Bobby, Dee and MeBobby, Dee and Me


I love Dee and Bobby. They have taken such good care of me during this time and I could never in a dozen liofetimes thank them enough for seeing to my needs, all of them, so lovingly and so graciously. They are two of the sweetest people ever in the world. This is to share with you how my brother and his daughterinlaw make my life so much better.

First, Dee is married to an over the road truck driver who is home only about every other weekend and their home is about 2 hours from ours, she is almost 60. Dee has been staying with us since I got out of the hospital. Bobby, my brother, is about a year and a half older than me, and I’m now 76. Bobby was Dee’s first adult male long years ago so they have a long history of sex together, and so do Bobby and I. That said you should be able to understand the rest of this.

My heart attack was about 5 weeks ago, it was my second and it was a big one. I am recovering and getting stronger and have a few more weeks to go before I’m back up to full strength and activity. Also, I’m very sexual, I love sex in about every way it can be done and with both males and females, and am used to having several sexual experiences in a day, so you know my illness has been sexually frustrating.

Other than some jilling in the hospital and a “quickie” with Dee on my first day back home, I’ve been limited by my cardiologist to 2 orgasms a day. My sweet caregivers have seen that I got them by taking turns with me, Dee in the morning and Bobby at bedtime. Who could ever want anyone more caring and helpful as they have been?

Dee is a little chubby but her pussy is so responsive and I love savoring the tangy woman taste of her. We lie on our sides Bayrampaşa Escort in my bed with our mouths attending each other’s pussies and one leg pulled up to give access. She usually starts by doing butterfly kisses all over my mound, in the creases of my groin and across my lower belly. I go straight to her slit, licking up and down its length and swishing my tongue all across and around her labia. When she senses my readiness, she spreads my pussy lips with her fingers and fucks me with her tongue. I pull her clitty between my lips and suck it like a tiny dick. I know when she’s about to cum because she begins a slight quivering, so that’s when I intensify my sucking. She knows I’m going to cum when my pussy begins pulsating and she just sucks my whole cunny into her mouth. We cram our parts together and shudder through our cumming, ny belly rippling, hers tight and hard. Our pussies swollen and throbbing and our juices being lapped up greedily. It’s marvelous!! And, what a way to start a day, right?

Okay, I cheat a little. 2 a day just really isn’t enough for me as conditioned as I am to many more. So those 2 lovelies put on a show for me and I use my “rabbit”. Watching has always been a turnon for me ever since watching momma and daddy and gammy while growing up. There is a sofa that they use to do their performance, and I can raise the head of my bed and stay on my back so as to see them on that sofa and have good room to do myself.

Bobby is a touchy-feely guy and likes to use his hands and lips all over a woman’s body, so there’s lots of that and Dee enjoys it. She doesn’t have to do much but just take in the sensations as Bobby has an implant Bayrampaşa Escort Bayan and his dick stays hard all the time. He can tell she’s about ready when her legs part a little. That’s when his hand goes to her pussy and he does know how to tickle a woman’s fancy. Meanwhile, little old me is knees up, “rabbit” on, tweaking tits and pussy drooling…oh how I love that pre-orgasmic feeling. And, when Dee lies on the sofa and Bobby drops his dick into her, her legs going a round his back, I run the “rabbit” inside and turn it on HI and away we go.

Dee is a humper and meets every one of Bobby’s thrusts with her own…don’t you just love that slapping sound when they bang into each other…my hand pumping “rabbit” in time with it. When she starts groaning I know it’s close and I see Bobby’s butt gaining speed as he fucks, so I pull up my mental image of my daddy fucking me which always gets me off. And we cum, Bobby going stiff and still as he spurts and Dee going, “oh ya, oh ya, oh ya” in her pussy spasms and me doing my little moaning sounds as my own erupts in burst after burst of pure pleasure. O golly I do love to cum!

As the day goes away and bedtime draws near, Dee helps me with my shower and gets me to the bed that Bobby and I have shared since we lost our spouses. Yes, there’s a little finger play and titty sucking in the shower, so I’m ready, ready, ready. We are full-time nudists so when Bobby comes out of the bathroom he’s naked and his dick is standing up hard and hot.

He knows what I like, so he doesn’t waste any time…my gosh we’ve been fucking for over 60 years. He crawls over me and we kiss, several times, each time growing Escort Bayrampaşa more vigorous and complex with tongues and lips moving around. I always ask him to suck my tits and he does, sliding down my body aways until he can move his mouth from one to the other, pulling my nipples up hard and tingly and sending signals to start my pussy pulsing. He knows when I reach for his dick that I want it in me, but he always gives me some mouth first, just enough to really bring my inner fires to a blaze. And, when I pull my knees up, he pulls his body up and slides his dick into me in one semi-fast push that makes my pussy clench and my butthole tighten. Then he fucks me…slow to start with, easing back out and then deeply in again, slightly rotating his hips to swirl his dick inside me, it’s so fucking good.

My body responds with a flood of juices and a series of pussy pulses. His arms go under my knees and lifts my legs over his shoulders and that sends his dick even further into me. My cunny is on fire as he begins fucking again, all I can hold in my head is that feeling of being fucked and fucked and fucked. I feel his dickhead swelling and I know he’s going to cum, I think about my son fucking me and daddy’s dick in my mouth and it bursts out of me like a volcano. My legs pull down on his shoulders holding him deep inside me as my body tries to devour his dick. He holds steady as my loins rise and fall under him. I feel his man-cum oozing from my pussy and drooling into my butt-crack. He says, “Lovya Sis” and I cum again, this time a flood of warmth going through and over me as my pussy sucks his dick inside me. I say, “Lovya back Bobby” and we kiss.

Lying atop me for a minute or so, we both get our breath back, he kisses me again and says, “You’re the best” and I say, “You make me so”, we kiss again and he slowly rolls off me to lie alongside my still vibrating body. One last kiss and he turns out the light and we sleep, knowing we’ll be doing it all over again tomorrow.

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