New World Beasts Pt. 01 Ch. 04New World Beasts Pt. 01 Ch. 04


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Leo had no clothes that fit him, which felt like the kind of problem that I didn’t want to have to solve. But he couldn’t stay at home in the nude forever. I found the closest fit out of my wardrobe and we finally got ourselves dressed. He looked silly in my shirt and pants; his belt was cinched tight and the shirt was hanging off of him. Soon, though, we would fix that.

I had every intention of paying the five grand that I had promised to Liam before he’d become Leo. My son was no longer the prostitute I’d taken home last week, but I could still splurge some money on him and enjoy it.

In public, he continued calling me dad and I continued calling him son. We looked the part. For all anyone knew we were just like any other father and son. Leo enjoyed getting spoiled; we shopped for a few hours and got him a decent wardrobe. I took him out for a burger too, something simple enough that he wouldn’t look strange eating it in public.

I was worried about my son; although he had eventually taken my cock well and I’d given him a decent pounding, something would have to be done.

After lunch, we stopped at an adult toy store. Leo went wide-eyed at the range of dildos, buttplugs, and other novelties. He had his eye on a particular buttplug, but his eyes were larger than his hole. It was definitely wider than me. I bought it for him anyways, as well as two other smaller ones and a dildo, to work his way up. I thought for a moment and got a cockring to fit him, and a flogger as well.

When we got home, Leo had my clothes off and my cock in his mouth as soon as the front door was closed. We spent the rest of the day playing in bed- I introduced him to the joys of being fucked with a dildo, and sucked him off to an explosive orgasm while I slid it in and out of him.

I sent him to have a shower before bed, and while he was distracted I made a phone call. I had a surprise in mind.

The next morning, Leo was just waking up and stumbling into the kitchen to pour his own coffee when the doorbell rang. We were both still naked, and Leo ducked out of sight around the corner. I laughed, opening the door wearing nothing but a smile.

The two tall, bearded men didn’t mind at all that I was nude. They stepped inside, smiling and happy to see me.

The taller and older of the two, with his bald head and long beard, put his hand warmly on my neck.

“James! So happy to see you!”

“Thank you for coming, Will.”

He pulled me in for a kiss, the sort of warm, welcoming kiss between brothers.

I turned to his son, Nicholas. Nick was always looking at me with big, wide eyes that gave away the fact that he had a heavy crush on me. He was a very handsome young man, and in the last few years since he’d been turned he’d picked up some impressive skills in bed.

“Thank you for coming, Nick.”

“Anything for you, Uncle James.”

I leaned in and gave him a kiss too, staying a little longer and using a little more passion than expected, just to tease him.

As was normal for our kin, they both started taking off their clothing immediately and dumping them on the chair by the front door.

My heart skipped a beat every time Will took off his shirt. He was thickly furred all over his arms, back, chest, and belly, and his long beard just disappeared into that forest of chest hair so you weren’t sure where one started and the other ended. Ever since I’d been turned, I couldn’t keep my hands off my older brother.

Will froze, his hands on his belt buckle. He was looking past me. “Is this why you called us over?”

I turned to see Leo, standing there like a deer caught in headlights.

“It’s okay, Leo. Come on over. It’s safe.”

He stepped slowly, carefully, towards us. Will was grinning ear to ear. He opened his arms wide and motioned for Leo to come closer.

“It’s alright, boy. Don’t worry. Come close, you’ll see it’s okay.”

Leo stepped close to Will, and Will put his arms around him. The shorter Leo ended up with face buried in Will’s chest, which I was a bit envious for.

Leo took a few sniffs, and Will lifted his arm above his head. Leo dove immediately in, sniffing and licking, sensing the safety of family.

“You’re my uncle,” Leo guessed, removing his face from Will’s armpit fur.

“That’s right. Good boy.” Will looked up at me with a bewildered smile. “I had a feeling this was coming soon. You’ve made yourself a son. Congratulations.”

“Thanks, brother. I’m very proud of him, he’s a good son.”

Will grabbed Leo’s face with a furry mitt on either side, and leaned in for a kiss. It was friendly, but also beyliikdüzü escort very much about dominance. I could see Leo’s mouth open to receive Will’s forceful tongue.

Then Will passed Leo over to his own son. Nick was already naked, smiling, and ready to receive Leo with his arm up. Leo spent some time enjoying himself in Nick’s armpit, and Nick was happy to let him.

“You’re my cousin,” Leo deduced, finally pulling his face out.

“That’s right. I’m Nick.”

“I’m Leo.”

Nick pulled Leo in for a kiss; this time, between cousins of equal height, it was a fun and playful kiss. They both let their wandering hands feel and grope each other. Will and I both watched on proudly.

“How about you boys go and make out for a bit,” Will suggested, removing his pants. “Uncle James and I have some things to discuss.”

In the kitchen, I couldn’t resist doing some making out of my own before we sat down. My brother’s a fantastic kisser, and the feeling of his beard tickling my chest always drove me wild. He accommodated me for a few minutes before showing restraint and sitting us down.

“You’ve done great,” Will beamed, giving me a pat on the back. “I’m so happy to meet him. But I can guess why you’ve invited us over.”

I nodded. “I’ve fucked him a few times. It was amazing. But he was tight- really tight. He opened up to me eventually, but…”

“But the full moon is in just eight days, and there are nearly seventy men in our family who are going to meet him for the first time…”

“And they’re all going to want to initiate him. Including our dad and uncles – all really well hung.”

“And then there’s grandpa Nathaniel.”

“Yeah. My son is not ready for that horse-sized dick.”

“Don’t worry, James. Nick and I will stay with you and help get him ready.”

“You’re sure Nick won’t mind?”

“Are you kidding?” Will laughed. “As soon as I mentioned you’d invited us over, he had his shoes on and was in the car in seconds. That kid’s falling hard for you, James.”

“I know it. Honestly, I really don’t mind. I feel pulled to him, too. He’s a good kid.”

“I’d be happy to see the two of you together. Shall we go see what they’ve gotten up to, unsupervised?”

What they had gotten up to, on the living room couch, was some heavy petting. We walked in on them exploring each other’s bodies with their hands and mouths. There was a youthful innocence to it. Nick had taken the lead and was showing Leo some of his favourite erogenous zones.

Rather than interrupt, I led Will over the sofa where we followed suit. I loved making out with Will. He had already left home when I was turned, but he’d visited often when our father was raising me. And every time he visited, we always ended up sharing a bed, and he would spoon me as I fell asleep. We had a special connection between us.

A few times, the two pairs of us would glance across the room and smile when they saw what the others were up to. It felt good, like Will and I were being role models.

I saw Nick whispering something to Leo, and Leo smiling and nodding. The two of them stopped to cross the room and fall to their knees in front of us- Nick in front of me, and my own son in front of my brother. We stopped to re-position ourselves, opening our legs to give them easy access.

Watching my cock disappear into Nick’s handsome face was always a treat, but this was my son’s first time on someone else’s cock. I watched Will’s face nervously, and was happy to see him close his eyes and lean his head back with pleasure. I smiled down at Leo, proud of him.

“Not bad,” Will moaned. “Not bad at all for a beginner. You’ve given your boy some lessons.”

“He’s a natural. Picked it up quickly.”

Meanwhile, Nick was making long, slow strokes with his tongue and gently playing with my balls, like he knows I like. I played with his hair, like I know he likes.

Will and I resumed our making out. Having my brother’s tongue in my mouth and his son’s tongue teasing my cock made me feel like a king; the symmetry of the situation made it even better. I hoped my son was doing me proud; based on Will’s smell and reactions it seemed he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

Will stopped and pulled Leo off of his cock with a long sigh. “Time to switch things up, I think. It would feel great to drop a load down your throat, boy, but it would also be a waste.”

Will ordered Nick and Leo to switch places with us, and when I realized what was next I was thrilled. Nick and Leo ended up with their legs in the air; Will planted his tongue in my son, and I planted my tongue in Nick.

I always loved rimming. The sensation of penetrating bodrum escort a man with my tongue, and feeling them squirm, always drove me wild. And then there were the smells and tastes of ass and crotch, the natural sweat and pheromones. With my face between Nick’s cheeks I could always smell his desire for me to fuck him, his familial love for me, and his romantic desires. It was a particularly intoxicating brew.

While my face pleasured him anally, my hands moved up his body. I knew Nick particularly craved being dominated, and I was only too happy to satisfy that craving. My hands found his nipples, where I gave them a sharp tweak. He grunted, and I felt his body tense up. I moved on up to his neck, where I wrapped one hand around like a threat to choke, and the other hand grabbed his face.

I looked up to see Leo watching all of this with surprise and interest. I hadn’t yet dominated him like this, and I made a mental note that he looked receptive to it.

“Okay,” said Will, coming up for air. “Time to switch up. Nick, get yourself down here and eat out your cousin. James, time for you to get your ass worked over.”

I was usually more interested in rimming than having my own ass tongued, but Will had certain skills. He knew how to fuck with his tongue and caress with his lips and tickle with his beard, all to drive me crazy. The best part was, it was often a lead-up to getting his cock inside me.

While Will used his magic tongue on me, I found myself happily making out with my son again. I was proud to see how well he was adapting to other men. The fact that I was going to get to see him fucked by my brother and nephew was exciting.

“How’s he feeling, Nick? Do you think he could take you?”

Leo seemed surprised to hear me offer him up like that, but he smiled.

Nick nodded. “It’s worth a shot. What do you say, cuz? Wanna try it?” Leo nodded emphatically.

I grabbed some lube off of the shelf and handed it to Nick. He greased himself up and worked a generous amount into Leo.

Will and I watched with interest. I’d worked Leo’s hole well last night, and Nick’s cock was smaller than mine, but even so it was still obviously a tight fit. I sat back down next to Leo and put my arm around him to encourage and comfort him. He was struggling a bit, but he was a trooper. I felt so proud of him.

Will returned his tongue to my ass as I watched and encouraged Nick and Leo. Nick was gentle and sweet, going slow at first. Watching the two of them was special. I cared about them both a lot, and it was obvious that this was affecting them as well. As Nick started to establish a rhythm, he leaned over and started kissing Leo’s neck.

Once Nick had gotten Leo into the swing of things, I decided to step in. “My turn for a while, Nick. Thank you for loosening him up.”

“Yes sir,” said Nick, smiling. He moved out of the way and I took his spot. This time, there was no long, drawn-out preparations; I slid right in to my son. I could tell by the look on his face that my wider girth was a stretch, but he could take it. The fact that my nephew had stretched him out for me was a huge turn-on.

I built up a better rhythm this morning than I had last night. As I got into it, Nick laid down beside him and Will began to fuck his son too.

It was a wild feeling, being next to my brother while both of us were going to town on our sons. I could feel the heat of him, smell the lust on him. The smells from the four of us were mingling together, and it was dizzying.

Will and I turned to each other, and without missing a thrust locked tongues. There was a strange new dynamic to our relationship that I could feel now. We were both fathers.

Will and I switched, giving Leo his biggest challenge yet. It was another stretch for him, but he smiled right through it. He even pulled himself onto Will’s cock, eager to take it. I could already tell that he was going to be a family slut- a respected role.

I entered Nick, who took my cock happily and readily. We had fucked many times; often roughly, but sometimes tenderly. Now, to show my son how I can be with a nice loose hole, it was time to be rough. I tore into Nick, pounding him hard. He took it enthusiastically.

“Oh yes… fuck me, Uncle James. Pound me hard. Own me!”

Will looked over at us and smiled. I could tell he’d love to do the same to Leo, but Leo wasn’t ready for it yet. But I had to show my son just how forceful it could be.

“Yeah, good boy, Nick. Open wide for me.” I pulled all the way out, and with perfect aim slid all the way back in, deep enough to slap my balls against his ass.

Leo and I locked eyes, and I smiled. I could bolu escort tell he loved watching this, and needed this, and wanted me to do the same to him. I knew that soon, I would.

I slammed into Nick for a while, then pulled out, gasping for air. His dick still inside my son, Will laughed and put his arm around me.

“Is my boy wearing you out?”

I laughed. “Nah. Sorry, Nick- I’d love to come in you, but today I want to save it for my son.”

He smiled and shook his head. “Don’t worry- I’m saving it for him too.”

Nick and I watched Will fucking Leo for a while. Will’s rhythm never got to the animal speeds we’d both experienced, but he gave Leo a good fucking. We could tell he was getting close to cumming when he pulled out with a sigh.

“You should have the honours, as the new dad. You should get to give him your load first.”

“Alright. I’m okay with that. Let’s take him up to the bed and show him a good time.”

On the bed, Will and Nick sat against the headboard together to enjoy some father-son tongue. Leo got on all fours in front of them to give them turns with his growing oral skills. I mounted him from behind, his first time getting fucked doggy-style. It felt great; my brother had loosened him up well now, and I was able to slip in easily and really give him some thrusting.

It was a great thing to see- my brother and his son were making out and playing with each other’s chests, while my son took turns gobbling down their cocks, eager to please, and below me I was watching my dick slide deep in and out of his gorgeous hairy ass.

“I’m starting to get close,” I said, slowing down for a brief rest. Will got up and knelt beside me, putting his arm around me and kissing my neck.

“Do it,” he whispered in my ear. “Give you son what he needs. Give him some of the seed that made him.”

Will’s encouragement, strong arm, and the tickle of his long beard on my neck were enough to put me over the edge. I let out a growl and slammed deep into Leo, unleashing my load. I felt my cock pulse over and over, squirting it into him. He still had a mouthful of Nick’s cock, but he gave a moan of pleasure and appreciation.

I saw Will smiling with approval as my orgasm subsided. Our lips locked and he held me tight, welcoming me into a new stage of manhood.

I pulled out, weak in the knees, and took a seat next to Nick as Will entered my son again and continued to stretch him out. Leo took a break from sucking on Nick to pay some attention to my dick, licking and sucking on it to savour the taste of his own ass and get at the last few drops of cum. Meanwhile, I spent some time savouring the smell and taste of my nephew. We’d both worked up a sweat, and took turns nuzzling and licking at each other’s necks, chests, and pits.

I heard Will start to breathe heavily, and felt his thrusting get more intense. I looked up and saw the expression on his face, and it was clear he was not going to last much longer.

“Give it to him,” I told my brother. “Give him your load.”

Leo moaned his agreement, his mouth full of Nick’s cock again.

I put my hand on the back of Leo’s head, pushed him further down on Nick. “Yeah, you want your uncle’s load, don’t you son? You want your ass full of cum. You’re daddy’s little slut, aren’t you?”

Will came, slamming so hard into Leo that he got more of Nick that he could handle. He choked a bit, but manage to keep it together, as Will unleashed his seed. Watching my brother cum inside my son was incredible; I felt proud of my son for taking him so well, proud to provide my brother with this moment of sexual joy, proud to show them off to each other.

As soon as Will pulled out, Nick was already there ready and eager to take over. Will collapsed beside me, and I was overcome with the flush of his post-orgasmic sweat and pheromones. Like Nick and I had done, Will and I spent some time enjoying the smell and taste of each other. Leo suckled Will’s soft cock to get at the last drops of cum, then buried his head between his thighs to enjoy the warmth and smell.

Having watched his uncle and father come, Nick was too turned on to last very long. He gave Leo a short but heavy ride before depositing his own load inside his new cousin.

The three of us were now spent, and collapsed in a pile with Leo on top. He was beaming ear to ear, so proud of himself.

“Did you like that, son?” I said, running my fingers through his hair.

“That was so good, dad. Can I have some more?”

We all laughed. “Yeah, you sure can, son. In fact, I think your uncle and cousin are going to stay for a few days, and we’re all going to spend a lot of time fucking you. How does that sound?”

His eyes went wide. “Thank you, dad!”

I pulled him in for a kiss. I could feel my cock starting to stir again already; I was going to have to plough him again, and many more times over the next few days. The three of us were going to make an eager, loose slut out of him in no time.

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