Brother Moved in with Half SisterBrother Moved in with Half Sister


Something you should know before reading this.

My sister and I share the same mom but we had different dads.

She was raised by her grandparents and I didn’t get to know her until I was grown. Her grandparents hated our mom and wouldn’t let her come to visit. It wasn’t until I moved in with her as a young adult that I really got to know her.

This sexual event only happened one time. And this is how that event came about.

When I was twenty three my wife cheated on me and I divorced her.

I had no place to go and moved in with my half sister. I pretty much stayed in basement and drank when I wasn’t working, cleaning or watching the kids.

My sister just went through a divorce of her own and we pretty much needed each other.

My sister was twenty eight, long blond hair, big tits with a great figure.

She always wears low cut tops and sexy nightgown after the kids go to bed. I really love looking at her hard nipples poking through her nightgowns.

Every other weekend after the kids would get picked up by their father, we would go to the bar to get drunk.

One afternoon when the kids were in school, I was drinking a beer when my sister asked. “Are you seeing anyone yet?

I laughed and said. “No, you should know that.”

“I’m not around you all the time, so how would I know that you’re not seeing someone?” She asked, sounding irritated.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think about that. I guess I do play pool a lot on week nights when you’re here with the kids.” I said apologizing.

“Are you interested in anyone? Because you’re a good looking guy and I’m sure a lot girls are interested.” She said.

“I don’t know anyone and I don’t think anyone’s interested.” I said.

“I would be interested in you if you weren’t my brother.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah right”.

“I’m serious. You’re funny, good looking and have a cute little tush.” She said, with a smile.

“A cute little tush? I said laughing.

“It’s true. I maybe your half sister but I’m still a woman and I can’t help but to notice things like that. I’ve also caught you checking me out on more than one occasion. But you’re a man so I don’t blame you. but don’t go trying to deny it.”

My face turned red. “I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. I’ll try not to do that again.”

“Don’t apologize, women love to be noticed. It makes a woman feel attractive when guys notice them. I’m not going to apologize for checking out your cute little tushy.” She said laughing.

I asked, “Why was you asking me if I was seeing someone? Was you asking me that because you’re interested in someone?”

“Come on now, I work with all women. When would I ever have a chance to meet someone? I really wish I could meet someone. I haven’t been laid in over nine months. Women get horny too you know.”

“As pretty as you are, you shouldn’t have any problem getting laid.” I said.

“Do you mean that?” She asked.

“Yes, Diyarbakır Escort a woman can laid at the drop of a hat. A guy doesn’t have it that easy.”

“You said as pretty as I am, do you really think I’m pretty?” She asked.

“Just because you had three kids that didn’t hurt your looks any. You have long blond hair, blue eyes, big tits and a nice round ass. There’s a lot of guys who would be interested in you.” I said.

“That was sweet. I really needed to hear that. After having the kids It’s been hard to see myself as a woman. I haven’t been asked out by a man in so long that I thought it was because I’m ugly.”

“You’re definitely not ugly. If you weren’t my sister I’d be very interested in you.”

She said, “I see what you’re doing. That’s not nice to go using my words against me. I wasn’t lying to you when I told you those nice things about you. But now you’re just making fun of me by using my words against me.”

“I wasn’t using your words against you. You really are a sexy looking woman.” I said.

“Thank you and I really meant what I said about you too.’ She said feeling flattered.

A few weeks later I asked her if she was wanting to go to the bar? She told me that she actually had a date.

I said with a smile, “See guys are still noticing you, you sexy thing you.”

She laughed. “I don’t know if I like him that much but I thought going out for dinner and drinks might be nice.”

“After nine months of no sex, he’s definitely in trouble.” I said laughing.

She laughed. “Maybe after three or four dates. I don’t want him to think I’m a slut.”

“That’s bull shit. What ever happened to women have needs too. Isn’t that you you said? If it’s been nine months then you go get laid. I sure would if I could. I haven’t been laid in three months myself. I can’t even imagine going nine months.”

She laughed. “I might. If I’m not home by 1:00 AM. then I won’t be back until after 9:00 AM. But I’ll probably be home early. I told the guy that I wasn’t wanting to be out later than 10:30. But if we go out drinking and I’m not back by 1:00. I’m not coming home until the morning.”

I said, “There you go. Now go get that poor bastard you little vixen.”

She laughed. “Little vixen? I don’t know about that. What are you going to be doing while I’m out tonight?”

“I’ll hit the bar, then come back here to enjoy a quiet house. I’ll be waiting up to see if he’s a good boy that has you home on time.”

Again she laughed, “I’ll probably be back before you. I really don’t think I’ll be out later that 10:30. I may be back right after dinner depending on how it goes. But if I’m not back by 1:00 AM, You don’t need to worry about me.” she said with a grin.

That night I started worrying about her. I got to thinking she might be home broken hearted after a bad date and need comforted. So around 9:00 PM, I decided to go home to check on her.

When Diyarbakır Escort Bayan I arrived, I turned on some music and enjoyed having the house to myself. I drank another six or seven beers waiting for her to come home.

When the clock hit 2:00 AM. I knew that she was gone until morning. Since I had the house to myself I decided to sleep naked in the Livingroom on the pull out couch. It was the first chance I had to play with myself outside the bathroom since I moved in.

Around 3:30 my sister came home sloppy drunk.

“I sure won’t be going out with that asshole again. But he’s probably just as happy as I am about that Because just as I was getting out of his car I just spilled a big rum & coke all over his floorboard.” she said laughing.

I asked, “What happened?”

“Nothing really happened, I knew halfway through dinner that I wasn’t interested in him. After listening to him talk I knew he was an asshole. But I still let him buy me drinks all night. Why are you out here on the couch?”

“You told me that if you weren’t home by 1:00 that you’d be back tonight. So I thought I’d sleep on the couch. I figured I’d be up and dressed before you got back in the morning. I can get up and go downstairs and sleep if you want me sleeping here.”

My sister said, “I was thinking on the way home that I was going to sleep on the couch tonight. Because I’m to drunk to climb the stairs to go to bed.”

“If you want to go the bathroom or turn around, I’ll get dressed and you can take the couch”

“I’m to drunk to even walk in the bathroom. Why don’t you just get up?”

“I’m naked. I usually sleep naked whenever I can. I figured with the kids gone until Sunday and you gone until morning that I’d have the house to myself.”

“You’re wearing underwear though aren’t you? She asked.

“No, I’m completely naked. If you turn around a minute I’ll put my jeans on and go downstairs. Then you can sleep on the pullout.”

“You’re already settled in for the night and it’s a big bed. I’ll just share the bed with you. I’m really tired and I’ll probably be a sleep in under five minutes anyway”

“But I’m completely naked right now.”

She said, “Then I’ll take off my clothes to make you feel less awkward about it. It’s not like we don’t have a big blanket to cover us up. With the big blanket we won’t be able to see each other anyway.”

She took off her shoes and damn near fell down. Then she took of her pants and climbed in under the cover next to me.

Then she stripped off her underwear from under the cover and tossed them across the room. Then she reached under her shirt and undid her bra. She pulled her bra off from under her shirt and tossed that across the room.

“Now I know I still have a shirt on and you don’t but were both naked from the waist down and guys don’t need to wear a shirt. I had to take my bra off because I can’t sleep in that.” Escort Diyarbakır She said.

I was laying on my back when I noticed a huge tent in the cover from my throbbing cock. I quickly rolled to my side and turned my back to her.

“Are you upset with me right now?” She asked.

“No, why would I be upset with you?”

“Because I made you share the bed.”

“I don’t mind sharing the bed with you.” I said.

“Then can you at least turn over and face me. Because I feel like you turned your back on me because you’re mad.”

“I’m just trying to get comfortable.” I said.

“I don’t believe that. I know you’re mad at me right now or you wouldn’t have turned your back to me.” She said. sounding sad.

“I’m not mad at you. Look I’m rolling over to face you.” I said as I rolled onto my right side.

“You know one of the things that I miss the most about not being married is the cuddling. Sometimes a woman just likes to be held while she sleeps. Do you ever having that?”

I said, “I think everybody has trouble sleeping alone after a divorce.”

“I’ve been feeling very sad lately and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind holding me until I fell asleep?”

I slid over a few inches and laid my arm over her belly. I didn’t want to get to close because my cock was throbbing hard.

She said, “Oh come on, I’m not going to bite.” As she reached over to grab me to pull me closer her hand brushed across my throbbing cock.

I said, “Sorry about that. I think I better get up and head downstairs.”

“Was that what I think it was.” She reached out and touched my cock again before withdrawing her hand. “Are you feeling like that because I’m naked in bed with you?”

I said, “Yeah this is awkward, and I’m sorry about that. I better get up and head downstairs. This is embarrassing.”

She grabbed my arm. “Don’t leave me or be embarrassed. Here give me your hand.”

She took my hand and placed it on her hot wet pussy.

“See, I’m turned on laying next to you like this too.” Then she pulled my hand up and placed it on her tit.

“Even my nipples are hard for you right now. Kiss me.”

I started kissing her and pinching her nipple. She moaned and grabbed my cock before pushing me onto my back. She slid down and started sucking my cock. Her mouth felt so good as her tongue traced around the head. I pushed her onto her side and started licking her pussy. She moaned and humped my face.

“I want you inside me.” She growled.

She wrapped her legs around me when I mounted her. We passionately kissed while I pounded her hard and fast.

“My tubes are tied, so you can cum in me. Please cum in me. I love feeling a dick throb when it explodes me.” She pleaded as she rocked her hips with every thrust.

I ran my tongue into her mouth and grabbed her ass. I slammed my cock deep in her. She moaned when she felt my hot invading her. I injected a massive load into her. Then I laid there with my cock inside her until she fell a sleep.

The next morning she woke up next to me and said. “Now that I’m sober I should probably feel guilty about last night but I don’t. But since we’re brother and sister we should probably resist ever doing this again. But I don’t regret it.”

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