Subject: Barcelona 7 Ok, so, a few things you need to know. S Club 7 are a band, duh. Well, This is the plot of ‘Barcelona 7.’ They have a series of tv shows. There was ‘miami 7’ then ‘LA 7’ lastly there was ‘hollywood 7’. Paul has announced he is quitting the band and so this is what I think the latest series should be. The series is to be filmed in Barcelona. The show follows them, well, the tv them. In real life they have been famous. But in the show [hollywood 7] they just bacame famous. Very confusing, eh? ————————- Chapter One “Oh My Gawd, We’re Famous!!!” — We stepped off of the plane and saw hundreds of fans waiting for us. “Omigod, Paul, what do we do.” Paul smiled and looked at me. “Enjoy it while it lasts.” He said smiling. “We’re staaaaaaarrrrrrrrrsssssss!!!!!!!!!!” Rachel screamed. We were in Barcelona promoting our first albulm ‘S Club Party’. We had a meeting with our temporary manger an hour later so we went to the motels and freshened up. “Paul, why do we have to share rooms if we’re stars?” I asked. He shrugged. “I dunno, but I get top.” I looked oddly at him. “It’s a king size bed, what do you mean?” I asked. He walked to me and shoved me down. “This is what I mean.” He said. He jumped on top of me and started licking my face. “Ewwwww, Paul, stop it ya big queer.” I said laughing. He laughed as well. We walked in to our maneger’s office at around noon. “Hi, I’m Georgio Manteteo. I am your new maneger while here in Barcelona.” He said smiling. He had a really cheap suite on and a very ugly tie with rubber duckies painted on it. I smiled at Paul. Paul couldn’t help it. He broke out laughing. “Sorry, sorry mate, but d’you think you could change, really quickly?” He said laughing. I giggled as well. Georio frowned at us. “Great first start.” Paul whispered to me. That night I was lying in a cheap motel bed thinking. Funny, we were really etlik escort famous now and me and Paul still had to bunk up. Paul walked in. “Jon, old boy, what the hell is this?” I gave him a weird look. “Mate, we are strapping young lads in our 20’s. We shouldn’t be lying in bed at 9 p.m. We should be going out to strip clubs and such.” I laughed. “What?” He asked. “Paul, you’re dick is hanging out your zipper.” He looked down. He had forgotten to zip his zipper. Paul never wore underwear anymore either. So there was his 5 or 6 inch dick lying out for god knows who to see. But something weird happened then. I got a hard on then. I couldn’t have liked seeing that could I? I mean, I’m straight. I like girls. Well, to tell the truth I’ve never really had a girlfriend. But that dosen’t make me gay does it? Paul was smiling at me. “What?” “You’ve been staring at my penis for 5 minutes.” He said laughing I shook my head trying to sort things out. Oh shit, I stared at his dick for 5 minutes. I layed down very quickly and put the pillow over me head. Paul sat down beside me and put his arm on my shoulder. “Jon, what’s wrong?” He asked. “I dunno.” I said crying. He liftd the pillow and sat me up. “You can tell me anything. No matter what. It dosen’t matter. I most likely know already.” I started crying again. He wiped away my tear. “Jon, I know. I just wanna hear it from your lips.” I nodded. “Paul.” I said. He nodded. “You’re gay right?” He said. “There’s more.” He looked at me oddly. “I love you Paul.” I said. He was dumbfounded. “Jon, I’m not gay.” I started crying again. “Jon, Jon, wait, I do wanna see what it’s like though. Ya know, to do it with a bloke.” He said smiling. I kissed him. “Well that was interesting.” He said. “What next?” “I dunno, Im new at this. How about this?” I asked, getting on my knees. I unbuttoned his jeans and starting sucking ankara escort bayan him off. “That’s quite nice actually.” He said smiling. “Very nice.” I started sucking him harder and faster. “Oh Jon.” He moaned. I started playing with his chest hair. I looked up and saw he was looking at me smiling. I tugged on his nipple ring. He moaned with pleasure. I started playing with his balls and sucked more on his dick. He moaned one last time and came in my mouth. I swallowed every drop. He layed back on the bed. I got up and took off my clothes. I layed on top of him and started humping his tummy. He started laughing. “Jon, you’re so crazy. Let me help you.” He said. He stood me up then laid back down. I pulled his jeans off. “Now what?” I asked. He lifted his legs revealing his crack. There was a little bit of hair in his crack, but that made him even sexier. I layed on top of him. “Should we use lube?” I asked. He handed me a bottel of KY Gelly and I put it on my dick. I slid into him. “This is so gay Jon.” He said sadly. “Owwww, I’m trying to talk here.” “One more push.” I lied. I only had the head in. Very quickly I shoved the rest of the 7 inches in. “Umph. DAMNIT JON!!!” I frowned. “Sorry, you should watch that thing, you might put someone’s eye put with that thing.” I started laughing. “But Jon, I don’t wanna be a fag.” “You’re not a fag, you’re just… Errrrr, experimenting?” I said questioningly. I started pushing in and out. I laughed as I saw his face. He smiled at me. He blew a kiss at me. “Now that was gay baby.” I said laughing. He smiled. I shoved in 5 more pumps in and out and came all up in his ass. He moaned and came when I started stroking him off. We fell asleep that way. ——————- Chapter Two “Back Down To Zero” I woke up alone. I went to the girls room. On the way I saw Hannah and Bradley looking at me and laughing. Then I Jo at a coke machine. sincan escort She turned around and smiled at me. She started giggiling to herself. I started running to the room. I stopped at the door. The window was open and I could hear Paul talking to Tina and Rachel. “So then he started fucking me and called me baby.” He said laughing. I walked in. Paul smiled at me. “Moarning Jon” He said smiling devilishly at me. I stared at him upsetly. “How… How…” “How what babe?” He asked. I started crying a bit. “How could you do this?” He shruged his shoulders like he didn’t know what I was talking about. “Was this all a big joke then Paul? You never really liked me. How could you do this to me?” I asked slaming the door and running off to my room. About 30 minutes later someone knocked at the door. “Jon?” I heard Rachel. I walked to the door and unlocked it. “Hey babe.” She said. We were like brother and sister. Her, Tina, and Me were best friends. Bradley, Jo, Paul, and Hannah were the cool ones. We really didn’t mix that much. We were the geeks, they were the cool ones. “So, I heard ya nailed Paul then?” She asked. “Are you ok with that? I mean, I’m gay. I thought he was too, but I was wrong.”I said crying. She held me. “You’ve got it all wrong babe.” She said. I looked at her questioningly. “Jonny, he likes you. I don’t think he’s gay though. I think he’s sort of infatuated with you.” She said smiling. “Jon, I know so many gay guys who just want a little love. I also know a lot of gay guys who just want a fuck. I know you babes, and you want love sweety.” She said. I smiled. “Even if he’s not gay, I really think he may be bi, or he just likes you.” I smiled. “Shit, I converted one.” I said laughing. Rachel hit me with the pillow. “Oh please.” She said laughing. Paul walked into our room that night quietly. “It’s ok Paul. I’m sorry, I just thought you were making fun of me.” I said. “No, Jon, I would never do that. I… I think I think I’m gay.” He said smiling. “And I think I love you.” ———————— Hope you liked Barcelona 7. I’ll have a nother chapter really soon, I promise. In the mean time, visit my other site @ cjb

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