Subject: Random Tails/ Brett’s-Son-At-Work This is a continuation of the Brett Story Group. Devon was floating on a cloud after the weekend he had. He finally got to have sex with men. Grown up men and play with their cocks and learned how to suck and get fucked. The rains had slowed down enough that the town was coming back to life. Mom and sis were still at Grandma’s house but dad had to go back to work since it was Monday. Regular school had ended and Devon had to go to summer school. He wasn’t happy about that but he wasn’t given a choice. Summer school started tomorrow and that left his dad Brett with the dilemma of what to do with him today. Brett decided to bring him to work. Getting there earlier than usual to make sure there wasn’t any damage to the work vehicles or his office from the weekend rain, Brett was surprised to see Gabriel’s car already at the locked yard gate. Brett pulled up behind Gabe and got out to unlock the gate. As he walked past the car he saw Gabe was leaning against the door asleep. He had his work overalls down and off his shoulders. His shirt was lying to the side and his overalls were pushed down to his waist exposing his chest and stomach. Gabriel was a good looking 20 year old Hispanic with golden brown skin. I don’t know why but the thought of wondering what he looked like naked, passed through my mind. I felt myself getting a hard on. He had a hairless soft chest with large dark brown nipples that puffed out. I ran my gaze across his chest then saw a large lump in his crotch. I looked at him just a little too long and when I looked up his eyes were open and he was smiling at me. I just smiled and winked, then proceeded to unlock and roll back the gate. My parking space was right up front by the steps that went up into my office which was also a part of the work crews locker and lounge area. The crew parked in a row behind me and the work vehicles off to the left. Gabriel pulled into a spot and I went to mine. Devon had been lying down in the back seat resting and I told him to stay down till I told it was okay to get up. In the summer my office was always hot till the AC got going and I would often take my shirt off till it cooled down so I wouldn’t sweat it up. Normally that happened before any of the guys showed so I was always dressed before they got there. I decided today should be no different. I got out of my car and saw Gabe getting out of his. I could tell he was getting ready to put his shirt on. I faced him and peeled my polo shirt off and stood bare chested. Gabe stopped and gave me a good looking over. Held his shirt in his hand and left his overalls down at his waist. He closed his car door and started to walk towards me. I could see that large bulge move in the fabric as we walked. I reached down and brushed my hand across the front of my pants and the outline of my hard on. Gabe smiled and grabbed onto his crotch and shook it. We were communicating and the message was clear. How would he react to the next signal I wondered? I told Devon to come on out. The back door of my car opened and Devon crawled out. Gabe stopped and looked at him and then me. I smiled and pulled Devon to me. I took his hand and placed it on my hard on that was snaked down my pant leg. A wicked smile crawled across Gabe’s face. He reached down and hauled out a fat, uncut, brown piece of meat and his balls and let them drop on top of his bunched up overalls. As he walked towards us that fat sausage swung in front of him. He walked right up to us. “You brought your son.” He stated with his turgid cock hanging in Devon’s face. I could see Devon licking his lips. “Yes, it seems that Mike was right last Friday about my kid being a swisher.” I stated with a chuckle “Nothing wrong with that.” Gabe replied. “I have a young nephew who is the same way. My nephew loves to play. Would you like to play with my big Latin meat?” He asked smiling down at Devon. But Devon didn’t see the smile because he was all eyes for that cock in front of him. Realizing we had already pushed this a bit far since we were out in the open I said lets go inside. Clock in time wasn’t for another hour and like typical workers the guys rarely showed up early. But just in case I locked the door behind us. “Why is his different?” Devon asked. “What do you mean?” I asked although I knew this was the first uncut cock he saw. “It’s missing a part.” He replied simply and Gabe and I chuckled. “It’s all there my young friend.” Gabe said. “But part of it is shy and hiding, you have to find it with your tongue.” Devon looked up at me. “Can I daddy please?” “Of course you can but if I tell you, you have to stop then stop. Understand?” I wanted to make sure he understood in case someone came early and we had to end this. “Yes dad.” He replied licking his lips and looking back to Gabe. Gabe pushed his coveralls completely off and then sat down. He sat there in his work boots and nothing else. His brown legs spread open and my pale white son now kneeling between them. Devon stuck out his tongue and closed in on the fat cock. His tongue tip made contact with the wrinkled foreskin and he licked at it. He pushed his tongue against the opening he could see and found his tongue slipping inside the hanging foreskin cave. He swirled it and pushed till it started to expose the hidden brown head. The skin had receded half way up the head exposing the piss slip but not yet the full head. Devon darted his tongue in and across the piss slip. Gabe was mumbling in Spanish with lust clouded eyes. Gabe reached down and placed a finger on each side of his cock and moved them backward. The skin rolled in retreat and off the head. It glistened moist and a shade pinker around the crown. Devon suck the whole head in and hummed with approval at the taste. It looked so bloated, as Devon’s small pink lips stretched to engulf the shaft. Devon’s head bobbed on that piece of meat slowly taking more and more in. “Ahh, he is a natural or you taught him well.” Gabe commented with a husky tone in his voice. Devon pulled off. “Can I use my hands now?” Gabe chuckled and ruffled his hair. “Sure go ahead.” Devon wrapped his small hand around the fat cock and returned his mouth to it also. With one hand he slowly jerked it as he sucked as much shaft as he could into his mouth. He used his other to roll the large balls in his fingers. I felt some pressure on my groin and looked to see Gabe trying to pull my zipper down. I reached down and open my pants up for him and he reached into my boxers and pulled my hard daddy cock out. Gabe licked his lips and pulled me into his mouth. I reached down and put a hand behind his head and helped guide him onto my throbbing shaft. Gabe mimicked me and put his other hand on the back of Devon’s head. It was so fucking hot to see that stud Latino sucking my daddy cock as my son sucked his. Gabe was a great cock sucker and the whole situation and the danger of getting caught at work heightened it. I knew then I wanted to see Gabe fuck Devon. See that fat meat spread him open. “Awe fuck I’m gonna cum Gabe.” And I blasted into his mouth. As I did I saw him push Devon’s head down on his cock and Gabe’s body jerked. He was flooding my son’s mouth with his hot spunk. I stepped back and my cock hung out of my pants. Devon having finished with Gabe’s jumped up and licked a pearl of cum from the tip of my cock. Gabe moaned seeing that. I noticed a car coming into the lot and we hurriedly put ourselves together. “Hey I’m putting you with Troy again today.” “Great,” Gabe responded. “Feel him out about male sex and boy sex, see how he responds. I think he might be into this.” Gabe smiled. “We could double team him.” Gabe laughed. “Well I sure do hope to see you fuck my son.” The guys started to arrive and when Mike arrived Devon gave him a small smile but nothing more. I had explained to him that the others would get suspicious if they istanbul travesti realized they knew each other. Especially after Fridays situation. Bill did seem surprised when Mike walked in. I think he thought Mike would be fired Friday after his complaint. I realized Bill would be a problem from here on in. especially if he expounded his distaste of Mike to the others. I gave him his work orders last and asked him to hang back till everyone else left. I didn’t want to talk in front of Devon so I had Bill follow me outside and I sat on the steps. He sat down next to me. “First off I want you to know that I know you complained to Norm last Friday about Mike’s behavior. I don’t know if it’s specifically because you were disgusted by what Mike said in general or if you were sticking up for my son.” “Well both I guess.” Bill responded. “And I thank you for that. As a result of your actions a letter of reprimand has been placed in Mike’s file and if he gets out of line again he understands he will be fired.” “Well you should have fired him long ago.” Bill stated firmly. “I understand the position you’re coming from Bill. Unfortunately times have changed. It’s not like when you first started out working or hell even when I first got a job. We can’t just fire anyone at will because we don’t like them anymore. There are legal and court rulings that protect workers and speech.” Bill just gave a grunt of disapproval. “And I hate to admit it but I’m in a difficult position. Push comes to shove the guys like Mike a lot more than they like you.” Bill turned and scowled at me. “Better or worse the times have changed. I have to maintain a cohesive and happy crew to the best of my ability. Overall the guys prefer to hear Mike’s depraved talk more than your proper morals stance.” “The world is going to hell.” Bill muttered. “I won’t argue with you on that point my friend. But I seem to remember back when I first started you were a bit of a wild man.” Bill laughed. “That I was, that I was.” “I seem to remember there be no shortage of talk about men and little girls.” “Those were just jokes.” Bill shot back. “Really? You don’t think some of those guys back then won’t have sunk their meat into a tight little hole if they could have?” Bill shrugged. “So why don’t you cut Mike some slack and give him time to grow out of it and settle down like you have?” Bill looked at me. “I haven’t grown out of it, I just simply got too old to handle it.” Bill snorted. “Maybe you just need to find the right fire to reignite the flame.” I suggested. “Maybe your right. Ok I will give Mike some slack.” Bill sighed and then laughed. Bill went off with his work list and I returned to my office. Devon was busy playing a game on his notepad and I got down to some paper work. Around two hours later Gabe called in and said he had gotten a sex conversation going with Troy and that Troy was big time interested in boys. Gabe did not however tell him about this morning. “Where is he now?” I asked Gabe. “He’s up at the house finishing with the customer.” “Let’s see your next job is the Parkers. I can put them off. I’m going to call Troy and tell him they rescheduled and have you two come in. When you get here this is what I want you to do.” After hearing Brett’s plan Gabe laughed and called him a wicked daddy. “Fuck I love summer time when the kids are home from school and you get some eye candy when working.” Troy said as he climbed into the truck. Since he and Gabe had opened up to each other he could say what was on his mind. Troy was going to ask Brett to assign them together full time from now on. “Did you see that kid flash us when his mom wasn’t watching?” “How could I miss it man.” Gabe laughed back. “I was tempted to flash him back.” Troy’s phone rang and he saw it was Brett. “Oh boss man is calling, what did we do wrong now?” He laughed. “Yes sir, you got Troy.” “Hey Troy the Parker job had to be rescheduled, I want you two to come back in.” Brett said in his usual boss command way. “Ok, we will be there in 15.” Troy responded. True to his word Troy and Gabe walked in 15 minutes later. “What you got for us boss?” Troy asked. “Well your next work assignments are scheduled for this afternoon and it is 10 now so you have 2 hours to kill plus your lunch hour. I gotta run out so I’m going to make use of you two to look after Devon till I get back.” I said all of this just as if I was giving instructions for work responsibilities. I didn’t leave room for discussion. “I expect to be back by lunch.” As I talked I grabbed my keys and headed out the door. “We baby sitters?” Troy said surprised. “Hey don’t sweat it, easy Monday work day man.” Gabe replied. He took a seat at one of the break tables away from where Devon was sitting. They sat there a few minutes. Gabe leaned over to Troy. “Hey man do you think Mike was right that the boss’s son is a swisher?” “Shh.” Troy responded nervously. “Ah man he can’t hear me. Just look at those lips on him I bet they would be sweet wrapped around our meat.” Gabe chuckled and groped himself. Troy was still nervous but not seeing any reaction from Devon he loosen up a bit. “He’s definitely the right age to learn about men. Probably dreams about it at night.” “Boss man is probably already giving it to him.” Gabe suggested. “I wonder if he likes it in the ass as much as the mouth.” Troy snickered. “Keep an eye on him and see how he responds to this.” Gabe instructed Troy. Gabe stood up, “Sure is warm in here man.” And he unhooked the front of his overalls and let the bibs dropped. Devon looked over and watched him. Gabe looked at Troy and smirked, then he pulled his t shirt up and off, leaving him bare chested. He didn’t look Devon’s way, but stretched out his arms and whispered to Troy. “Is he looking man?” “Oh yea he is just staring and drooling man.” Troy exaggerated about the drooling. Gabe walked to the bathroom which led him past Devon. Devon’s eyes were on him the whole time. Gabe disappeared into the bathroom for a few moments then strolled back out. His overalls top was still down and he was still bare chested. Gabe sat back down next to Troy with a goofy grin and Troy looked at him with a questioning look. Gabe set a pair of boxer briefs on the table. Troy looked down and he could see all of Gabe’s junk thru the gap on the side of the overalls. Troy liked what he saw. He wasn’t just a pedophile, he also liked hot guys period. “Hey Devon come on over here, I think you might like this video.” Gabe called over to Devon waving his phone in the air. Devon got up and walked over alongside Gabe who had pushed himself away from the table and was holding the phone in his lap. Gabe’s fat brown sausage lay along the top fold of the pushed down overalls and there was no way for Devon to not see it. Devon knew not to let on that he had already handled it and this was all a game for Troy’s sake. Gabe was pushing at a button on the phone but nothing was happening. “I always have trouble with these dam gadgets.” Gabe grumbled. “You’re probably better at it than me. You kids seem to know more about electronics.” Troy watched holding his breath as he saw Devon reach down to push the phone buttons. Gabe had lowered his phone so that Devon’s palm had to rest on the cock in order to do so. The stupid video of a cat started to play but Devon let his hand stay where it was. Troy was mesmerized by the sight of the little white boy hand against the brown Latin cock. He thought he saw it move a little before Gabe put his hand down on top of Devon’s. “You like the feel of that don’t you? The warm man meat under your palm.” Gabe whispered. Devon looked hypnotized, Troy thought. He can’t take his eyes off of Gabe’s cock. Maybe Mike was right and he is a swisher. Maybe he needs to learn about a man’s cock and find out if that’s what he wants. A wicked little smile crept across Troy’s face. Maybe me and Gabe are the just the guys to kadıköy travesti help him. “Why don’t you wrap your fingers around it and feel how fat it is.” Troy suggested also speaking softly so as to not break the mood. Devon moved his fingers slowly as he wrapped them around the fat brown cock. Troy exhaled in amazement that the bosses nine year old was actually doing this and that they were doing it here at work. Devon pulled Gabe’s cock up and out on the jumpsuit and got a firm grasp onto the hardening shaft. “Oh fuck.” Troy moaned. “You’re doing great kid.” Gabe encouraged. “He’s got two hands man.” Gabe said looking at Troy. “Get yours out.” Troy hesitated then stood up and moved around to the other side of Devon. He dropped his work coveralls and pushed down his underwear. His throbbing 7 inches sprang into the open air. He pulled his t-shirt up and then leaned back against the edge of the table. “Go ahead kid, use your other hand on mine.” Troy instructed but it came out more as if he was begging. Devon dropped Gabe’s cock from his right hand and took it into his left, then reached out with his right and took Troy’s shaft into it. Troy exhaled loudly and a shudder went thru his body. With a hard cock in each hand Devon started to stroke the two of them. “You like this don’t ca?” Gabe smiled. Devon shook his head yes and his eyes turned back and forth between the two meaty handfuls he had. Gabe was able to reach over and pop open the fastener on Devon’s summer shorts and push them and his underwear down. His small stiff little spike came into view. Gabe brushed his fingers across it and Devon sighed. Then Gabe slipped his hand over and across Devon’s butt cheeks. “So smooth and firm.” Gabe observed. Troy couldn’t believe they were actually doing this, but was now feeling bolder. He put a hand on Devon’s head. “Why don’t you get a closer look?” He suggested as he applied slight pressure. Devon didn’t even pretend to resist and lowered his face down to Troy’s cock. “You wanna taste it I bet, you’re wondering what it would feel like to have it in your mouth.” Troy said smoothly while still applying more downward pressure. Not enough that Devon couldn’t break away from it if he wanted to but enough to let him know where Troy wanted his face to go. Devon let his face be directed down to Troy’s throbbing meat. He opened his mouth and let Troy push him down onto it. Troy gasped “Oh fuck yea, the bosses kid is fucking sucking my cock dude.” “It’s so hot.” Gabe observed as he ran his fingers thru the nine year old valley of Devon’s ass. Gabe brushed a fingertip across the small pink rose and Devon squatted slightly and spread his legs. “Oh man it’s like he’s begging to get fucked.” Gabe withdrew his fingers and stuck them in his mouth coating them with spit, then he returned them to the little boy asshole. He pushed his finger against it and it slid in with little resistance. “Shit this kids got a natural pussy on him.” Gabe drew back and then inserted two fingers. Devon moaned as he felt the invading fingers in his boy pussy and Troy had both hands on his head now guiding him up and down on his throbbing hard cock. “Give em the real thing man.” Troy said with his voice dripping in lust now. “Shove your brown meat up his ass. I bet he will love it.” “You sure?” Gabe tried to sound dubious. He wanted Troy to drive the session for at least now. “Fuck yea, you can see he wants it. He probably fingers himself at night wishing some hot guy was fucking him.” “Well,” Gabe hesitated for effect. “Maybe you should fuck him first. I am a little thicker than you.” Troy laughed. “You’re a lot thicker than me, don’t worry my ego won’t bruise. But yea I’m willing to go first.” Troy had been bouncing Devon’s head up and down his hard shaft as Gabe finger fucked the tight little ass, the whole time they talked. “How about it little guy? You wanna try a cock up your ass?” Troy asked Devon but with his fingers entwined in Devon’s hair and bouncing up and down his shaft he didn’t give Devon a chance to reply. “I think he wants it, he’s shaking his head yes.” Troy laughed. It was a sight, seeing 9 year old Devon bent over sucking on Troy’s 26 year old cock and getting finger fucked by Gabe the 20 year old Latin stud. They kept this up for a few more minutes before Troy grunted that he was cumming and flooded Devon’s mouth. Devon greedily sucked down the slimy cream as it pumped down his throat. He could feel Troy’s legs and body shake with each spurt of life. It made him smile inside knowing he was giving an adult male this pleasure. “You came man?” Gabe inquired. “Oh fuck yea.” Troy exhaled, this will let me last longer in that ass of his but if it’s half as good as I think it’s gonna be, I won’t take long to blow again.” Troy pulled his now half hard cock out of Devon’s mouth but Devon tried to following it as it went slurping as much of the sticky after slime as he could. Troy laughed. “He’s a natural alright.” Troy pulled Devon off of Gabe’s fingers and picked him up. He carried him over to his dad’s desk and laid him down on his back. Troy raised Devon’s coltish legs up and so they rested across his chest and his crotch was at Devon’s boy pussy. “I’m gonna fuck you on your daddies’ desk. I wish your dad was here to see his little slut boy get plowed by his employee. He would remembered it every day when he works.” Devon was gonna mention Mike fucking him on the dining room table for the same reason but caught himself in time so he didn’t spill the beans that he wasn’t a virgin. Gabe pushed some papers aside and pulled Devon across the desk so his face was at the edge. “Suck my fat brown cock boy while he pops that boy pussy of yours.” Gabe instructed. Devon opened his mouth and Gabe slid his meat in while Troy was pushing his cock into the tightest hole he had ever been in. Troy had fucked guys before but they were nothing like this. Nothing like what only a young boy could provide. Troy was thrusting his hard shaft into the tender 9 year old boy pussy as Gabe face fucked him. “Fuckin hell dude I’m actually fucking a kid and the boss’s kid no less. Awe fuck take my hard meat up your ass Devon. You feel so fucking great.” Troy rambled on. Gabe pulled out of Devon’s mouth to get a better angle but Devon moaned out. “Fuck me sir that feels so good. Oh fuck me please, fuck me daddy.” “I told you he was a natural.” Troy crowed. “I just knew he dreamed about his dad fucking him.” Gabe slipped his fuck meat back into Devon’s mouth and Devon gobbled it down. Troy had a good thrust going and was lost in his lust and depravity. “Fuckin hell” Troy chanted over and over as he picked up speed and was now banging balls deep into the tight hot hole. “What the fucking hell you guys doing.” Rang out. Troy and Gabe froze. “Don’t fucking do that here in the open, take him into the locker room.” It was Mike walking towards them rubbing his crotch as he did. “I can’t believe you guys are doing that right here. What if I had been the boss walking in. Speaking of which, where is he?” “He had some errands to run and left us to babysit.” Gabe replied as he pulled his cock out of Devon’s mouth. Mike laughed, “This is your idea of babysitting? You fuck the kid.” “It was your suggestion.” Troy said defensively as he bent down and wrapped Devon’s arms around his neck. “Put your legs around my waist.” Troy instructed and Devon did. Troy stood up with Devon clinging tight to his body and his hard cock still shoved up into the 9 year old hole. “Hey I just talked about it.” Mike defended as he watched Troy carry the impaled kid to the locker room. “Well talk is cheap, action is worth a thousand words. You can fuck him after Gabe does.” Troy responded as he disappeared into the other room. Troy laid Devon down on the bench that ran in front of the lockers and started to fuck Devon again in earnest. “I like your cock in me.” Devon moaned. “Awe hell.” Troy bakırköy travesti grunted and unloaded his spunk into the young ass. Mike stayed in the office as look out. He was satisfied with having had Devon over the weekend and decided to let Troy think this was all new to the kid. Gabe had followed Troy into the locker room and once Troy pulled out Gabe slipped his brown shaft into the boy hole as Devon moaned in pleasure. “Fuckin natural.” Troy laughed as he closed up his pants and returned into the office. “Hey Mike you can go in a take a turn.” “Had some fun huh? Well you keep an eye out, I don’t want to get caught by the big boss.” Mike laughed slapping Troy on the back. “Hey hot stuff.” Mike called out entering the locker room and both Gabe and Devon said hi back at the same time, eliciting a laugh from everyone. However Devon’s then turned into a purr as Gabe pushed in further. Mike walked over and caressed Gabe’s firm ass. Gabe smiled at him. “I like men and boys both.” “I spent the weekend fucking him. Let me ram you while you do him.” Mike suggested. “I thought he was too good at blowing me this morning without having had practice.” Gabe smirked. Gabe bent forward and started to suck face with Devon as Mike got behind Gabe and entered the hunky Latin. Troy out front saw Tony pulling into the lot and went to the locker room to warn the guys. “Fuckin hell this just gets better and better.” Troy exclaimed when he saw Mike fucking Gabe. “I really gotta get Brett to assign you to me full time dude. You can drain my balls every day.” Gabe looked at Troy and winked. “Always glad to.” “Oh Tony is on his way in.” “Well keep him out of here till we’re done.” Mike ordered and pushed himself into Gabe which pushed him into Devon. Troy went back out front and took a seat at one of the break tables. “Hey.” He greeted Tony trying to act calm. “How’d you’re morning go?” Tony asked as he stepped up to Brett’s desk and threw his paper work in the in basket. “Oh freaking fantastic.” Troy returned and then realized he was just a little too enthusiastic in his response. “Good to hear.” Tony replied as he stepped up to one of the vending machines and dropped his money in. “Mine fuckin sucked man. Two of the customers just fucking hovered over me every minute and wouldn’t shut up. Then this last one, wow fuckin stacked out to here.” He gestured with his hands to indicate a big set of tits. “And legs for days. I got so much fuckin steam built up man. Shit.” Tony took a seat at the table next to Troy. Tony was in his early forties and classical Italian. Dark hair with the dark eyes, slight belly from too many beers. Dark hair on his arms and some tufts that sprouted out of the top of his work suit. “What made yours so great?” Tony asked as he bit into a sandwich and made a slightly disappointed face. Troy lowered his voice. “I got me a piece of young tender ass.” Troy grinned. “Oh man.” Tony moaned. “How did you get so lucky?” Troy shrugged his shoulders and grinned. “I sure wouldn’t mind some young stuff, if you know what I mean.” Tony smirked. “So young and tight that you won’t mind going to jail for?” Troy whispered. “Fuckin hell, the younger the better.” Tony winked. “Break em in as soon as they can walk.” Troy gave Tony a hard stare. “I’m trusting you here man and will deny anything if you repeat this.” Tony set his sandwich down. “I’m no squealer man.” “How does a hot tight nine year old boy pussy sound to you.” Troy asked. “You better not be yanking my chain, but fuck yea.” Tony leered. “I really did it, honest dude I’m not kidding, I fucked a nine year old ass.” Troy grinned. “Awe fuck man, I’d love to get me some of that.” Tony moaned. “It’s happening in the locker room right now.” “Your punking me man.” Tony snorted. “I swear it’s true. Go look for yourself.” Tony doubted this was true but was willing to go along with a prank so he got up and went into the locker room. Mike had already finished fucking Gabe so all Tony saw was Gabe’s fat Latin cock plunging into the kid. “Wow, I thought for sure this was, hey wait a minute. Isn’t that the boss’s kid?” “Sure is.” Mike beamed. “I told ya he was a swisher.” “Where’s Brett?” Tony asked but his eyes glued to the brown meat stuffed into the boy’s ass. “He’s out running errands.” Gabe added to the conversation. Should be gone awhile yet. “Fuck.” Tony exhaled and started to open his pants. Dropping them to the floor he dropped out a thick Italian sausage. “Here kid suck on this, get ready to fuck ya.” Tony shoved his cock in front of Devon’s face and Devon opened and swallowed the head into his mouth. “Oh fuckin hell.” Tony muttered. “Aye,” Gabe grunted. “Take my cum up your boy pussy.” Tony sank half his cock into Devon’s mouth as Gabe unloaded in his ass. Tony was surprised this kid was taking more of his cock than his wife did. “You like my Italian meat kid?” Devon shook his head yes as Gabe pulled out of the hot little ass with a pop. Cum dribbled down from his asshole. Tony didn’t wait and pulled out of Devon’s mouth and moved to the still gaping hole and started to push in using Gabe’s cum to slick the way. “Fuckin hell he’s still tighter than my wife.” Tony exclaimed as he sunk the first few inches in. “Maybe you need to switch to her ass.” Mike laughed. Tony laughed, “From your mouth to gods ear, but she’s a good catholic girl that will never happen.” Tony worked half himself into Devon’s little puffy asshole when he then started to withdraw and push back in. “Fuckin unbelievable.” Tony exhaled as he went faster with fucking his throbbing shaft into the squirming kid under him. Chuck showed up for his lunch break and Troy greeted him. “Where is everyone?” Chuck asked looking around. “Oh here and there.” Troy answered evasively. Chuck gave him a funny look just as Gabe walked out from the locker room with his coveralls hanging down around his waist. Chuck got an obviously nervous look on his face but Gabe could see he was scooping him out. “I just realized I forgot my lunch.” Chuck declared and practically ran from the office. Then drove off. “What was that about?” Troy wondered out loud. Gabe laughed, “Didn’t you see the hard on he sprang when I walked out?” I think I must be too much of a temptation for him.” In the locker room Tony was giving Devon the full meat extravaganza and fucking into his hot little boy cunt. Devon was moaning and begging for more. Mike had gotten hard again and was feeding it into Devon’s mouth. Tony let out a string of Italian words as his body shuddered. Then he pulled out and his cock dropped heavy and thick from the asshole covered in Troy’s and Gabe’s and his own cum. Globs of man cum spilled out of the little nine year old ass before the red puffy hole slowly closed up. Mike pulled out of Devon’s mouth. He didn’t need to cum again so soon. Tony and Mike high fived each other as they looked over the splayed out boy body. They pulled their clothes back on as Gabe sauntered into the room again. “The kids not the only one who likes Italian.” He stated as he winked at Tony. “Fuckin hell, this job just got better.” Tony laughed. Gabe cleaned Devon up and they walked back into the break room just as Brett pulled up. Brett found Devon and the four men sitting at the break tables. He set down a McD’s bag in front of Devon who tore into the contents. “Hey I sure appreciate you guys looking after my kid while I was out.” Brett said as he went to his desk. “Not a problem boss.” Gabe enthused. “Yea we will look after him anytime you need.” Troy added. “Great kid to be around.” Tony added. “Wish mine were so friendly.” Mike stayed quiet but gave Brett a wink. “Where’s Chuck and Bill?” Brett asked. “Chuck decided he couldn’t handle Mexican so he went out for something else.” Troy added with a laugh. “Ah I see Bill driving in now.” Mike observed. Bill walked in to find everyone busy eating and sat down and tore into his lunch. “Bill I was wondering.” Brett spoke up. “You have a light work load this afternoon, would you mind taking Devon with you as a tag along?” “Me?” Bill stated surprised. “Sure, I don’t mind the company of a fine young man.” He was confused by the laughter from the others.

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