Can She Relive Good Old Days – Ch. 01Can She Relive Good Old Days – Ch. 01


Cassie was dreading her birthday next month. Where had the years gone? Half a bloody century she thought, that’s not young it’s only just still middle aged. She reflected how lucky she was; a decent job, enough money, a stable if unexciting marriage to a good man and excellent health. She had taken to the gym at 40 and was really reaping the benefit now. She smiled to herself remembering the looks she got from two of the young men at the gym. She had enjoyed them blatantly undressing her with their eyes. She had even fantasized about them actually undressing her and doing a lot more.

She realized that she probably fantasized more now than ever before. She did have sex with her husband. It wasn’t bad sex, not often enough and certainly lacking any passion most of the time. Most of the time these fantasies were just thoughts as she drifted off to sleep. That was all except one recurring one. It was partly fantasy and partly remembering something that ended over twenty years ago. Her relationship with Jamie had been almost all about sex. The thing she really remembered though was the spankings and the sex that followed.

Was her memory playing tricks with her or had it really been as good as she now dreamed about? Had the orgasms really been that amazing? She suspected that they could not have been but was happy to use her memories to fuel the only fantasies that she used when masturbating. The fantasies got more lurid and her masturbation more regular. She was desperate to fantasize that it was her husband spanking and caning her bottom but try as she did it was always Jamie’s face who she saw particularly as she gave in to her climax. She didn’t think the masturbation was cheating on her husband but she did feel very guilty about needing the vision of Jamie before she could orgasm.

The other thing she was beginning to feel guilty about was that she was masturbating at least once a week and last week three times in eight days. The more she fantasized the more she seemed to need to. When laying in the hot bath the fantasy flooded her mind again and she tried to think of other things. The fantasy wouldn’t go away but she was determined not to masturbate only two days after the last time. She managed to keep her hands away from her pussy until the water began to cool and she had to wash it. The wetness she found was not the water but her sexual excitement. Even with a soapy hand she was soon rubbing herself to a quick and very nice orgasm.

Often she made love to her husband after taking a bath and he was clearly interested when she got into bed. She felt guilty enough to not refuse his attentions. She was sensitive as always after having an orgasm but managed to accept the stimulation he offered. As always the lovemaking was gentle and considerate. Cassie nearly always had an orgasm when they made love but she never had two orgasms in a short time. Feeling guilty about masturbating she decided to fake a good orgasm as her husband indicated that he was close. She was a little worried that she had overdone it but was amused when her husband said how wonderful it was to see her cum like she used to.

The next day Cassie was reflecting on what had happened the night before. She felt bad that she had needed to fake her orgasm but more that her masturbation was now affecting the sex with her husband. The issue of her fantasies was clearly at the heart of everything. Could she try again to interest her husband in spanking her? If she could how satisfying would it actually be? She didn’t have to spend much energy to reach the conclusion that her husband spanking her was not the answer to anything. She either had to cure herself of the fantasies or arrive at the conclusion that had been staring her in the face for months.

Even just reflecting as she was she could not shift the vision of being helpless as a smiling Jamie spanked her harder and harder. She was disgusted with herself that this was getting her as aroused as it was. She promised herself that she would not masturbate until after making love to her husband again.

She kept to the promise she had made herself. Her husband was amazed at how enthusiastic she was to make love when she asked him. What he was most surprised at was that it was only five days after their last time. His surprise turned to delight when she had a very strong orgasm. This one was not faked but Cassie was disturbed as for the first time ever the trigger for the orgasm with her husband was the image of Jamie spanking her bottom and teasing her about the fact that it was going to cause her to lose all control.

She was very lucky to have one friend who shared both of their inner secrets with, well most of them anyway. At lunch her friend asked why Cassie was looking so worried. They had discussed many things about their sex lives but never spanking or her history with Jamie. Cassie was so upset that she told Sara everything. All about her love of being spanked, her masturbation and the effects they were having on her marriage. Sara listened intently sympathizing where she felt it was needed. When Cassie stopped akyurt escort to draw breath Sara said if I thought it would help I would put you over my knee and spank you until you never wanted to be spanked again.

Cassie said she knew she was joking but said the sad truth was it more likely to excite her than to cure her of the fantasy. They both laughed at this. Sara then said that the options seemed limited. Medical help was a possible option. Maybe something like hypnosis. It was agreed that Cassie could not stop the fantasies without help. The only other option was therefore to fulfill the fantasies.

Cassie said that was easier said than done. She didn’t want to be unfaithful to her husband but also there was the problem of finding someone safe and able to give her what she needed. Sara’s response was no less shocking to Cassie for the fact that it was obvious. Cassie would need to find Jamie and ask him to resume the control he used to have over her bottom. They talked around the subject over the rest of lunch but Cassie knew she would be tracking Jamie down very soon.

Within the week Cassie was meeting a very confident Jamie in a quiet pub far enough away from where they both lived. She quickly understood why she had found him so compelling in the past. After a quick update about their lives and in particular their marriages Jamie asked why Cassie had asked for the meeting. Cassie had rehearsed this speech many times but now was worried that she would not be able to say anything. She looked at Jamie and said.

“This is more difficult than anything I have ever asked before. Would you please just listen and not say anything until I have finished. As I have just told you I am happily married to a good man but I cannot stop thinking about some of the times we had together. I am so ashamed to admit that more and more I fantasize about how you used to spank my bottom. Worse I fantasize about how I want you to spank my bottom now. I loved those times we had and the orgasms that I enjoyed during the sex afterwards. I know you are happily married but I must at least ask you whether you would consider spanking me again?”

When she finished talking she dropped her head completely unable to look him in the eyes. If she had been able to she would have seen a surprisingly fond look in his eyes and a kind smile on his face.

“I have never forgotten those times together. The last time I spanked a bottom it was yours. I cannot think of anything I would enjoy more than taking you over my knee and spanking you very thoroughly. I am not sure either of us should even think about it let alone do it. I cannot give you an answer now but I can say that I will consider it over the next few days. Let’s meet here in a weeks time.”

He knew he could not turn down the opportunity and was aware that as in the past a spanking would be most exciting for both of them if he was in complete control. The week gave him time to consider the best way to take things forward. Cassie found a very confident Jamie waiting for her in the pub.

She was taken aback by the terms he insisted she needed to agree to. Over the previous week she knew the need to be spanked had become an obsession. She agreed, as she would have agreed to almost anything. She was crestfallen when they agreed that their first spanking would have to wait until her husband was away for a week on business. It was however an excited Cassie who left the pub. She was so excited that she found herself making love to her husband with an enthusiasm he was not used to. She could not even admit to herself why the orgasm that she had was as good as it was.

It seemed like a lifetime until her husband said he was flying out on a work trip the next Monday and would be back on the Friday. Cassie knew that her bottom would show the results of a heavy spanking for at least two or three days. She also knew that if she was very careful she could keep him from seeing her naked bottom for a day or two if necessary. It was an excited Cassie who rang Jamie and almost pleaded with him to come to her house on the Monday after work. Jamie reminded her that the terms were that they would meet at his house. This reminded the excited Cassie of the other terms that he had insisted on and she had only reluctantly agreed to.

Cassie was very aware, as she walked up to the front door, of the lack of any clothes underneath her not very long coat. She had found the journey on the underground both highly stimulating and very embarrassing. It gave her a buzz to flash her newly shaven pussy to two passengers sitting opposite her. The woman had tutted at her and moved seat while the man had smiled and tried to get a better view. The man was very good looking but probably Cassie thought in his late sixties. Cassie had never even thought about flashing before but had found doing so on Jamie’s orders more than a little arousing. As she rang the doorbell she surprised at how nervous she was. It was not just nervousness but also anticipation and extreme arousal. She had surprised herself altındağ escort on numerous occasions, during the days since the meeting had been arranged, when finding her panties were soaked as a result of her anticipation.

A stunning woman dressed very smartly in a tight fitting summer dress greeted her. She looked at least ten years younger than Cassie.

“Oh, you must be Cassie. Jamie has told me so much about you, but he did fail to tell me how attractive you look. I wonder why? Please take your coat off before I take you to Jamie and the man who will witness your punishment and look after you and your sore bottom.”

Cassie knew that there would be a total of four people in the room when she was spanked. Jamie had insisted on there being not only Jamie’s wife but also a male witness present. Cassie was taken aback by the reference to being looked after by the male witness. Always in the past after Jamie finished spanking her she felt totally compliant to any command that Jamie gave her and she would experience some of the most violent orgasms within a short time of the spanking ending.

Cassie suddenly realized that the woman who had welcomed her was Jamie’s wife. She had seemed so young it had confused her. She also realized that when she took her coat off she would be completely naked in front of another woman.

“Jamie told me you are were very compliant so I expected you to take your coat off as soon as I told you to. This will be your final warning. Do you understand?”

As she said this she moved her hand and the butt plug that Cassie had forgotten about sprung to life. It not only vibrated with significant force but also seemed to lengthen and shorten inside her bottom.

Cassie seemed unable to look anywhere other than straight into the beautiful woman’s face as she took the coat off and hung it on the hook indicated. Her nipples stiffened as they caught on the coat. The moisture that had gathered between her legs was cooled by a draft of air.

“Put your palms flat against the wall at shoulder height and spread your legs. I want to check the butt plug.”

She did more than check it. Gripping the T-bar she eased it out slightly before gently fucking the helpless Cassie’s bottom with it. The plug vibrated, expanded and shrunk quickly. Cassie had to concentrate hard to prevent herself pushing back and forth to increase the stimulation. She couldn’t prevent a deep sigh of sexual arousal escaping her lips. She could only guess at the meaning of her tormentor’s words as she laughed and said

“Just as I thought, you cannot wait can you Cassie?”

Cassie was steered into a large room, controlled by the hand that was still playing with the butt plug. Jamie was sitting, dressed almost formally, on a large sofa. Cassie turned to the other side of the room sensing that someone else was there. Sitting in a chair was a man that Cassie instantly recognized as the man on the train who had watched as she exposed herself. He was smiling as he had on the train.

“You will address me as Mistress, Jamie as Master and Jamie’s father as Sir.” Any failure in this will be treated most harshly. Do you understand?”

“Yes I understand,…… Mistress.”

Cassie just managed to utter the word in time to sound as if she had remembered. It was Jamie who added.

“You will only speak when you are required to answer and you will follow orders immediately without questioning. You are here to be spanked and will be rewarded if you behave appropriately but punished if not. You will not enjoy any punishment that we need to give you. Now you need to go over to Sir and ask him nicely for me to spank you.”

“Come her little girl, I think it is time to take that butt plug out. Turn round, touch your toes and spread you legs. You do have the most beautiful figure, particularly that full bottom of yours.”

This was all said in a friendly rather parental way. Cassie was both comforted and excited by his words. She felt nicely vulnerable when in position and waiting for him to remove the plug. He didn’t reach straight for the plug but instead ran one hand between her legs. His fingers gathered moisture until his middle finger found her very sensitive swollen clit. He rubbed it firmly but briefly before dragging his fingers through her pussy with enough force for them to penetrate well into her soaking warmth.

“Well the expectation of a spanking has got her lovely body super excited, I hope the spanking can live up to the anticipation.”

With this he gripped the plug and only took a little extra time to extract it than was really necessary.

“Now how are you going to persuade me that you deserve the spanking you so clearly want?”

This question confused Cassie who did not know what was expected. Still facing away from the older man she looked at Jamie for guidance.

“No permission from my father, no spanking. I am sure you can think of some way to persuade him that you are deserving of a spanking. You have just one opportunity to convince him. Maybe you Ankara Anal Yapan Escort need to show him what a naughty girl you can be?”

The idea of not being spanked horrified her. That was what she was here for. She had to persuade the old man. Would shaking her bottom in his face be enough? She couldn’t risk it and anyway it felt a thrill to be blameless for whatever she did next. She had never done anything sexual with someone so old and she felt a surge of excitement as she pulled his trousers and pants off at the same time. His prick was firm but not hard as she fully took it into her mouth. His prick was quite small making giving him head very comfortable. It was soon fully erect and Cassie loved giving the pleasure that was so obvious from the look on his face. She didn’t know whether to carry on until he came in her mouth, as she was certain he soon would.

“I said persuade my father, not give him a heart attack. I think he is fully persuaded, but might need to punish you later. Now Mistress is a little different. I promised her that, if she went orgasm-less for a whole week, you would use your oral skills to bring her to orgasm before I spank you. Have you much experience at licking pussy?”

“No I have never seen one close up let alone licked one.”

“The good news is she is likely to go off like a firework in no time at all. A week for her is like an eternity, isn’t it my dear?”

“It certainly is but before you get to lick my pussy I want you to stick your tongue right up my bottom.”

Mistress had taken up a kneeling position with her head in Master’s lap and her bottom sticking high in the area. She was completely naked with her knees as far apart as comfortable. The slightly open anus fascinated Cassie as she approached the large almost black area of crinkled skin guarding it. As she got her face very close she was almost overcome by the strong, rich pungent smell emitted from between Mistresses legs. The first touch of her tongue to the dark crinkled was very tentative but it triggered an overwhelming excitement to course through her whole body.

It struck her that her body was buzzing and it would have taken very little to trigger an orgasm in her taut body. No one had touched her or paid any attention to her needs, but it may have been partly this that was exciting her. She was being completely dominated, she was being completely submissive and compliant. This was what was exciting her, this was what she had always needed.

Cassie could feel the sexual excitement building very quickly after she starting licking Mistresses pussy and clit from behind. She could also hear the moans and groans that were being made into Master’s lap. As soon as Master starting teasing Mistress about how she could not stop herself from cumming Mistress started pushing back rhythmically into Cassie’s face. This pushed Cassie’s nose not only against but also partly into her anus. It seemed like it was this that was the final piece of the jigsaw as Mistress wailed her release as she exploded in a violent orgasm.

“I think you may have earned your spanking Cassie. Now come here and get over my lap. I am going to start with a firm hard spanking and gradually increase the severity.”

At last Cassie felt his hand crack down hard on her bottom. She heard the sound just before she felt the explosions across both cheeks. It stung but it felt so good to Cassie. The heat built quickly as blow after blow rained down. It felt more like sex than any love-making she had experienced with her husband. After a dozen or so spanks Jamie stopped and caressed her hot cheeks. He then ran his hand between her legs, finding the whole area a squelching mess. Cassie tried to increase the contact before, laughing, he withdrew his hand. Her hips were not under her control as the spanking recommenced. They pushed up as if to welcome the next explosion.

Jamie was right the spanking was becoming almost vicious but Cassie seemed to welcome this. The heat was now everywhere between her legs. So much so that she thought that if he hit her a little harder she would probably orgasm. She forgot that she was not allowed to speak as she pleaded with him to spank her more, harder and longer.

Mistress was fascinated by the total surrender of the older woman. Jamie had seen this before and had always been keen to try and bring on her orgasm by spanking alone. This would not happen right now as Mistress said.

“Jamie I would like to cane her beautiful arse before she explodes all over you. Get onto the floor, on your back, with your clothes off so that she can enjoy what she really came here for. Now Cassie sit on his prick and then lay forward with him fully inserted. If you move one muscle as I cane you will be in real trouble.”

Jamie’s cock slipped into Cassie with great ease. He was still buried deep when she laid herself forward with her bright red bottom offered up. She was desperate to feel his cock fucking her but dared not move while waiting for Mistress to strike. When the cane landed it made the spanking feel like a few love pats. It knocked all the air from lungs and Jamie helped her by wrapping his legs around hers and holding her tightly with his arms. There was very little opportunity for her to move but he did feel her pussy contracting and relaxing as if trying to milk him. This was not missed by Mistress who laid the next stripe an inch lower than the first.

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