Jessie’s AwakeningJessie’s Awakening

Big Tits

Jessie felt horrible as her head bobbed back and forth on Jack’s massive dick. This was the last time, she told herself. One more time, and she’d get it out of her system.She felt horrible being used like a slut on all fours, but she needed some release. She made up her mind that she’d let loose for tonight. Just then, Jack scooped up a fist full of hair and shoved her head down the whole nine-inch shaft. As she gagged and choked up spit three or four times, lubing his cock, he leaned back in his chair as he started slowly pumping his cock in her mouth.Spit splattered her red cocktail dress, but she didn’t mind. Then, Jack stood up and pulled Jessie’s hair down so that her mascara smeared, spit-soaked face was making was looking up at him.“Since we know that you are a good little slut, you’ll do almanbahis şikayet whatever I say?” Jack said.“Yes, this last time,” Jessie whimpered.Jack laughed as he said, “We’ll see about that”Jack picked her up by her hair. Still, at five-foot-two, her height wasn’t intimidating. Her 34C breasts and peach shaped ass is what really caught the guys’ attention. Jack let go of her hair and took her by the hand to the next room. She used her free hand to push back her straight black hair.Over in the bedroom, she was led to sit down on the bed. Jack took her black lace panties off and shoved them in her mouth. He took out a silk blindfold and tied it tight.“By the end of the night, we’ll have you rethinking giving up on this arrangement,” Jack sneered. “Stay right there.”After a few minutes, almanbahis canlı casino Jack undid the blindfold and gag with three new men standing in the room, two other black men and one man sitting in the corner in a chair wearing a mask. The three black men were stripped down to their boxers.’Oh, going out with a bang. I guess I could if it is my last time,’ Jessie thought. Her brown eyes danced around the bulges in the pants. “Who’s everyone here?” She questioned Jack.“These are my friends Tony and Marcus. Don’t worry about the guy in the corner, he just wants to enjoy the show,” Jack smirked.“Fine by me,” Jessie replied, “How about you undress me, boys?”The two men unzipped her cocktail dress and it fell to the floor, revealing her smooth olive skin and her lacy black bra. Tony felt almanbahis casino up her inner thigh, Marcus started kissing her neck and undoing the bra. Marcus then held both of her hands up while using the other hand to squeeze her boobs. Tony worked his way up to her pussy and started caressing his bulge against Jessie’s ass. Jessie felt like she was in heaven.Tony whispered in her ear, “I haven’t fucked a girl in a while. I’m gonna use your ass till I burst.”“Alright, that’s enough talk,” Jack said.Jessie got on the bed in doggie style with her head hanging off the bed. Jack got behind her and teased the head of his cock on her clit. Jessie started going crazy. Tony and Marcus stood in front of her on the edge of the bed.Marcus said, “Well, what are you waiting for?”Jessie licked her lips as she fished two thick cocks out of the men’s underwear. They were at least ten inches. Her mouth was wide open, but her mouth curled into a smile at the end. Jack thrust into Jessie’s pussy, causing her to lunge forward, taking Marcus’ cock in her mouth.

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