Brother and Sister Watch TV Ch. 02Brother and Sister Watch TV Ch. 02

Female Ejaculation

The morning after the night before was a little strained,both myself and my sister were finding it difficult to make eye contact with each other,we said our good mornings and kept out of the way of each other,I kept thinking that we had both made a terrible mistake and now we were regretting it.
As the day wore on things seemed to lighten a little and we did manage to chat for a while, nothing about last night of course just idle chatter.
Mum wanted something from town and she asked Christine if she would go fetch it,she volunteered me to go with her.
The drive to town was almost completely in silence,but i knew someone had to say something about what happened so i broke the awkward silence.I didn’t know how to start but somehow i did.

“Christine,about last night.”

She said nothing just glanced over at me.

”this is difficult,but we need to talk about last night,are we just gonna forget it ever happened?”

” i suppose so Marty if that’s what you think is best.”

This broke the ice and we began a gentle discussion about what we did,but more importantly we came to a decision about what if anything would happen next.

I explained i felt guilty about things and she said the same,but we both agreed that it was fun and we liked what we did and i very gently asked her if she would like to do it again. Christine looked embarrassed as she nodded and quietly said that she would. We didn’t say much more until the return journey home,and this was when we decided that next Friday if we had the opportunity to,we would resume our late night fun.
The atmosphere seemed more relaxed and we chatted away like we always have done,Christine’s tongue loosened and she began to talk a little about last night and how exciting it was,i said i thought so too and told her i didn’t think i could wait a week.She giggled as she said,

”no,nor me.”

I told Christine she looked great today,she seemed a little embarrassed by my observation,and a cheeky little smile crossed her face. I have noticed how she really likes me telling her how good she looks,I wasn’t just saying it to be in her good favour,what i said i really meant.
Her tight top was emphasizing her gorgeous breasts and the fact we were talking about last night and the possibility of a repeat performance was having an effect on me,and unknown to my lovely sister i had the beginnings of a erection,and in an attempt to lighten the moment Christine joked,

”Steady on Marty,you’ll be getting randy again.”

”already am sis.”

And i pointed to my lap so she could see the lump forming,

”crickey.”she exclaimed,”you devil.”

I told her to keep her eyes on the road,and she asked if i,”sorted myself out.” when i went to bed last night.

“what do you think?”

That lovely smile lit up her face once more,”well did you?”

”of course i did,and it was good too.”

”i bet it was.”

”what about you Chrissy?”

Smiling,and almost breaking into a little chuckle she said.

”yea! i did too.”

As we drove down the lane towards home, the journey had finished far too quickly,but before we reached the house Christine directed her eyes to my crotch and asked,
”Can i?”
I knew what she meant and almost as soon as i said yes her hand was on my swollen groin and she was squeezing it,i nearly cum in my pants.

”i cant wait Mart.”

The car pulled up and somehow i got out and managed to keep my erection hidden.

The week seemed to drag by,we made things worse i guess by every now and then talking to each other about Friday,and as the days wore on we even started to sneak the odd feel when in private. There was one moment in the garden shed when we had about three or four minutes alone and Christine was squeezing the lump in my jeans and i was doing likewise to her lovely tits,It wasn’t a frenzied fumble or anything, just nice and calm and very exciting. We didn’t expose any part of ourselves it was much too risky for that,but it didn’t lessen the excitement one bit.
I had both of her tits in my hands squeezing them together and her attention to my groin was almost enough to make me cum,it was then at the height of our passionate fumble that i took things just a little further,maybe too far.
I wasn’t sure if i had overstepped the mark.
I waited for a response from Christine as i put my hand between her legs and touched her crotch,It seemed a natural enough thing to do at the time,but In hindsight it was very daring to touch her there. She had jeans on but i could feel the heat through the material,and momentarily she stopped what she was doing to me and looked me in the eye,I thought i had blown it. Christine parted her legs slightly,i assumed she was giving me permission to continue touching this most intimate area of her body. Spreading her legs only strengthened my belief that she indeed wanted more. I was now able to put my fingers between her legs,i could only imagine what it would feel like if she had no jeans or knickers on.
I wasn’t esenyurt escort sure what was expected of me so i pressed my fingertips onto what must have been the right place because a little sound of approval came from her mouth,and once again she had her hand back on my now fully erect cock squeezing and rubbing it.
Things were really heating up now but not for long because we heard the backdoor of the house open and somehow we tore our hands away from each other and resumed a normal position,Christine looked flushed,but at least we didn’t get caught.

All day long when ever we had the chance we would touch each other, nothing as heavy as our shed activity but none the less very exciting.

I awoke Friday morning and spent the day at work watching the clock slowly tick by. Clocking off time came and i raced home,Christine wasn’t home yet but just as soon as she walked in the door our eyes met and i could see by her gorgeous smile that she had the same thing on her mind as i did.
Mum had cooked tea and afterwards Chrissy and me washed up,we were alone in the kitchen and i was desperate to touch her,we playfully bumped our bodies into each other,Christine used her ample bottom to shove me away from the sink and i pressed up against her in an attempt to regain my position by the sink.
We laughed and joked as we finished up,then Christine whispered to me,

“are we still alright for tonight?”


Another smile lit up her face and she bumped her arse into me playfully pushing me out of the way as she left the room. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled,God! i couldn’t wait for tonight to come.

The family were sat watching the television throughout the evening and i can recall mum commenting about the rubbish they show,she said “dont they ever put anything on worth watching?” I shrugged my shoulders in agreement but i still had images of the “Dracula” film that i watched last week fresh in my mind,not to mention similar images of my sister too.
The time was getting on,and one by one the family slowly drifted off to bed. Christine had bathed and returned downstairs in her dressing gown,she was wearing pyjama bottoms underneath,mum asked if i was staying up and i said i was,Christine added that she was going to have a cup of tea and may stay up for a bit. Mum bid us goodnight and reminded us to switch everything off when we come up,she closed the door behind her at the bottom of the stairs.
Soon the house was quiet and Christine found the film for tonight,unfortunately it wasn’t a match for the one we watched last week but it wasn’t going to matter anyway we only wanted each other.
It was strange at first,not knowing what we should do so we sat and watched the film for a while,then i stretched my arm across the settee and put my hand on hers,we sat like that for a while,almost like girl and boyfriend.

”come here Chrissy.”

”No you come here.”

She said it playfully and we repeated ourselves a few times until i gave in and moved right up next to her.Christine looked up at the ceiling and said,

”do you think its safe now Mart?”

”yea i think so,what do you wanna do?”

”i dunno Marty.”

”shall we just touch a bit?”

”yea that would be nice.”

I could already feel things stirring in my trousers as i started to stroke her pyjama covered leg,i felt her searching my lap and she awkwardly fumbled there. We remained silent as we explored each others bodies.

As i stroked her i remembered the incident in the shed where i put my hand between her legs and wondered if she would be willing to allow me to do that again,perhaps i would try later,i didn’t want to spoil things.
I soon moved my hand up her body and was caressing her breasts,she wasn’t wearing a bra tonight and it felt amazing again.
She was busying herself in my lap and mumbled about me being Hard already,

”i know Christine,you are driving me mad.”

She liked me saying that,but it was true,and she whispered to me,

” take him out Marty.”

It was so horny hearing her say that and I needed no persuading as i lay back and undid my jeans,i dispensed with all the delaying tactics of last week,we both knew what we wanted and straight away slipped my jeans and pants down below my knees,I was already fully erect so as i lay back into the seat with no inhibitions at all my cock was standing proudly from my groin,waving about as i made it twitch for my sister.
Christine held her hand just above it and asked,

”can i?”

”you dont need to ask Chrissy.”

And so she took hold of it,oh fuck! it was a tremendous feeling,throbbing and jerking in her warm soft hand. Christine has quite small hands so this thankfully made me look bigger than perhaps i really am.
She held it for a while just enjoying the sensation of her brothers rampant cock throbbing,so was i.
Christine knew what she wanted and i watched as slowly she pulled my foreskin down and the fat istanbul escort shiny head was revealed,she definitely liked looking at this part of my cock.Her eyes widened as it came in to view and a gentle sigh left her mouth. I pushed my hips into the air a little making my cock stick out even more. She pulled the foreskin right back and held it at its limit,slightly too much for comfort if i was honest but it did look good and we both loved it.

”Oooh! that’s nice Chrissy,Oooh yeah! i like that.”

She smiled at me,god! i loved her,even more now as we shared these special moments.
She asked if she was doing it right,and i told her she was doing it just perfect,but just ease off a little,i covered her hand with mine and showed her what i meant.
I wasted no more time i needed to touch her and so i placed my hand over the large swellings of her breasts.

“I’m not wearing a bra Marty.”

“I know Christine,it feels great.”

Reaching down Christine untied the belt of her dressing gown herself,a sure sign of what she wanted then moved her attention back to my cock,i took hold of the flaps of her gown and gently pulled them to one side,her breasts became visible to me and my heart leapt,she wasn’t wearing a top either,I just sat and stared at them for a few moments until i could resist no longer,I slipped a hand beneath one of them and began to caress it,Oh my god her breasts felt heavenly,so big and heavy,the nipple was already erect and sticking out unbelievably.
I could only judge Christine’s tits against what i had seen on television and the occasional dirty magazine and nothing came up to what i was witnessing right now.They were honestly gorgeous.
We sat caressing each other like this for ages.
I began to explore the crinkled hardness of her erect nipples,she gave her rather naive brother some advice as we went along,it was so erotic to hear her whispering instructions to me.

”stroke around the edge of it Marty.”

The contrast between the silky smoothness of her breast and the ruggedness of the hard nipple was a sensation i would never forget,and she continued to help me.

“Oooh Marty that’s good,now gently take it between your fingers.”

Wow! what a girl,she knew exactly what she liked but more to the point Christine knew just how inexperienced her younger brother was and she was definitely enjoying educating me.
I did as she instructed,I tenderly took the long hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger,Fuck! it was big,so long and thick.
I know now that it was this moment that instilled in me my passion for large nipples. All my life i have only been excited by nipples that are a certain size,my sisters till this day have never been surpassed.
I held her long nipple between my fingers and it felt amazing,Christine was cooing with content.

”Ooh Marty that’s nice,squeeze it.”

I did as she told me,

”Ah steady,not too hard,not yet.”

”sorry sis.”

”its ok, now gently pull it.”

I followed her instructions and teased her chunky nipple outwards,stretching it away from her glorious tit. I was impressed at the way it seemed to grow even longer and thicker,Christine was definitely loving the attention and i detected her getting restless and fidgety just like she was last week when she was getting turned on.

”you alright sis?”

”ooh yeah Mart,you ?”

”you could say im in heaven.”

”me too.”

The position i was sat in was making it difficult for Christine to explore me properly so she asked if i could lay back a little,I was quite willing to do anything for her but reluctantly allowed her gorgeous tit to fall from my hand as i reclined into the settee,Christine shuffled her backside closer to me,her big tits swayed as she moved,her hands rest on my naked thighs as she stared down taking in all that was displayed,

”is it ok to touch them Mart?”

She pointed to my balls,

”of course Chrissy,do anything you like.”

I spread my legs to allow her access to my tight little sack,she soon had it in her hand,i told her to handle them gently and she lightly fondled them,rolling them between her fingers,She said they felt funny and smiled,but it was my cock she was taken with,she soon took hold of it again and was very quick to tug the foreskin back to reveal the head again,I pushed my hips into the air,

”crickey Mart,its so big.”

”thanks sis,but it isnt really.”

”Mart ?”


”you know you said i can do anything i want.”


”well, there’s something i wanna do.”

”what is it?”

”i wanna wank you off.”

Bloody hell ! i guess i had some idea that we may lead up to that at some point or did i? but i didn’t expect Christine to come straight out with it like that.

”bloody hell,what?”

”you heard me.”

”i know i did.”

”well,can i?”

”um well,im not sure.”

”Go on Marty,where’s beylikdüzü escort the harm in it,who’s gonna know ?”

”I know what you’re saying but im not sure about going all the way sis.”

”go on Marty,you know you want me to.”

”oh fuck! i know but.”

”I’ll let you kiss em.”

She jiggled her tits by shaking her shoulders.

”oh my god! i dunno sis.”

“go on Marty.”

She saucily jiggled her tits at me again. I knew that deep down i wanted Christine to wank me off and make me cum,but i still wasn’t sure how we would react once the act was complete and my balls had spilled their contents. The thought of my sister’s hand coated in my cum, her “brothers” seed was a tremendous turn on,but would it be a step too far?
She was impatient.


“I dunno Chris,i dunno.”

”I’ll let you suck em if you want.”

I never expected to hear something like that come from her mouth,ok I guess i crumpled easily to her wishes,Christine had won me over,my sister knew the power of her wares and she seemed to know how to get what she wanted,but so did i,so after a few moments of thought i gave her the answer she wanted.

”ok sis if you’re sure,but i get to go first.”

She smiled that lovely soft smile of hers and released my dick,both of her hands cradled her naked chest as she whispered so sexily,

”cum on then.”

I really was in at the deep end now,was i about to make a fool of myself and show my inexperience and inadequacy once again?
She called me over,

”cum on.”

I slid off the settee and knelt in front of her open legs,Chrissy edged her bum onto the very edge of the seat to be closer to me,her gorgeous tits swung heavily,she looked into my eyes she was smiling,

”come on then brother dear.”

”you mean it?”

”yeah,of course i do,lets do it.”

And as she said those words Christine slipped her dressing gown down over her shoulders she now sat there totally naked from the waist up,My god what an amazing sight. I was shaking with a combination of nerves and excitement.

”Christine you are gorgeous.”

She put a hand on my head i could feel her gently drawing me towards her,but first i had to hold those big beauties again,so taking one in each hand i caressed them,just to feel the weight of them was exciting,then i used used both hands to hold one of her big heavy tits,i held it and gently squeezed and squashed it between my fingers,the nipple was standing out like a beacon and begged for some attention,at first i simply let her tit sit in one hand while i used the other to play with her engorged nipple,i teased it out again just as she told me to do earlier,I pulled at it and felt it grow,my god it was a memorable moment,made even more so when i heard her whisper,

“kiss it Marty,go on suck it.”

So with a racing heart banging in my chest and the sound of the blood rushing through my veins amplified inside my eardrums i slowly lowered my head to my sisters breast,my mouth was open slightly as i felt her crinkled hard nipple touch my soft lips,a jolt of excitement like never before raced through my body and i felt her chest rise as she sighed,

”suck it Marty.”

I opened my mouth and my lips covered her massive nipple and once inside it made contact with my tongue,i felt Christine’s hands on my head holding me,she obviously wanted me to stay there,i let my tongue rasp across the rough nipple,she sighed again and pulled my innocent face into her chest i was having trouble breathing until she pulled herself back,she was enjoying the sight of her nipple inside her brothers mouth,she liked to watch and I think she liked the fact of being in control too.

”Suck it Marty,go on suck it for me.”

Her face was showing signs of frustration,no,it was more like desperation,I couldn’t resist it any longer so a few more licks and flicks of my tongue on her rubbery nipple was followed by sucking it deep into my mouth,i felt her shudder with delight,and ”oh my god,” what an amazing sensation to feel my mouth filled with her fantastic hard bud. I could feel Christine holding my head and she was looking down at me sucking on her and I could hear feint whispers of,

”Oh Marty,suck it,oooh yessss,that’s so good.”

I held her big tit in both hands as i hungrily sucked and slurped on that awesome nipple,i would take it from my mouth and look at it glistening with my saliva in the flickering light of the forgotten TV screen.
I soon discovered what my sister preferred because although she liked to watch my tongue lap at her long nipple her body would tense and respond differently when i took it inside my mouth and sucked on it.
I could have played with it all night if she allowed me to,but i still had my part of the bargain to fulfil.

Christine prised my mouth from her tit and suggested i sit back on the settee i did as she asked almost in slow motion,her hands were between my legs seeking out my rampant cock,i kicked off my jeans and pants and sat there fully exposed and at her mercy,once again i felt her take hold of my throbbing tool,she started to stroke it slowly,she loved to watch the shiny fat head appear as she drew my foreskin back,Oh fuck! so did i, and i wondered how much of this i could take and how far i was going to allow her to go.

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