Subject: Fallen Angel Cameron This is a work of complete fiction. Any resemblance to real life individuals is purely coincidental. All characters and their actions are 100% fictional, and not referential to any true events or persons, nor do they condone or encourage any of the depicted activities. Your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated. Please email me at ail Donate to Nifty to support this amazing resource and keep all of this work possible. \\\ FALLEN ANGEL CAMERON by Iacchus PART ONE Cameron wasn’t the brightest kid. He was blonde, pretty, and obedient, but he could be described as kindly as `dim’ and unkindly as `stupid’. It wasn’t his fault, though. Cameron was made that way, and for all intents and purposes, he was perfect. Cameron had been born beautiful, and because of that he was scouted and worked from a very, very young age as a child model. He started doing commercials for junior clothing brands and TV spots almost immediately, and to great success. “You’re a gorgeous boy,” a producer said to Cameron during one of his first shoots. “Thanks, mister!” Cameron beamed his cute smile. His teeth were perfectly pearly white and straight, his lips plump and pink. He was a human doll, crafted by gods to be not only beautiful and adorable, but undeniably desirable. His Daddy had taught him to always smile and be sweet. The producer turned Cameron around and took his pants off. He then slid down his underwear and started fondling his baby smooth young butt with his big adult hands. Cameron jumped in surprise, but heard the words his Daddy told him before every job. “Do as your told. Be a good boy.” Another director during a commercial shoot made Cameron take off all his clothes. The director took Cameron’s small boyish dick and sucked it, manhandling Cameron’s body with his hands, grabbing this and that. He slapped Cameron’s perky butt and stuffed his fingers in Cameron’s cute mouth. The other men on the crew laughed and took out their big erect cocks and stroked them as their boss pinned Cameron to the ground and explored him. When the men were ready to release, they stood over Cameron and shot jets of semen on to his smooth stomach, his lovely chest, and his taut little legs, hairless and creamy white. “You liked that didn’t you?” The man sneered after he and his crew had their fill of Cameron’s young body. “You’re a little slut, I can tell. Cute boys like you always are.” Cameron didn’t know what the man meant, so he just giggled nervously, his body shiny and wet from all the strangers’ cum. Cameron quickly got a reputation as the hottest young boy in the biz. He got calls from all over the country. They prized his beauty and his obedience, and, of course, the fact that his father never complained. It was always in these kinds of contracts that a parent had to be in the room during a shoot, so Cameron’s Daddy accompanied his son to all his modeling gigs. His Dad loved watching his gorgeous baby boy get touched and passed around by all the older men. One man shoved his big adult dick in Cameron’s wet little mouth, in between his poofy young lips. He raped Cameron’s mouth and turned to Cameron’s Daddy, who was sitting by the far wall, slowly groping his growing erection. “You got a great little boy here,” the man smirked as Cameron gagged and sputtered on the engorged cock. “Great little cocksucker.” “Thanks,” Cameron’s Daddy grinned. He watched as tears streamed down his little boy’s face as he struggled not to choke on the grown man’s dick. Cameron’s modeling brought in good money, and his Dad bought sports cars and a personal trainer and nice watches with all of it. At night he liked wearing his nice new things and having his little boy give him a naked massage. Eventually one night Cameron’s mother walked in on them. Her son was on top of her husband, both of them naked, Cameron using his soft hands on his Daddy’s muscular back, his little dick erect as it slid up and down his father’s body. She screamed and screamed, but Cameron’s Daddy just divorced her. He got the best lawyer in the state and left her with nothing. “Jealous bitch,” he told all the neighbors and all their friends, who in turn rolled their eyes when Cameron’s mom hysterically shrieked to them about her poor baby Cameron and his perverted father. They didn’t believe her. She moved back in with Cameron’s grandmother and no one ever heard from her again. This was much better anyways, as Cameron’s Daddy felt free to finally enjoy his boy without any hesitation. He shoved his dick in Cameron’s various holes every night, unloading his karşıyaka escort sperm into his baby boy’s beautiful mouth, butt, and even his ears. Cameron’s Dad just wanted to fill his son up with cum, the seed from which he was born. He threw away Cameron’s bed, and the boy slept with his Daddy every night. Sometimes, he woke up suddenly in the dark to the feeling of his horny father pushing his cock into his tight, luscious butthole. Their bed smelled of semen and saliva, the sheets crusty from the gallons of cum Cameron’s dainty ass and mouth leaked as his Daddy pumped excesses of the stuff into him every single night and day. “You are my perfect baby,” Cameron’s Daddy whispered to his son one night as he fucked him sideways. He held his son’s little body close to him and tongue-fucked his boyish smooth ear. “My little fuck baby. I love you so much, son. I love you, I love you, I love you.” “Ah – ah… Oh, Daddy,” Cameron moaned and groaned and heaved as his Daddy fucked him and the warm wet tongue raped his ear. “I love you too, Daddy!” Cameron got older and kept modeling. He was very successful, and even started getting flown to Paris and Milan, where casting agents for glamorous companies took delight in his American good looks and his scrumptious body. “Will it be an issue if he’s working this much?” a casting director asked Cameron’s Daddy. “Will he miss too much school?” “No,” Cameron’s Daddy replied. “No, school won’t be an issue.” His Daddy kept Cameron homeschooled so he would stay nice and dumb. Cameron had no idea other boys’ daddies didn’t kiss them and put their penises in their mouths and lick their smooth buttholes and fondle their dicks. He loved his Daddy and liked when his Daddy molested him all night. This was Cameron’s schooling. The school of hot, lusty sex. “You like my cock, son?” Cameron’s Dad asked sweetly. He smacked Cameron’s cute face with his giant erection. A little trail of precum smeared on to Cameron’s nose and rosy cheek. Cameron nodded and then gobbled up his Daddy’s boner. His Dad and the various directors and modeling agents and producers and cameramen and stylists had all shown Cameron how to suck an adult man’s penis, and now he was a pro. Cameron’s Dad sighed and laid back on his chair, his son on his knees in service. Cameron was used to cock, loved it even. To his sheltered little mind, cum was an everyday part of his diet, just like vegetables. His Daddy always made sure to milk a good load into a glass for his baby boy to guzzle down during dinner. Cameron smacked his lips when he’d finish his cup full of his Daddy’s warm, milky semen. He’d ask for more. His Daddy would then throw Cameron to the ground and give him another helping of hot cum by fucking him ruthlessly, and Cameron would cry and groan and purr as his big strong Daddy violated his bubbly nice bottom. He’d get his milk all right, but for his second helping it was always unloaded into his velvet, hairless, pink anus. As Cameron grew into a teenager, his Daddy got more comfortable roughing him up, taking advantage of his son’s growing bulk and his developing muscles. Their fuck sessions were constant, and Cameron got good at sex. He knew how to angle his booty just so, as to give maximum pleasure to whoever’s throbbing cock was inside of him. With his new strength, he could ride a dick for hours; his thighs got nice and big and strong. Instead of math and science, Cameron took care of his body. His Daddy made sure he didn’t get any funny ideas by learning his timetables or big complicated books. Cameron lifted weights and ran several miles every day. He gulped down whatever his Daddy gave him: lean protein, broccoli, oatmeal, and most importantly, lots and lots of cum. Cameron couldn’t get enough cum. His Daddy had taught him well to love the taste, the texture, even the smell. Cameron’s Daddy couldn’t produce enough cum for his son, who as he grew up was demanding up the three cups a night of the stuff! So he put out an ad on the internet: my son is addicted to cum and needs lots of it to drink and grow strong. Men all over the country – around the world, even – ejaculated huge, white, hot loads into containers and sent it to Cameron’s Daddy. “Look, son!” he told his excited boy. “All this fresh cum, just for you.” Packages piled up at their front door; their neighbors wondered what was inside the small boxes labeled from all around the world. Cameron’s Daddy stayed in touch with all the men on the internet who supplied Cameron with their semen. They were all ravenous for information kartal escort about the boy. They wanted to know everything: the exact color of his eyes, how puffy his lips were, what his sweet breath smelled like, what was the circumference of his big bubbly butt? They asked for pictures. At first, Cameron’s Daddy was hesitant to share photos of his son. Cameron was a working young teen model. If they just looked at any given billboard, chances were his online friends would be looking right at a photo of his gorgeous boy. But the men were desperate for a visual; they wanted to see the cute young thing that they were feeding. So Cameron’s Daddy shared some photos. “Smile, son,” he snapped a photo on his phone of Cameron sitting naked on the floor, beaming, a cup of fresh jizz in his smooth hands. “What’s that for, Daddy?” Cameron asked innocently. “Is there another photoshoot for me? Are we going to work?” “No, baby,” his Daddy smiled. “This is for some special friends of mine.” Cameron thought it over for a second and then, after a big gulp of milky splooge, said, “I wish I had some friends, Daddy.” “I’m your friend, buddy.” “Sometimes I see people on TV with more than one friend, though!” “Well, all your work buddies are friends,” Cameron’s Dad replied. He made a mental note to not let his impressionable son watch TV. “That’s true I guess,” Cameron nodded, his poofy pink lips wet and sticky and pearly. “And they all let me lick their yummy cocks and drink their cum, which is what friends do, right, Daddy?” “Yes, son,” Cameron’s Daddy smiled. He’d taught him well. “Friends are the people you let feed your their cocks and cum. And who are allowed to touch you all over and even put their penises in your holes.” Cameron sat there and drank his cup of cum, satisfied. Suddenly, his Daddy had an idea. “But son, would you like some more friends?” Cameron lit up, “Yes, please!” He flashed his biggest smile and his Daddy grinned back, a plan forming in his head. Cameron’s Dad loved money and he’d thought of the perfect way to make even more than his son’s modeling. To his online friends, he took a poll: how much money would they pay to come and be Cameron’s friend? The bids poured in. Hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands of dollars. Per person! Cameron’s Daddy sat back and daydreamed about the new cars he could buy. Maybe they’d even get a new house. They lived in a beautiful one in their nice affluent suburb, but maybe they could even move to California with that kind of money! To get excitement going, Cameron’s Daddy gave his online friends more photos of his lovely son. There was one of Cameron in the bath, covered in suds, looking adorable. There was one of Cameron sleeping, his perky butt partially concealed by the blankets, begging for a good fucking. There was one of Cameron drinking a big glass of warmed-up semen, his face lit up with a bright smile as he savored his favorite drink. “Come here, son,” his Daddy said while holding the new camera he’d bought. “Give Daddy a kiss for the camera.” Cameron came up close to his Daddy and kissed him the way his Daddy and all those nice ad producers and directors and casting agents had taught him. He stuck out his tongue and swirled it around with his Dad’s, mixing his spit and giving cute little moans. His Daddy held the camera out and took photos of their father-and-son embrace. Cameron’s Daddy took several more photos of them kissing, but he’d gotten the shot. Cameron wasn’t stopping, though. His Daddy noticed that his son had gotten a big wet boner from all the kisses. He reached down and fondled his son’s nice, smooth, leaking cock, molesting it through Cameron’s thin worn pink thong that he always wore around the house. “Ahhhhh-” Cameron gave a high little moan as his Daddy played with his hard cock. “Daddy I’m wet and leaky!” “I can see, baby,” his Daddy chuckled. “I’m getting leaky, too.” Cameron knew the drill. He instantly got down on his knees and took off his Daddy’s underpants so that his big, nine inch, thick dick swung out like a battering ram. “Be a good boy,” his Daddy said, looking down at his kneeling son. He put his hand on his blonde locks and stroked the top of his head. He was so proud of his boy, who was turning into just the perfect young man. “Pleasure me, Cameron.” In that moment, Cameron’s Daddy got another good idea. He reached over and clicked his camera on to video mode, and pointed the lens at him and his son. Cameron opened wide and took his Daddy’s cock in between his puffy kastamonu escort wet lips. He slid them up and down his Daddy’s shaft, his heart aflutter as he started to play with his favorite toy. His Daddy’s cock was as big as an ear of corn, but with thick veins running up and down his monstrous shaft. Cameron loved the salty-tangy-musty taste. He moved his lips up and down and up and down, feeling happy whenever his Daddy let out a deep, guttural moan of pleasure. “Ohhhhhh, my baby,” he breathed heavily. “Oh baby, suck me…” Gosh, Cameron’s Daddy felt proud. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine creating such a perfect little fuck toy that, whenever he wanted, he could use for getting his rocks off. He looked down at his son’s perfect body. It. Was. Perfect. Tiny little waist. Defined abs. Nice developing juicy pecs with lovely bright pink big nipples. And wow, a huge perfect ass ripe for a rough fuck. No hair. Nicely toasted white skin. Hair spun like gold. Eyes like the ocean. Delicate but seductive face. Cameron’s Daddy took his cock out of his boy’s mouth and picked his son up by the neck, making him sputter and choke. His Daddy slammed him against the wall, turning him around, and without any spit or anything, slammed his cock into Cameron’s tight big butt. He looked over to make sure his camera was still recording. “Owwww!!!” Cameron howled, but his Daddy just sneered and raped his boy mercilessly. He knew his son was enjoying it; he knew nothing other than sex and submission. Cameron was such a well trained slut that he lubricated like a woman. His ass produced a lovely clear lubricant that made it easy as cake to fuck him. His butthole gripped cock with perfect suction and elasticity. “Oh Daddy!” Cameron sobbed. “Oh Daddy!” Cameron’s Daddy went in and out and in and out rapidly, pushing his cock inside his son all the way to the hilt. Cameron arched his back so his Daddy could fuck him in the deepest places, and he started seeing stars as he got close to orgasm. “You’re shaking, baby,” Cameron’s Daddy growled into his boy’s ear. “You gonna cum?” Cameron couldn’t produce wet cums yet, but he had lots of anal orgasms. They were bodily orgasms, big electrical pulses that ran through Cameron’s nerves and made his blood tingle with big booms of pleasure. “Y-yes,” he moaned. “Yes, Daddy!” Cameron’s Daddy picked up the pace even more, stuffing his perfect cute boy like an animal, absolutely drilling his pretty hole. Cameron’s body was hot like fire, and soon he was crying, tears streaming down his face, as his body exploded in feelings unspeakable, his orgasm rocking through his whole lithe frame. Like a pro, his Daddy came too, in time with his baby boy, and he unleashed big jets of white hot semen into his son as he moaned and yelled and yelped in ecstasy. When his orgasm subsided, Cameron’s Daddy checked the camera to make sure it had recorded all of their fuck session. It sure had, and he uploaded the video online. With it, he uploaded photos of his driver’s license and Cameron’s birth certificate so that people would know that Cameron was indeed his son. “Wow,” Cameron’s Daddy breathed a day later. The video had collected over a million views just in twenty-four hours. THIS COULD BE YOU!!! He put in big letters on his website. MY BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Cameron’s Daddy wanted to carefully choose Cameron’s first customer. Potential buyers were pouring in by the dozens each day, all promising gigantic sums of cash for the chance to touch what seemed like God’s most heavenly creation. “What will he do?” they asked. “Anything,” Cameron’s Daddy assured them. “He is well trained and obedient.” The offer that looked the most promising was from a prominent Arab oil tycoon from the Middle East. He promised ten thousand in cash upon arrival with the possibility of becoming a regular patron. “He is just perfect,” the buyer wrote. “I’ve been looking for something like him for years.” “He’s even better in person,” Cameron’s Daddy replied. “And he’s a natural performer. He’ll show you the time of your life.” He smiled and looked over at his son who was playing with a little toy on the floor. God bless those vacant eyes. The pink thong was getting tight as Cameron’s juicy bubble butt grew bigger and bigger. “Are you ready for new friends, son?” “Yes!” Cameron beamed, his blue eyes wide. “Oh yes, Daddy! I love new friends!” Cameron’s Daddy made sure to get all his ducks in a row with this new client. A picture with a copy of their passport as well as income verification. The Arab man was happy to send it all. His banks accounts were full. He was a handsome man, which Cameron’s Daddy liked. He wanted only worthy candidates for his son’s newest friend. Soon the date was set, the flights booked, and Cameron’s Daddy was getting his boy ready for what was sure to be a glorious new adventure. — To be continued.

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