Rachel’s Story Pt. 02Rachel’s Story Pt. 02


I put part 1 of my story into the ‘Loving Wives’ category, as I very much consider myself to be a loving wife. But some of the comments I received made me think this was more suited to the ‘Fetish’ category as it contains smoking…so that is what I’ve done for part 2 of my story.

Bust just to remind readers, my story is about two main themes: my sexual discovery as I matured through my 30s and 40s, and my introduction to smoking to initially please my husband, and my continued smoking for both of us.


Following on from my previous story in part 1, I met Sam outside in the bar 2 months later. His grin was ear to ear after the other girls had gone inside after we finished our cigarettes.

Our previous encounter was still fresh in my mind, and I was disappointed I missed him last month.

‘Sam, I’m surprised you didn’t come back last month for second helpings, I teased. Maybe you didn’t rate my “helping hand. “Maybe I need to turn my married smoking jerking off skills somewhere else!’

‘Rachel. I so wanted to see you last month but I had a client meeting which I couldn’t get out of. I can’t stop thinking about our last encounter. I didn’t have your number to let you know. I don’t suppose….’

I took him by the hand and led him into the alleyway.

‘Would you like me to smoke again while I jerk you off?’

‘I…yeah. That would be fantastic! Thank you.’

As before, I got down on my knees, unbuttoned my blouse and got my tits out. I then undid his zip, removed his hard (large) cock, and started stroking it. He started moaning for faster, so I lit my 120 cigarette and went at him.

Again he grabbed my hair and called me a blonde cocksucking bitch as I was on the final fast and furious finish. He gushed a healthy amount of cum, and as I slowed down, I sucked on my cigarette and blew some of my smoke onto his cock.

‘Oh you fucking bitch, that’s fantastic. Take me in your hot smokey mouth. Suck my cock baby.’

I didn’t fully oblige, but I did give him an extra treat. I took him in my mouth and cleaned the head of his cock with my lips and tongue.

I then stood up, wiped the dirt off my knees, and put my tits away like the respectable lady that I am.

“Rachel, that was just mind-blowing! Fucking amazing. I’ve been thinking….Look, is there any way we could meet up. Please come back to my place so that I can return some of your favours. And of course, if I’m honest, I dream about fucking you senseless!’

‘Well Sam,’ I replied, ‘I have been thinking about it, but not tonight. How about I give you my number, you text me your address and I come around the week after next. My husband is away with work for a few days, and I will take a day off work. I need some “me time” and you could just be the medicine I need. I’m thinking about Wednesday afternoon. ‘

‘Rachel, that’s perfect. I can’t believe it. I will be counting down the days. It will be worth your while!’

‘I hope so Sam. I hope so… Here’s my number.’

We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways.

I got home to my lovely husband, and as he kissed me he said ‘Rachel. What have you been eating? Anything exotic? I can still taste your smokey mouth, but there’s another lingering taste.’

‘We did share some funky flavoured potato chips, so I guess that could be it’ (rather than explain my cock cleaning mouthwash..).

‘That’ll be it. Anyway. Whenever you get home after a night out these days, there’s something different.’

‘All part of your sexy wife service’ I smiled.

What a lovely bedtime fuck we had!

The Wednesday morning before meeting Sam in the afternoon, I had my nails done. They were a perfect red. A fine complement to my long all white cigarette.

I pampered myself, took a shower, fixed my hair, and started to dress. I decided on my lace top hold up black pantyhose, high heels, and a short tight dark grey dress that just about covered my ass. Just….

As I was knocking on the door of being 40, the dress would probably be described as being ‘inappropriate’ as well as obscene.

I felt like I was a high class escort. I felt great!

I had also been studying some porn, specifically blowjobs. I mentioned in part 1 it wasn’t really my thing, and I don’t even pleasure Mark in that respect, but I do realise what pleasure it can be for a man, and the ‘sexy in control’ feel for a woman to please her lover. I decided that I was going to go for it, but I wasn’t ready for face fucking or gagging/ deep throat just yet. Besides, whatever I learned with Sam, I would transfer the experience to Mark.

I was ready to go. I respectably yozgat seks hikayeleri covered up with a long raincoat with a belt tied at the side, checked my hair and makeup, and got into my car for the 15 minute drive to Sam’s apartment.

I felt both nervous and excited!

I parked up, got out of the car, and walked up to the apartment block and pressed his buzzer.

He answered in seconds. There was nobody around so I said, ‘Sir, your escort has arrived. Can I come up?’

He buzzed me in and my heels clattered on the tasteful wooden floor as I walked to his ground floor apartment.

He opened the door and I think he was going to say something about the “escort” quip, but when he saw me, he just looked me up and down and smiled. ‘Rachel. Wow. Please come in.’

I smiled as sweetly as I could muster wearing fuck-me heels and looking like an escort, and I said, ‘Why thank you Sam’ and stepped in.

I had a large shoulder bag with me that held a few items….

I put it down, took my coat off and threw it somewhere in the hall. I think he liked what he saw when my coat was removed..

I pushed him up against the door, put my tongue inside his mouth for a few seconds then ordered him, ‘Stay there, take your pants down, and get your cock out.’

30 seconds later I returned. I went into the living area to get a throw cushion to kneel on. I might be on my knees for some time- or maybe not….

I noticed his cock was out and already hard. He was stroking it and smiled when I returned.

‘Sam,’ I said. ‘I know during our last few encounters I told you that blowjobs were off the menu. Well, today’s your lucky day. It’s the “house special”. But just one thing – no face-fucking me or deep throating me.’

‘Whatever you say’ he replied.

I sank to my knees and put his cock in my mouth. I started slowly licking, then graduated to sucking. I was also jerking him into my mouth at the same time so he wouldn’t thrust.

I licked his balls, licked his cock end to end, and scraped my red nails over his wonderful manhood. As I continued sucking, my saliva turned into a general slobbering, and I took his cock out and rubbed it all over my face.

All this time he had hold of my hair and sometimes my head, and he resumed with his expletives. Maybe I really was a blonde cocksucking bitch whore. Whatever I was I didn’t care. My sexual enlightenment was ever developing, and I couldn’t believe how good my cocksucking made him feel.

This continued for a few minutes and I was totally into my blowjob routine. I probably could have kept it up for a good while longer, but Sam said ‘Rachel, another 30 seconds and I’m gonna explode.’

I stopped my sucking and jerking action and stood up. In my heels I was as tall as Sam. I put my mouth close to his ear and whispered ‘If you want, you can empty your balls down my married throat. I won’t spill a drop.’

With that he said, ‘Oh, fuck Rachel. Get on your fucking knees you blonde fuck so I can squirt my seed into your mouth.’

I knelt back down and dutifully opened my mouth wide with my tongue out to catch any stray drops. He had taken over his own cock wanking and was on the short strokes when he let out a roar.

From my jerking off encounters with him I knew he spurted a lot, but when it’s all coming into your mouth at high pressure, a girl needs to be on her A game to catch it all. I managed gracefully to get most of it. A few dribbles on the side, and even a few splashes on the floor.

I closed my mouth, swished it around my mouth and through my teeth (as if I was mouth washing after a few cigarettes on a night out before going to bed), then swallowed. This was so many firsts for me all at once.

I was proud of myself. I swallowed his seed ok, I didn’t gag, and it went down the hatch like one of the smoothies I have after my gym class, albeit a bit salty.

I showed him my empty mouth like the good blonde fuck whore that I evidently was, and stood up.

I felt a few dribbles at the side of my mouth, so I used my red nail to scrape his cum from ìmy face, then lick my finger.

‘Rachel, that was just mind-blowing. Fuck. Thank you so much. Amazing.’

‘That’s OK Sam ‘ I said. ‘The day’s not over. I think it’s your turn now to pleasure me.’

‘Oh, wait a minute’, I said. ‘I’ve just noticed something. We can’t have that!’

I knelt down again and got on all fours. I put my tongue out and slowly licked up a drop of cum off the floor. I noticed another drop on the other side of the cushion and crawled over to it to lick it up.

I stood up and said ‘that’s better. I told you I wouldn’t spill a drop.’ And smiled sweetly.

‘Rachel. Can I marry you?’

‘No Sam. Just fuck me. Now grab my bag and lead me to the bedroom. By the way, I hope there’s an ashtray in there. There had better fucking be. A girl is in desperate need of a cigarette!’

‘Rachel. Don’t worry. I made sure!’

I knelt (as always!) on all fours on his bed, with my pussy and ass in the air, and my tight dress still (amazingly) still on, with it bunched up somewhere in my midriff.

‘Sam, open my bag,’ I demanded. ‘Get me out my cigarettes and lighter. Also, you will see a bottle of lube and a slim vibrator. Lube up my ass and gently insert, and I mean gently, the vibrator up my ass. Don’t switch it on! I’ve been practising the last few weeks to relax my muscles. I’m not ready for anal sex today so don’t even think about it. Maybe next time. You will also see a large dildo. Pleasure me Sam, until I finish my cigarette and you’re ready to fuck me.’

‘Rachel. I am here only to give you pleasure. By the way, you look fucking amazing!’

Sam lubed my ass, and had obviously paid attention. He slowly slid it up my asshole, and left out about 2 inches. That was enough. It felt good. My muscles were relaxed and I easily accepted it.

He then started shoving the big dildo up my pussy. I was already very wet. Then he really started going for it vigorously! Which was generally OK and felt so wonderful, but the problem was I had my unlit cigarette dangling from my lips, and his vigorous thrusting meant it was bouncing up and down and I couldn’t light up.

‘Sam,’ I mumbled. I took the cigarette from my lips and said, ‘Slow down a bit. Don’t you want to see me light up?’

‘Oh. Sorry Rachel’ He said. ‘Of course I do!’

I flicked my lighter into life and sucked on my cigarette. Oh wow. That also felt so good. I took a few lungfulls to get me going, then instructed Sam to start up again. Which he enthusiastically obliged!

I really gotta say, he was great with his technique. He sped up, he slowed down, he ploughed me hard then gently. He tried it from different angles, rubbed my clit, and I went through a series of mini climaxing.

‘Oh Sam baby. Fuck your blonde whore with her dildo while she sucks down her smoke. That’s right baby. I need my smoke. I need my pussy fucked senseless!’

I forgot to mention to him that during the last few years as my sex has increased and my body craves it more and more, I’ve started to squirt. I had a huge orgasm a few minutes in, and drenched his hand and the dildo.

‘Rachel’, he said, ‘can you turn me on any more? You really are a dirty bitch!’

He sped up with his dildo action, and I sucked in more smoke as I seemed to be in one long state of orgasm.

Sam noticed I was nearly finished with my cigarette, and he told me he was ready to fuck me.

‘Not before you roll me over and clean me up with your own oral action’ I said. ‘But first take the vibrator out of my butt!’

Before he took it out, he gave it a few enthusiastic strokes. Oh fuck. That also felt so good. He then popped it out,and spat into my now gaping asshole, then fingerd my ass for about a minute. I was moaning again, and I confirmed I was his dirty bitch for him to do what he wanted. After he fingers came out, he went at me with his tongue- as far as he could get up my ass with his tongue. He licked,sucked, and tongued me in and out. I was almost getting a sore throat from all the moaning I was doing!

He then rolled me over and started cleaning my pussy with his tongue. My thighs – and the bed- were very wet. He did a cursory clean up of my inner thighs, but soon went back to pussy. It was now my turn to grab his head, and I started writhing and rubbing my aching wet pussy on his face. I climaxed again and pulled his face into my pussy as hard as I could. I nearly suffocated him!

I was now desperate for his cock inside me.

‘Sam,’ I pleaded. ‘Just fuck me. Fuck me like yout blonde fuck–doll. I need your cock in me NOW!’

This was the moment of no return. Yes, everything I’d done up until now most likely (read definitely!) fell into the category of cheating wife, but this was the big one. But I felt so good. I needed somebody else’s cock in me besides Mark”s. My sexuality has been awakened so much that I couldn’t get enough. Mark couldn’t satisfy me 24/7. Our sex life is amazing and would only get better. But right now, the only thing on my mind was Sam fucking me and pumping his second load of seed into me.

Sam didn’t need much encouragement… I was already soaking down there, so he slid his rock hard cock into me.

I shouted out, ‘Oh Sam baby. Your cock is amazing. Fuck me as hard as you can!’

He went at me with him on top for a few minutes, and I soaked the bed even more.

‘Sam’, I said, ‘let me go on top. I love being fucked that way.’

Sam was happy to comply so we changed positions. The extra thrusting he could produce like this meant he could fuck me harder. And boy did he go at me. It was mind-blowing! We were both heaving for breath when he said ‘I’m about to cum!’

‘Pump it into me ‘ I shouted. ‘Unload your balls into me. Ahhhh. Fuuuuuck!’

He pumped a good helping of second load into me. I nearly passed out. He climbed off me and said ‘Clean me up. Clean my cock you married bitch.’

I obliged with my tongue and mouth, then he wiped his wet cock on my dress.

I was spent. I curled up under the covers. He put his arm around me and told me I was amazing.

I felt strange- as well as completely and utterly sexually satisfied.

‘Sam,’ I said. ‘I need to rest. Also, this is going to sound strange, but don’t be intimate with me. Go and clean yourself up or something. We just fuck each other, ok?’

He looked a bit hurt, and I didn’t really care – we both got what we wanted. But I couldn’t be intimate with him or have some sort of ‘normality’ in mundane things, if that makes sense. To have that would mean our liaisons would be something other than what they were.

‘That’s OK Rachel. I think I understand. That was utterly amazing, and I want us to continue to do what we do. If this is how it’s going to be, then so be it. I’ll take a shower while you get some rest.’

I think I drifted off for about 15 minutes. I heard him come back into the bedroom.

I sat up when he came back, and lent over to get my cigarettes and ashtray. As I did so, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror.

I can tell you this- I certainly wasn’t looking glamorous in any shape or form.

What was left of my lipstick was just some red smears on my cheeks. My mascara was all over my eyes giving me panda eyes. My hair was matted with sweat and probably some splashes of cum.

Rather than looking like a high class escort, I looked like I was giving 10 dollar specials to the whole apartment complex! Even my cigarette dangling from my lips I’m sure didn’t elevate the look.

I was a total mess but Sam was still up for more,especially when I lit up and sucked deeply. The smoke seemed to lift me up a bit. I was savouring every deep breath. Some of the time I smoke for men (mainly my husband, and now a little for Sam) but sometimes it’s just for me. This was one of those times.

I so needed this. I could have chain- smoked the whole packet. I desperately wanted another, however, I know that over indulging is probably a bad thing. Cigarettes have been good for our sex life and I truly enjoy them, but I’m also aware that smoking too much is probably a bad thing for me in the long-term. So I tried to moderate, in fact moderate everything in life — apart from sex!

I’m a healthy, attractive lady, who works out and eats well, and I want to keep it that way. I don’t want cigarettes to be a problem now or in the future. So I resisted the second cigarette, and smoked this one all the way down to the filter.

‘Sam,’ I said, ‘it’s time for me to go. No more sex today. Im done, and totally satisfied. But more next time.’

I started to get up up and put my toys and my cigarettes and lighter into my bag.

‘Rachel,’ Sam said, ‘don’t you want to get cleaned up first?’

‘It’s ok Sam, thanks, but cleaning up here is too intimate and I want to do this at home. Thanks for an amazing afternoon. I’m sure I will never forget this. But there will be more times. I will call you sometime in the near future.’

With that, I opened the door and put my head out to make sure that there was nobody around. I said goodbye to Sam — I didn’t kiss him — and then walked very quickly to my car.

Driving home, again I was desperate for a cigarette, but I resisted.

I noticed I was leaking a bit as I wasn’t wearing anything under my dress. ‘Fuck’, I thought, ‘I’ll have to give the seats a wipe over later’.

I was conscious that I had two loads of Sam’s seed in me- one in my stomach, and one in my womb…now leaking out over my car seat.

I got home, cleaned myself up with a long shower, and relaxed with a few glasses of wine and waited for Mark’s call that evening.

When he called he asked me how my day had gone and I said, ‘Actually it was quite energetic- this afternoon I went for the bit of a workout but I’m totally beat now!’

Mark replied, ‘hey babe- got to keep that beautiful body looking fit and gorgeous!’.

I may share further stories of my sexual enlightenment. Look out for part 3….

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