Can’t Spell Joyce without Joy Pt. 07Can’t Spell Joyce without Joy Pt. 07


We lay quietly, Joyce’s head on my shoulder, her body pressed against mine, savoring the quiet time after hot lovemaking, and I looked forward to a hot, sex-filled weekend. I was thinking about what had happened this morning when I watched Stacie savagely fuck herself in the shower.

Joyce whispered, “Uncle J, what are you thinking about?”

I told her about what I had witnessed, and how revved up my cock had been.

Joyce cooed, “Ummm, that was so nice of my Auntie S to give you a show, and get you all hard and ready for me!” She giggled, then continued, “It almost sounds like she was in a rape fantasy…or maybe she was actually raped, perhaps?”

I replied, “No, that couldn’t be it, she was a virgin cherry on our wedding night.”

Joyce said softly, “Well, there is such a thing as a surgically replaced virginity.” At my startled look, she continued, “Repairing the hymen is not that difficult. It consists of piecing together the remnants by closing the tear, or, if there is not enough membrane left, a tear through bio-material is inserted, stitched into place, and Viola, she’s a fully born again virgin. Both are very simple, fast surgeries.”

“But why would she go to all that trouble?”

Joyce replied, “Sounds like she tried to take away what happened, by going full-on born again virginity. That’s why she denied you until the wedding night, but the fact that she still couldn’t get into it shows that mentally, she has yet not recovered.”

With a teasing note, I said, “How do you know so much about this?”

Joyce giggled, then said, “There was an article about it in ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine. It’s a big thing in a lot of cultures, where men can fuck anything that moves, while women are supposed to remain virgin pure before marriage, so family honor is not besmirched. What a load of bullshit.”

Interesting. I wondered about that, something to look into, maybe find out some interesting information about Stacie’s possibly born again virginity. I filed that away for future reference, there was a lot more to look forward to this weekend.

Joyce said, “Uncle J, let’s go out for dinner. Now that we have the whole house to ourselves for the weekend, we don’t need to be fucking at the same pace as rabbits in spring. We can take our time, savor the anticipation, and I can model some racy things I bought, just for your viewing pleasure. I want to work those balls into a frenzy, I love the feel of my Uncle lover’s hot, incestuous cum filling up my tight little holes.”

It sounded like a great idea, my appetite was really demanding food, and when Joyce went to get dressed, I went into the master bathroom and washed down my cock, I had a feeling that it would be called upon very soon after dinner, and I wanted my niece, my lover, to have a clean cock for her pleasure. I started to get dressed, I’d just pulled on a set of briefs when I heard her footsteps coming down the hall.

Just before she appeared, she said, “I hope you like this Uncle lover.”

Joyce stepped into the doorway and paused, oh she looked sensational. My other appetite for her hot, sexy charms would have no problem building back up, with the way she looked. Joyce was wearing a full-length lime green gown, it hugged her body around her hips and her waist, as the dress rose, it split into a deep V that showed off her beautiful cleavage to full effect, the dress left yabancı gaziantep escort her shoulders and her back, to the bottom of her shoulder blades, bare. As the material came around to the front, it further accentuated her cleavage as she was wearing no bra, giving you a peek at the outside of her breasts, which were a magnificent sight, nestled in the teardrop cup shapes that the dress took on as it went over her breasts. The top of the dress came up to two green straps that went around the neck, which were then tied up in a green ribbon behind her neck. She did a slow turn, letting me enjoy the full view, what a stunning sight. Her sexy rump looked magnificent, the outline of her wonderful ass, and I could see the thin strap of a thong underneath.

Her eyes bright, she saw the reaction as my cock stiffened, and she cooed, “Oh yeah, I can see how much you like this Uncle J, I wanted to look my very best for you.”

While she watched, I got dressed in my dark blue, double-breasted suit, white dress shirt, and blue and white striped tie, and when I was ready, I turned to face her.

“Oh yes, looking so hot, so sexy, I am so looking forward to our weekend.”

Soon, we were seated in La Scala, it was the best Italian restaurant in town, and it was a real romantic setting. Subdued lighting, candles on the tables, and lots of space between tables for more intimacy. I’d taken Stacie there a few times, trying to break her ice shell, and gave up when it was obvious that it was not going to warm her up.

I had noticed more than a few male heads turn our way as we were led to our table, sizing up Joyce’s sexy shape, and wishing that they could be her lucky date. Having Joyce’s smiling face close by, and her leg gently pressed against mine under the table, made La Scala the romantic place it was meant to be.

Our waiter was pleased when I spoke Italian as I ordered the Insalata Caesar for two, they prepare it at your table, and for our main courses, I chose the Risotto di Pepperoni con Petto di Manzo, which was braised beef brisket on smoked bell pepper risotto, and for Stephanie, at her request, I ordered the Capellini al Caprese, which was angel hair pasta, tomatoes, garlic, sautéed shrimp, basil & fresh mozzarella. She smiled at me as I ordered for her. When I started to date, my brother told me that finding out what your date wants, then ordering for her is a classy move, and Joyce liked it.

Joyce smiled, and asked me, “So when did you learn Italian?”

I replied, “Well, it was when I went to Italy for a year back when I was 20. I loved every minute, the culture, the art, the food, the wines, and the people, so friendly.”

Joyce grinned, and said, “And the women? I hope you weren’t celibate during your visit!”

I grinned back, and replied, “No, I had more than a few ladies share my bed. Most of them liked to whisper Italian words of endearment while we were making love, and that was erotic as hell!”

The Caesar salad was prepared at our table, and I enjoyed watching Joyce’s reaction as she watched our waiter deftly prepare it. When she tasted it, she let out a yummmmm, and our salad plates were quickly emptied.

“That was amazing!” Joyce cooed.

“I know, this is the best Caesar salad I’ve tasted, outside of Italy.”

I enjoyed watching Joyce eagerly gaziantep yabancı escort enjoy her food. I believe that good appetites for food translate to good appetites for hot sex, and the hot, passionate love that she shared certainly fits this belief. Being out on a date with her was just like it was when Stacie and I started dating, but unlike my dates with Stacie, where I’d have to go home with a hard, unfulfilled cock, I knew that Joyce was going to be happy to do what Stacie had not done.

Joyce excused herself just after dessert, and when she came back from the ladies’ room, I could see a gleam of mischief in her eyes. She slid in next to me and pressed something into my hand. I felt the crumpled ball of fabric and I opened my hand to reveal her jet black thong panties. I looked into her face and saw the building passion.

She cooed huskily, “My pussy lips were nestled in that pouch just a minute ago, and my juices are all over the crotch. Now I’m pantyless as the needy little slut I should be since you are holding my panties. I’m so horny, I am almost dizzy. Take me home Uncle J, I need my uncle lover to give me what I so desperately want.”

When we got home, Joyce cooed, “Now, uncle lover, get to bed, I have something for you, I’ll be there in just a few minutes.”

I lay in bed, my cock a raging hardon, waiting for Joyce. She appeared in the doorway, carrying a lit candle, and turned off the overhead light. Wearing a thin, diaphanous ivory white nightie that just barely covered her ass cheeks, she smiled at me and moved closer to the bed. Placing the candle on the bedside table, she slipped the spaghetti straps off her shoulders, and let them slide down her body, pooling at her ankles. She was almost naked, a white bikini style pantie covered her soft, well-trimmed tuft of red pubic hair and the glistening lips.

She grinned, then turned her backside to me, and cooed, “A message for you Uncle lover.”

On the ass side, in red lettering, were the words “A hard man needed, apply inside, deep inside.”

She turned back to me, and cooed, “I’m so hot, so wet, every time I get so worked up, and that’s where I need you Uncle lover, so deep inside, stretching out my tight little pussy, buried deep inside, fucking my tight little teen fuck-hole.” She climbed up onto the bed, and purred, “Pull my panties down Uncle, get me naked, then lay back, I want to ride you!”

I eagerly did so and watched the exciting sight of Joyce swinging into position, straddling me, and grasping my iron-hard cock. She poised me against her opening and smiled, then she pushed down hard. Her growl of pleasure joined my grunt as she drove down hard, not stopping until I was buried to the hilt.

“Yes, oh yes, perfect, I love it. Now just stay comfortable Uncle J, lay back, and watch your horny little fuck doll niece ride your stiff cock, let me do all the work!”

I groaned with pleasure from the snug feel of her hot, moist sheath as she lifted up, then drove her hips down again, engulfing my shaft, wrapped around my cock like a tight velvet-lined glove. Joyce started to rock herself on my cock, until her desire fired her up, and she started to take that hard ride.

“Fuck, fuck, feels so good, oh yes!”

Joyce started to ride me harder and faster, her hot velvet depths sliding up escort gaziantep yabancı and down on my steely shaft, hips pumping up and down. She was wrapped tightly around me, her cunt stroking me again and again in that pleasure grip, her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time with her thrusting motions.

“Oh, I love it, riding my Uncle’s hard eager cock!” Joyce cried out. “Driving down hard, stretching out my tight little cunt, oh yes, mmmmmmm, hard…harder…yes, yes, oh yes, fuck, I fucking love it!”

Watching the joy and delight play across her face as she rode me, I could feel my balls starting to tighten up, getting set to gush my quickly building load. Joyce was gasping, her orgasm was starting to race at her.

She raised herself up, and froze for a second as she cried out raggedly, “Oh fuck, fuck, gonna cum, cum with me Uncle J, fill my tight little cunt with more hot sperm, oh fuck, feels so good, cum with me, cum deep inside me, I’m cumming, cream MEEEEE!” then thrust herself down hard one last time, her body starting the telltale shuddering of climax.

The view of her body amid orgasm, her grapefruit-sized boobs shaking, the tight clamp of her pussy muscles, hungrily massaging and milking my cock, took me over.

“Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” I shouted, her loud squeals of joy blending in as I arched up into her, my cock erupting, spraying a geyser of hot cum up into her, painting her tightly gripping walls. Another bolt of cum jetted out, and another, I was not done cumming until 8 gouts of spunk had been deposited, her hungry pink fuck-hole sucking it all up, deep into her womb.

As our frenzied movements abated, Joyce let out a long sigh of pleasure, and lowered her body down, until she was face to face with me.

“Ummmm, so good, the day doesn’t feel complete until you’ve fucked me, at the very least, once, uncle lover.”

After a satisfying sail through the afterglow, Joyce pulled me up, and in the shower, we soaped up, scrubbing each other’s backs, and on her knees, her tight pouty lips around my cock had no trouble bringing me back up. She grinned, and bending at the waist, she grabbed onto the towel bar, spreading her legs apart.

Looking over her shoulder she purred, “Once more uncle lover, your little fuck doll of a niece is especially horny, this time, take my tight little ass!”

Stepping between her legs, I nudged against her, then with a slow, steady push, I felt the heat of her asshole surround my cock. She let out a loud gasp, I saw the bliss cross her face, and she turned her head back, facing forward, letting out a long, low moan of pleasure.

“Yes, oh yes, keep going, stuff my tight little teen ass. Just fuck me Uncle lover, use me like the horny little slut I am!”

Happy to do so, I grabbed her hips and really laid the wood to her tight tunnel. I drove into the tight darkness, she was so tight, Joyce masturbated herself to her orgasm, she came quickly, her shrieks of pleasure echoing in the bathroom.

For an instant, my mind conjured up Stacie, what we could have done, having her shrieks of pleasure fill the bathroom. I quickly shook off that vision and enjoyed the milking grip of my niece’s, tight, hot asshole. As I was building up a load, Joyce was going to get along, hard ride, and she took full advantage of it. I felt the clamping and unclamping of her asshole many times, as she sailed through orgasm after orgasm, and after one more of her many orgasms, I roared, drove myself as deep as possible, and fired another volley of cum to paint her bowels.

Man, I was beat, and after we rinsed off, we crawled into bed. Joyce snuggled up against me.

“Oh, this is so nice, being able to sleep all night with you Uncle J. Goodnight uncle lover, see you in the morning.”

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