Bridge Club Benefits Ch. 03Bridge Club Benefits Ch. 03


Tim couldn’t concentrate on the cards anymore; his mind was lost in thoughts of what was going to happen after all the ladies left. The clock couldn’t go fast enough as they played their hands through. He could see his friend Frank was grinning from ear to ear as the game went on, Tim knew his buddy was also looking forward to the after party.

Tim noticed Irene wouldn’t stop staring at him and her nipples were pronounced sticking out like two little buds trying to bust out of her blouse. His cock was aching and he just wanted the game to end so they could get down to some good fucking.

Finally he thought, as the last cards were played. His mind was so filled with lustful thoughts that he ended up in last place in the weekly tournament. He didn’t care though as they said their goodbyes to the last of the ladies that were leaving he made his way into the living room. When he entered it didn’t take longer than a few seconds before Irene was all over him. She grabbed his head and stuck her old tongue deep in his throat. He matched her intensity and drove his tongue into her mouth. Taking his hands he traveled up her nylon covered legs to the v of şişli escort her crotch. He could feel her dampness through the nylons and also noticed she had ample hair in her private area.

The two continued their tongue tango and made their way to the couch when Tim heard his mother sigh as she walked into the room. “Damn that looks like fun!” She said and Frank answered her promptly.

“Well doing is a lot more fun than watching Mrs. H.” Frank said. Tim peeked as he watched his friend grab his mother and start to suck face with her. He could feel a thump as the two of them joined Tim and Irene on the big plush couch. Tim thought he might have second thoughts of doing this with his mother present but watching his best friend making out with her was turning him on even more. Tim greedily pulled Irene’s nylons off and lifted her dress up to look at her furry patch. The hairs glistened with her wetness and arousal; her cunt lips were swollen and thick from the stimulation.

“Timmy be a dear and eat this old bird’s cunt!” Irene asked him. He didn’t need anymore encouragement and buried his head into her wet hairy pussy. He could feel her hairs tickling mecdiyeköy escort her nose as he drank her muskiness.

“Mmmmm…I want some of that!” Tim’s mom said as she broke the hot kiss with Frank, pointing out the activity that was happening right beside them.

“Your wish is my command!” Frank told his buddy’s mom and tore off her hose and drove his face into her cunt.

The room was filled with moans and screams as the two older women had orgasm after orgasm from the oral sex they were enjoying. They were telling each other how talented each boy was with their tongues. It didn’t take long before both got very stiff and started shaking.


“IIIIIII’MMMM TTTTHHHEERRREE TOOOOOOOO!” Tim’s mom screamed. Her body went stiff. She could feel her heart beating two times its normal rate as her tremors finally subsided. She was surprised everyone in the room couldn’t hear the thudding in her chest as well.

The two boys removed their faces from the ladies pussies and looked at each other. Both had glistening faces from the copious amounts of woman juices that were splashed on them. Their smiles were both ear to ear from the knowledge of giving the ladies something so special and needed.

Being older both women needed a break from the intense action and asked the boys to get them a drink. Besides the time it took for the boys to get their drinks let them talk about what they had just experienced.

“Maggie your son is a God, at least his tongue was sent from the heavens!” Irene said to her friend.

“Jesus, I thought I might actually have a seizure I came so hard!” Maggie retorted.

Both women giggled like school girls and thought they might give the boys a surprise when they came back with the drinks. The ladies got totally undressed and started passionately kissing each other and rubbing each other all over.

“Man your mom’s pussy taste so sweet! Who would have thought older women could be so fucking hot!” Frank said to his buddy.

“I got an idea!” Tim told Frank. Then the boys removed their clothes and with drinks in hand headed back to the living room. Both of their eyes almost popped out of their heads when they finally got to the room and looked at the two mature babes making out on the couch.

“Holy fuck that is hot!” Frank gasped.

to be continued…

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