Carly’s WMAF Fantasy Pt. 14Carly’s WMAF Fantasy Pt. 14

Big Dick

If you missed chapter 13, it’s because it was in noncon because Starla’s fantasy is to be raped but to not talk about it. Jay found a solution where she uses red/yellow/green as safewords but they didn’t talk about it to get there. Check it out if you’re comfortable with the subject matter. If you’re not, everything above is all you actually need to know (other than Sherry was a bit disobedient when she saw Kyrsten and Jay… okay… now you’re caught up).


After we fucked one last time, Kyrsten and I spent the entire night talking about what had transpired with Starla. I was still really unsure about the whole thing. It was hot but also really weird and dangerously close to that dark line I’d set for myself in the past. Kyrsten was similarly conflicted though for entirely different reasons.

“I fucking love being with you, Jay,” she said as she rested her beautiful red curls on my shoulder. “But watching you fuck her drove me absolutely crazy.”

“In a good way?” I asked, lazily stroking her shoulder with my left hand.

“Yes? No. Maybe. I don’t know. You fucked me in the end and that made it better. But that won’t always happen will it?”

I thought for a moment, “Probably not, babe. Maybe not even often. I’m not really sure.”

“I know. And I appreciate the honest response. I really need to think about it. And, if I’m being honest, I probably need one of those nights where you DON’T fuck me after. Just so I can learn what it’s like. Maybe I’ll be so deliciously amped up and horny that I won’t even care. Maybe I’ll want to scratch the bitches eyes out. I don’t know.”

“What did you want tonight?” I asked, looking into her beautiful eyes. The emerald streaks contrasted so starkly with her deep red hair that it was hard to notice anything else.

“Tonight I was just in awe. The whole scene was so hot. You… you know… raping her actually made me not really jealous of her. So I was free to enjoy watching you.”

“That’s good. But it’s so weird. It really SHOULD bother me, right? I mean her whole fantasy…”

“I think you wouldn’t be the man I thought you were if you weren’t bothered a little. But you’re also not the man she needs if you’re not turned on by it too,” she stopped and looked at me. God those eyes were gorgeous. “So are you a little turned on by it?”

“I don’t really know,” I said, unable to meet her gaze. I felt her hand trail down to my groin and stroke my shaft.

“I think you do, Master. I think you enjoyed taking her in the most primal way. Ignoring her pleas to stop and just… fucking her… using her for your pleasure. Raping the prissy, bitchy tease,” she said. My cock twitched a valiant effort to conjure up a fourth erection in 90 minutes.

I grabbed Kyrsten’s hand, “She’s not the only prissy, bitchy tease.”

“I know, Master. Maybe you should rape it out of me too,” she smiled at me with a lascivious grin.

“I don’t think I could handle a steady diet of that, honestly. I really have to be in a certain headspace. And if I’m being honest… I’d worry about doing that with you… ” Kyrsten hugged me at that and I continued, “Thank you by the way. Tonight wouldn’t have happened without you.”

“Maybe, maybe not. She just might not have gotten exactly what she was looking for. By the way, she’s absolutely stunning. I didn’t mention it but… next time… uhmm… I’d really like to, uh, participate.”

“Really? It got you that hot?”

Kyrsten nodded, “I kept thinking how hot it would be for you to be shoving her face into my pussy while you fucked her. Or taking a giant strap on to her cunt and making her choke on your cock.”

“Well sure… when you put it that way… ” I said with a smile.

We slept again that night tangled up together. As I drifted off, I reflected on the weirdness in my life lately. Things were so different with Kyrsten than with Carly. Where Carly and I shared almost completely overlapping interests, Kyrsten and I were very much the opposites attract type of couple. She was this unbelievably gorgeous former cheerleader. It was hard not to think of her that way a little still. She could easily have done modeling if she really wanted to but instead she gravitated towards sales, a job in which I’m certain her fantastic looks served her well. She was a bit of a health nut, I wasn’t. She’d been waking up each morning to swim in the condo pool before running a couple miles. I barely wiped the cobwebs from my eyes in time to make coffee. And yet, somehow we had a comfort with each other that worked really well.

I think it’s the sex and submission that actually made it work for us. Where other couples with polar opposite interests might become strained, her willingness to submit to me made conflicts irrelevant. And I had so many women I was juggling, I didn’t feel compelled to dominate her time the way I dominated her body. And so we fell into a rhythm that was actually quite nice and rewarding.

“What are we doing tonight, Master?” she asked in the morning once I’d woken up.

“We’re gaziantep escort going to go over to Sherry’s dorm room and hang out.”

“Yeah? Is that weird, by the way?”

“What? Hanging out with my girlfriend’s slutty little sister?”

Kyrsten laughed delightfully, “No… hanging out in the room of some college freshmen. You don’t feel like a dirty old man?”

“Fuck you!” I said and whacked her with a pillow. “I’m only 28.”

“That’s not what I mean,” she said grabbing the pillow and flinging it back, “It’s a larger than normal age gap is all. Half plus seven means… you know?”

“You trying to convince me only to fuck women my age?”

“Oh no. It kind of makes me hot to think about you banging young, innocent little coeds. I’m just wondering if it was weird for you?”

“I hadn’t really thought much about it. I mostly just decided what I wanted and went for it,” I told her. My hand gripped her ass and pulled her close to me for a quick kiss as we ground against one another, teaching each other.

“What should I wear, Master?”

“I don’t care. Something slutty,” I said with a smile.

“Well, duh. That’s always what you want me to wear. I’ll find something that pleases you and meet you there tonight.”

“Sounds good,” I told her as I crawled out of bed and got ready for work. The day dragged on. I couldn’t help but notice Daphne around the office. She’d started taking charge of more and more of Dave’s projects and had really stepped up with some of the problems we’d had lately. My interest in her was definitely growing but I was still reluctant to really go for it. I talked a big game with Kyrsten about going for what I wanted but I wasn’t nearly as confident as I let on with women whom I was already sleeping with. Still, the flashes of smiles Daphne shot me seemed slightly more than flirtatious.

At the end of the day, I packed up and headed over to Sherry’s. Kyrsten texted me she was finishing up some things and was running late so I’d have some time alone with the girls. I was feeling a little nervous, as I strode through the hallway. I wasn’t really sure what the dynamic was going to be like. Fortunately, I needn’t worry as Sherry was the only one there. She opened the door wearing thigh high boots, a collar, and nothing else. Instantly, without even closing the door, she dropped to the ground and practically shouted, “Please, Master. I’m so sorry I was disobedient last night. It’s just… do you know how long it’s been since I had your glorious cock? I fucking need it so bad or I’m going to lose what’s left of my pathetic mind.”

I looked around and there were several people in the hallway that were now watching. I think, normally, I would have been embarrassed. But arousal has a funny way of giving you it’s own kind of courage. I grabbed her hair and yanked her forward. She shuffled awkwardly on her knees until she was in the hallway, exposed in front of all of those people. There were already murmurings as people started watching and calling to their own roommates. “Say it again, cunt,” I snarled.

“Please, Master. It’s been over a week since I had your glorious white cock inside one of my fuck holes. I’m losing my mind. I will never disobey you again, Master. I need your cock so fucking bad, Master. I’ll do anything. Please?” she begged. She stared at me in desperation, not once breaking eye contact to look around.

“Who do you belong to, bitch?”

“You, Master.”

“And whose cock gets to use your holes?”

“Only yours, Master,” she said. I pushed her head down and smacked her ass.

“Wrong answer, slut. Your sister is my lover. Kyrsten is my girlfriend. You? You’re just some dumb piece of fuck meat I’m using. You’ll fuck whoever I tell you to, understand?”

She groveled at my feet, “Yes, Master. I’m sorry, Master. I’m so stupid, Master. My holes are yours to give to whoever you want, Master. Just make me an obedient cumrag, Master.”

I picked a guy at random in the hall. He was a kind of geeky looking guy. Not bad looking but a little skinny. He was standing next to a girl that I assumed was his girlfriend, “What about him. If I told you to go fuck him, what would you do?”

“I’d crawl over to him and spread my legs right here in the hall so you could see what an obedient fuck doll I am, Master.” The guy beamed in surprise before his girlfriend punched him with annoyance.

“Good girl. Now get back into your room so I can use your ass. It’s the only fucking hole worth anything on your pathetic body.”

“Yes, Master. You’re right, Master.” She turned and crawled into her room, swinging her ass so everyone could see. I heard murmurs in the hall. Things like, ‘What a slut’ or, ‘What the fuck was that?’ and a lot of, ‘Holy fucking hot’. Closing the door behind me, I turned my attention to the tiny, slutty Asian girl sticking her ass invitingly in the air. “That got me so hot, Master. Fuck. I’m on fire. Please, Master. Do your worst. Use me. Beat me. escort gaziantep Whip me. Abuse me. I don’t fucking care. I just want to be useful to your big white cock.”

The whole thing had me completely stunned. I wasn’t really sure where all this came from. At the same time, I was so turned on I wasn’t really thinking straight. I pulled the belt out of my slacks and snapped it a couple times before lashing it against her ass and thighs. As she got more and more worked up, I whipped her back and shoulders, always returning to her tight, bubble butt for more attention. I slowly stripped out of the rest of my clothes while I did it until I was completely naked and her ass was so red it looked like it was on fire. I looped the belt around her neck like a second collar and pulled on it as I slid my cock slowly into her cunt. I flexed it inside of her, marveling at the tightness and heat.

While I did that, I spit onto her ass and rubbed my free thumb along the crinkled little pink hole. With her cunt juices having drenched my cock and her ass lightly lubed up, I pulled out and slid into her tight ass. She screamed like an animal as I filled her up. Her voice starting with a low moan before transitioning to a wail like a fucking banshee as I pulled out and slammed into her again. I gave her long, slow strokes at first, yanking on the makeshift leash.

“You pathetic little bitch. Is this what you wanted?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You wish your sister was here to watch you be treated like a piece of trash?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You wish everyone in the dorm could see how much of a fucking whore you are?” I said, really picking up the pace.

“Yesss, Master.”

“What about your parents. You want them to know their little girl is a white owned, three holed, breeding slut?”

That was enough. It was all too much for her. She actually started cumming right then. Nothing had touched her clit. I’d barely fucked her cunt. But she started cumming, spraying juice as she did.

“Wow. She really is a slut isn’t she?” I heard a voice behind us. Louise was standing there, hand in her unbuttoned pants playing with herself while she watched the debasement of her roommate.

“She just told the whole dorm she was,” I said.

“Oh, I heard. Like 15 people told me. She’s a real lucky girl,” Louise said playfully. I still couldn’t get a read on her. Was she flirting with me for real? Or just the kind of girl that flirted with everyone? Or was she trolling me? It was impossible to tell. She was an enigma.

“Go get cleaned up, bitch. But stay naked. Kyrsten will be here soon and she should see how pathetic you are. I don’t want my girlfriend to be threatened by a little chink cunt.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master,” she said still recovering as she walked out on unsteady feet.

I stood up, still naked and walked over to Louise. I stood close to her, “What’s your deal Louise?”

“My deal? I’m just a naive, innocent little freshman virgin, Mr. S.”

“Uhhuh… And I’m the Queen of Spain. Seriously. I can’t figure you out, you’re a mystery I really want to… unwrap,” I said looking her up and down.

“Take me out on a date and maybe you can learn more about me,” she said with a smile. Her hand was still inside her unbuttoned jeans and my cock was still erect.

“I don’t think so. I told you. I’m not dating you until I’ve had all your holes.”

“So if I gave up all of my holes… If I sucked your cock?” she said and traced the exaggerated ‘O’ of her lips with her tongue, “spread my legs?” She pulled her jeans down just slightly, revealing the smooth skin at the top of her mound, “and gave you my ass,” she said as she leaned forward over the counter while looking back at me seductively. “… you’d start treating me like a real girlfriend, Mr. S? You wouldn’t treat me like a slut, Mr. S?” she said. Her voice had hints of all kinds of emotions.

I couldn’t resist, I smacked her ass once and leaned in to whisper, “Only if that’s what you want, Louise.”

“Mmmm… It’s SUCH a tempting offer,” she smugly said, pulling her pants back up and waving her cunt juice covered finger in front of me. I was now acutely aware that I was still naked. My cock bobbed up and down with thoughts of fucking the black haired nymphet.

I actually thought for a moment, “I wish SHE was the one that had a rape fantasy” and then was briefly horrified at the thought. I must have blushed because Louise said, “Don’t be embarrassed about the nudity, Mr. S. You’re pretty hot for an old guy.”

Twice in one day! I rolled my eyes, “Whatever,” I said as I tossed my clothes onto the couch and went to the bathroom to clean myself up.

When I came back out, Sherry and Louise were whispering about something. Sherry had put on a robe. “Didn’t I tell you to get naked you dumb chink,” I said. Sherry shot me a look that I hadn’t seen in awhile. A bratty, defiant playful look. Louise giggled at our oddball interaction.

“It’s so gaziantep escort bayan cold in here, Master,” she whined.

“Take the robe off now or you don’t get this cock for another week,” I told her. She pouted but reluctantly obeyed, dropping the robe to the ground. “Now bend over the chair, bitch. I realize you came without permission so I’ll have to thrash some obedience back into you.”

She cast her eyes down, realizing that she’d been caught. “Thank you for training me to be such a worthy little geisha, Master.” She leaned over the back of the chair, displaying herself lewdly for Louise and I. I picked up my belt, when inspiration struck me.

I walked in front of Sherry and held my cock out, “Louise, Sherry has this problem where when she cums, she becomes a terrible bitch to everyone around her. Would you care to whip your bitchy little roommate’s, yellow ass?”

Louise looked at me curiously and a crooked smile formed on her lips. “Why sure, Mr. S. Anything I can do to help,” she said emphasizing the ‘anything’ in a seductive way. She grabbed my belt and walked over to Sherry as I slid my cock between the Asian slut’s surprised lips. She didn’t give Sherry a chance to warm up either, simply lashing her ass repeatedly and with power. Sherry moaned and squirmed in absolute ecstasy but never once seemed to want to stop. I was slowly gliding in and out of her mouth when we heard someone at the door. There were voices outside and the door being fiddled with. Given the show from earlier, I knew Sherry wouldn’t care. I glanced at Louise and she simply shrugged before delivering an upward swing of the belt to Sherry’s cunt that caused her to scream around my cock loudly. I think she must have timed it that way because the door opened just before the blow landed so that the loud slap of the leather on her sensitive flesh filled the room, filtering into the hallway and quickly was followed by Sherry’s muffled scream.

I looked at the door and Starla was letting Kyrsten in while they were talking. Behind them, there were several guys milling about, peeking over the two beauties’ shoulders. All eyes immediately went to the debauched scene in front of them.

It was too much for me, I pulled out and shot my load all over Sherry’s face while Louise whipped her ass viciously. “Thank you, Thank you, thank you,” Sherry babbled. I grabbed her roughly by the hair and twisted her glazed face to be visible to the audience at the door who scattered when they realized their lascivious snooping had been spotted.

Kyrsten walked in with a stunned Starla, “It’s just something you’ll have to get used to Starla,” she said in a matter of fact tone before walking over to give me a kiss. It was a welcoming, loving, tender kiss and I marveled at the moist, sweetness of her lips as I stood there, naked, in a room of mostly clothed women feeling less self-conscious than I’ve ever felt in my life. Something about the whole situation was finally starting to feel “right”.

Sherry was still bent over the chair, panting and Louise was tracing the welts on her ass with her finger tips, causing Sherry to twitch occasionally. “I think I could get used to this, Mr. S.”

I looked at her, “Are you a lesbian?” I asked, realization finally dawning on me. That sure would explain some things.

“No!” she said, almost offended. “I like men and women. I’m just saving myself for marriage is all. My parents raised me to be a good Christian girl,” she said. As if that magically explained the bizarre way in which she acted. I think Kyrsten and I both sat their slack jawed as she said it before continuing, “Now, I’m gonna go to my room. If you hear screaming, it just means I’m cumming,” before walking out.

“What the actual fuck?” Kyrsten said, completely confused.

“I know, right?” I asked.

“That girl fucking wants you. Go in there and fuck her!”

“Wait… what? What are you talking about? She wants to be a virgin until she’s married.” I said incredulous.

“Master, for a smart guy you can be a real idiot,” she said. I noticed her outfit for the first time. She was wearing an off the shoulder shirt that appeared to defy gravity by hanging from her perfect tits along with a skin tight mini-skirt that ended mid thigh. The choker and stockings she was wearing were the perfect thing to top off a fantastic image. “She just took part in whipping Sherry while you fucked her mouth, then told you she was going to go get herself off alone in her room. I guarantee you she’s in there right now imagining it’s your cock pounding her.”

I looked around and Starla sort of shrugged, Sherry was still glassy eyed and cum drunk. They were no help. I shook my head, “I don’t think so. I think she gets off on flirting. I think she’ll be a great slut for a husband one day but I think she truly wants to wait.”

“Whatever, Master. Lord knows I have enough competition so if you don’t want another hot piece of tail, I’m not going to complain,” she said as she leaned up against me, stroking my cock lightly, “But you could have her if you wanted her. Right here. Right now.”

Before I could think of anything else to say, the dorm phone rang. Starla went and answered it, “Hello? Yes… Sure… she’s right here… Sherry… it’s for you. It’s your dad,” she said in a teasing tone. She brought the phone over to Sherry’s cum covered face and held it to her ear.

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