Cassie , Grandad Ch. 1Cassie , Grandad Ch. 1


“Grandad, where are you? I called as I skipped down the stairs. “In the kitchen honey, want some breakfast?”

“Just toast and coffee please” I replied. “It’s great to have you here, I have been so lonely since Nana passed away, and having you here has really perked me up.”

“I’m happy to be here Grandad.”

“Well, get this into you sweetheart, and then we will go out and tidy up the garden, and later we can take a swim in the pool, what do you reckon”? “Sounds wonderful Grandad.” I replied.

It had been a bad year for both of us. Nana had died in April and after the funeral all the family had returned to their own lives leaving him to cope on his own. After being married to Nana for 40 years it was hard for him to do things for himself. So I decided not to return to Uni for the new semester, I would help Grandad in his time of need. My parents agreed it was a nice thing to do, they were so busy playing doctors they didn’t have time to care about there own family. Me nor Grandad.

“I’ll get the lawnmower out if you want to potter round pulling a few weeds” I said as I headed out to the garden shed. ‘Ok Cassie, be out to help you as soon as I tidy up here.”

Grandad was certainly happy that I had offered to come and stay with him, he had a spring in his step that I hadn’t seen for a long time. Nursing Nana had really taken it’s toll on him, and then to be left alone to care after their home was such a burden.

The garden shed was really tidy and everything seemed to have it’s place. The walls had hammers hanging on nails and the gardening tools were placed neatly in the far corner along side the lawnmower. As I pulled the mower out of the corner I dislodged a box that was sitting on the shelf above it and if fell at my feet with all the contents spilling over the wooden floor. “Damn” I said as I bend down to retrieve the contents. “Wow, penthouses, now why would Grandad have a box of Penthouses in his garden shed.” I thought to myself, as I sifted through them. “I see you have found my stash of naughty magazines Cassie” Turning I saw Grandad standing at the door watching me. “I’m sorry Grandad, but the box fell down when I tried to get the mower out, I was just going to put them all back.”

“Don’t worry about them Cassie, you get on and mow the lawns and I’ll tidy them up.” Grandad then pulled the mower out of the shed and helped me to start it. But I couldn’t help notice he was flushed, and looked kind of embarrassed.

I decided to go and mow the front lawns first and before I was even half way through the lawnmower stopped. “Well, Grandad is going to have to come and check out why it has stopped.” So I went inside to get him. “Grandad are you here, the mower stopped and I can’t start it” but no answer. “maybe he is still in the shed, I’ll go and check.” I said to no one.

When I got to the door, I heard something and stopped to listen. It was coming from inside. So I snuck around to the window to see what Grandad was doing. “My god” Grandad was leaning against the wall with his shorts around his ankles and his cock in his hand masturbating. I stood there fascinated at what I was seeing. His eyes were shut and he was slowly pumping on his old cock, millions miles away. He was really enjoying himself, then I noticed the penthouse lying on the floor. He had obviously been reading it and now needed to relieve himself. But what really surprised konak escort me was the size of his cock. I had never seen one so big. “It must be at least nine inches long and two inches thick.” I thought “Wow, Nana was a lucky lady.” As I stood watching, I realised it wouldn’t be long before he climaxed, and I wanted to see what it did to him. So I waited watching, wishing my boyfriend wasn’t five hundred miles away. Thinking about Trent, and watching Grandads big cock gave me an idea. “Grandad isn’t the only one that needs relief, so do I” so I slid my hands into my shorts and started to finger my now wet pussy. Watching Grandad slowly pull on his huge cock had made me really wet, and it wasn’t long before I started moaning and bucking around on my finger. My clit was so hard and my pussy lips were all swollen, then I felt a warm feeling creeping up my legs and slowly exploding in my groin. God Grandad must have the stamina of a horse, he is still going, watching him enjoy himself was very pleasurable. But suddenly, I heard him, and what I heard froze me to where I was standing. ” I want you Cassie, I want to fuck that pussy of yours mmm yes” then he shot cum all the way over to the far wall. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, Grandad wanted to fuck me, his granddaughter. Not wanting to get caught I ran back around to the front of the house and waited for Grandad to come and find me.

It wasn’t long before I heard him calling me, “Cassie, do you feel like a cold drink” I looked up to see him standing over me with two glasses in his hands. “Mower stop again did it, I will have to get a new one, never mind how about a dip in the pool to cool off and try and start it again later.” I stood up and taking the drink from Grandad, followed him around to the pool area. I felt like a robot, not sure what to think or feel. All I could think of was the words he had called as he came all over the wall in the garden shed.

As I swam a few lengths of the pool, I let my mind wander. I have been sexually active since I was 17 and have a really good looking boyfriend. Trent and I had been together for 2 years and neither of us wanted anyone else. Sex with Trent was pleasant, not mind blowing but nice. He had a six inch cock that did it’s job and I liked it. But I couldn’t stop thinking about grandads, it was so big, so long, so nice. “God, what am I thinking, I shouldn’t even be thinking about my grandfather like this, so why am I?” Suddenly I was being pulled under the water, I hadn’t heard Grandad dive into the water. He had his hands around my ankles and was dragging me towards him. As I came up for air, he grabbed me to him holding me against his chest “Sorry I frightened you honey, I thought you sensed I was behind you”

“That’s ok Grandad, I was in a dream, gosh you look trim? Have you been doing a lot of swimming.” He looked very tanned and the hairs on his solid chest were rubbing excitingly against my small breasts. “Yes, your Nana and I used to swim every morning, and now I swim twice a day, gives me something to pass the time.”

“So you want a race?”

“Yes, ok, what does the winner get?” I asked. Looking me straight in the eye he said ” You get to do what ever I tell you, Deal”

“Deal” I replied. “Ok two lengths of the pool, and to show you I am a gentleman I will give you a few seconds head start” I was so aware of the amount of skin that was manisa escort in contact with my Grandads body. My bikini top had ridden up when he pulled me to him and my nipples were hard against him. I hoped he hadn’t noticed but saw a smile on his lips that told me he had. “Ok Grandad, let me go so I can beat the pants off you” he laughed and pushed me towards the side of the pool. “God, did I say that, had he realised what I had said.”

“Go” he yelled as I pushed myself away from the side of the pool. I was a very strong swimmer and there was no way an man in his late fifties could bet a twenty one year old fitness freak. Then I had a thought, if grandad beats me I will have to do exactly what I am told to do. “I wander,” as I slowed down and let Grandad pass me, only meters from the end. “See there is still some life left in your old Grandad, and now you are to do exactly what I say, isn’t that what we agreed.”

“Yes Sir” I replied , splashing him and swimming away. I watched Grandad climb out of the pool and go over and lie down on the sun lounge. And I noticed he was very trim, and had a nice body for a old man, and also feeling a very warm feeling between my legs. I was brought out of my thoughts by Grandad calling, “Cassie, come and rub some sun tanning lotion on me please, I don’t want to burn.”

“Ok Grandad, won’t be a minute.”

As I climbed out of the pool I noticed Grandad watching me, “You have a lovely body Cassie, I’m pleased you look after yourself.”

“Thankyou, now where is the oil and where do you want me to rub it” I could feel my pussy throbbing at the thought of touching Grandad, how was I going to manage to do this without him turning me on. When I turned back to Grandad he was sitting on the edge of the lounger. “Hurry Girl, I don’t want to burn, get that oil on to my back, then I will put some on you” . I shivered, at the thought of Grandad even touching me, let alone rubbing oil on my body. I was already horny, and wasn’t sure If I could hide my tense body from him. Grandad noticed that I shivered and threw a towel at me, “get those wet bathers off and wrap yourself in my towel, don’t want you to catch a chill”

“on a day like this I won’t Grandad”

“Do as you are told” he snapped back, “remember our bet, come over here and let me help you” So I went and stood in front of him and turned to let him undo the back of my bikini top. It wasn’t long before I felt his hands lightly touching my back, feathering their way down to my bikini bottoms. “These need to come off too, they are wet and cold.” As I reached for the towel to cover myself, he pulled it away, out of reach. ” Turn around Cassie, I want to see you, I want to look at you lovely body” Turning me to face him, he gasped, “Cassie you are so beautiful, come here” and he pulled me into his arms and held me tightly against him. “God, he feels so good, my own Grandfather holding me feels so nice.” Then slowly he bent his head and started to kiss my neck, his hands working there way down my back to my buttocks. Holding my buttocks in his hands he squeezed as his lips found mine and he kissed me with such passion and strength. I was shocked to find myself wanting him to do this, but the feelings were taking over and I slumped against him and returned his kisses. “Oh Cassie, do you know how long I have waited to touch you, to feel your body against mine.” Without menderes escort answering I placed my hands on his hips and slowly pushed his shorts down. I could feel his huge cock straining against the material and it was begging to be released. Grandad moaned something in my ear, but I didn’t hear him, all I wanted was to hold that huge cock in my hand and see if what I had seen earlier was for real. And it was, so big and hard and warm. As I tried to wrap my hand around it, grandad walked backwards and sat down on the lounger. “Come here and lie with me Cassie” I went to him and sat beside him, looking at his marvellous cock, “Grandad I have never seen such a big cock until this morning, I saw you wanking in the garden shed and I heard you call my name as you shot you load all over the wall”

“And you didn’t mind?”

“No, it made me really horny”

“oh Cassie, you are so lovely” and then he bent his head to my breast and started to suck on my very erect nipples, licking and sucking both one at a time. He then proceeded to lick the soft skin under my breasts . As his head got further down my body I automatically opened my legs to give him access to my hot wet pussy. “Oh Cassie” is all he said before flicking his tongue over my clit and rubbing it smoothly and expertly over my Pussy lips. I could feel the juices starting to flow from my pussy, my grandad had made me wetter and hornier than I had ever been. I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to have his cock inside me. “Grandad, will you fuck me? I need to be fucked”

“Are you sure Cassie, I would love to lick you all over and give you so much pleasure”

“No I want that big cock of your’s in me, I want to feel you inside me, fucking me good and hard.”

“But first are you on any contraceptive, I don’t want to make you pregnant,”

“Yes grandad, I am on the pill, you won’t get me pregnant” With that he snaked himself up my body and I saw his huge cock hanging between his legs. I lifted myself into a more comfortable position and watched Grandad take his cock in his hand and aim it towards my wet hot pussy. The head of his cock was leaking pre cum and I knew we were both ready for this. “I don’t want to hurt you Cassie, are you sure you can manage this”

“Yes, I can, I want it all” God I sounded like a slut but all I wanted was Grandads cock inside me invading my cunt walls. He pushed his cock against my pussy, forcing my hole open. I could feel the head of it slide inside me, it was so big, but so nice. Then suddenly Grandad moaned and pushed himself all the way into my wet pussy. I screamed, it felt like I was being torn in half. It was then I realised I couldn’t handle his big cock, I was too small. “Stop grandad, you are hurting me, please stop” But he didn’t hear me, he was millions of miles away, fucking my pussy and thinking of someone else. Then I felt it, my body was shaking, my pussy wanting more. Grandads cock was swelling in side me, my womb being bruised by the pounding he was giving me. I was nearing orgasm, my grandfather was making me orgasm on the end of his cock. Never before had I felt so good, and my body responded by bucking and rising to meet his trusts.

“Grandad, you have just made me cum” I yelled and he groaned as he came deep inside me.

“Cassie, you are as good a fuck as your Nana, she loved it as much as you just have” As he withdrew his cock from my pussy, he smiled. ” I love you Cassie and I’m sorry if I hurt you, please don’t hate me for what I have done to you, you remind me so much of Nana and it has been a long time since I have made love to a women” I took his face in my hands and looked at him, he had tears in his eyes “Grandad, can I stay?”

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