was astonished at Charles’ magnanimity but horrified about what he might want. I was sure it would be sex because that is what men want most of the time. My being married would make it even more enticing for him.

He must have seen the look of worry on my face. To my surprise, he said, “I would like to make love with you but I won’t because that would put your marriage and family at risk.”

“You have never been spanked, have you?”

“No, but how do you know?”

“If you had, you would know the best and most effective way. You inflicted a lot of pain to my bottom but it could have been so much worse. Come back at the same time tomorrow and I will show you how it can be done.”

I drove home in a daze, calm, cool and collected from my exertions, but apprehensive about what was to come.

I arrived at work next day the appointed time. Charles was already in his office.

There was no preamble. “Go to the restroom and wait for me there.”

There were two chairs and a pillow set up and a free-standing mirror. I could not think what this was for as there were two full-length mirrors in the room already. Charles came in. The first shock was that he was wearing the clothes from my office. I could not resist checking; yep, he was en femme fully. He did not look bad, but still a man in a dress.

“As a man, I could not spank a woman, but en femme I can. Take your jeans off and lie on the pillow across the two chairs.”

The way the pillow was positioned my rear was pushed upwards revealing the full expanse of my admittedly large bottom. The movable mirror was then adjusted so that all I could see in the full-length mirror in front of me was the reflection of my bum

“You have been a very bad and selfish girl using other people for my own gratification. This punishment will be a reminder that your actions have severe consequences. It will twelve smacks per cheek with your hairbrush.”

It went silent for a few seconds and then hard smacks landed on each cheek. The pain was sharp but not as bad as I had anticipated. However, after a few seconds, I felt the heat and pain spreading up my bum. Then, she smacked me again, full force. That was sore and she let the heat and pain build up for a few seconds before the next smack. This went on for the first five swats. The pain was severe, I was almost crying. She did not say a word during this, the only thing I could hear was the swish of the brush onto my bottom and the only thing I could see was the image in the mirror of my bottom being smacked and going bright red. Nothing to distract me from the building pain in my behind. She then gave two whacks per cheek in quick succession. This racked up the intensity of pain. I wished I had put on my daughter’s gym knickers instead of these fashionable panties. Another four wallops followed seconds later. The pain was now excruciating, I was in tears and begging for her to stop. All to no avail. She applied three rapid swats to one cheek and then to the other. The pain built up rapidly and became unbearable and I completely broke down. My bum felt like an electric fire radiating heat in all directions.

She put the brush down, picked me up and carried me through to the rest area and lay me, face down, on the bed. She gave me a tissue to wipe away the tears, put on a glove and started to wipe some lotion onto my tender behind. This did slightly draw off the heat and soothe the pain.

“Stay there and recover. Come to my office when you are ready.”

After lying there for a long time, I got up and gingerly pulled up my knickers. As I did so, I felt a whole lot of unexpected sensations. These intensified as I pulled on my jeans. I rather gingerly waddled my way to the office. “I am going home now.”

Charles, who was now back en homme, said, “I hope you have learned a bit about spanking today. You have certainly helped me to reduce my stress and anxiety levels. I am sure you will have the need to put this new knowledge to use in the future. Take care and we can talk about things later.”

I managed to get into the car and sat down very carefully. As I was driving home, all sorts of sensations were going through me. There was the pain, a feeling of peace and calm and surprisingly some feelings of arousal down there.

By the time, I got home I was gasping. I practically dragged my husband off to bed and we made unbridled love most of the night.

At one point, he was begging, “slow down, I can hardly keep up with you.”

Next morning, he said, “that was the most awesome sex we have ever had. You need to work on Sundays more often.”

I did not go in to work the next day. Officially I was off sick, but my husband and I slept and I mean slept for almost the whole day just to recover from our exertions. This was an unexpected bonus of my spanking. I need to keep this in mind when planning stress-relief in the future. Is it the same for Charles? How does he deal with it since he does not have a wife, girlfriend or significant other? Hmmm. I know someone who is starved in that department!

Charles and I talked when I returned. I did not say anything about the later side-effects of the spanking, just that I had learned a lot and was looking forward to applying my new skills. We agreed on some rules on choosing the instruments, the number of smacks and whether it was to be on panties or bare. We also set up and a code: if either of us wanted stress-relief, a pair of panties was to be left in the others desk drawer. If on the other hand, we wanted to be spanked, a hairbrush was to be left. At the time, I could not imagine any circumstances that I would ask to be spanked, but as it turned out there were to be several occasions.

Part 3.

Five or six weeks passed. The bickering amongst the staff, particularly by Debbie, kept getting worse and worse and I was being dragged down yet again. One weekend, I noticed that I was even taking my frustrations out on my family. I realized I should ask for relief, but I didn’t have to. To my amazement, I found a hairbrush in my desk drawer on Monday morning. I could hardly contain myself but waited until later in the day before talking with Charles.

“What is going on?”

“I noticed you have been under stress and quite irritable lately. I decided to take the lead in helping to release those tensions.”

We agreed to meet on the following Saturday. We drew lots to settle on the instrument and number. The piece de resistance, it was to be on the bare. Charles winced when that one came out, but that was how the cookie crumbles.

I said, “I will add something extra to the mix to make it more real for me.”

“What is that?”

“You will just have to wait and see.”

Saturday morning soon came around. I went to the office early and set up the restroom. I hung a set of clothes in one of the cubicles. I heard Charles arrive and he came through.

“Go to that cubicle and get changed.”

He was very nervous but soon came back out in full regalia.

“Why am I dressed like Debbie?”

“Looking at her I could already feel the anger built up in me. Well ‘Debbie’, you have been a pain in the butt to everyone recently. For that, it is your butt that is now going to feel pain. Bend over the pillow on the chairs.”

I lifted the back of the skirt and folded it over her back. She was wearing a black suspender belt and stockings, like Debbie’s ones, and panties. I patted her bottom. “You are dressed really sexily but I think we should get rid of these” and pulled her knickers down to her knees. I readjusted the mirror so that she had a full view of her bare, but soon to be sore, bottom.

“Now, it is payback for being such a spoilt brat. It will be twenty-five smacks per cheek with the gym shoe.”

I had learned a lot from Charles. I went silent for a few seconds and then hit each cheek with full force. It sounded like a double whip crack. ‘Debbie’ yelled in pain even at that first strokes. This was going to be good. I waited a few seconds, smacked her again, full force and let the heat and pain build up for a few seconds before the next smack and again and again every few seconds for up to 10 strokes. Joanne was howling and crying but I kept going. After another ten given as twos in quick succession, her bottom was glowing red and she was sobbing her eyes out. I thought of stopping there, but then remembered that it was to be no quarter given or expected. I gave her a series of five smacks on one cheek and then the same on the other. This broke her and she was crying inconsolably.

I tried to soothe ‘Debbie’. “It is all over, you have taken it well, rest now.” I helped her up, took her to the rest area and left her on the bed to recover.

I went back to my office. Charles came through much later.

“Has that done it for you?”

“It certainly has, I am more calm and relaxed than ever before. I am sorry I hurt you so much but all I could see was Debbie and Debbie’s bottom. The anger just flowed through me.”

“I’m glad it worked and don’t worry I will recover. I can also see that role play may be helpful to keep things fresh. I have an idea I might use in the future.”

“What is it?”

“Just like me, you will have to wait and see.”

Over the next few weeks, Charles was increasingly harassed by the senior to deliver studies and reports to impossible deadlines. I could see the effect it was having on him, so on the week before I was due to go on holiday I bit the bullet, and put a hairbrush in his desk drawer. I arrived at the office on Saturday and we went to the restroom, which was already set out as usual.

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