Born To Tease Ch. 2Born To Tease Ch. 2


Inspired by MR

You may recall from my recent encounter with the two dirty old men from next door, that I had suddenly become aware of something very significant. While the older one had rubbed petroleum jelly around my ass hole, it dawned upon me that this was a little bit of deja-vu. Daddy had told me that he had also put this on my bottom to stop it bruising after I had fallen down the stairs that night we were alone. That evening, he had told me it was OK to drink a few whiskies but not to tell Mommy. It was very exciting but after just two or three glasses I had passed out and Daddy had carried me up to my room. He said that during the night I must have woken up to go to the bathroom and in my drunken stupor, fallen down the stairs. But now I knew the real truth.

I should have realized what he had done all along because he had given me enough clues. First he bought me that teeny weeny white bikini and white high heel pumps, then he told me not to wear them when Mommy was around, and finally he accidentally (on purpose) let his shorts fall down so that I could see his thingy. Daddy had asked if I liked the look of it and I had said that I did. So, while Mommy was away for the night, he had encouraged me to get drunk and then taken advantage of me while I was unconscious.

As I showered away all of the spunk that the two old men had left either on me or in me, I thought about telling Daddy that I liked sex now, and that in future he didn’t have to ply me with alcohol in order to use me. But then, the second revelation of the day hit me like a hammer. Why tell him straight away? I knew now that I had a body that men desired. The more I teased and tempted them, the more they wanted it. That first time, it had been taken without my knowledge, the second time I had given it away for nothing to two decrepit pieces of flotsam, but, from now on, I would use the promise of my body to get what I wanted. I recalled how powerful I had felt yesterday while flaunting myself in front of the two brothers. I remembered the look of lust and desire in their faces as they peered at me when I sat opposite them in my house. And I remembered how this desire had fuelled them so that they could do me all night without stopping, even at their age.

All of that was a couple of months ago. In the meantime I have taken every opportunity to let Daddy know what I have to offer; when Mommy isn’t looking, I might let my skirt ride up a lot more than I should, or sometimes I’ll bend over while not wearing a bra. I am aware of his interest in me.

Today is the first time in months that Daddy and I will be alone, as Mommy has gone to spend the night with a friend. At the moment I am laying on my tummy on a sun lounger in the back yard. The two old brothers have been looking at me all day over their garden fence. I desperately want them to come over again, but the opportunity has not yet arisen. I am too scared to take up the invitation to go to their place in case they do me some harm. Any girls of my age reading this will probably be horrified at the thought of two fat, smelly, wrinkled old men running their leathery hands over their soft tanned skin. But for me, the idea of them doing all kinds of nasty things to me is such a turn on.

Daddy, also, has been watching me for most of the afternoon, from his den at the back of the house. The thought that he wants me too is making me very wet down below.

I decide to ask him to put some more sun tan oil on my back, so I shout for him to come out. I don’t look up as I tell him to rub me down. I know what the look on his face will be; sheer, unadulterated lust. I feel the cool oil fall onto my shoulders and then Daddy’s hands gently massaging it in. I ask him to undo the strap of my bikini top to get an even covering. I turn my head to catch a glimpse of the bulge in his trousers as he fumbles with the hook. As Daddy’s hands work their way past the small of my back and onto my round, peachy ass cheeks, I tantalizingly raise them. He lets some more oil pour onto them. Then I feel his rough workman’s hands start to move over my bottom. It feels good and I tell him as much. Daddy asks me if I’ll join him in a couple of drinks this evening. His voice sounds strangely dry and has a distinct tremor in it. It gives away just how excited he is at the thought of more anal sex with his daughter. I answer with a non-committal, ‘maybe’. I feel that his index finger is just about to move casually towards my ass hole. Daddy starts to talk nervously about nothing in particular in order to distract my attention from his wandering digit. Then, just as he manages to move the thong of my bikini bottom to one side, I tell him that that’s all for now. I can hear the disappointment in his voice when he tells me just to holler if I need anything else. It pleases me. During all of this time, Daddy was completely unaware of the two old men from next door watching as his hands moved over my body.

As I lay in the late afternoon sunshine, a plan developed in my head as to how I could get everything I wanted this evening. I fastened my bikini top and walked past the two old men, giving them a coy smile as I did, and entered the kitchen. Daddy stood at the stove preparing dinner for us. He made no effort to hide his arousal as I told him that I was going Fatih Escort to take a shower before changing for dinner. He asked me to wait a second. He rushed past me into the living room and returned with a gift wrapped packet for me. I opened it eagerly. Inside was a white dress. I held it up to my body. It was strapless, with a zipper down the back and was short. I mean very short. Daddy said he’d seen it in the store window and thought it would look lovely on me, but that I would be better off not letting Mommy see me wear it. I was thankful that my state of longing didn’t show the way his did. I went across to Daddy and craned my head up to plant a kiss on his cheek and said I’d wear it for him tonight. For the split second that we were close, I felt both of his hands go to the bows on the sides of my bikini bottom. I knew what he was thinking; just a little tug on each and they’d come off. I pulled away from his embrace, thanked him again and went up to have my shower.

Half an hour later I was in my bedroom getting ready for what I hoped would be an eventful evening. I thought it best not to put on too much makeup, so I settled for some mascara and ruby red lipgloss. I applied some aftersun to my legs to make them shine and put on my dress and white high heels. The dress was too tight for me to wear panties, but that would only help matters.

It was about six thirty as I teetered down the stairs and into the living room. Dad eyed me up from my shoes, past my long legs, over my ass and up to my face. I wondered whether he would leave my dress on as he ass fucked me or strip me like he did last time. I knew that my nipples were prominent through the thin material of the dress, and as I bent over to light the fire, I made sure that Daddy saw that I was not wearing any panties. Daddy was delighted when I took up his offer of a large whisky and dry ginger over ice. I sipped it while we had dinner, and after the meal he encouraged me to finish it up so that he could pour me another one. It seemed like what had worked for him once was going to be tried again. But I had a different plan. A plan which I now put into operation.

Daddy was sitting on the couch, and you should have seen the surprise on his face when I walked over and sat myself down on his lap. The already short white dress came up my legs even further and I was pretty sure that from his angle, Daddy would be able to see a little of my pink cherry. ‘Daddy’, I began, ‘ You know that last time I had a drink and passed out. Well, I know now what you did to me’ He tried to deny it and called me a silly girl, but he calmed down when I told him that in future, he doesn’t have to get me drunk if he wants me. He asked me to repeat myself and I explained that I would do anything for him. With that, I bent my head to his and gave him my mouth. Daddy devoured me greedily. As our tongues met, I felt his left hand start a slow climb up the outside of my right thigh. Just as he reached the hem of my dress I pulled away and stood up. He looked concerned when I told him how it was that I had found out. I explained all about my night of sex with the two old men Bill and Bob. At first confused, Daddy soon became calm again. He told me that I was wrong for giving myself to the neighbours in such a fashion but that he too was wrong for raping me. He said we both deserved to be punished. It would teach us a lesson.

I couldn’t believe how well the next part of my plan went. I had sworn to Daddy that my night with the two old men had been horrible and that I never wanted to go through anything like that again. It fulfilled all of my hopes when he turned to me and said that another night of disgusting sex with them would be punishment for both of us. Punishing for him to watch them do things to me and punishing for me to have their fat, sweaty bodies all over me.

I pleaded with Daddy not to put me through all of that again. It was an Oscar winning performance. Daddy would have none of it and told me that there was no time like the present, and that he would go and see them now and ask them around on the pretence of having a few beers. Daddy ordered me to go up to his bedroom and get undressed and then lie on the bed. As I walked up the stairs the smile on my face was a mile wide.

I went into my own bedroom and threw my new dress onto the bed. I was naked except for my white heels and I thought I’d keep them on. Then I crossed the landing into Mommy and Daddy’s room and lay down on top of their bed and waited.

About three or four minutes later I heard Daddy’s voice and that of Bill’s coming in through the front door. I couldn’t tell if Bob was with them because he doesn’t speak much anyway, but I guessed that I’d soon find out. I heard them go into the living room and from then on it was just mumbles and the occasional laugh. This constant noise kept up for about twenty minutes and then suddenly it all went quiet. I don’t know what Daddy said to them, but after about five minutes I heard the living room door open, followed by footsteps coming up the stairs.

The anticipation was almost too much to bear as the noise of feet on the stairs came closer. I could make out three sets, so I knew that Bob was there too. Slowly, the bedroom door opened and Daddy came in. I looked up at him with Fatih Escort Bayan mock bewilderment. As he stepped into the room, he was followed first by Bill and then Bob, who closed the door behind him. Lying there naked and being stared at by three men, and feeling so small and vulnerable almost made me cum immediately. ‘I believe you know my daughter, boys’ Daddy said to the two old men while pointing to me. ‘Do with her what you will’ I pulled my knees up to my chest and, acting as well as I had done all day, pleaded; ‘No Daddy, don’t let them touch me’ ‘Don’t you worry sweet thing.’ Bill began. ‘ We’re just gonna have some fun with you like we did last time. Seems to me you liked it a lot then’ Bill was rubbing the bulge in his trousers as he spoke and Bob, silent as ever, just stared at me and licked his lips.

As the two of them walked towards the bed, Daddy went and sat at the side of the room in an armchair. Bill started to unbutton his shirt and he motioned to Bob to start getting undressed as well. As their shirts fell to the floor, they moved either side of the bed, encircling me the way wolves might with a lamb. I tried to look frightened and unwilling, but inside, I just wanted them to get at me. They both removed their shoes and trousers leaving them with just their shorts on. They looked even fatter and hairier than the first time. Bill eased the waistband of his shorts over his erection, then tossed them to one side. He pulled the skin back to reveal his great purple knob as he moved towards me. I cowered to the other side of the bed but Bob had come around to block my escape. He, too, had a huge hardon pointing at me.

There is a three drawer chest on the far side of the room, and I saw Bill nod to Bob, who went across and cleared everything from the top of it. ‘Don’t play hard to get, girlie’, said Bill. ‘your Daddy’s only given Bob and me an hour to fuck you, and the clocks already ticking’. With that, Bill took hold of my ankles and dragged me to the edge of the bed. He put his great, spade like hands underneath me, and picked me up like I was a rag doll. Bill carried me over to the chest and sat me down on top of it. He spread my legs and moved his bulk in between them. In a mock attempt to struggle, I was subdued by Bill’s left hand pinning me against the wall. He gripped his thing in his right hand and tried to guide it into my pussy. But he is so fat that he cannot see it below him, so I help by moving myself towards it. At last his giant swollen purple knob is robbing against my pussy lips. It is now that Bill realizes how much I really do want him. ‘Wow, Bob, the honey is just flowing out of this girlie. She’s as wet as a gusher’. He slides himself into me. I gasp as his meat fills me up, and he remarks on how tight I am. He gives me long slow strokes and lets go of me with his left hand so that I can run my hands over his body. Old men’s body hair is different from a young man’s; it is more wiry and less soft. But I run my fingers through it anyway.

I see his fat belly wobble at each thrust into me and he is so wet from sweating that he is soaking me as well. I try to match Bill’s rhythm and in so doing I wrap my legs around his belly. My legs are long but they still won’t go all around Bill starts to put more into his strokes and he motions to Bob to bring a chair over to the side of the chest just to my left. ‘I love to see my brother’s dick in between your cherry ripe lips’, Bill whispers to me. Bob stands on the chair and I turn my head to see his throbbing penis, inches away from me, all wet and veined. ‘Go on Bob, fuck her in the mouth’. His brother ordered. Bob took hold of the sides of my head and I opened my mouth as wide as possible. He shoved it in with such force that I nearly choked. ‘Easy boy’, warned Bill. ‘ Let her get used to it first’. Bob did what his brother advised and started to just fuck my mouth with his bell end. As one of the old men stroked into my pussy and the other between my lips, I looked across to Daddy who was still seated in the armchair. I could see that his right hand was down the inside of his trousers and realized that he was enjoying watching me being ravished by these two elderly brothers.

After about ten minutes of this I learned that if I pursed my lips together tightly, I could take in more of Bob’s penis and he could thrust harder and faster. I looked at Bill out of the corner of my eye. He was starting to grunt now and I knew he was close to cumming. As his long, dirty nails squeezed at my nipples, I began to feel that nice hot, tingly sensation start to wrack through me. I couldn’t scream, but my body shuddered as orgasmic waves hit me. This caused my pussy muscles to contract even tighter and that was enough to send Bill over the edge. He started to groan and then I felt his hot liquid hit my insides. He pumped and pumped at me for ages and at the same time he was calling me a filthy whore and teasing tramp. He pulled his flaccid penis out of me, and his great wobbling bulk was carried by his spindly legs to the bed. He collapsed exhausted.

I could feel Bill’s semen trickling out of me as Bob started to increase his thrusting. His dick was now pressing against the inside of my right cheek at every stroke, making it bulge outwards. Then he let go of my head Escort Fatih with his left hand and started to squeeze his heavy, hairy balls. I looked up to see his sweating, contorted, ugly old face and knew that he couldn’t last much longer. When it started to flow into my mouth, it came with such a pressure that some of it went up into my nasal cavity and came out of my nose. It seemed like I’d swallowed pints of the stuff. But at last he slid his sticky, limp penis out of my mouth and crumpled in a heap on the chair.

For about five minutes all four of us just sat were we were and remained silent. The peace was finally shattered by Bill. ‘Come here you cheap slut and make me hard again’ he commanded. ‘ We’ve still got thirty minutes of our time left with you’. I slid off the chest and teetered on my heels to where Bill lay outstretched on the bed. I knew what he wanted me to do, so I lay beside him and began to let my right hand roam over his fat, sweaty body. As I touched his dick I could feel that it was already getting hard again. He rolled his bulk on top of me. I was trapped and could hardly breathe. He brought his face down to mine and opened his mouth to kiss me. I just caught sight of his yellow teeth before his lips pressed against mine. His tongue squirmed inside my mouth and I felt as though my lips would be bruised forever, such was his force. When Bill came up for air, I turned to see Bob lying flat on the bed next to me, his prick already hard again. I don’t know whether these two old men were taking some kind of stimulant or maybe it was just the young flesh at their disposal, but whatever it was they sure could keep going. Bill told me to sit on his brother. I sat up and spread my legs to straddle Bob. I slowly lowered myself onto his perpendicular phallus. I lost my breath as he filled me up. Bob took hold of my shoulders and pulled me down to his face. He then started to slobber all over me. His saliva covered my now swollen lips. I was so turned on by now that I started to bite his lower lip and I could feel his groin start to move up and down, each time ramming his weapon in deep inside me.

From behind, I heard Bill ask Daddy to pass him the petroleum jelly from the dressing table. I looked around as Daddy got up, and saw that he too now had a huge erection. Daddy passed Bill the jar and took his seat again without saying a word. I felt Bill’s fat fingers rub some of the jelly around my ass hole. He inserted a finger inside me and I could feel the lubrication lining the walls of my anus. Then I felt the pressure of his left hand pressing down on my butt cheek as he guided his knob into my ass. It hurt a bit as the first inch of it went in, but the further it went, the easier it became. Then I was in between the two old men. They were fucking me in either hole, one below me and the other above. It was difficult for them to keep a rhythm going like this, and Bob’s dick kept on coming out. So Bill told Bob that he would come first and then Bob could have me all to himself. I squirmed my ass to meet Bill’s incoming thrusts and after a few minutes I felt his nails digging into my hips giving me the hint that he was about to cum. Then, with another loud groan, he pulled out of me and I felt a hot steam of his spunk shoot up my back. Bill then sort of climbed on top of me and spread his semen over me with his penis.

My body was now soaking with a mixture of their sweat and saliva and cum, not to mention my own perspiration. I was still lying on top of Bob, but now he rolled me over so that I was on my back and he was on top of me. As he pumped away at me, I looked across towards Daddy. All pretence was gone now, as he moved his right hand quickly back and forth along his own glistening, hard penis. As Bob’s speed increased in my pussy, I started to groan loudly and thrash around underneath him. Seeing me in such ecstasy sent both Bob and Daddy to the brink. I heard Bill tell Daddy to come and join the fun. Daddy looked at him and then stood up. He wanked with his right hand and held his trousers up with his left. He walked the two or three paces to the side of the bed and looked down at me. ‘You sure are a lucky man havin’ a hot daughter like her’, Bill exclaimed. ‘I don’t reckon your wife is gonna get much of a look in from now on’. Daddy was pulling himself hard now, and Bob was just a minute away from exploding. ‘Don’t you think her mouth is just dying for it, mister?’ Bill teased Daddy. Daddy was shaking with excitement and he looked down to me and said; ‘Honey, turn your head to Daddy and open your mouth for him. There’s a good girl’ I did as Daddy said. His hard penis was just an inch or two away as he began to pull himself even faster. Taking advantage of the position Daddy was in, Bill stood next to him and asked a question. ‘Mister, we could fuck this girlie of yours all night. How ’bout extendin’ our time a little?’ I think Daddy would have agreed to anything at that particular moment. ‘You can have her for another thirty minutes’, Daddy began. ‘But then you’re out, right’. Bill nodded agreement just as Bob finally lost it. He pulled his dick out of my gaping pussy and directed a hot spurt up over my breasts. This sent Daddy over as well. Suddenly a jet of white liquid came out of the eye at the tip of his penis and straight into my open mouth. ‘Oh baby, sweet baby, swallow Daddy’s juice, swallow it all down’. Daddy pleaded. ‘Hey, good shot mister,’ began Bill. ‘None on the lips, all down the hole. Have you two been practising this?’ Daddy’s knees buckled under him as I swallowed the last of his semen.

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