Growing Accustomed to One-Another Ch. 03.5Growing Accustomed to One-Another Ch. 03.5


This continues immediately after part 3 and is therefore much shorter than other entries since it’s more of an add-on.

This gets kinky and crazy so beware. As always, love your feedback.


A couple of minutes had passed. Laura was still lying almost motionless on the bed, trying to recover from her last two orgasms. Meg was very tired as well but at least she managed to speak with me in this break we were having, “Richard, you truly are a wonder of sex. You were holding back last week with me, weren’t you?”

“Guilty as charged,” I replied. “I didn’t want to hurt you or in any way reveal my abilities.”

“Well, I appreciate both of you decided to share them with me. Sorry for being so blunt but how the fuck is it possible that you are still hard? I mean, we have been fucking for nearly ninety minutes and you made Laura and me cum at least three times each. And this monster is as turgid as ever.”

“Well I have only cum once this evening.”

“You say it as if it were normal for a guy to be able to cum multiple times in a night.”

“What makes you believe I am normal?” I asked smugly.

“Fair point.”

Laura was slowly recomposing herself and Meg started, “If I am not mistaken Big Dick over here is the only one who hasn’t changed his appearance this evening.”

At this Laura suddenly became more awake, “You have something in mind, don’t you?”

“I do and it’s crazy kinky, so I am a bit unsure. Richard, read my mind for this one and you decide whether you want to do it or not.”

The first thing I “heard” was the words “two cocks”. “Interesting,” I began, “I have to admit I never tried, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

“What?” wanted to know Laura, “What is it?”

“I think you will be pleased,” I answered. I stood up in front of the girls and from my pelvis a second cock started to grow. Slowly it expanded until it had reached the same dimensions of the first one.

The girls’ looks but mainly Laura’s were priceless. “I didn’t know I would find this so hot but it is,” said Laura.

“Before you start cumming all over my carpet, Laura, there is one further change I want to make.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“It’s a big one. One even I feel ashamed in uttering but you can read my mind so we can surprise Watermelons.”

“What did you call me, shrimp?”

“You know it’s true,” was Meg’s half serious rebuttal.

“Richard, can you hear me?” she was communicating with her mind.

“Of course, Meg.”

“Ok now. Maybe one of you might have wondered why I have brought you in this huge room. It’s because I wanted both of you but mainly you to be utterly huge. I have always fantasised about huge guys even to an impossible extent. This room’s roof is fifteen feet high. I want you to grow until you reach a height of ten feet. Plus, one of your cock must grow accordingly, while the other until it’s twice the length and girth of the first.” She than asked me aloud, “Is it too weird?”

“What was it, Rick? What can be weirder than two dicks?” asked an excited Laura.

“She wants me to be massive, with some rules attached to it and mainly them,” I replied flexing my pelvis muscles making my dicks bounce.

“How tall?” again asked Laura.

“Let’s say there is a reason for why we are in a room with a roof so high up.”

“Oh, I want to Bycasino see that now,” Laura was starting to anticipate the results almost as much as Meg was.

“Without any further ado.” I started growing and expanding my second dick more than the rest of my body. I stopped at exactly seven feet saying, “This is the tallest I have ever been. And Laura remembers it well I feel. How are you shorty?”

Laura looked at me and then at my cocks noticing, “Wait, one of your dicks is bigger than the other.” I didn’t say anything so Laura tried to find answers in Meg’s crazed look, who simply nodded confirming Laura’s thoughts.

I had quickly grown to a massive ten feet but unsurprisingly the most astonishing features were my cocks. The upper one grew to reach twenty inches and the lower one was an unworldly forty inches long or almost three feet and a half. I looked at Meg twitching my gigantic poles and asked, “Do you like the biggest man ever?” Just by hearing my lower louder voice Mag had cum dropping to the floor

Laura was also pleasantly shocked, “Jeez, Rick you look like a drawn fantasy of a madman. No offence, Meg.”

“None taken. This has always been my fantasy.”

“How would you like to be fucked and destroyed by those tree trunks?” said Laura. Both Meg and I looked at her confused. Even if I enlarged her pussy and ass (because that’s where the second cock would go and Meg knew it), Meg’s upper body was no forty inches long, so Laura told me to read her mind, “Can you connect her vagina with her mouth?” Hearing that my cocks twitched and agreed that it was possible even though I had never done it.

I looked at Meg and warned her, “Meg if you wanna do this I will have to rearrange most of your inner organs which will feel kinda strange for a moment.”

“Just do it and then do me, you giant stud.”

I modified her inner bits which she noticed but didn’t complain. “Are you ready?” I asked approaching her slowly. Fear and excitement were the two constant thoughts in her head and in her eyes. She nodded and stood up ready to be taken. At my size both girls but mainly Meg looked like children. I grabbed the incredibly muscular girl and first laid her between my cocks, with her belly and breasts rubbing the larger one while my “small” one was laid on her back.

Meg began talking shivering, “Fuck. This one,” the larger one, “is almost twice the size of my torso. Are you sure both will fit?”

“Are you doubting me?” I asked faking a menacing tone.

“Of course not. And now fucking tear me apart, you giant monster.” Those were no insults just the expression of a deep fantasy.

I lifted her with ease and let her dripping pussy touch my forty incher. “Fuck. I want this so bad. You two don’t even understaaaaaaaa…” I didn’t allow her to finish her sentence before slowly beginning to push her down my rod. Instantly an enormous outline was visible, almost as large as her whole torso was wide. If we hadn’t been in a huge mansion with the closest neighbours being three miles away somebody would have called the police after having heard Meg’s screams. “Oooooohhhhh my fuckkking Gooood,” were the only understandable words she could muster.

Quickly one could see the outline of my larger cock reaching her throat. Automatically she was forced to lo look up in order to allow the residual inches to Bycasino giriş enter her from below and exit her from her mouth. Meanwhile I had pushed her enough down my larger cock so that the “small” one was knocking on her asshole. With my strength and her modified elasticity her asshole didn’t offer any resistance. My second cock entered her and any kind of coherent thought she might have had before disappeared into a sea of pleasure. For a couple of minutes I was pumping her up and down not even close to finishing when I realised that Meg had fainted. I carefully placed her onto the bed and shifted my gaze toward the ultra titted massively assed Laura.

“Oh. My. God. This is the hottest, kinkiest, sexiest thing I have ever seen. I am kind of envious of that tiny sack of muscle.”

“Well it’s your turn now,” I replied approaching her with fire in my eyes. I knew she didn’t want the same treatment of Meg so I lifted her and started sucking at her giant tit with my giant mouth.

“Man, this giant form of yours sure has its benefits. That tongue is huge.”

“So, you like me when I am huge?”

“I love it and I love you.”

“Let me show what huge means,” I said bluffing that she was about to take the forty incher.

“No, wait I don’t…”

“Don’t worry you will get the tiny cock today,” I comforted and kissed her while she was enjoying herself.

“Of course. Because in any normal sex evening twenty inches is nothing,” she replied jokingly.

I was pounding her standing up and her back was lain on my larger cock. “Fuck you are so huge. I look like a child next to you. Even with these monstrosities,” she said cupping her P cup breasts.

“Don’t worry you’re more woman than anyone on this planet.”

“And you are more, far more man than any other poor soul. And now destroy me until my screams wake sleeping beauty over there.” I grabbed her by the waist, my hands almost touching, and began the procedure. She started moaning instantly and quickly said moans turned into screams, “Fuck me you giant piece of stud. Wreck my pussyyyyyyyyy,” was her last sentence before cumming.

As was Laura’s intention, Meg reawakened and my girl proposed, “If you let me take a breath or two we can repeat the previous position where you Meg where sucking my huge globes, only now my monster boyfriend can fuck us both.”

“Agreed,” screamed Meg, and offered, “I can help you recover by pleasing those tits of yours, I have pretty strong hands and tongue you know.”

“Well, kind of strong,” I teased.

“Hey, leave shorty here alone not everyone can be looking as if they came out of a fantasy novel,” Laura replied while once again approaching Meg on all four and stroking her taught abs and arms. “Even though I know you offered to please my tits I know you will enjoy it at least as much as I will.”

“This is the reason why you are my best friend. You know me so well,” and so, her mouth jumped to Laura’s nipple to my girlfriend’s audible surprise and enjoyment.

A short time had passed and Laura looked at me with a look saying, “It’s time.” I went behind her and because of the mechanics of the situation asked, “Are you ready Meg? You will be first. Unfortunately, you will not be able to taste Laura’s tits anymore in a couple of seconds since this,” I started entering her with my larger pole, Bycasino güncel giriş “will be coming out of your mouth soon.”

“I don’t care just give it all to me.”

I was going further and further and soon the smaller was ready for Laura’s hole. I could feel her massive tits almost titfucking me through Meg’s stomach while my other cock was entering her pussy. The amount of physical stimulation was indescribable.

Meg started feeling the urge to straighten her neck and soon my huge cockhead was poking outside of it. Laura began licking the ever more present almost half of my cock. Suddenly she exclaimed, “Fuck us until you cum gallons. I don’t care if it will take you hours just pound our pussies with the biggest cocks the world has ever seen. Grab my huge ass and truly ram that monster inside me while your other monstrosity utterly ruins this girl for any future man.

Meg couldn’t agree with words but her thoughts were clear, “What she said!”

And so, for the next fifteen minutes I proceeded to the pussy wreckage of the century. During this time, Laura had dropped her huge curvy body on Meg’s and now both were simply taking it enjoying themselves in utter bliss.

Finally approaching my limit, I told Laura, “Ready, hon. This is going to be huge.” No reply, just a slight nod. I decided it to be wise to shrink my larger cock in length so that the room wouldn’t be completely sprayed with cum. It still was almost as wide as Meg’s whole body, though. “Here it comes, ladies.”

“Give it to me,” was their reply in unison.

And thus, began my climax. A true and loud grunt came out of my mind as I powerfully give them the last strokes. Gallons were pouring inside of the girls who by now were kissing passionately adding to the erotic display that was going on. Soon though, they had to stop since their bellies started to fill up and their heads got farther and farther away from another. Due to the hydraulic pressure both came loudly one last time and then were awaiting almost motionless for my flood to stop.

Eventually it indeed stopped and to their almost disappointment I exited them. They instantly fell asleep and I let their bodies absorb all the extra cum. I let myself shrink to my normal size and single penis, but let the girls stay their present size. I fell asleep inside those beauties the cute hugely muscled redhead and the tit-anic mega assed blonde girlfriend of mine.


“Psst. Richard? Are you awake?” asked Meg.

“I am now, what time is it?”

“It’s four o’clock in the morning can you come to the kitchen I want to talk to you?” She sounded serious so I didn’t hesitate.

“What is it, Meg?”

“Fuck you’re huge. Sorry I’m still shocked every time I see you naked. Even when you are ‘normal’.”

“I take it as a compliment.”

“You should. What I wanted to say is that I am happy to Laura with such a great guy. I want you to keep her happy as long as possible.”

“I will do anything to do exactly that.”

She came to me, hugged me, kissed me and gave me a quick tug on the dick, “She is a lucky girl. And not only because of this huge dick, those massive muscles or your powers. You are great and you fit well together.”

I kissed her back, a bit to her surprise and thanked her.

“One more thing,” she began, “could you rearrange my innards. I don’t think I will ever need my mouth and pussy to be attached. Also, although I love being this tall it would be hard to explain. Make me 5’5″. Just a bit taller than before. The muscles I want to keep. I can just say I’ve been training hard.”

“Can do. Sleep well.”

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