Daddys Girly

That morning I was still in my nightgown, picking up my son’s clothes and making his bed. As I was tucking the sheet under the mattress I noticed a bulge, I reached my hand farther under the mattress and felt a magazine. My first instinct was to leave it there, all boys have their dirty magazines and my son Alex was no different.

He was 18 years old and in his last year of high school and he seemed to finally be blossoming into a young man. He had made the varsity basketball team, after missing the cut in his junior year. He lost that adolescent glean and was beginning to act like a man, and look like a man, finally putting on a few pounds and settling in to his tall frame. He had a girlfriend, he didn’t tell me much, but he would ask me for money for his dates, and I could tell that he was feeling confident, an athlete, a girlfriend, good grades. I was proud of him.

I knew I should respect his privacy, but the temptation was too much. I just had a devilish desire to see what he liked to look at, holding my breath as I pulled it out from under the mattress. I expected it to be a magazine with pictures, but is was a collection of stories, opened to one. I thought, this must be the one he reads when he masturbates. All boys do it, I’m sure he must. But now the morbidity was worse, one thing is to see pictures of naked girls, but now I was going to be given a glimpse of his fantasy world.

I couldn’t resist, I propped up a pillow and lay back on his bead and began to read. The story seemed strange, all about a house and a mother that not only fit my description, but had my name, Carmen. When I realized what was happening in the story my mouth opened and my eyes bulged, this couldn’t be. I kept reading, graphic sex between the mother and son. My son was having fantasies about me. I had never noticed him looking at me in that way, and I had always been so careful to be dressed around him, not to fall into the trap of him becoming my ‘girlfriend’. I always wanted to make sure he felt like a man.

I know his father leaving us would somehow affect him, and since we now lived in a two bedroom condo, I was sure that the close quarters was what did it. I was now 43, his father left and remarried 5 years ago. I was able to live on the alimony, child support and some income I had from family properties. Not that we were living exuberantly, but we were getting by in a nice neighborhood, but I couldn’t afford a bigger condo than the one we had. He saw his father once a month, but I am afraid he was more interested in his new family than his son. Now I thought, should I talk to him about this. No. Out of the question, it would be far to embarrassing for him. And I could never mention it to his father. The answer was clear, put the magazine back where I found it and never mention it. Forget it.

I placed it back under the bed where I had found it, and finished making the bed. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the story. I looked at myself in the mirror on the closet across from his bed. I still had a very good figure. My strong points were my legs, shapely, a little shakier around the thighs than when I was 25, but still very good, my butt, which was still firm, and large breasts. I had worked hard to avoid getting a tummy. My dark hair was cut short, and I fought off the wrinkles spending a fortune on creams. I knew I was still very attractive, young men eyed me and turned to looked at me when I passed. The women in the story was dark, also with large breasts.

I had been silly really. I could have found a wealthy man, someone who would really appreciate me. But no, I had just finished a two year affair with a married university professor I met at some classes I was taking at the university. At my age what lay ahead. I was still attractive, but for how much longer. A chill ran through me, the idea of loneliness kocaeli escort scared me. So he was looking at me, my son was lusting after me. My god. I had never heard of such a thing. I took a long shower and there was no way to get the idea out of my head. I would go shopping. That always helped.

I bought an above the knee skirt and dark blue silk blouse. And, on a whim, I went in the lingerie store and bought a set of very sexy black lace panties and bra, and a silk nightgown, thigh length with a lot of cleavage. Sitting in the restaurant, having a salad with glass of wine, I wondered why I had done it. For a moment I thought maybe I wanted to tease him a little, just for fun. No, that couldn’t be it.

Nevertheless, at the grocery store I bought a really good bottle of wine, and the ingredients for a delicious meal, a special meal. What was I doing? I was almost afraid to think about it. Once I got home I opened a bottle of wine and began cooking, enjoying the buzz from the wine with the creativity of cooking. I set the table with our good china and decided to get ready. But I thought, get ready for what? The wine had given me the courage to realize what I was doing. I accepted the fact that I was intrigued by his interest in me, and I wanted to see if it was for real, or if it was just a story he liked that had nothing to do with reality.

I was excited, gitty. The first time since the beginning of my relationship with the professor. I shouldn’t do this, I thought. I looked into the mirror as I made myself up, and for a moment I said. NO. I can’t do this. But it was fun. And I needed some fun. I took another sip of wine and kept going. I put on the new panties and bra, the new skirt and blouse, my Calvin Klein perfume, and, for the final touch, heels. I looked in the mirror. I looked very good. I opened another button on the blouse, revealing the slightest bit of cleavage and a sliver of the black lace from the bra, something I rarely did. Something he would notice. I grinned into the mirror. He would be home any minute.

It was 7.05PM, he was usually home at 7.00PM. I was nervous, as if I were going on a first date. I couldn’t believe this, I was anxiously waiting for him to open the door. Finally the key in the door. ‘Hi Mom.’

‘Hi honey.’ His eyes darted across the blouse, than down to the skirt. It was true, what was I doing, if he only knew. ‘I made a really nice dinner for us, I just have to heat it up. And look at this bottle of wine.’ He nodded his head, as if impressed, looking at my cleavage again. I couldn’t believe it. Had he been doing this for a long time and I just didn’t notice?

We ate accompanied by music, in a calm silence. Finishing the bottle of wine. “God mom, that was really good.”

‘Thanks honey. Will you do me a favor, will you make me a drink while I clear the table.’ With the table cleared, I sat on the couch, smoking a cigarette while Alex placed the drink on a coaster in front of me.

‘I’m really tired, we had a tough practice today, I think I am going to hit the sack. Great dinner. Good night.’

I wondered if he would read the magazine again. Would he masturbate tonight thinking about me, he certainly looked at me. I made another a drink and smoked a few more cigarettes wondering how far would he go, would he touch me. I wanted to see how infatuated he was. Without thinking too much I walked by his bedroom, the light was still on. I changed into the new nightgown, looking at myself in the mirror. He had never seen me with so much cleavage, not even in a bikini. My nipples were slightly visible behind the soft silk. I hadn’t given him a good night kiss in ages. As a boy he always wanted me to sit with him on his bed for a while. That was a long time ago. Without thinking I went, waiting outside the door for a moment. I would knock, give him a chance kocaeli escort bayan to put the magazine away if he was reading it.

Tap. Tap. ‘Honey, can I come in a minute, just to say good night.’

‘Sure, come in.’ He sounded startled. I walked to the bed, his eyes on me as if they were spotlights, I felt like I was watching myself. I sat on the bed beside him, he just had a sheet over him.

‘It has been so long since I gave you a kiss goodnight. You don’t mind, do you?’ He just shook his head. I leaned over, brushing back his hair, rubbing his chest. My breasts directly in line with his eyes, I let my hand rub his firm belly then brought it up again. Brushing his hair back, my breast brushed his chin, then I kissed his forehead, letting both of them touch him while my hand made a long circle down his chest and across his stomach. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I suppose I wanted to see him aroused. His eyes now directly on my breasts. I couldn’t believe what I then said.

‘Do you like them?’ I know I had drunk to much, but I wasn’t drunk, I knew exactly what I was doing. ‘Do you want to touch them? Go ahead.’ I lifted his hand up and placed it on the breast. ‘Go ahead, feel them.’ He lay motionless, rubbing my breast, touching the now firm nipple through the silk. His eyes wide open. I pulled down one side the nightgown, revealing the breast to him, and moving it towards his mouth. He closed his eyes and ran his tongue all over my nipple, than the rest of the breast, lowering the other side of the nightgown, my hand now running down to his penis, rubbing it through the sheet and boxer shorts. I threw the sheet off, and reached inside the boxers, removing it and rubbing the shaft. What was I doing? I couldn’t believe it. It had gone too far, I didn’t even let him make the first move. I seduced him. But there was no turning back.

He was totally erect. I thought to masturbate him and nothing more. I could feel the pleasure racing through me, his tongue so gentle on my nipples. Then I said something I maybe shouldn’t have, but it could help him explain what was happening. “The real thing is much better, isn’t it?’ He stopped for a moment and looked at me, understanding in a flash all that had happened, I lowered my mouth to his, our tongues becoming untwined, his hands racing across my back, down to my thighs. I kissed his nipples, put my tongue in his belly button, then his sex to my lips. The strong flavor of his penis filled my mouth, the first taste is always strong, but I filled my mouth with saliva and ran up and down is organ, I was filled with lust, and while I wanted it to end with him ejaculating, I couldn’t stand any more, and I got on top of him, I was totally lubricated, I slid down in one stroke, and he immediately began to lunge up into me. I lowered my mouth to his, and we kissed wildly, then I took a breast in my hand an placed the nipple in his mouth. His hand fondling my thighs and rear, his fingering rubbing my anus. I looked at the mirror on the closet. There I was, on top of my son, my breast in his mouth. It was outrageous.

Then he turned me over, lifting my legs, moving his sex firmly and quickly into me, finally bending down and kissing me, I wrapped my legs around him, locking my feet together as he continued to drive his sex into. I didn’t want him to ejaculate inside me, even though at my age it is practically impossible to get pregnant, you never know. I turned him over, rubbing him, kissing him again on the mouth, then placing his sex in my mouth, using my best, slowest method, rubbing his testicles while I swirled my tongue around the head of his penis. I could feel him tense up, and the first salty taste reaching the back of my mouth, then the powerful spurts, I swallowed, keeping all of it in my mouth, licking him, while he moaned and jerked. I got up, turned izmit escort off the light and put the sheet over him.

‘Honey, this has to stay between us, ok, you can’t say anything ever, to anyone. Promise baby.’

‘I promise Mom.’ I kissed him on the fore head and left the bedroom to go make another drink with the taste of my sons semen in my mouth.


The next morning I heard him get up, but I didn’t have the courage to face him. I spent the day a nervous wreck. Drinking without getting drunk, and smoking. I was a mess. But as 7.00PM approached I began to think about what to wear. I seriously thought I was losing my mind. What had I done? And I wanted to do it again. I was probably causing him to have a major trauma, but then I thought, maybe it will be good for him, give him confidence. And with that thought, I took a long shower, remembering the night before. I put on a short, thigh length, pink taffeta dress, and white heels. The key in the door.

‘Hi mom.’

‘Hi honey.’ His eyes nervous, avoiding mine, he went to his room. I was now a wreck, maybe I had really done serious psychological damage to him. After half an hour he came out, I was leaning against the kitchen counter reaching for a plate, when he rapped his arm around my waist and pushed against me, I moaned with pleasure while he unzipped the dress, kissing my back, letting the dress drop to my feet. I turned, with just bra and panties, and we began to kiss. He walked me over to the couch, lowered my panties, and bent my over the side of it, placing his organ deep inside me, slamming against me. Than he walked me over to the couch, almost throwing me down on it, than lifting my feet up to his shoulders and entering me again. I looked him in the eyes as he rocked against me. Suddenly removing it quickly and bringing it towards my face. I moved my lips across him while tickling his testicles with one hand, rubbing the shaft with the other. He jerked, and his semen filled my mouth, I gagged for a moment, but was able to get it all down.

‘Oh baby, that was great. Really great.’ His face was flushed. ‘Go take a shower, I’ll get dinner ready.’

This was crazy I thought, but there was no going back. I lie in bed, thinking about what were doing, how bad it was, how I needed to talk to him, but also how alive I felt. He tapped on the door. ‘Can I come in?’

‘Sure baby, come in.’ He jumped on the bed and I knew he wanted more, he was 18. Silently he kissed my breasts and mouth. I held his head. ‘Please, kiss me there, kiss my sex.’ He obliged. Moving his tongue all over my vagina. I held the lips open and pointed to my clitoris. ‘There baby, gently, with the tip of the tongue. Gently, not too hard.’ He finally got the right rhythm going. ‘Yes, just like that don’t stop, keep going.’ He obeyed. I could feel the first tingling running through me, I moaned, letting out a strong sigh. ‘That’s it, keep going, almost.’ Then it overtook me, racing through my whole body, I screamed in pleasure. Closing my thighs and pushing his face away. ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh God.’ Then I turned over, and reached to the night table and took out a jar of Vaseline. I thought, why not, it was what I liked, and he would learn. I rubbed my anus with the jelly. ‘Put it in there, gently, be careful, slowly.’ I could feel the uncomfortable sensation of something entering my stomach, but once I got accustomed to it I always enjoyed it. I grabbed the front of the mattress, my legs spread wide. ‘Do you like it that way baby?’

‘Yes.’ He was now deep into me and I enjoyed the singular sensation. ‘Can I cum in there?’

‘Yes, baby, go ahead. Cum inside me.’ He jerked and spasmed. Then fell beside me. I lit a cigarette in the dark while he rested his head on my breasts.

‘Baby, I no this is very strange, but is also beautiful, to be able to know you this way, and enjoy you this way. Don’t feel guilty, this is something gorgeous, just don’t tell anybody, because there is a terrible taboo around this. You understand, don’t you?’

‘I know. I understand. I love you mom.’

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